Introducing: Lil Dav

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misterblack I watch some of the old classics during off weeks and this solo, which was hotter than the flames when Rome burned, blew me away. Lil Dav just oozed with sex: that smile, huge balls, hard dick, hairy pubes, ass and pits were enough, but when he started fingering his ass I was sent over the edge. And when he moaned as he came.....I only wish he had invited me to touch it if I wanted. It's amazing so few subscribers view these oldies. If they did, they'd have hundreds more likes. Nov 27, 2022
mdcarmichael I forgot how sexy Lil Dav is...I'm a bottom, but i would love to eat his beautiful ass and fuck him until he shoots! Aug 10, 2021
gemini7 damn....he sexy as fuck......luv this one....yea please keep him Mar 23, 2021
androgyny757 bring him back please he was hot Sep 13, 2018

Lil Dav is a confident and outgoing young rapper with a strikingly handsome face and a slim, sexy body. He works a full-time job during the week to support his girlfriend and FIVE kids, but enjoys going out to the clubs and competing in freestyle "battles" on the weekends.

When it comes to sex, Lil Dav admits that he's "nasty" and a "big freak." He loves pussy and estimates that he's fucked well over FIFTY women! At first he only wanted to do straight scenes, but he later confessed that he's had a couple "DL" encounters in the past and might be open to exploring that freakier side of his sexuality through my movies if the money was right.

Enjoy a front-row seat for Lil Dav's "audition" as he exposes his body for the first time on camera and tries to prove that he has what it takes to be a BBA model!

Lil Dav hangs out at my apartment on a Friday night and I ask him a few questions to get better acquainted. He talks enthusiastically about one of his favorite things to do - competing in freestyle "battles." At my request, he even performs his own freestyle rap for the viewers!

Lil Dav tells a funny story about losing his virginity when he was 15 years old, and jokes that he's "been going hard ever since." He discusses his sexual "likes" and "dislikes," and tells about two of his most memorable sexual escapades so far - a foursome with three women, and the time he fucked a girl while riding the subway.

When I ask Lil Dav why he's decided to do amateur porn, he explains, "I love sex. I like bein' watched. And the MONEY!"

Lil Dav seems eager for the REAL "audition" to begin, and of course I'm just as impatient to see what this handsome young rapper is hiding under his baggy clothes!

Kneeling on the futon, Lil Dav strips slowly out of his clothes to expose his slim young body for the first time on camera. He poses seductively with very little guidance from me, even taking the initiative of asking if the viewers might enjoy watching him rub lotion all over his body.

The thing that first attracted me to Lil Dav was his strikingly handsome face. He has deep, piercing eyes, thick, dark lips, and strong, high cheekbones that give him an almost exotic look.

But Lil Dav's body nicely complements his handsome face! It is slim, somewhat hairy, and decorated with a couple tattoos. He has a cute, hairy ass that had me salivating the instant I saw it, and a nice-sized dick that has no doubt satisfied many women over the years.

"Am I doing good?" he asks nervously, endearingly eager to please.

We pop in a porno and Lil Dav begins stroking his dick - although the porn on TV is soon forgotten as Lil Dav focuses his attention on teasing his viewers and successfully "passing" his audition.

My favorite thing about Lil Dav is that he isn't shy about showing off his ass! I think you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was when this masculine, pussy-crazed young rapper raises his legs in the air to give us a generous glimpse of his tight little pucker! And that's only the beginning....

Lil Dav strokes his rock-hard dick with one hand while using his other hand to play with his asshole. Without any prompting from me whatsoever, he squirts some lube on his hairy hole and proceeds to slide one and eventually TWO fingers up his tight, warm ass, thrusting them in and out with increasing intensity.

"I told you I was a freak!" he smiles as he eagerly finger-fucks himself.

There's a generous amount of erotic ass-play in this scene. Lil Dav explains that he's even let his girlfriend put fingers and toys up his butt! With his tempting ass still on display, Lil Dav teases the viewers even more by telling them just a few of the hot things he MIGHT let them do to him if they were there!

Now I usually try to be on my best behavior and keep things as "professional" as possible during a new guy's first shoot. I try to avoid making him feel uncomfortable or scaring him away too soon. But Lil Dav's performance is so arousing that I temporarily lose my self-control and inch my hand closer and closer to his cute, tempting ass.

"You can touch it if you want to!" he tells me, seemingly amused and turned on by my obvious desire to get my hands on his sexy black butt.

This time I don't have to be asked twice! I lean in and eagerly rub my finger across Lil Dav's butt-hole, gradually pushing my finger inside his hot ass. Lil Dav eagerly pumps his dick as I poke my finger in and out of the black rapper's tight "pussy."

The anal stimulation proves to be more than the rookie can handle, however, and in no time at all he's busting a hot, messy "nutt" while I play with his butt!

"So did I make the cut?" he asks with a huge smile.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Lil Dav shares his reactions to his very first porn shoot.

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Details: Mar 14, 2010 54 min
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Lil Dav

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