A BBA Christmas Carol: The Ghost of Christmas Present

turner95 One of my favorite scenes. Hands down 2 of bba’s best models Aug 19, 2022
cocopop I've never seen Stylez' enjoy bottoming this much, that Dominic dick must be good. He and Dominic greatly enjoy each other, this too is Dominic's best scene bottoming as well. Aug 5, 2022
chauncey Hello BBA World -- I recently went back to check out and revisit some of the vids that I know I have gotten so much pleasure checking them out over and over -- somehow this one got away from me -- when I saw it was a vid featuring two models of the many models I adore I had to check it out -- and I'm so glad I did -- it is a hot vid!!!!! - and it is now on my list of favorites -- the tipping point for me was the whole verse element -- I'm into "Butch Queens" straight-acting guys who reap pleasure from bottoming -- I love that stuff -- This encounter gave me all the sensations of that type of hook up --- How I missed this one I will never know -- but it is better late than never -- Stylez "Intellectual One" brings it all the time with his sexy ass self and Dominic was no slouch -- Dominic really surprised me -- his competitive nature was not going to allow Stylez to "out bottom" him -- he was determined to prove to Stylez that he has the best "butt- gina" in town -- Kudos to both gentlemen for delivering two solid performances -- this vid is now on my list of "Top 10 BBA Hits" -- I rest my case -- BBA 4Ever Jan 29, 2022
MichaelGalletta Always happy to hear when you discover a new BBA favorite! This one is definitely an underrated, hidden gem, in my opinion. I think it got overshadowed by the more "epic" episodes in this series that preceded and followed it. But Dominic and Stylez seemed to be JUST the right size for each other, allowing both to show off some bottoming skills they hadn't been able to with more well-endowed partners.
cocopop @ACTION7, I must agree with you, he tore that ass up. He also took Stylez dick better than any other so far. In spite of what he says, I think he enjoyed it. Could be that Stylez' dick is smaller than those taken in the past. Now Apollo's dick was skinny, but that was Dominic's first time bottoming. I've got several nuts off this scene. May 10, 2021
ACTION7 Stylez banged Dominic the best; what you think? Dec 6, 2020
ACTION7 stylez AND kingston can bring each other out to the full experience of man on man love action. Nov 16, 2020
cocopop Where is Stylez' getting this ruff act from? Throwing Dominic around, man handling him. Don't even becomes him. Never seen him this way before. Sep 26, 2020
cocopop ACTION7, Must say I do agree with you, Dominic does seem to enjoy bottoming more now, specially this scene. Could be Stylez dick is more the average size. Would love to see him banged out by maybe 3 tops, like Bandit was, even though Bandit wasn't ready at that point. I can't wait to see Bandit get up in that ass. The 3 I'd choose is Stylez, Justice, and Shazeer. Jun 13, 2020
Phuryous They both got so wet. Of course Dominic is fine as hell but Stylez got that low-key sexiness that makes me want to taste dem cakes Jun 10, 2020
ACTION7 I'd like an entire 60 minutes devoted to Dominic getting banged, he seems to never get enough; give him 3 great tops as a reward for all the good love he has given us all, a BIRTHDAY GIFT from BBA fans! May 25, 2020
ACTION7 MEN / Dominic / Stylez begging to be fucked is music to my ears and an immediate hard - on! BBA let's hear that wayy more often. Mar 13, 2020
cocopop @ACTION7, I fully agree with you, while most were too busy criticizing Stylez or Dominic to recognize the beauty of this scene. They both were at their best bottoming, Dominic for sure. I too would love to see Dominic ride that dick for the first time. Great scene, Mike, Shax, Dominic, and Stylez. Jan 26, 2020
ACTION7 Stylez and Dominic need to get a hotel room somewhere, the passion & chemistry is there, they showed us how two men can share the moment in passionate intimacy. Dominic's turn to ride; this is the very best of BBA LOVEMAKING. Jan 24, 2020
Docteur Dominic phukked Stylez so good until he was rock hard. I imagine he could have made him cum. I want Isaiah, Bandit, Apollo, Scuba and Manny Killa to all fuck Stylez in a gangbang to pay him back for the ones he has topped. Jan 20, 2020
cocopop Stylez' dick must be good to Dominic, got his toes curling taking that dick. Never seen him enjoy taking dick where his toes curl out of enjoyment. Dam did he look good taking that dick. This scene has to be his best scene bottoming, keep up the good work Dominic. Jan 17, 2020
yulebrenner123 They both have the same some what personalities. There was no intimidations. They felt comfortable with each other which allowed them to relax. Jan 11, 2020
yulebrenner123 Good scene! They had good chemistry. Jan 11, 2020
Shirly223 Soo if your gonna keep reusing a model let it be bandit. IJS... I think the viewers dont mind seeing him do anything, topping or bottoming... Ive read the video/blog comments & it's always a yes for him lol. Let styles chill until he can find his umph or develop that je ne sais quoi needed to make viewers buy into whatever he's selling because he never delivers a homerun.. Bandit needs his own series on here that plays off his name and the idea of him taking ass or taking dick like a bandit Jan 9, 2020
cocopop @wolfkno, They complained, Stylez never bottoms, Dominic always in pain or can't take dick. They both bottomed better than ever before, both seemed to enjoy bottoming for each other. Now they complain, there's no passion, no chemistry. Michael, you can't please some of these folks, stop trying. I loved the action, performance of both, they both took dick better than years of trying. Stylez, Dominic great performance, ignore the haters, keep improving for your fans that love you. Jan 7, 2020
wolfkno Sometimes I think people forget this is porn. These are guys who are gay for pay. Further.... everyone has a type. If the chemistry seems forced it probably was. It happens all the time. Jeesh. U want to see actual couples fuck go on onlyfans or some other type of site that gives u 5-10 minute clips and not 40min (minimum) well thought out fantasies that BBA provides. Michael. U must have thick skin bruh. Jan 7, 2020
emiliano69 i love flip flops but i wish the scene were smoother and less forced...more chemistry and passion Jan 6, 2020
cocopop Dam Dominic' becoming a great performer while bottoming, just not sure all this was performing. I'm thinking he finally found the dick size in Stylez that hit that ass right, that brother was enjoying that fuck down, like never before. Maybe these newer models should start off taking smaller dicks, work up to the larger ones. I loved it. Jan 4, 2020
cocopop Dominic's best scene bottoming, I think he really enjoyed Stylez dick, not too big, not too small. Loving how he gets more and more comfortable bottoming. Stylez, I must say also gave us his best bottoming scene yet, the two of them looked good together. When did Stylez become this ruff, aggressive guy? Just love seeing Dominic bottom, more Michael, great scene guys. Happy New Years. Jan 4, 2020
bkcutie13 Tired of these same people every week. Jan 4, 2020
MichaelGalletta You might have missed our recent announcements about the THREE hot new models who stood us up all in the same week. So it's not for a lack of trying! But I can certainly understand the need and desire for fresh faces, and one of my top goals for the new year is to bring some exciting new faces to BBA in 2020. Stay tuned!
Coolrod Boring!!!!! No chemistry. Stylez again? Ughhhhh! Jan 3, 2020
MARK182 Isaiah said "fuck me" several times in his scene with Knockout. Jan 3, 2020
Jayden27 The second part of this scene gives us a special glimpse into the hotness that BBA has been bringing us fans all year as we journey into the “Present” portion of this epic Christmas Carol we have been fortunate to enjoy. Let’s get into this one shall we?

I. Intro.

We get to see sexy ass Scrooge in his birthday suit! Blake looks so damn good in that “Janet Jackson All For You” pose he does when turns over away from the camera with the comfort between his legs. Montez emerges wearing a “what-the-fuck”. 😂 Yes! That’s exactly what I said when I saw it! 😂 What. The. Fuck. 😂 I still stan for it though! 😂 Shortly, after a playful flashback of Blake and Stylez, we get a view of BBA present day LIT-NESS with Dominic and Stylez!

II. Oral Game

I loved the footage of the models coming up the stairs and Dominic being stripped naked by Stylez. Once they moved to the bedroom, the steamy make out session leads to a passionate 69 all the way to the moment that Stylez asks Dominic, “You ready to fuck this ass??” Great stuff!

Ill. Dominic INSIDE Stylez

It’s always awesome when you see a model that dominates as the top take on the role of bottom. Stylez is no exception. This was Stylez best bottoming performance. I also think it was probably the first time he really bottomed successfully. The make out session was LIT. My favorite part was watching Stylez’ erect dick dance. The close up of Dominic’s cakes was 🔥! Thanks Shax! With every stroke, Stylez held out and gave his all.

IV. Stylez INSIDE Dominic

Let’s be clear. Anytime Dominic lifts his legs in the air, it’s LIT! Dominic bottoming is a complete turn-on! With every stroke, Dominic groaned and cussed from the pain; however, he stuck it out and gave a great performance. The dialogue that Dominic was giving during his performance was funny as well. “Oh this shit yours! You want this ass? Fuck this ass!” I’m surprised at how much he’s grown as a performer, and I’m loving it!

All in all, bottoming is not for everybody. It’s one of those things that can often be polarizing—you either love it or you hate it! Both of these gentlemen were great in this scene. They both stepped it up for their bottoming performances! At times, it seems that both models were able act and mask the painful sensation they may have felt from bottoming from the audience. They put themselves out there and took turns bottoming to please the fans (and their pockets! LOL!), and the result was a Christmas present we could all enjoy...over and over again. Good shit fellas!

To Mike, Montez, Shax, Stylez, and Dominic thanks for a damn good time! Quick question. Can we have an encore? I want more! 😈
Jan 3, 2020
wolfkno Great scene. I'm starting to like Dominic more and more. But Stylez. Wow. What a great scene bro. U dont look like ur getting raped or something but actually enjoying the dick. Always been a fan of Stylez and his sexy soft butt. Been waiting on a scene like this for a long time. Good work. Jan 3, 2020
ACTION7 blksexi when did Isaiah say "fuck me?" Jan 3, 2020
blksexi Verbal Dominic made it for me. When Apollo and Isaiah say "fuck me" I lose it. Dominic has learned well. A future #1. Jan 2, 2020
11luvme2u I would love to see a college student tutor parody scene one day with someone like Trapp THUGGED OUT with the gold teeth, gold glasses, sagging, etc. I'm thinking he could be paired with someone like Dominic or Apollo who looks really studious and academic with khakis, glasses, etc. Maybe a lesson on human reproduction that leads to some hot sexxx. Jan 2, 2020
stylezbba Thanks guys I appreciate the love !! Jan 1, 2020
ACTION7 This was beautiful chemistry, each found the other's G-Spot. This is what good sex is about. Dominic loved every second bottoming for Stylez, too. Jan 1, 2020
dv6000 this was beautiful, stylez is definitely a terrific bottom, im glad he took the criticisms earlier and came back stronger and better.. he should definitely bottom only or do flip scenes only this was beautiful. Dominic is becoming a better bottom.. I LOVED IT. They both did well flipping for each other... more flip scenes for the future please. Jan 1, 2020
MARK182 its too soon to have another scene featuring stylez. smh Jan 1, 2020
11luvme2u The end said, "To Be Continued..." To be honest I am expecting group sex but I have no idea what you guys have planned but I'm definitely excited. I hope the finale comes out this weekend because I'm super excited. Great chemistry and nice scene overall. All the scenes lately have been awesome. Thanks for giving the fans their money's worth. Jan 1, 2020
11luvme2u Dominic is so damn fine that he just can't help himself. I don't know if he actually enjoys the bottoming experience but he definitely takes it for his fans and tries to act like he does. I especially enjoyed him bottoming towards the end when they did different positions sideways and legs together. Seeing Dominic's sexy body in different angles like that really brought out the sheer perfected beauty of Dominic's body. Shout out to Stylez for being creative with the positioning. Jan 1, 2020
11luvme2u Well, many of you all kept saying, "Stylez needs to bottom, Stylez needs to bottom..." And he must have been practicing off camera because I think he did a great job. If you compare this scene with his scene with Daddy Saint you have to notice dramatic improvement. I'm sure a sexy Adonis like Dominic definitely helps those ass muscles to relax and take the dick. I love seeing Stylez take control and throw muscle-bound Dominic around. I love Stylez and hope he stays around. Jan 1, 2020
Docteur I will be happy when all the dudes Stylez has fucked get a chance to fuck him back like: Isaiah, Bandit (whom he has fucked 2 times), Apollo (also fucked 2 times by Stylez), Scuba, Shazeer and Manny Killa.. Let him bottom for awhile like Isaiah has been of late. No flip flops for him. Jan 1, 2020
mdcarmichael Stylez is so sexy when he is topping! Jan 1, 2020
Queengohma15 Damn! I didn't think Dominic could look any hotter but the end of this scene is off the charts! He looks so good getting railed, and maybe it started feeling good towards the end??! Pleasantly surprised by the chemistry in this one, fantastic end to the year. Jan 1, 2020
3606tsb72 Nothing about this seems planned &, 4 leaving me cold as ice, the film's like winter in Berlin. The guys aren't into each other. The 69ing left a lot 2 be desired, b/c the camera didn't quite get those important dick shots. Anal scenes were ok/nothing 2 write home about. Shax should place the camera closer 2 the action, instead of zooming close from a distance - 2 render multi-dimensional, visually dramatic footage, especially of DICKS. Jan 1, 2020
Dualex Happy new year everyone! Not my best. It just seems a little forced. If none of them enjoys bottoming don't let them. Gimme Ross or Shameeks who are a pleasure to watch. Dominic is one of my favourite but he is overused and does not seem to enjoy his scenes. Anyway, still awaiting the Scuba/Shameeks duet... Dec 31, 2019
smhard03 Just not a fan of Stylez topping. He sexy, I just wish he was more of a bottom. Dec 31, 2019
malachi6 I have to be Honest but why do BBA keep on trying to use Stylez as a Top. I hate to be critical but for me he is very Boring as a Top and to be Honest he is really boring as a Performer overall. I know that you have been having issues with some of your Models not being available as of late but using Stylez in so many scenes is not doing it for me. Dec 31, 2019
darksq I need someone with a real big dick to dominate Dominic like that Bandit or Saint. Good work to both performers! Dec 31, 2019
mauricio1234 Dominic was the only one that was all the way smooth. That was one of his sexiest aspects to me. This was a hot scene but can we get him to go back to smoothness? Dec 31, 2019
ACTION7 That was the best bangin STYLEZ ever had, he is at the next level now. Dec 31, 2019
bbsndc Yawn. The same guys over and over. Dec 31, 2019
jakeith555 Yes! a nice Christmas gift....I enjoyed this video STYLEZ you finally relaxed to take that dick.... great work both of you....thank you for this gift....and more to come for the New Year. Dec 31, 2019

We're celebrating the holiday season and welcoming in the new year with our own unique and sexy take on a timeless Christmas classic.

Blake Bishop plays the BBA "Scrooge," bored and alone on Christmas Eve, and pissed that he hasn't been in a Christmas scene for almost THREE YEARS.

In this second installment, Blake is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present (another special cameo by Montez), with a brand-new lesson for the miserable and misanthropic model about the joys of the Christmas season.

This time, the visiting Spirit gives Blake (and our viewers) a special glimpse into a sensual and steamy encounter taking place in BBA's "present" between Stylez and Dominic.

The sparks start flying and the clothes don't stay on for long in this action-packed encounter that includes lots of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating. Even better, both of these preferred "tops" treat their fans to a special surprise to kick off the new year by surrendering their tight, usually off-limits asses to each others' RAW dicks in an epic FLIP-FLOP encounter you do not want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Dec 30, 2019 41 min
Photo of Dominic
Photo of Stylez

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