Rooming With Rocky

misterblack I'm pining for Rocky's return. He's quite handsome, has a great body, and one of BBA's best asses; would love to see him plowed by Maleek or Stylez. Oct 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for all of your enthusiastic and constructive feedback lately! Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely that Rocky will ever make a return. We've given him multiple chances, but he flakes out on us every damn time.
turner95 Need to see Rocky fucked that might bring out his personality Jul 29, 2022
MrBrown19942 This entire scene, is amazing! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Feb 2, 2021
MrBrown19942 This video is amazing, actually! Even in 2021! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Feb 2, 2021
illtown22 I slept on this scene! Shit was fire no cap! Rocky is adorable and I love his lips and how he give neck. Red even tone skin is beautiful. Aug 2, 2019
t123 love this scene. biggest thing is the model rocky is sexy Aug 2, 2019
Cuddles U can never please everybody but they are hot I love to see Rocky take cock the boys on here are hot Michael keep doing what u are doing ;) Jul 29, 2019
Platinum48036 Long time supporter of this site. This year so far hasn't been a good one. No scene so far has been spectacular. Nothing has been wanting to watch it over and over again. I agree with the general sentiment of boring content. Hopefully in next few weeks, it will improve. Jul 27, 2019
man12345 Want to see some of the vets work these new guys over a bit, LOL! Jul 26, 2019
man12345 Just waiting to see some of these new guys get their cherries popped. All the rest is a little boring and predictable. Jul 26, 2019
3606tsb72 Interesting comments. Again, str8 men do not do gay porn, regardless Mike's delusions - yes, I said it. These men are str8-for-pay. Most of the men on this site are gay or bisexual. Period. Jul 25, 2019
texasbugg 1 thing every1 should know these models get paid to do a scene but still they r human being with feelings some of u all say some real hurtful bullshit rocky never been with another man before so i understand how he is doing his best to please his fans i know i'm a fan of rocky wish he comes back i hope he run his dick in trapp rocky mike got your back u r good come back rocky rocky i know in time u will prove them all wrong u r rocky road ice cream with nuts to me. Jul 22, 2019
lmp262 For those that are always dissatisfied, just stop watching it, This site goes by what the fans want, not what you complain about constantly, get a life!!! Jul 21, 2019
11luvme2u Lol. Very true. You know we're a tough crowd. A few commentators have complained about recent videos lately but I understand what you're saying. I'm very excited about you returning. I think your return will be the solution to many of the fan's problems. What about having someone objective read your comments over the last few weeks and see they think? Jul 21, 2019
MichaelGalletta @11luvme2u: Like I told you before, I'm not here to kiss ass and agree with everything that is posted. I'm capable of welcoming and listening to constructive criticism while also calling out ignorant and inaccurate comments, or disagreeing with viewers about certain models or scenes. Disagreement does NOT equal mockery and condescension, as some of you seem to think.

This particular scene has been poorly received, that much is obvious. But the scene right before this one was FANTASTIC and might even end up ranking among one of the year's best. As I already explained in my earlier comment, we have some exciting new projects in the works and I will be back behind the camera very soon. But I'm going to call it now, I give it about two or three weeks before somebody starts complaining about how much they miss Shax, LOL.
Jul 21, 2019
11luvme2u One bad comment after the other. It’s so sad. I hope BBA is listening. Be careful how you respond to fans. I wouldn’t feel so secure in your past success to think people will accept condescension. Yet, I believe Mike is very smart (and sarcastic as hell 😀) and he will intervene in order to return BBA back to the exciting days of Rico And Blake, Apollo and Dominic, JayC and Jahan. Jul 21, 2019
countingto9 boring period. i agree with downtofuck and a few others the last couple of videos have been boring Jul 20, 2019
wblackstud If you ask for customers opinions stop going back and scolding us. This gay for pay is a bunch of bull, the average gay man would never do straight for pay no matter what someone is paying. I would love to see some foot fetish with someone servicing Bandit feet Jul 20, 2019
MichaelGalletta @DiscliplineU: I'm sorry if you feel like I'm "mocking" viewers by pointing out that it's highly unrealistic to expect a straight first-timer like Rocky to perform like a polished gay porn star. And I certainly don't recall ever saying that my tastes are "better" than anyone else's. But if somebody starts complaining about straight models or young skinny twinks or any other theme that has been a consistent part of the BBA brand for over 10 years, it's my duty to point out that this might not be the right website for them lol. Jul 19, 2019
downtofuck Def boring. The guys are sexy. but no chemistry, where the freaky talking, where the good fuckin, I loved this site, but these niggas not fuckin like they wanna fuck some ass or get some dick. These little niggas aren't with the real shit. Jul 19, 2019
MichaelGalletta I'd recommend reading our scene summaries before watching the scenes. Rocky is STRAIGHT. This was only his second time trying sex with a guy. Of course he's not going to fuck with the same kind of passion and chemistry and excitement as our experienced gay/bi models. This is true "gay for pay" porn - some viewers appreciate the authentic realness of this, others prefer the more passionate and experienced gay models.
DisciplineU Michael, I like the site and have enjoyed most of the content for years. But I will say that there is no worse quality or characteristic in a service provider or business owner than mocking your customers complaints and comments about their preferences and explaining how yours are better. Jul 19, 2019
texasbugg mike please keep rocky u r right shaun was the same rocky will come around he was not faking when lil redd was eating his ass it was feeling good to him (PLEASE KEEP ROCKY ROAD ICE CREAM WITH THE NUTS) Jul 18, 2019
jrummi i hope youre not listening to some of these critics, I personally love the last few updates Jul 18, 2019
langston35 Of late these video have not been good! I am hopeful the next one will be an improvement because the last several have been a bust and I do not mean a nutt. Jul 16, 2019
cocopop I only have one question, where is Bandit and the old school models? I understand you're recruiting new models, but I miss what I've come to love. Jul 15, 2019
MichaelGalletta We literally JUST featured Isaiah in the previous scene lol. Doesn't get any more "old school" than him. A couple months ago we were featuring guys like Apollo, Dominic, Bandit, Justice, etc. and people complained that there were too many familiar faces. Now after taking a couple months to focus on some exciting fresh faces, people complain that they miss the old models. See what I mean about never being able to please everybody all or even most of the time lol??? That being said, we do hope to feature some familiar faces in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!
MichaelGalletta @Beau: Please scroll up to see my earlier explanation about the site content lately. As far as your complaint about "regular content" is concerned, we promise our monthly subscribers THREE hot and lengthy new updates each month, but depending on our travel and production schedule (among other factors), these will sometimes be posted back to back weekly, and other times more staggered with longer waits in between. We post tentative schedule announcements over on the BBA Blog, so members can have an overall idea of the schedule around the start of each month. Hope this helps clarify things for you. Jul 15, 2019
Beau These last couple of scenes been kinda boring. good looking men yes but no chemistry. And this is a pay site so I am expecting a lil more from BBA. I love amateur porn I look at the older scenes and they are better. You guys are also not putting out regular content and I pay for the site. Y’all miss weeks then give subpar content that seems rushed. This is my favorite site but you got to do better. Jul 15, 2019
Beau Rocky needs some work. He’s way tooo quiet and his chemistry is off in all 3 of his scenes. I know he has to build his confidence in front of the camera but that what you guys have to work on with him. Jul 15, 2019
royce905 These last few updates haven't been exciting at all. Hoping for consistency soon. Jul 15, 2019
blklibra89 Also, I wanna see Shaun and trapp flip flop... Shaun definitely needs some good dick Jul 14, 2019
blklibra89 The next scene needs to be rocky and zakk with zakk topping!! Both are shy but zakks shyness is sexy whereas Rocky's shyness is painfully awkward.... He's clearly a super young personality who's better at social media interactions than in-person encounters... I wanna see zakk fuck Rocky and then bandit and then Blake... Maybe some rough, painful, good dick will bring more out of him than just "I'm gonna cum!"... #1Chop, #2Chop Jul 14, 2019
princegwa I like Rocky just like the other Str8 models after he has a little more experience he will be just fine. Remember when Isaiah came on the scene he was the same way. I do agree he may need to be teamed up with Saint. He made the transition easier for a lot of Str8 models. Jul 14, 2019
atlfreakboy i'm ready for a justice or dominic more rocky please Jul 14, 2019
mfield44 I didn't even watch it but even i can tell that the new guy just needs to be a bttm my 12 credits just sitting there bc none of the updates have been enticing. Same old bttms weirdly matched with these new young tops. Just no. why would i want to see young tops fucking older guys? These 2 are both young but i can just tell this pairing wouldn't work u put a veteran bttm with a new top who's not at least big if he's going to be amateur. Please do better pairings 1 to get rid of these credits 😂 Jul 14, 2019
terbernt Please Michael, do not let me resort to the Macbeth or further Titus Andronicus. Jul 13, 2019
terbernt But, this Rocky I honestly cannot find aesthetically compelling. I just list as evidence that its not only Bandit I find great. But most models I liked from before are long gone (Bye D-REL). Perhaps in this I'm made to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune awaiting a consummation devoutly to be wished. Jul 13, 2019
terbernt Mr. Bishop has a great muscle in a place we all covet seeing and I don't care what anyone says no ones breaks someone in as aggressively nice as Saint. I mean I liked lean "Tay" (from the past) but he had this tall-slender physique and something to make Bishop blush over in between. Even the borrowed models: Warfare was godly muscled. And Scotty I hoped for more but believe I will see no more beyond what he's already done. Jul 13, 2019
terbernt Hate to side with the negative but I'm in agreement with that contingent on this. Rocky needs a bit more musculature, while lean is terrific in my book, this hairy and lean no muscle isn't enticing. Bandit has the perfect lean muscle (Manny is 2nd in that body type), Apollo has exemplary physique, D-Rel (from the past) had really great legs and beautifully weird affect. Jul 13, 2019
11luvme2u Thanks for the update Mike. I know what's in store is going to be mind blowing. Jul 13, 2019
MichaelGalletta I had a feeling this one was going to generate a lot of negativity lol. I get that many of you don't enjoy the stiff and awkward "gay for pay" scenes, but they have always been and always will be a part of the BBA brand. I'm honestly surprised that more viewers don't seem to love Rocky as much as I do. He is just so freaking cute and sexy to me. His painful shyness and obvious newness to all of this only turns me on even more. OF COURSE he's not going to perform with the energy and passion and skill of an experienced gay "porn star" right out of the gate. That's a ridiculous and unfair expectation for this type of scene.

But it's funny to me because I remember guys like Isaiah, Stephon, Scotty, Shaun, etc. all getting widely criticized in similar fashion when their early scenes came out, and all of them now easily rank as some of BBA's most iconic and beloved models. So maybe that's why it's easy for me to take some of the grumbling with a big grain of salt lol.

That being said, I do hate disappointing our viewers and I'm sorry that some of you feel like BBA hasn't been the same lately. For those of you who don't keep up with the BBA Blog or follow us on Twitter, I haven't been involved in production for the past several months while I've been busy relocating from Saint Louis to New York City. Being able to rely on Shax and Montez for new content has been a lifesaver during this busy and stressful transition.

Some scenes have been better than others, but overall I'm extremely proud of our attractive and exciting new models and their hot debut scenes from the past couple months. For example, the update literally right before this one ("Game Break") was OFF THE CHARTS sexy and hot in my opinion!

But I'm humbled and flattered that so many of you appreciate and miss my own unique style, and you'll be happy to hear that exciting new projects are in the works. I will be back to filming and directing new scenes very soon. All of this was explained in more detail and the July update schedule announced over on the BBA Blog. Production is getting back in full swing and our plan is to have two hot new scenes for you closer to the end of the month. So stay tuned, the summer is just getting started!
Jul 13, 2019
Godfather07 I thought BBA would come back with a bang but I was wrong, Rocky needs to come back in about 2yrs he just does not have it Red is always on point lately this not the BBA that I like, I know the move to NY cost a lot but its time to get back to the standard of BBA, Scotty, Trapp, etc. oh yes you are still the best black porn on the net. Jul 13, 2019
blksexi There is a grit and charm to Mike scenes that is completely lacking and sorely missed as of late. The models lose a bit of authenticity with this 'produced' style. The editing being more POV than full body just takes me out of the whole thing. Jul 13, 2019
kevin343 Just watched the scene again to see if I missed anything. I didn't . BORING !!!!!!!!!! Jul 13, 2019
kevin343 The profile pic of Luh Redds ass was hot !!! But the scene lacked that fire and desire. The chemistry and pairing was way off. This was a thumbs down for me. Very disappointed with BBA. This was a waste of time and film. C'mon BBA. Not enjoying this roller coaster ride. I am really thinking about canceling my subscription. Jul 13, 2019
3606tsb72 Another beautifully lit film with vibrant colors. Love the guys. But the camera needs to be physically CLOSER to dicks to render em' bigger, hence visually compelling & dramatic in width & length, as zooming close from a distance makes them look one-dimensional, flat and smaller than they are. And too many long- and wide-shots takes away from what many came to see, dicks up close & personal with leisurely pacing. Ass shots though are filmed with the care assphiles Grade: C+ Jul 12, 2019
blackforest Michael, previously you insinuated that my comments were biased. I am critiquing not being critical. You have access to my account, I have paid for 60+ videos. and have been a big fan of BBA for years. But lately its just not been living up to its past glory. I understand that its all pay for play, but at the end of the day its entertainment and these guys you're picking from the streets are just not living it up.. The recent scenes have just been real whack. Jul 12, 2019
blackforest I fully concur - @ Reglend09 and @ mrwhitley1 and @princexxchar Jul 12, 2019
mrwhitley1 I follow the updates and sadly, I’ve had no reason to update My account, I just browse and keep it moving. After I foolishly purchased the scene w Dominic and Justice, I follow My Spirit beforehand, and it’s clearly told Me these new videos aren’t it. I wanna see Ross, Bandit, Blake, Jay C...and Where the he k is Shazeer!!!!!!!!!!!!! All love, but I’m good Jul 12, 2019
Reglend09 Yawn just yawn with Rocky and the other chubby model. Too many Boring updates lately. Very lacklustre models lately wtf is going on! Jul 12, 2019
11luvme2u And Vice I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY MISS HIM! I miss the way he interviews and does an outstanding job with creating the connection between the actors and fans. I think the overall quality of the scenes are better when Mike is directly involved (even though Shax, Montez are awesome). Mike is just gifted with a skill for this work. In the upcoming weeks and months, I'd love to see some more group sex, more of Trapp, new bottoms, and one or two crossover models like Jahan Ace/JayC. Jul 12, 2019
11luvme2u Rocky seems to be getting more comfortable but, I think, he might make a better bottom than a top. If he gets comfortable with bottoming he might be really good at it. He doesn't seem very aggressive and he may enjoying being submissive to a hot guy like Justice, who is also hairy and verbal (maybe a guy like Justice would help him be a little more verbal during sex). I know Mike said he will be behind the camera again soon. Even though he definitely "lets me have it" sometimes... Jul 12, 2019
11luvme2u Rocky is cute. I think that if he tied his hair back or changed his hairstyle completely it would bring out his sexiness more. He has nice full lips and an overall attractive facial structure. I admit I haven't given Luh Redd enough credit. He is attractive coupled with a nice body and bottoms well. He needs his ass punished by Lord Bandit who, I believe, would bring the "inner bitch" out of him with 11 inches inside his guts. The sex was a little boring but Rocky is still learning. Jul 12, 2019
Whitney Sucks ass. Y’all been slippin. Jul 12, 2019
emiliano69 Rocky is the new Legacy. I cant wait for that day! And I hope Luh Redd comes back, he's one of my favs. Jul 12, 2019
lmp262 You know i'm a big fan of your models, but do you have something against older models, rocky seems very young, I kinda feel like i'm watching kids, nothing against your models they are all sexy, but can we have more models that are man looking, say Like Trapp, Apollo, Isaiah Etc. Also can you Bring back Dragon and Scotty, Thanks again for all your models Seeing Jay C & Jahan Again would be Nice. Jul 12, 2019
lrigdab As a long time fan and follower, I must say I am excited to know that this temporary "Shax Carter" reign will be coming to an end next week with Michael coming back and hopefully a return to form for BBA! Jul 12, 2019
mrcwilliams19401 Wow what a way to step up to the plate for Rocky. Always a pleasure to see Luh Redd in a scene. A little more practice Rocky would be good model for great scenes. Overall good scene. Now it's time to up it for Rocky (try some dick, uum) I'm just saying,lol! Both models are cute as hell!!(Luh Redd,tall and fine, Rocky a fine twink). A classic pairing. Jul 12, 2019
Shirly223 I'm never pleased with Luh Redd's look, his head/hair in particular. I get that many of these models are strapped for cash but he never looks groomed or fresh and it makes me feel bad for watching. Please require some sort of standard for their upkeep and appearances other than being black and male. Also I don't be getting the pairings, there are plenty of attractive guys you can pair together but instead we get this Jul 12, 2019
princexxchar okay, i tried rocky, i really did, but NO. he is too boring. do you have personality? do you have emotion? rocky fits him right cuz he sits there like a ROCK. r u even into it? i know it gay for pay but DAMN, least ACT, somthing. he cant even fuck. sticking ya dick back in fourth dosnt mean you fucking. speak! say something. like damn. hes horrible, sorry not sorry. Now where is SHAMEEKS! now that one, yes! Jul 12, 2019
texasbugg i love rocky i have had a lot of lovers like they r just shy rocky is starting to open up more lil redd u r a pro at what u do so if more is said about rocky don't worry u know how it is with a new boot lol. Jul 12, 2019
Trix101 Am I supposed to believe this guy was really satisfying Isaiah and now Luh Redd ??? He just needs to bottom why prolong it. Jul 12, 2019

Ever wondered what happens when one of BBA's new straight models ends up sharing a room with one of the more experienced gay models during our trips? Well, this weekend's update gives you a sexy, voyeuristic sneak peek.

Fresh off his first sexual encounter with another male, Rocky finds himself sharing a room with the cute gay twink Luh Redd. He tries watching football on TV while Luh Redd lies sprawled out next to him on the bed in nothing but a skimpy pair of shorts, passed out after a late night partying with some of the other BBA models.

Luh Redd's bubble-butt stretching through his tight shorts while he sleeps proves to be a distraction for the shy but horny straight boy, no doubt stirring up recent memories of plunging his dick in and out of Isaiah's tight ass.

Almost without thinking, Rocky begins playing with himself beneath his pants while reaching over for a quick, cautious squeeze of Luh Redd's ass. Next thing he knows, he's eagerly grabbing and groping the gay boy's cute ass, curious to see how it compares to his first.

"What you doin', bruh?!?" Luh Redd asks, startled out of his sleep to the surprising sight of Rocky naked and stroking his hard dick next to him on the bed.

A still half-asleep Luh Redd tries to put the visibly tense and nervous Rocky at ease by leaning in for a kiss. He later DEEP-THROATS that dick like he's gobbling down his last meal, the challenge of "turning out" yet another sexy straight boy clearly inspiring Luh Redd's best oral skills.

Horny and curious to see how far his new straight roommate will go, Luh Redd encourages Rocky to return the favor and ends up giving those juicy-thick lips some much-needed practice. (Spoiler Alert: Rocky's dick-sucking skills are thankfully improving, slowly but surely!).

The "must see" highlight of this scene for me comes when Luh Redd gets to be the first guy lucky enough to bury his face in Rocky's cute, hairy ass, hungrily sniffing and slurping and SAVORING that most private and protected part of the sexy straight boy's slim body.

Luh Redd later gives up his own plump, juicy ass to Rocky's hard, eager dick, reminding him just how good a guy's tight and warm ass can feel. The cute gay twink will no doubt be the envy of many as the inexperienced but clearly horny straight boy awkwardly pounds that ass like it's his girlfriend's wet pussy.

Eerily similar to his "gay for pay" mentor Isaiah when he first started out, Rocky is still just as shy and quiet as ever, looking like a deer trapped in the headlights as he fucks a guy in the ass for only the SECOND time in his life. But please be patient with our newest straight star! My hope is that he'll soon be following in Isaiah's footsteps and coming out of his shell as he gains more experience and gets more comfortable with the whole idea of guy-on-guy sex.

On the plus side, Rocky's dick gets rock-hard without any help from straight porn on his phone, which is more than we can say for most of BBA's "gay for pay" guys, and shows me that he's enjoying this new exploration more than he wants to admit!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 12, 2019 36 min
Photo of Luh Redd
Luh Redd
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