You Gon' Do Me Like That?

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emiliano69 I bet that problematic ass was good. Jun 16, 2023
brent313 Please Bring King Ant Back!!! Dec 27, 2021
Dualex Now get Tarzan to destroy Ant ass and make him shout his name... Apr 14, 2019
Dualex First time watching this. Great scene. The kisses are just perfect, not surprised when it comes to Manny. Ant took the D like a King, that's what he deserves lol... Apr 14, 2019
georgette I prefer Manny as a bottom 🤷🏽‍♂️King Ant's sex voice is hot though Feb 3, 2019
MrMann1998 Jonalex i agree with you when I first saw King Ant i thought he was this tall sexy top trade that I would love to see get fucked, but then his first bottoming scene i see he takes dick better than major bottoms that really turned me off. Manny still holding it down. Still waiting on a Manny and Dax debut. Dax sexy phat ass need some pounding and him and Manny have great chemistry. Jan 10, 2019
princetahji Really wish this was a flip scene lol. But overall very hot scene. Good to see Manny using that pretty dick again though. Jan 4, 2019
Jayden27 Once again, you guys did the damn thing this holiday season! These updates are LIT 🔥!

The scene was beautifully shot, and the editing, along with the music choice, were great too! That was also a nice ass bathroom too! You guys have come a LONG way from the infamous blue futon. BBA moving on up! Lol!

Manny and King Ant had great chemistry in this scene. It was great to see Manny back on top. King Ant is a champ for hanging in there on the bottom. Even though he states that he's a top off camera, he is great on camera as a bottom. There were some parts where he seemed to be in pain, but he did a good job.

Just curious, did King Ant not want to receive head? This is the second scene where it seems like he missed out on that treat. Needless to say, I did like the cell phone vid at the end.

Special thanks to Manny, King Ant, Montez, and you! The fire 🔥 continues!
Jan 2, 2019
jonalex Sorry, I don't like King Ant... I can't look at a whole video including him; even if I'm in love with people like Manny! I think King Ant is way too feminine to be credible on bba Jan 2, 2019
chgohydepar1 King is a big ole sexy-ass girl. (PLEASE marry me. I'm so serious.) I love King, and the added sexiness he brings to BBA. There is NO ONE like King. He loves the dick. He's beautiful. He's sexy af. Bravo. Bravo. Jan 1, 2019
jaejay this was a hot hot hot Jan 1, 2019
Seymour I think King Ant was just OVERWHELMED by the thick cock of Manny Killa. It must have hurt like the Dickens! There was a romantic chemistry between the two of them but the pain that King Ant underwent when the fuck started was all he could focus on. Toward the end, on the floor, King Ant seems to have gotten a bit more accustomed to the gigantic Killer cock and he admits he both enjoyed it and was just overpowered by the whole thing. I frankly enjoyed the video a lot. Happy New Year! Jan 1, 2019
lovaboy Overall good scene. I just don't understand why King can never get hard and cum during the scene. Dec 31, 2018
suthanheat I love me some King Ant!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!! Dec 31, 2018
malachi6 Great scene but I would love to see King paired with Bishop again. The chemistry between them in the first scene was incredible and with King as the Bottom it would probably be one of the best scenes ever on BBA. Dec 30, 2018
blktop2002 I like the somewhat romantic essence of the piece. I love Manny. I’m still confused over King. There is something hidden or maybe he is just a unique personality undefinable. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t the continuation of the previous episode. MG don’t string us along too long please. I can’t take it. Apollo and Dominic have to finish that. They must. Lol🥰 Dec 30, 2018
ghound58 How come King Ant don’t nut during the scene. Would love to see him top RICO Pruitt! Dec 30, 2018
hornye115 Thank you for ending the year with two of my newest favorites......Can't wait until 2019.....Happy New Year BBA Dec 30, 2018

Since last week's Christmas Party focused on four of BBA's most popular "gay for pay" stars, this weekend we're shining the spotlight on two of our most popular and prolific bisexual performers from the past year.

Both Manny Killa and King Ant have provided us with some truly unforgettable performances in 2018, and each earned themselves large and passionate fan bases in record time as a result.

They've already met and hung out socially on several of our recent BBA trips, and immediately hit it off as good friends. But despite an obvious mutual attraction and funny flirtation that has not gone unnoticed by me or Montez, they've never actually done anything together on camera - UNTIL NOW!

Enjoy a front-row seat for this long overdue late-night encounter between two of BBA's most strikingly attractive and popular bisexual stars that includes lots of passionate tongue-kissing, dick-swallowing, ass-eating, and even some freaky toe-sucking. As well as a good old-fashioned rough and raw dick-down from Manny Killa, reclaiming his preferred role as an aggressive and insatiable "top" with something to prove after giving up his own ass so much lately.

He tries his best to take his time and be gentle at first, knowing this is ​something King Ant claims that he never does off camera. But it isn't long before he gets so caught up in the heat of the moment that next thing you know, he's pushing King Ant onto the floor and aggressively POUNDING the subdued ​top's​ tight ass like he plans on taking it home as his own!

"​You gon' do me like that?!?​" ​King Ant​ ​grunts and groans in stunned and almost embarrassed disbelief ​as he reluctantly surrenders his cute little muscle-butt to his THICKEST DICK yet....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Shower/Bath
Details: Dec 29, 2018 39 min
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King Ant
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Manny Killa

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