Behind the Scenes With Bandit and Dominic

davids I wish Dominic would come back as special guest in a future scene. Jul 6, 2023
Phuryous @ef8432 It was obvious that Bandit wasn't fully into King Ant because he didn't even try to fake a connection and there was not a lot of eye contact on his part. But I could tell that King Ant had a big crush on Bandit and Dominic. Some people didn't like Ant because he was a little hyper but I thought/think he's hot and sexy and wouldn't mind seeing a lot more of him because there are very few outside scenes with King Ant.

You get a greater appreciation for these two models as performers because the finished product looks spontaneous and like they are really into each other. But it is obvious in the BTS that they are definitely g4p and they are acting for us, the viewers. If you want to preserve the fantasy and don't want to see how the sausage is made then BTS is not for you.
May 31, 2023
tyscore I would love to see the behind the scenes footage of Bandit and Trapp from "House of Whores" . Bandit topping Trapp was hot but short so I know there is more BTS May 26, 2023
emiliano69 It's really nice to see this side of the process. Much respect. I do wonder now about the difficulty and pain Bandit seems to go through when it for the camera? Or was this after he had some experience as a bottom? I like the way he's taking dick tho. May 26, 2023
ef8432 Idk 🤷🏽‍♂️ what happened with King Ant but his scene with Bandit seemed like they had sexual chemistry May 25, 2023
felix84 This was very good. I look forward to the next Bandit "behind the scenes" movie. The three best choices would be "Breaking Bandit" with Saint. "Bandit Bends Over" with Mike. "Behind Closed Doors #3" with Shazeer and Stylez. Thank you and have a nice day. May 25, 2023
Shirly223 Loved this BTS video. More like this with your top performers. I wasn't a fan of the previous one but this one definitely made up for it. Its interesting to see the models in between takes as you give them direction and to hear them joke and talk while trying to shoot. More like this for filler weeks May 25, 2023
partyboyest82 I want to see a truth or dare video with a few of the fan favorites. That would be dope AF May 24, 2023
mrwhitley1 Wow.

So I was unfortunately under the impression that this was both Bandit & Dominic best scenes…& now I can throw that idea away.

I find it really offensive that while both these Men signed up for this job & are aware they will be compensated…
Yet have the audacity to be so forward & pessimistic.
Aint no way I’m paying you to act…& you comfortable enough to tell Me what you don’t like…& not clearly taking proper notes to execute the scene.

I will always say…Bandit luckd up getting the #1 spot cause he gave his ass 🍑 up to Mike straight out the gate 2nd because he got a big dick.

Dominic claiming he wants the number one spot…just to be so loud & miserable on set.
Absolutely undeserving!
Good thing Trapp fuckd him proper…dominic never has to return.
Bandit forcing a straight man narrative…while using an Alias…”Bitch STFU”

Mike these dudes get on planes to portray a role…& you not forcing them to live up to their characters.
May 24, 2023
MichaelGalletta You don't seem to comprehend the concept of BTS. These are OUTTAKES, meaning of course the guys are going to be goofy, or make casual comments about this being out of their comfort zones. It's like watching the extras from a TV show or movie and complaining that Viola Davis or Denzel Washington actually stepped out of character for a few moments. WTF? These guys DID rise to the challenge and that's why the official edited version, containing their BEST WORK that day, became an instant and timeless BBA classic. This compilation is for those viewers who enjoy seeing more of the "reality" behind our reality porn.
malkezie0 can't wait for the next scene May 24, 2023
Verdade I am a member of Manny & Blakes' Onlyfans. They are the most sexy / cool people ever. I think we do not appreciate them enough at times. Or how things can change with the fellas circumstances. I just enjoy the sex, that they can get naked on camera for us. Like Ross...he has grown nice little chest hairs over time with his scenes. I just love to watch the fellas get their dicks go from soft to hard. Like I said before, the library/catalog is beautiful for all of us to go back and enjoy. So much love to Blake,Manny, Stylez,Justice,Ross All the sexy fellas. I used to have 2 sexy guys that would come over and masturbate for me at my place. It was no big deal for them....but I just enjoyed the voyeur aspect of it all..and they were the coolest let me grab a chair...and watch them masturbate for me. It was awesome. So much love to ALL the models....To Michael, Montez and Shax. Thanks for a great/sexy/cool website and to Each one of these sexy men for letting us enjoy their sex and naked erotic beauty. It is hard to explain it. Thanks so much. May 23, 2023
cocopop Where is Bandit? He hasn't done a scene in a while, hope he's still around. May 23, 2023
cam656914 I liked this BTS and for those who didn't, oh well. We will miss Dominic. I wish he had been slutted out like Bandit did it to Saint. Oh well. However I will say we need some fine looking brothers that you have had in the past. Are they so hard to find in the Big Apple? May 23, 2023
djv1234 A lot of married guys with Kids do gay porn, so fingers crossed that Dominic will return hopefully soon. Doesn't Apollo have kids and he became BBA's leading star and returned last year. Thus when thinking of Dominic returning never say never, for Dominic is far too Hot to lose and needed back. May 23, 2023
champse550 regular scenes plz! this was dry! love boffa them tho!! May 23, 2023
MichaelGalletta Our regular action updates will be resuming this Thursday 5/25.
davids I love these two guys. I am heart broken that Dominic is no longer doing scenes. I am hoping he will return as a special guest. May 23, 2023
A123 Damn, I am a huge Dominic fan! He was the first model that brought me to this site, so I have and will continue to miss him. However, it is understandable to choose your family over porn. May 23, 2023
chgohydeparker I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these two guys. Regret that Dominic is "gone." Waiting for Bandit to admit to loving good dick. Yep. Though the behind the scenes are more revealing than I prefer, I'm a dedicated BBA, Michael G, fan. Fuck on, Guys. May 22, 2023
11luvme2u Well I have to say seeing the Behind The Scenes footage makes me appreciate Mike and others for their patience because I would have probably shut down most of the scenes out of frustration. lol May 22, 2023
demereodemereo Can we appreciate Mike NOT shutting this website down! It’s 100s of videos on here to watch til an update YOU like drops. Geesh! May 22, 2023
getthegood29 Can you do a behind the scenes with JuJu, Kavii May 22, 2023
loydstar Lol...Mike you know these show how irritating you can be also !!! I don't care for the scenes where you have them faking how they really feel or basically acting out the scene. I prefer their natural reactions..hell we all know most of them are only doing it for the cash... May 22, 2023
MrBrown19942 I enjoyed this! It's hilarious! Their humor really makes it even more attractive. May 22, 2023
miffyb I loved this…outtakes are not my favorite but this was funny and hot. Bandit is such a turn on and this perspective kind of allows the viewer to be ‘in the room’ with him ;) what a dream that would be… May 22, 2023
Playwithme11 i love the connection between them they have such chemistry that you forget that they are not together in real life. Bandit has a very nice ass and i love watching him take dick. Sad to hear about Dominic he is so fine and have such great scenes. can't wait for your next post. Hope it is with kingston or scuba. May 22, 2023
papatiggger This was OK but can we get a behind the scenes with Shaun if you have any more! We miss him x May 22, 2023
Docteur This was nice to re-visit being that Bandit is my fave, and Dominic ranked in my Top Ten of BBA fellas. I suppose the same fate has happened to the married Saint, Apollo and Isaiah where their wives have found out and compelled them to make a choice between dick or pussy lol. We know in many cases it is okay for a woman to engage in sex with both males and females and face no scorn in society, especially in the Black community, but heaven forbid if a brutha has sex with another man - OMG, Armageddon is upon us. Hypocrisy runs rampant. Well hopefully Bandit doesn't give af and will be back in scenes soon. I had always held out hope that Bandit would be able to get his get back on Dominic, well I guess I will have to enjoy the attempted fuck he did in the House of Whores in 2019. @Michael, your hard work is not appreciated, when you deliver an A plus scene kudos to you and to @Montez and @Shax Now if we could get Maleek and Rush in a scene, and Deontrey, back, and Ross, Scuba, Stylez and Denzel to stay along with Bandit. May 22, 2023
chucke1 Excellent compilation, Dominic is my favorite model and sure hope he returns! Thank you Michael! Were there only going to be two compilations or any more coming, little confused? May 22, 2023
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed it! And yes, just these two hour-long BTS compilations. Combined, they're counting as ONE of May's three updates, and our regular action updates will be resuming this upcoming Thursday, 5/25.
bigdaddy1051 I wonder how Dominic's wife found out and I wonder if that's also what happened with Apollo? May 22, 2023
tuffluv06 Please stop doing these behind the scenes. This certainly takes away from the fantasy that we have as we watch. This is an awful strategy. May 22, 2023
MichaelGalletta This is not a new "strategy" lol. We have been doing these types of updates for nearly 15 years. Some viewers enjoy them, others don't. They are few and far between, but if going behind the scenes of our shoots spoils the fantasy for you, then I'd definitely encourage you to avoid.

Not a day goes by that we don't get asked about Dominic. And Bandit remains in high demand as our #1 most popular model all these years later. So it came as no surprise that our fans chose this classic showdown between the two BBA legends as their 2nd Place winner for another fun compilation of bloopers, outtakes, and hot bonus clips from their first (and only) one-on-one scene together.

Sadly, Dominic decided to retire from porn near the end of the pandemic, when his wife found out about his BBA scenes. VERY long story short, she basically forced him to choose between his BBA Family or his wife and young child (with another on the way at the time).

While it's obviously disappointing to lose one of the most stunningly attractive and wildly popular models we've ever worked with - arguably only second behind the legendary Apollo - we've also seen this kind of thing happen before, only for the guy to change his mind and return to BBA many months or even YEARS later. So we're still clinging to hope that Dominic will surprise us with an exciting comeback one of these days.

In the meantime, let's enjoy this BONUS HOUR with him and Bandit that includes some of the conversations, humor, personalities, and NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN hardcore action that never made it into the edited version of this BBA classic.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Foot Fetish, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: May 22, 2023 67 min
Photo of Bandit
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