Joey's First Black Boy

DJ, Joey

Frotbud4u This scene has been one of my favorites since I first saw it many years ago. It's the kissing and frot that you don't see often in gay porn that sets it above the rest of the stuff out there today. Jan 22, 2022
miarn2 AMAZING kissing! That’s my favorite thing to watch in porn. 5 stars 🔥🔥💯 Oct 17, 2021
Tylerp1 These white boys just aren't it Sep 2, 2021
Phuryous No chemistry but at least they both were hella cute Aug 4, 2020
Bullet A snoozer. The white guy was boring and the black guy wasn't really into it. Nov 28, 2019
emmyfan Did they want to be there? I normally like interracial, but this was a let down. Dec 29, 2016
chgohydepar1 BORING.......BORING.......BORING...... Feb 4, 2016

Joey is a cute, preppy white boy who has never kissed or fucked a black boy. DJ is a bashful black teenager who has never dated or messed around with a white boy. Both boys' first interracial encounter gets captured on camera in this unscripted ''reality porn'' exclusive - and the shy, sweet-faced DJ finally gives up his fresh 18-year-old ass on camera for the very first time!

While waiting for his co-star to show up, Joey confesses that he's always wanted to have sex with a black guy, but never had the opportunity or courage to pursue anything. He also explains that not only will this be his first time doing porn, but it will also be only the THIRD guy he's ever had sex with!

Now I'd been dying to work with DJ again since falling in lust with him a week earlier while filming his solo "audition" and his scene with Eureka, and we'd been involved in back-and-forth negotiations about if and when he'd be willing to let somebody fuck him on camera. When I sent DJ an email with a couple of Joey's photos and a brief explanation of the scene I was hoping to film, I honestly had no idea how he'd respond. The next day I got a message from him saying something like, ''I ain't been with a white boy before but yeah I'll do it.''

I couldn't have scripted it any better if I'd tried!

I keep the camera running as DJ shows up at my apartment and both boys meet for the very first time. I try to break the ice with a casual, pre-action interview, but DJ and Joey are both so shy and nervous that they barely look at each other for the first few minutes. Eager to see these complete strangers become better acquainted, I instruct them to start things off with some kissing.

''You ready?'' DJ asks, smiling shyly at Joey before leaning in for their first awkward kiss.

DJ stands in front of Joey and strips for him, slowly revealing the ''prize'' that Joey will be lucky enough to enjoy later. Then Joey strips down to his cute ''Superman'' briefs and treats DJ to his first up-close look at some naked white-boy flesh.

As each boy explores the other's body, the action sometimes lacks chemistry and is frequently awkward and clumsy. That's to be expected, considering the fact that Joey and DJ....both rather innocent and inexperienced....are engaging in the most intimate sexual acts after meeting just minutes earlier!

Still, it's hot as hell to witness so many ''firsts'' captured on camera: For example, DJ getting his very first taste of white cock as he drops to his knees and wraps his sweet black-boy lips around Joey's surprisingly well-endowed manhood. Or Joey's first time sucking a black boy's dick and feeling up a black boy's butt. There's also tons of kissing, touching, rubbing, and grinding!

But most exciting of all, shy little DJ gets fucked on camera for the first a handsome, horny white boy who clearly loves the new sensations of fucking a black boy's tight ass!

Categories: Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Interracial
Details: Oct 17, 2008 101 min
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Photo of Joey

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