The Cheerleader and the Track Star

Phuryous I see a lot of people commenting that Teddy was "too feminine". I do not agree, his speech nor mannerisms were not feminine and his attitude felt somewhat arrogant. As a gay man, he contributed very little to the scene, he seemed more selfish than any of the G4P models. There is no shock that he was not asked to return. Mar 29, 2022
mdcarmichael The only positive thing about Teddy is his fat dick. Mar likes sucking him deep and getting fucked by it. Mar cums so hard after Teddy pulls out of his hole... Sep 12, 2020
Phuryous Teddy was good looking with a nice body--including a big dick and phat ass. But he came across as a VERY selfish sexual partner with absolutely no reciprocation whatsoever. Apr 19, 2020
bimlkvers34 Teddy comes over very stuck up egotistical and ugh. I like Mar. Oct 3, 2018
gdr1gdr1 Mar is one sexy dude, charming and gorgeous. I did not like Teddy...he came off as stuck-up, egotistical and overbearing. He was a selfish sexual partner and exuded no warmth and was as sexy as a rock. I really felt bad for Mar, I just wanted to worship his beautiful body and Teddy could barely touch him, except to stick his dick in Mar's luscious hole...Mar is the real deal...a real genuine turn-on! Apr 22, 2018
BlueBunny Shit was beautiful. I won't lie I didn't expect this scene to be all that great, but boy was I wrong. I couldn't stop rewinding these two as they went at it! Mar 20, 2018
mdcarmichael Mar shoots his big load so far...I love good cumshots! More Mar...Teddy can stay home! Feb 28, 2018
SanFran12 Boring. And, really horrible camera positions nearly throughout the entire video clip. Jan 27, 2018
mdcarmichael Teddy...Boring. Mar is hot as hell. Sexy and genuine. Great mouth and ass. Would love to see him with Bandit! Jan 27, 2018
texasbugg DAMM mar u turn me the fuck on the way u take that dick u don't run from the dick that's what i love about u i want to see bandit put all that wood in your life u r sexy as fuck mar and can take some dick u r not faking i saw the pain u was dealing with. Jan 13, 2018
Manpower1010 Teddy Teddy Teddy Teddy Teddy Teddy Teddy Teddy love affair with Teddy Jan 8, 2018
bobminny Michael bring Teddy back and lets see if he can bottom. Jan 7, 2018
wander i see, most find Teddy too feminine, but I like him so much and i don't find him too feminine, only sometimes his movements are. But man, i love this guy. The face, the body, the ass (HOLE), damn!!!!! And he kisses very nice. Hope you still bring him back Mike, hopefully paired with Scotty. Jan 1, 2018
boyette Mar well done for his first time teddy was cute but needs to do more Dec 31, 2017
kevin343 Found Cheerleader to be a little cocky. Loved Mar ! Would love to see Blake and Mar together. Dec 30, 2017
bandit4true Love Mar would love to see him in a verse vid with Blake Bishop. Mar truly put in most of the work in this vid though. Teddy has a nice ass that can be utilize alot on this site. All in all I enjoyed this vid Dec 27, 2017
Carryd2 Would love to see Michael fuck Teddy and use him as his boytoy. Dec 21, 2017
ImKenzo This scene was boring as hell Dec 17, 2017
dv6000 nice try..but as previously stated by many, please keep Teddy as more of a bottom than top. I think we would appreciate scenes with him as a bottom better. Dec 16, 2017
kapukan2 I like Mar, sexy, hot, would like to see him again. Teddy is handsome with a great body but too fem. Not interested in seeing him again. It's not personal, it's about physical attraction which includes personality. Dec 15, 2017
Coolrod Mar is sexy but Teddy is way too fem. Teddy should have been the bottom. Not a good scene. Nice try though. Dec 12, 2017
cash121 Mar & Manny Killa would be an awesome scene! Dec 5, 2017
whyatt12 I really liked this one and I totally enjoyed Teddy. Dec 4, 2017
StonedMountain There was a special intimacy about this show, especially in the action. I think it is because they had a chance to gab back and forth enough to get a feel for one another. That wonderful kiss, Teddy says you like that dick, big enough for you, and Mar just jumps him, covering his body with kisses and then down on the big dick that was rock hard when Teddy dropped his drawers. They behaved like they knew one another, and I guess they did.

Good work, Michael, and good to see you introducing freshness, at a time when others are cutting back severely. Taggaz suspended for a year, FlavaWorks flagship RawRods is posting second-rate packages from some Latin American country! Go BBA!
Dec 4, 2017
kapukan2 Too much interview...when the cheerleader guy started talking about coming out....what a hard on killer. TMI. Just rejoined site for this video...didn't feel like watching it after that. Dec 4, 2017
texasbugg MAR babyboi this is mike's baby and he is a pro at what he do one member can not talk for all the likes that u/teddy got so mar please come back if mike ask u mar i can't stop busting to u taking that dick i never once heard one poppin sound when that dick was going in/out your hole that told me how tight u r i turned off every thing in the house to listen mar u r so sexy and i know them football players in high school was after that tight hole telling by how tight u still r u only had a few mar Dec 4, 2017
texasbugg @DOCTEUR i would like to ask u what did mar do wrong that u r saying he should not be brought back this young thug lays on his back and allow another thug to put about 10/11ins of dick just to please the fans so that we all can bust a nut he got paid yes but he still a human and got feelings and don't tell no one this when i was on lock a thug took my ass that's why i don't like to see no one push under the bus everyone saw this thug's asshole he was not busted no faking the pain realpain. Dec 4, 2017
faulknerfan Both of the models are attractive although while I really liked Mar I did not really particularly care for the cheerleader who seemed a little too fem. But I did really like Mar.

However, the editing is a problem. During the sex scenes it was way too frantic to be useful for any masturbatory purpose. Reminded me of the way Dawgpoundusa edits which is not conducive to a relaxing extended period of enjoyment. I always liked the Michael Galletta way of editing which was pretty much hands off and let the camera roll. And as much as the Michael Galletta doofy interview technique sometimes grated on me I actually missed it a little bit here. Because it made the whole thing seem more real and the way this was put together made it seem more like a slick, professional porn scene. The realness of BBA’s amateur feel always made the experience hotter.

So to sum up I think you have two nice models although I really preferred Mar. And I’m happy that you’ve possibly found someone to help shoulder the burden for you but I think you need to school that person a little bit on the fact that we don’t need professional slick editing on these kinds of videos because it defeats their raison d’etre, which is to get people off, not to win the Academy Award for editing. We don’t need an auteur in the BBA editing room.

But as always I applaud your efforts and I am sure you are moving in a good direction with this effort.
Dec 4, 2017
texasbugg There is not two other people on earth who i see that love sex more than MAR/MANNY KILLA i know i love how mar was enjoying having sex teddy got a nice body big dick very handsome with manny killa body he knows how to bend mar legs behind his head and really get up in mar's 18kt gold asshole damm mar got a pretty asshole after mar get fucked his asshole close right back up cause he runs alot mar i love your asshole and love to watch u have sex please come back mar u r super hott forealbabyboi. Dec 4, 2017
StonedMountain Yes!!! Two super sexy studs. LOVE Mar’s world class head game and Teddy’s open mouth kissing — Mar wanted more of that tongue AND I DID TOO! Dec 4, 2017
ToriFan OMG I'm drained! This gets a 12! It gave me everything I needed to see. Toes, big dicks, tonguing....natural sex. Man I usually don't enjoy the commentary but this time I watched the whole thing. Teddy wasn't the only one who was aroused. I was aroused in anticipation of who was gonna get fucked. Mar got some pretty toes too and the gap in his teeth is super sexy! MORE MORE MORE Dec 3, 2017
MARryMe This latest scene.............I FUCKING LOVE IT. The interview part is so damn good. I love their interaction. I hope you continue to shoot this way. You have the best and most attractive models. Mar and Teddy, love them!!!! Mar is soooooo sexy. Teddy is very sexy too. He's gay but his personality is so refreshing. I wanna see Teddy in a flip flop with Mar. Mar is now my new fave model. He's so sexy cool, masculine, and chocolate. Dec 3, 2017
texasguy77 Teddy certainly should have returned the favor and given Mar's booty some sensual kisses and licking. Dec 3, 2017
texasguy77 Wow! Hot video also great editing. This video had me guessing right until they started messing around as to who was going to be the bottom. Teddy is certainly a keeper. Holy cum shots!!! Dec 3, 2017
Bellyboyblues Melanin is poppin' in this scene. I really like Mar. The editing & overall production value is on point this week. Keep up the good work Mike. Please give us some straight meat next update. Dec 3, 2017
3606tsb72 Handsome men. Excellent lighting. And few decent, up close, sustained dick shots -- static, leisurely pacing would be best. Had the camera been much closer to the objects of many of our affections, the length and width of those delicious kielbasas would appear larger and multi-dimensional, rendering a more visually compelling, dramatic effect, unlike the flat, one-dimensional ones shown here. The new director has promise and I would hope you give him a chance to perfect his craft. Cheers! Dec 3, 2017
texasbugg MIKE when u all did (manny killa/lil redd l saw that u was showing up closer shots of pure raw sex where u could see that dick going in/out of that asshole and that asshole tightening up around that dick of manny killa mike this was about 25mins of pure raw sex and super hotttttt i can't speak for everyone for myself i love it raw sex is hottt. please mike get real close up when whoever it is that fuck (YOUR ROYAL BADNESSSSSSSSS SIR TRAPP) i feel it in my bones (SIR TRAPP) is about to get fucked. Dec 3, 2017
texasbugg Damm i would love to see (MAR) have sex with manny killa now that would be off the hook two sexy young thugs who love raw good sex i have fell in love with mar by him running track his asshole stay tight every time he run them ass cheeks rub together damm he got a pretty asshole mike i love the new things u r doing that really show that u care about your members that's why i just let u do your thing u try to please everyone thank u mike. please bring mar back for a bandit showdown let bandit hit that asshole Dec 3, 2017
Seymour Shax Carter’s directorial debut included a great interview. Teddy, the cheerleader, was a great top both taking Mar’s discomfort with his BIG dick by being easy at the beginning and then more aggressive. Mar, the bottom, enjoyed the action, despite the pain, as his dick was growing as he was being penetrated. I hope we will see more films by Shax Carter and more of both Mar and Teddy. Perhaps they might be willing to reverse roles with each other or with other BBA models. Dec 3, 2017
1luvme2u This was a good scene Mike. I'd like to see Mar and Trapp. Dec 3, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Heyyy I thought the cheerleader always get fucked lol, but this was gooooood! I'm telling you Mike lovely! Where do you find some of these boys man?? These two boys are beautiful with a capital "B", I mean their physique is off the chain, but that cheerleader needs to meet Blake Bishop. I think he'll change his mind about bottoming then. All in all excellent scene. Dec 2, 2017
Bigguum Not for me..too amateur, very boring...way too much time talking and dick sucking instead of action...horrible camera work and angles...not worth the wait. These should be bonus scenes. Dec 2, 2017
aluckett03 That shit was hot do more like it Dec 2, 2017
colormeblk It's a good flick... It doesn't seem like your production though Mike??? Did you and your crew film this??? It don't feel like a BBA project... I. J. S. Dec 2, 2017
texasbugg DAMM this is that (RAW SEX) that makes everyone think back to the first time they took a dick he was not faking with his moaning that was feeling good and his hole was tight for real mike i give these two (12) l busted and they was still fucking his moaning got me hard again damm this some good sex. a (MIX DRINK-LIL SMOKE-plus two nuts) thanks mike he open that track star asshole mike bring them both back blessed with bodies from the gods very sexxy and hottttttttttttttttttttttt. Dec 2, 2017
tayshawn3 Love Mar think he is a good fit for BBA put him with Blake and see those oral skills really go to work. Teddy does have a big ass dick he needs some work tho...and he come across on the screen kinda bitchy can't wait to see him with a bottom that's more aggressive. I did absolutely love the nut shots. Dec 2, 2017
Docteur The cheerleader yes, even though a bit too femme, his body is on point and he needs to bottom for Bandit. The track person, though a great dick sucker, he doesn't need to be brought back. Dec 2, 2017
kidon7000 Damn Mike! I love the new direction you are going with the new faces. I hope you can keep it up because I will keep renewing my membership. I know it's hard to do especially with the challenges you have had this year but I love what you are doing right now; these new models are on point!!! Great job again! Dec 2, 2017
chgohydepar1 Mar is the standout star in this scene. Him not fucking the shit out of Teddy was surprising, almost shocking. I would have put his sexy ass on TOP. Nonetheless, Babyboi handled that dick with panache. I was especially turned on by the shots of his feet in the air waving/smiling/flirting with me. This shit was HOT despite the emotionless gyrations of the guy who portrayed the top. Mar is mofo. (Very different director staging. I LOVED this.) Dec 2, 2017
cam3121 Correction: There was kissing but Teddy still has to step it up or be shipped the fuck out. Dec 2, 2017
cam3121 This was trash. Nothing more infuriating than seeing a bottom do all the work and the top do nothing but fuck. No kissing, dick sucking or ass eating from Teddy. If Teddy is sticking around, he's gotta do all 3 things cause this shit not it AT ALL. With that said, if Mar is verse like his profile says, I hope to see more of him. Dec 2, 2017

We recently teamed up with Shax Carter, an experienced photographer and long-time BBA fan who will be filming and editing some of our scenes to help us bring you more fresh faces and variety as part of our update schedule. It will be the same brand of unscripted amateur porn that you've come to crave and expect, just with the unique visual and editing style of a different director from time to time.

Fans of early BBA classics like "The Schoolboy and the Thug" will appreciate this week's introduction to two contrasting new models meeting for the very first time and trying to prove they have what it takes to join BBA's next generation of stars.

Teddy is a cute 19-year-old "college boy" who quit his high school football team to become a cheerleader and now cheers for his college. An outgoing "pretty boy" with a cocky streak, Teddy's the kind of guy who KNOWS he looks good and thankfully doesn't mind sharing his damn near flawless young body with the rest of the world.

Mar is a slim and sexy 20-year-old college track star with a big uncut dick and even bigger athletic ambitions. The complete opposite of Teddy in many ways, Mar is more chill and laid back, with thick, tempting lips and a seductive voice that will have you eager to see (and hear) him in action.

We leave the camera running as Teddy and Mar get better acquainted just minutes after meeting for the very first time. Watching their awkward small talk as they nervously joke and flirt and check each other out only makes it ten times hotter when these two complete strangers finally get MUCH better acquainted later on.

See for yourself what happens when the "cheerleader" meets the "track star" in this action-packed encounter that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of sloppy-wet dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW "college boy" fucking!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Dec 1, 2017 54 min
Photo of Mar
Photo of Teddy

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