DJ Earns His Pay

This is a collection of outtakes from "Playin' In DJ's Ass," a scene that unfortunately didn't turn out the way I'd hoped or planned. The original idea behind that video-shoot was for DJ to receive a good ass-pounding from another black guy. When "technical difficulties" interfered, we decided to fuck DJ with dildos instead, and I ended up cutting out most of the action leading up to that moment. This is most of the footage that didn't make the "final cut."

There's some kissing and foreplay as Da'Juan sucks on DJ's nipples and his hands feel up DJ's slim body. There's also A LOT of oral action as DJ sucks the hell out of Da'Juan's dick while Da'Juan plays with his co-star's tight hole. My jaws were sore just from watching DJ's admirable effort to make the scene a success!

If you're like me and think DJ's pretty young mouth looks so hot when it's stuffed full of dick, then I think you'll enjoy this bonus footage. The boy definitely earned his paycheck that day!

There's also some hot anal penetration when Da'Juan gets hard enough to begin fucking DJ in a couple different positions. It didn't last long enough to deserve a place in the edited version, but it's still hot as hell watching Da'Juan's big dick split open DJ's cute butt!

There are also a few lighthearted moments scattered throughout, including a funny exchange between me and DJ that prompts him to exclaim, "That's why you and me will never fuck!"

Categories: Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Jun 27, 2009 26 min
Photo of Da'Juan
Photo of DJ

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