Introducing: Samuel

misterblack An utter work of art; should be sculpted in marble. Jul 1, 2023
markus2424 Samuel is beautiful! Love this dude. May 11, 2018
Lukin4u Samuel is hot , very sexy guy Sep 17, 2016
macon12 I know he may not have been the best to work with, but I loved Samuel!!! Dec 15, 2015

Samuel is a young African immigrant with a muscular dark-skinned body. This is his first time getting naked in front of a camera and performing for a public audience.

I begin with a casual interview to get acquainted. With a thick, sexy accent, Samuel explains his ethnic background (his mother is from Liberia and his father is from Jamaica), and tells me about his first sexual encounter with another man just several months earlier.

At first Samuel is embarrassed and reluctant to take off his clothes in front of me, but with a little coaxing he slowly strips to show off his naturally muscular young body. He soon overcomes his shyness, and ends up putting on a hot little show. With no coaching from me, he rubs his hard dick against his asshole as if trying to fuck himself.

My favorite part comes at the end of the scene when Samuel dumps a creamy load on his leg, dips his dick into his cum, and resumes trying to fuck himself with his own cum-slippery dick.

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Solo/Auditions
Details: Jun 22, 2008 20 min
Photo of Samuel

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