Beno Breaks In A Buddy

cam6594 I totally agree with you Michael. Nov 6, 2021
HeyNwkat160 Good scene. Don't need the interview stuff tho. I don't want to know about the actors...We know why they are there. Sep 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta That's what the fast-forward button is for. 😜 For many of our viewers, myself included, getting to know the models and real-life stories behind the scenes makes the actual sex ten times hotter.
mrcwilliams1940 It must b the drinks that's making Beno act like a clown. It would b a good scene without silly mentality coming from Beno. Good scene from K Snakes Sep 3, 2018
tjm133 K-Snakes is very cute. I like when he tasted the cum. Jan 22, 2017

K-Snakes is a masculine, dark-skinned kid from the 'hood who likes to smoke and chill with his homeboys. He just recently turned 18, but he's been messing around with other guys "on the DL" since he was 16.

Beno and K-Snakes have known each other for a few months, but during that time they've only hung out and smoked. K-Snakes admits that he's WANTED to mess around with Beno since the first day they met, and of course Beno's been wanting to try out K-Snakes' tight teenage ass for awhile! Beno convinced K-Snakes to wait and let me film their first time together. Better yet, K-Snakes considers himself to be a TOP, but Beno was able to talk him into giving that ass up as well!

Watch as these two "smoke buddies" finally take their friendship to the next level and Beno breaks in his homeboy's ass, which he's been drooling over from the day they first met....

The scene begins with a brief interview in which K-Snakes tells us a little bit about himself. (I'd met him for the first time less than an hour before filming began). Then both boys talk about their friendship and discuss their thoughts about messing around for the very first time.

Both boys seem restless and impatient for the action to begin, and I can't say I blame them! After all, they've been waiting nearly three months to get in each other's pants! I barely finish the interview before they begin kissing and grinding and tumbling around on my futon like wild dogs in heat....

"I'm finna fuck the shit outta you!" Beno promises in the midst of their passionate foreplay.

"That's wassup, nigga!" K-Snakes replies.

"Strip for me!" Beno orders.

K-Snakes does what he's told and strips out of his clothes to reveal a slim, tempting body with smooth, deep-dark skin. As Beno watches his friend get undressed, he gropes his own dick in horny anticipation of the fun still to come.

Beno bends K-Snakes over the futon, yanks down the boy's boxers, and gets his first up-close look at the ass he's been wanting to fuck for weeks. He spits on his homeboy's tiny asshole and then forces a finger inside him, causing K-Snakes to squirm and cry out in pain.

"That shit feel like VIRGIN ass, dawg!" Beno exclaims excitedly as he thrusts his fingers in and out of his friend. "I'm finna enjoy this shit!"

Beno stands up and shoves his dick deep in K-Snakes' mouth. Grabbing the back of K-Snakes' head with both hands, he aggressively fucks the boy's throat, occasionally pulling out to smack his spit-slimy dick against his friend's face.

"Suck that dick like you want it, nigga!" Beno growls as K-Snakes slobbers and chokes on his rock-hard dick. "Make me want to FUCK you, dawg!"

There's a generous amount of rough and nasty dick-sucking and ball-licking before Beno gets what he REALLY wants - his new buddy's ASS!

K-Snakes' near-virgin hole is so tight that Beno has trouble getting his dick up inside it at first. But with a little effort he's soon able to begin FUCKING the fresh teenage ass he's only been able to fantasize about up until now!

K-Snakes grunts and curses and winces with a mixture of pleasure and pain throughout, clearly unaccustomed to having another man's dick up his butt! Yet at the same time, he surrenders his ass to Beno bravely and completely, as if determined to give his friend the same pleasure he himself would want if the roles were reversed.

"That's MY ass, nigga!" Beno grunts as he buries his dick deep in K-Snakes' tight ass. As if to PROVE that ass belongs to him and him alone, Beno fucks his friend on his back, on his stomach, on his side, doggy-style, and even standing up!

It's hot as hell listening to K-Snakes' deep, sexy voice as he reacts quite loudly to the pounding from Beno. In fact, the intense verbal interplay between these two horny "tops" as the one top gives up his ass to the other is definitely one of this scene's highlights!

There's more noisy, slobbery dick-sucking before K-Snakes shoots a load onto his own stomach and Beno busts a "nutt" on his friend's waiting lips. K-Snakes even puts Beno's dick back in his mouth and sucks it clean - with hot, fresh cum dripping from his dark lips!

The scene concludes with a funny interview in which both boys discuss their reactions to having sex with each other for the very first time.

Categories: Black-Only, Condom, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Rough Sex
Details: Jan 4, 2010 69 min
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