Sky's The Limit

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hbandcb So juju kissed after sky sucked bandit’s dick? Things that make you say hmmm 🤔? Jul 7, 2024
BluGod12 Rewatching this scene after seeing a lot of the newer models Twitter accounts...they'd have a time with Sky Nov 25, 2023
markus28 Under different names, i been coming on BBA at least 4 times yearly, so this is my 3rd time seeing this, and all i got to say is this is the BEST 2 str8 dude and 1 trans sister 3-way i have EVER SEEN anywhere. But like always, i gotta gv a big shout to JuJu bc he soooooo fukn sexy on all levels, from physical to sexual. And SKY? She fine asf! Bandit? Well, he aint the #1 BBA model for nothin'. I mean, duh. Oct 18, 2023
Terrenceworld This was so hot we need Sky back for a second video Oct 7, 2023
madmen547 I know that's right! I surpringly really enjoyed this scene! It was so hot to see all parties in their natural element. Oct 7, 2023
shazeerbba Nicely made scene 😉 how was I not involved ?! Sep 20, 2023
Deoneta8 Bandit is into women or femininity because this is the most I seen him nut 🥜 Jul 9, 2023
femvers5 So y’all don’t see that sky is Shameez??? Jun 14, 2023
BluGod12 I keep coming back to this scene and it keeps getting better. Everyone was in their element! May 13, 2023
young9411 I love the scene need a part 2 they all did very good HOT scene good job you guys keep up the good work like always love you guys you can't please everyone that is why there is someone for everybody be blessed... May 9, 2023
Mem1909 It’s blackBOYaddictionz not blackTRANSaddictionz. Totally not interested in this kind of content. Bring back the dlchillspot videos that are not on here anymore. I’d rather see MEN no Trans. My thoughts. Apr 10, 2023
unitedguy18 You know what... I liked seeing the boys in something closer to their element. Nice experiment! Apr 8, 2023
bandit926 After reading the preview I knew I was out, backing away slowly with my eyes shut. God speed. I just can’t do it. Thankfully I saw nothing. And I pray the more I smoke tonight I’ll forget the narrative altogether…. *fingers crossed*. Mar 28, 2023
emiliano69 Hot shit!!! The only thing that would have made it hotter is if juju would have fucked bandit while he was fucking sky. I also hope to see sky top in the future but understand if it's not in the cards. Mar 27, 2023
jrummi @jhell39402 you do not speak for everyone else Mar 14, 2023
jhell39402 I don't know if I will continue with my subscription if I see another video with a tranny. It may not be the direction you guys are heading towards, however I also did not see where this would be the last. Everyone subscribed wants two guys not wannabe women. Mar 10, 2023
jrummi more sky please!!! thanks in advance Mar 8, 2023
Qtd127 If this is the route you guys are going, let us know please. So that some of us who are not into this can unsubscribe. Mar 6, 2023
MichaelGalletta Please read the official scene summary, where we explained our reasons for doing this, and also made clear that it isn't going to become a regular thing.
IwantBandit I thought that was Shameeks, I enjoyed him with Bandit and Blake fucked him with no Mercy had me busting mad nutts Mar 6, 2023
Playwithme11 i really enjoyed this scene i must admit i did go back and watch shameeks old scenes to see if there was any clues, but all in all good scene and shoutout to bandit and juju who really enjoyed themselves, shameeks was fine and sky is sexy as hell. I hope to see more scenes with her and i bet that there will be alot of BBA models wanting to do a scene with her. Mar 5, 2023
3606tsb72 I'm shocked and shooked , when not bamboozled. This is a stunning disappointment-- me letting charity prevail. Mar 4, 2023
Blackanim Loved this Glad to see Sky is living her best life Mar 3, 2023
stoneyD90 It has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with preference and aesthetic. Shameeks looked better as a man to me. But everyone is entitled to live their own life how they feel. As previous commenters stated I didn’t subscribe to BBA for trans women. The fans are speaking. Let this be the last scene like this PLEASE! Mar 2, 2023
Meatlover One more thing, JuJu needs to suck dick already. It’s tiring seeing him not go down on a guy. He needs to man up and get to sucking in his next film. Mar 1, 2023
atl_king While I have the upmost respect for my trans sisters, i didn’t subscribe to to see women. Mar 1, 2023
Docteur I hope we get more men to men sex in the future. I am not personally into drag queens, trannys and non-binary folks. No hate, just not my thing at all. The super femme bottoms that have been on here over the years are quick passes for me. I do realize some people like that, and that is okay, but I don't. I like Bandit, Ross, Isaiah, Apollo, Maleek, Rush, Scuba, Stylez, Deontrey, Dominic, Denzel, JuJu, K9 and Mikey Piper (although I dont think he will ever come back). The ones not mentioned can stay gone lol, except I still hope we will get a flip flop all out sex match between Scotty, Shaun and Trapp. Mar 1, 2023
supreme Congratulations to Sky for living in her truth ....a very interesting & different scene it looks like this is a rare occasion Bandit wasn't needed!!! Mar 1, 2023
Shirly223 Id like to see a scene with the two tops. Mar 1, 2023
Verdade Can Shameeks still get hard and flip fuck? Also, how does Blake, Justice, Manny feel? Can they still get hard with Shameeks and make love to her. Or is it different? Please ask your main stars how they feel. One thing I liked. Bandit's dick was completely soft, and Shameeks got him fully hard very quickly.. I would think it would be up to Blake, Justice and Manny if Shameeks still is erotic for them. I know those 3 enjoy verse if Shameeks can make love to them. It is great... Can Shameeks still get hard and verse fuck with a nice cumshot for us? If not, then Shameeks is just a side piece I would think that she knew this coming back to her friends and fans Can she still get hard and cum in her scenes? Feb 28, 2023
Tori478-2 what the hell!!!! noooooo Feb 28, 2023
wolfkno Fuck the haters. This was a great scene. Everybody involved was into it. The fucking was incredible. They really pounded her out and it was glorious to see. Even how they kept egging each other on verbally. This was truly a verbal, tag team experience. Instant classic. I’ve bussed to this twice and will prob buss a few more times to it. Feb 28, 2023
scrappydoo123 This could have been one of the best videos ever produce by BBA if only Shameeks was his old self. Not hating on him but I like the other person much better. Shameeks was actually one of my favorites here on this site. I am now struggling with this new person Sky. Feb 28, 2023
WestBatman I’m not a hater but this is not the update/new video I need. I do not subscribe to this site for trans porn. With one update a week, this feels like a waste of a week to me. It’s ok y’all tried something new but please never again. Much respect to her tho! Feb 27, 2023
Jayden27 “Truth stranger than fiction”, “Outside of our comfort zone”, “Not everyone’s cup of tea”, I’m not going to lie, these are not phrases you want to read when they are prefacing a porn scene which is designed to be a nut-busting experience by nature. However, one thing was very apparent—this week’s scene was going to VERY different.

Shameeks has left the building, and Sky is here to claim her place. She has a new look, but at the same time, her essence is all too familiar. Her courage and strength to share her story and live in her truth, possibly knowing and expecting negative comments, is nothing more than admirable. It’s a good look. Keep that shit going. Major props to BBA for making this happen.

Also, this needs to be said. It’s completely ok for a type of content to “not be your cup of tea”, but to leave mean ass transphobic comments is just fucked up. To all of the peeps that took time to leave disparaging, obscene, hateful, unnecessary transphobic fuckshit in the comments regarding Sky being a transgendered female. FUCK YOU! Take that nasty ass fuckery elsewhere!

Introduction done. Kudos given. Now let’s talk about the nasty ass foolishness that Bandit, Juju, and Ms. Sky got all up into this week shall we? There are so many hot moments in this scene. Two beautiful dudes and a beautiful transgendered female…what more could we ask for? I have to admit that normally transgendered models in porn are not my cup of tea. However, Sky was one of my favorites prior to her transition, and this is BBA, so I was willing to give this an open mind. First off, JuJu and Sky were a vibe all on their own. Sky was supposed to be Bandit’s prize, but JuJu decided to be stingy AF. 😂 It’s safe to say that when it comes to fucking, both of these guys can put it down, and Sky’s bottoming skills are A1! I wonder if she’ll be down for a second reunion with Manny? Just a thought. One of Sky’s signature hallmarks is her fire head game which did NOT disappoint! I think JuJu fell in love. 😂 I did enjoy watching her handle Bandit’s dick though—I think Bandit did too. JuJu eating Sky’s ass was a plus too! The cum shots from both Bandit and JuJu were evident of the hot rounds of fucking they just finished. I loved the ending where Bandit shows off the tattoo to end the scene. Bandit can get naked any-fuckin’-time! Love to see it! I could go further but this shit is already long! Great scene you guys! Loved it!

This scene did leave me with some questions though. JuJu and Bandit didn’t interact sexually. Why? Did JuJu’s inexperience/possible discomfort with gay sex affect the decision to leave this out of the scene? Also, Why didn’t either of the models suck Sky’s dick? No cum shot from Sky? Since the scene is Bandit’s treat, I’m guessing that is the reason he didn’t bottom for Sky? Just curious.

Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Montez, Bandit, JuJu, and Ms Sky Bigga! This shit was fire, and kudos to BBA for allowing Sky to share her story while presenting her in a respectful way. Also, kudos to Sky and BBA for having the balls to release and giving zero fuck about the haters fuckshit! Good show y’all. Off to the next one!
Feb 27, 2023
sanmiittai This was amazing! WELCOME, Sky Bigga! Feb 27, 2023
Johnyy JuJu seemed to be all in for Big Sky. Kissing and licking booty hole. Now he can stop playing like he is new. Feb 27, 2023
Nastynut I had to circle back & comment again bcuz if I sounded bitter in my first review, I WAS!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 Shameeks in my own world, room & fantasies was MY MAN & multiple times a day or week….so when I commented & suggested people, he was ALWAYS a name I dropped. So when now SHE popped up & I’ve been searching for MY MAN I was taken aback! So think of me as like the gf/bf that u didn’t want to find out but was like fuck it, I don’t care I’m living for me! Because truthfully I’m soooooo happy she is living in her truth as I led with prev but I followed it up with some bitter, angry black man comments 🥴 & I apologize sis bc now u my sis 🫶🏾 I just would have like the heads up sis that this was what u were thinking about because I honestly would have said GO FOR IT!!! Be you!!! & would’ve went home & curled up to one of my other fantasy porn men & got off & been over it lol !!! But the way it was laid out I didn’t like. But I’m just a FAN & need to act as such but I am that customer that’s going to tell you if I hate it or love it 🤞🏾 & it may come out wrong but it’s ALL LOVE 💯 I just be wanting EVERYBODY to thrive, especially while getting a nut lol this is a porn site. So that being said THANKS TO THE ENTIRE BBA & MY NEW SIS SKY BIGGA!!! For being authentic & sharing your whole story not just some of it! Next time some slight warnings in the comments or on Twitter so we’re not blindsided. & u don’t have to put anyone’s business out there but just a simple “that person won’t be returning” so we know to not ask about that person & name drop one of the other tasty selections y’all offer so many of!!

🚨🚨🚨 For the record, I DO wanna see a video where y’all make my sis DOMINATE some of the men, maybe some of the ones that haven’t been around recently but have been around recently if that makes sense & the ones that’s comfortable with it & of course my baby bandit. But like a full out her making them do whatever she wants and she fucks ALL of them & if that happens, I wouldn’t care if one fucked her long as there’s men that take dick in the video. That also added the insult to the injury for me because I wanted to see her dog out bandit because that’s my other fantasy man 😍😍😍😋
Feb 27, 2023
dreadhead8 I think you guys should do a poll on the comment section here of models and see who we vote for y’all to pair or something 🤦🏾‍♂️ Feb 26, 2023
ihatethisshit how can y’all ever hate on this scene??? this needs a part 2 and their own separate scenes with Sky Feb 26, 2023
sexydemon101 I feel like the major issue with this scene is not that there’s a trans woman. It’s that this is an entirely straight scene on a gay site…. These boys are inches away from each other and don’t do anything with each other. No sucking,kissing,fucking…. Just nothing…. If bandit or juju would’ve got fucked and gave head this scene wouldve went from a 4/10 to a 8/10 easily…. Feb 26, 2023
Beyy88 I’m so here for the change but let’s not forget. It’s a GAY porn site. I wish Bandit & Juju gave me homoerotic. Bandit eating bul ass was not enjoyable because u can tell he ain’t want to. Shawty did her thing tho. Two big dicks?! Yea she did her big one. Glad for the switch up. Shoot even AB & Isaiah was more homoerotic. Feb 26, 2023
blktop2002 I have been very vocal about this on twitter. Now I am pissed. After hearing a snippet of Sky's story learning that she had more of a sense of loyalty to Shameeks fans than to HER authentic self. Some selfish self centered a**Holes couldn't hold their peace to give a little grace and space to not a stranger but a known performer who denied herself to PLEASE OTHERS. There are some thangs I could say but I do want this posted . I am gonna leave this here. I mourn the loss of Shameeks and celebrate the birth of Sky. Feb 26, 2023
hines1983 This was amazing!! Great video guys. Feb 26, 2023
Duchess Well am glad I read the warning on Twitter before this scene was released, jaw dropping. RIP Shameeks 🕊, 👋🏾 Hello Sky Bigga seems to me you have the boys addicted. it levels to this S*** But this level I’am not on or going to. PS Mike G did you retire? Feb 26, 2023
ojosasio2002 Sorry. I'll pass. Not the type of porn im paying for. Should have at least had bandit and juju make out Feb 26, 2023
dreadhead8 Is Elijah, Ross or Isaiah coming back? This would’ve been a perfect scene for any one of them I’m not into trans women so I didn’t even press play so I’ll have to wait for the next update Feb 25, 2023
blacky1 This is why bba the number one porn site for me no holds bar come one come all sky welcome back home Mike montez shax I love you guys for this because this is an eye opening don't judge a book by it cover I hope sky comes back to lay wood as well because there are some guys get turn on by trans-woman fucking them as well for those who don't like what bba don't like we say in the Caribbean go sucka out your mother Feb 25, 2023
texasbugg mikey piper i hoping u r somewhere watching this scene u said in your solo this was a fantasy u wanted i know u would make madd love to sky come back mikey come back. Feb 25, 2023
Dangerboy If we can make this happen then it’s time for Bandit to take really BIG dick; It can be JuJu, Stallion or anybody (and they need to take dick too!) He’s a pro and this scene would have been perfect if JuJu fucked Bandit while Bandit was fucking Sky—something!! No ass is off limits? Ok let’s have it!! Wanna get freaky, let’s get freaky!!! Sky coulda slang too. Let’s explore if we gonna explore!! Feb 25, 2023
loverboy02 Thank goodness for Juju and Bandit. No disrespect to Sky but this isn't it for me. I still support BBA but.... yea Feb 25, 2023
SCGuy08 This was too much for one scene! In a great way though! The foreplay for me was a movie by itself! The energy and chemistry amongst those 3 was amazing! This scene was 10s across the board! Feb 25, 2023
bigdaddymn1 Yasss ! We need more! I'm glad BBA is evolving 😌 Feb 25, 2023
ploemz Congratulations to her ^_^ Feb 25, 2023
blackforest BBA you're not listening to the subscribers and that's the problem. I agree with Dualex 100 %. "Not watched and will not. I'll leave it there. Please may this be a 1 off." Feb 23, 2023. One week its fire, we're like keep it up, !!!, then the next week you deviate to some crappy scenes. I'm struggling not to give up BBA but its truly becoming a struggle. Feb 25, 2023
debattx77 I had to turn it off. I tried to get into it but trans porn does nothing for me. No disrespect but I hope this a one time thing Feb 24, 2023
GoodPuzzyBihh I love this and as someone who identify as trans and subscribe to this site I like the switch up of direction for this shoot and it looked like everyone truly enjoyed themselves so much! Keep up the great work! Would like to see Juju or Stallion flip or bottom in a scene! Let’s get some more verse together too. Feb 24, 2023
langston35 It's a hard pass for me! Somebody should have sucked her dick. It would have been hotter if she would have fucked one of them. Feb 24, 2023
ericbb I usually don’t watch Trans porn but this was hot she is beautiful…I live for her confidence she is she authentic self and I love it and she is still hot AF Feb 24, 2023
Bellyboyblues Nothing, but love & respect for Sky Bigga transitioning into who she always felt she was on the inside. While I’ve never been a fan of TS porn, this scene was 🔥 🔥 🔥. Feb 24, 2023
Verdade Love this scene. My friend and I have been talking about watching trans sex and it is so erotic and beautiful. I would like to ask Shameeks? Do you still like verse sex? Can you still top ? I have always loved watching DeAngelo Jackson and Dillion Diaz make love to trans women on other sites. It is so erotic and sensual. Also....I would like to know how the BBA fellas feel about this? Manny,Blake, Justice,Ross Isaiah....So much love to Shameeks. Will you guys still make beautiful love to Shameeks in future scenes? I just love the entire BBA family so much! And so much love to Shameeks. You are such an erotic sensual person. So much love to the entire BBA model lineup. Love ALL of you guys so very much. Wow!! All of you fellas are so erotic and sensual....for All of us fans. Wow guys!!! Thanks so much. Feb 24, 2023
blksung i hope this is a one-time thing (just not what i expect from the site). But congrats to Sky Bigga living her truth. Feb 24, 2023
Akashic1 I think Juju in ❤️ frfr... Feb 24, 2023
Dualex Another waste of Juju. First you paired him with a bottom who was running from the dick and now this??? Feb 24, 2023
texasbugg please do a scene with juju(coffee)bandit(creamer)damm i was saying go ahead juju run upin bandit thug hole please do a scene with them 2 please. Feb 24, 2023
Akashic1 Shameeks was fire with that thrèsome scene. I am gagged!! Feb 24, 2023
Nastynut Ok so I’ma lead with, this will be a RANT & it will be a very honest one…….

I LOVE that sky bigga is living in her truth & think she will inspire others to do the same & to know that u have to live your best life in the one life you know u are given.

Now that’s all the positive I have for this update. I have so many thoughts I hope I remember to get them all out. Let me lead with I think Sky Bigga may be a little lost in the sauce, only bcuz when she first came to this site, u were a “TOP” not even verse. Your very first scene u topped only & BBA made it out like you were strictly top & they were going to pursue it further & did & then she bottomed & became basically verse bottom there on. Skip ahead & she disappears out of thin air & also off Twitter & then pops up almost 2 years later with titties and a wig & new tattoos saying she’s trans now🙄 OK. Thennnn BBA says in this description y’all have been knowing since last year & idc if we’re only a few months into 2023 or not, the min y’all found out, the msg could have been stated that Shameeks was NOT going to ever return rather than having US, me included, looking like FOOLS in the comments every video asking about a person that a bitch had put to dead bcuz that’s usually what the trans do is dead their original identity. So now I feel played & lied to & like a jackass bcuz y’all been knew. Anywho bcuz I’m not done, thennnnn y’all pop up with this update & expect us to welcome her with open arms?!?! No mam! I can’t support it. I love the trans community but they’re NOT for me. Sexually that is. I don’t like any form of a female sexually so a chick with a dick does NOTHING for me unless she is the TOP & only the TOP soon as she toots her ass I’m outta there! Even with the dick bcuz if I wanted to see a woman get fucked with all these manly features, there’s soooo many trans platforms to go watch or straight ones. BBA is for BLACK BOYS so the min she decided to go to BLACK TRANS/GIRL/THEY she no longer fit the category & while she is BBA family, this is also a business. So for ONE person, BBA is willing to risk their entire brand they’ve built, only to tarnish it by creating videos with a category they don’t even advertise. I see a white man & a black man for your BBA mascots. And again it’s Black Boy addictions. No true gay man is wanting to see the trans get fucked bcuz they like our sisters tf. Now that y’all have honored y’all’s friend (Sky Bigga) let’s get back to what y’all have branded the site on or CHANGE THE NAME of the site bcuz it’s very misleading. I actually let my subscription expire bc y’all too inconsistent & it’s 100’s of porn sites with similar content that put out MULTIPLE videos WEEKLY & not this one video every Thursday or once a month when y’all feel like it bullshxt. I resubbed once I seen the video description bcuz I just knew that if y’all were gonna stoop that LOW & go against y’all’s own brand for loyalty, that the video would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bcuz bandit might get fucked by her or even the young boy that’s lame asf y’all keep bringing back. But nope, just a chick with a dick taking dick here lol a fuckin foo no mam no ham no mfn turkey! Idk who is approving stuff at BBA but where can I apply to be on payroll so we can take the site to the NEXT LEVEL with its original brand. This ain’t it this ain’t it THIS AINT IT!!!!!!!!
Feb 24, 2023
kells88 Well let me say first & foremost, I am ALWAYS going to support my LGBTQIA…Period! While I am happy that Sky can be her true authentic self, I am just a little heartbroken that Shameeks is gone. Trans anything is not my preference. I like straight up guys like those you have on here. I feel just a little sad because I saw that gorgeous chocolate guy on here before & in real life, my trans friends I’ve only known them as they are now, plus I can’t even imagine being attracted to them before they transitioned. Nonetheless I’m happy she’s happy. 😢 I need Beno & K Snakes to help me deal with my loss of Shameeks though for real.😉 Feb 24, 2023
deboer85 hot!! let them swallow all the cum Feb 24, 2023
Phuryous First of all, I did not see this coming at all. I am beyond surprised and completely gobsmacked to find out Sky had transitioned. I read some of the comments and saying "no disrespect" followed by some ignorant shit is still not cool. The queer community try to marginalize trans women (and bisexual men, for that matter) but want unconditional support. You have to give respect, in order to get respect and transphobic rhetoric, deadnaming, and intentional use of the wrong pronouns is lame as hell. That being said, even if you are not titillated by this scene, it is an extremely important one as we were given a front row seat to one of BBA's popular model's journey and that is an honor that Sky felt comfortable coming back to BBA to share it with us. Another thing, BBA has a diverse audience and each scene is not specifically catered to you. I am positive there hundreds of scenes that you have enjoyed here so think beyond your own dick and recognize that this may not be for you, a LOT of viewers liked it. I bet this scene has also made a lot of viewers realize that they might be closer to bi on the sexuality spectrum than they ever knew, Sky also brings something new to the table, allowing G4P models to experience something a little closer to their comfort zone and allowing a much more enthusiastic performance. It definitely appears that JuJu was REALLY attracted to Sky and the chemistry was very real. Juju might have just discovered that he has a thing for transwomen. Personally, as a bisexual man, while I might not be into transwomen sexually, I am very attracted to straight-passing FTM transmen. But I appreciated this scene, as well. So, if you are butthurt about this new scene for this week, go through the hundreds and hundreds of other scenes in the archives and find another scene where you can beat your meat. Feb 24, 2023
MacheDich No! that’s not why I’ve been loyal to BBA for years! This video doesn’t belong here. Feb 24, 2023
cbd1012 Awesome great to see this Feb 24, 2023
exclusivechuck I’m living for Sky Bigga! 😍 Feb 24, 2023
man12345 it was interesting. trans is not my thing though Feb 24, 2023
dlking93 This is just my opinion no hate towards Shameeks I'm just a bigger fan of him. I like guys ima masc type dude some fem is coo but I prefer that but I mean if she is in scenes I'll watch im happy she is happy. I personally wouldn't mind seeing more girls on here either I like bi sex too but it's all good no hate on the scene I got to see Bandit again who doesn't love to see Bandit and definitely JuJu just 2 of my favs but definitely wanna see JuJu stick around have more great scenes....ready to see Sax, Ross, Manny, now Tyson, Rush, Dominic, Jah, Scuba, and alot more Apollo Feb 24, 2023
PointCruse I’m not someone who comments on porn, but I just wanted to say that I think BBA is super cool for making this video. I’m not into ladies, but I will watch bi porn sometimes and focus on the dudes. In this case, the guys didn’t do much to each other to make it something that really turns me on. But I don’t care about that. I just think it’s so amazing that you all showed such support and love for Sky by bringing her back to play. It’s weird to watch a porn video and feel like you’re watching something wholesome. But it felt that way for sure. I was just so happy for her and the fact that Bandit and JuJu were showing her so much love, in a way that didn’t feel too fetishy or exploitative. This isn’t the kind of content I’m looking to watch, really, but I actually read your descriptions and know that you don’t plan to make this a regular thing. This just felt like a sweet reunion with a member of your porn family. Sky looks so happy and loving their body, and it reflects in her performance. And it was kinda cool to see the g4p boys be REALLY into a scene. Anyway, I hope JuJu starts to get more comfortable with gay porn, because I’m dying to see him treat a man like that. He and Bandit are a great team. Would love to see them give this treatment to a guy who can take it. All that said, congrats on taking such a beautiful risk. Would love to see you take more. Like maybe a couple chubby guys here and there. I know these boys wouldn’t mind a little cushion for the pushin’. Lol Feb 24, 2023
jordan87 This was Hot asf!!!!! Loved Shameeks and being Introduced to Sky Bigga with Juju and Bandit was a nice warm bust a nut welcome! More please!!! Idc what the naysayers say this is hot!!!! Feb 24, 2023
chorton2020 Wish sky would stayed a boy but glad she is happy scene was ok wish it would more boy on boy or a twist see sky fuck one of them Feb 24, 2023
Juice01 Sky-this girl is on fire. Your inner beauty and joy is flowing living the life you love. Feb 24, 2023
Nigerian What is THIS?! Are you serious, this is what I'm paying for??!! Feb 24, 2023
terbernt And I agree with different strokes for different folks but I'm shocked at some people still being amazed at why Bandit is #1. Bandit is just this vibe, like a literal incarnation of the chilled Will Smith merged with the rapper TI. I can't fathom a better combination. I just finished watching and I 1000% approve for whatever that's worth. Feb 24, 2023
terbernt I just want to say I feel legally required to obtain any scene featuring Bandit. That being said I like this scene and I'm still one of those fools who has been waiting out a Bandit Natural Selection vid that I may never see. So basically I'm flexible. Thnx for this scene. Feb 24, 2023
jujan35 Would love to see a one on one with Sky and JuJu or introduce Sky to the new model Tyson. Feb 24, 2023
chgohydeparker I will always remember Sky for that infamous arch --before and after her transition. This was sizzlin'! Yes, Lawd. Feb 24, 2023
bullshit512 I'm happy for Sky Bigga, as everyone should live their truth and be happy. However, this is not what I want to see on BBA. I'm not into trans porn and if that is the direction that BBA is heading, I'm done. I've been a loyal fan and customer of this site for years and I have spent A LOT of my money on this site, but this is NOT what I want to see on BBA. I want to see MEN having sex with MEN! If BBA won't provide that, then there are plenty of other sites that will! Feb 24, 2023
knightrider This was straight fire. Can't wait to see more of Sky. Seems to me she brings out the best in the guys. Juju fell in love and it showed on screen. Feb 23, 2023
zurich7 Hello all! This is my first comment ever! It was a definite NO for me! I have been a member for a few years. I am only interested in man on man scenes. I applaud the effort of this scene. I didn’t join this site to see scenes like this. If this is the direction that BBA is going, I can respect it, but it ain’t for me. Damn, at least Juju and Bandit could’ve mixed it up a little bit by interacting with one another more in a scene like this. Feb 23, 2023
FreakTeach Glad Sky is able to live in their truth. Live your best life.

I understand why this made sense however, I don't want to see another scene like this. As a long time paying customer I come here for black men only. I don't want to see women, trans or otherwise and I don't want to see white men 🤷🏿‍♂️.
Feb 23, 2023
nastyscorp10 Please find Beno and bring him back🤞🏽 Feb 23, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA World --This is Chauncey - On my way home today from work I was wondering what could happen to make this rather uneventful day more interesting. Well, my wish came true in the form of this vid -- It took me on a much-needed journey -- A warm surprise -- Now in my humble opinion this was a great scene because it reflects the here and now within the Gay Universe -- glad to see BBA embraced the opportunity to present what the overwhelming majority of gay men especially tops and verse gay men have little or no exposure to. What are the things that really happen during sex with a man who is transitioning to being a woman. This was as much an educational experience as it was a sexual scene-- Because at the end of the day, it does answer some questions that tops and DL men have when it comes to having sex with a gay man who is transitioning. OH, and btw Trans women will use their "dick" to fuck verse and bi men -- Now moving on -- This scene held my attention from start to finish -- It was great to experience Shameeks as Sky Bigga -- yes I was gagged to find out she was Shameeks - I'm a fan of prior vids featuring Shameeks -- many of her vids are on my list of favs. Shameeks may inspire some other BBA models from the past and present to make the leap and transition - No let's not forget to mention Juju. He is also maturing physically. I hit the gym. I can tell when a man or woman has been working on their body and Juju clearly has been working on his body. He is slowly transitioning from a "pup" to a "dawg" He is looking a bit more buffed and juicy. Juju is having the time of his life -- I hear you the sex comes to you!!! -- It must be fun being the flavor of the week with your sexy ass self -- My man Bandit has morphed into the mentor or the teacher in many of his scenes -- I have been checking Bandit out because he is a complicated "gay man" He falls in love with the personality of an individual as was the case with Staxx and now he is ready to push the envelope with Juju to see how far Juju is willing to go. Like all of us Bandit has discovered Juju and he wants Juju the same way we all want a taste of Juju -- so BBA please cut to the chase and create a scene featuring Bandit and Juju or Bandit, and Staxx. -- Bandit is ready to direct a scene or two and his first outing could be with him and Juju or him and Staxx that would be a scene well worth waiting for trust me -- there would be so much to unpack in those vids. In closing, I love Sky Bigga she connects us with a larger community which is a legitimate sector of the gay community. I'm fully gay -- I'm a top and yes I will fuck you if you are a butch queen and you happen to slide into my DM / lol -- So moving along -- I'm so so glad to see BBA did not shy away from this opportunity to feature one of its own children from the past who is now striving to become the best possible version of herself -- Welcome home Sky Bigga - hope to see more of you -- Now I'm greedy I want more, more, more BBA keep surprising us with more juicy, tantalizing scenes like this one -- I rest my case -- Long live BBA -- It's BBA 4Ever -- This is Chauncey Feb 23, 2023
Shizzle25 Awesome!!! I loved loved loved Shameeks and love love love Sky as well. This scene is fire. Feb 23, 2023
nastyscorp10 It was ok, but seeing women impersonators is rather jarring for me. I'm naturally attracted to women, so I would rather have seen Bandit and Juju alone! I would've touched my dick if it weren't for Shameek's new persona! If I wanna see a woman get tag teamed, I can go to any pornsite! I thought this site was about man on man, Respectfully! Shameeks obviously wants to be a woman🤷🏾‍♂️ Let Sky Bigga do that somewhere else. Love the last couple of updates before this though! Feb 23, 2023
Meatlover This is a NO. I respect Sky & her decision to become a woman but there’s a place for Trans Porn & it shouldn’t be here. Hell I don’t want to see cis-women on here either, I wanna see cis-men sucking & fucking. Again props & love to Sky for living in her truth but naw this isn’t what I’m here for. Feb 23, 2023
ef8432 Great scene 🎬
Though I liked the guys interacting as Bros but I wish she’d came back in a 1on1 scene w/ them separately. Back then I do feel like she was top 3 bottoms.
Idk if it was the wig, the boobs, or the ass but those guys were horny & ready.
Both guys were ready to fuck but i felt Bandit was eager for that kiss he had with her & JuJu was eager to stuff his face in her ass.
Keep her around. I’d like to see her with both Bandit & Juju 1on1 & her with Ross, Stallion, Trapp, Scotty & Shaun.
Feb 23, 2023
Dummy358 The scene was hot dont get me wrong cause Juju was really into it but it would have been nice if while bandit was fucking sky juju should have came behind him and fucked him and it would have been nice if bandit and juju would have interacted a lil bit more like can we even get a kiss i think next video should be “Sky Bigga Says” and she should make three bba models do whatever she says whether its fuck her or fuck each other🤤💯😜 Feb 23, 2023
dv6000 Absolutely amazing! Been wanting Shameeks to return... pleasantly surprised. definitely a hot scene. She definitely needs a one on one with juju.... he seems to really like her.... and juju and bandit one on one is long over due Feb 23, 2023
shoeman59 As others in their comments have shared the same sentiment as me,it's a no for me as well. Mike,I understand,but just don't let it be a frequent thing. I applaud Sky for his/ her bravery,but,Im just not into it. Trapp,Dominic,Stallion,Kingston,where are y'all? Save us Please! Feb 23, 2023
dcstudnw OMG, what a shock! In all my years with BBA this is only my second comment. First, Congrats to Sky Bigga, she really appears to be more confident and happy! This was hot, with all three into it! Would have been hotter with more inter-play Between all three! Neither Bandit or JuJu sucked Sky Bigga's dick, nor saw that she got off too. More interplay between Bandit and JuJu. AND SOMEBODY STILL NEEDS TO FUCK JUJU, either Bandit or Sky Bigga! Still, absolutely THE MOST SURPRISING and one of the BEST videos ever on BBA Feb 23, 2023
blacbarbie31 I LOVED the scene!!! I have been a long time watcher and as a young, sexy, chocolate trans girl, this brought a new aspect to my experience watching the videos on a site that I love and bandit is my favorite! I guess I have a girl crush on Sky Bigga now as well bc Shameeks was my next favorite tied with Blake after Bandit! Just like in life, things expand and evolve!! I’m gonna need a lot of you viewers to understand that the people we watch on this site may be into things we aren’t, prime example JuJu! And also Bandit normally has to jack off to cum and he looked more erect than usual!! It may not be your cup of tea but this sites performers are predominantly “gay for pay” therefore they likely are highly into trans girls and will have a more comfortable experience on camera (again per example JuJu)! Michael I love that you keep trying new things and pushing the boundaries! One last thing, can I submit my app the next time you want to shake things up!! Hahaha Feb 23, 2023
malachi6 I admit this one here surprised. Shameeks was a major favorite of mine but it was about living his truth and he is stunning as a woman. The body is still banging and that ass is major juicy. You go Ms. Sky Bigga because I'm still a fan. Feb 23, 2023
shostoppa At first, I got Super excited because I thought it was a Bi scene - which I’m totally into, being bi myself. Then when I saw it was trans, I was like “O, umm ok”. Not really into trans porn but gave it a watch… Pleasant surprise lol, but it was 🔥 Feb 23, 2023
001reg Sky came to work and Juju came to life like I haven’t seen before. The chemistry was dope but Seeing the fellas bent over for sky to feast did it for me. Feb 23, 2023
jujan35 I am not into trans. but after seeing who the trans. was it caught my attention to watch it. And DAMMMM THIS WAS FIRE never thought i would like a trans. flix . PLEASE don't git rid of Sky Bigga she brings spice to the site i'm sure some of the other models would love a piece of the Sky. Feb 23, 2023
cam656914 It was different, but I liked it and was surprised. Good thing we have videos to remember Shameeks. I think Bandit and JuJu should do a flip flop. That would be hot! Feb 23, 2023
mocombo What to say? At first I didn’t watch it because I hadn’t read the synopsis and I thought there was a woman in the scene. I revisited and saw it was trans- which I’m not really into but when I saw she was still ‘intact’ I thought I may as well watch it. Clearly JuJu liked it because he was on fire, which was nice to see. Only now I read that she is Shameeks! I’m devastated because I was waiting for him to come back! Anyway, this was worth the price of admission most certainly and the trans element a bit of fun, but please don’t make it a regular thing as I come to BBA to see masculinity in its finest form😁 Feb 23, 2023
andalite241 Well this shocked the hell out of me! 😅😅 Feb 23, 2023
comelaywitme Omg! Some you all are never satisfied! BBA is doing all they can to please everyone and most of you all come on here and do nothing but complain. You do know there are other sites. BBA will be fine. Great scene! Sky you look amazing and I’m so happy for you. Hopefully this will inspire others to live in their truth! Juju and Bandit put in work. 💯love it!! Feb 23, 2023
Sageking3 Ok so kinda had mixed feelings. I don't read the descriptions. So i thought this was a bi or straight scene and got excited and stashed it immediately. Then watched it and although two of my faves in it wasn't into it. But then i read the description and for some reason because i know sky used to be shameeks got back into it. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Feb 23, 2023
chucke1 She is beautiful but not into trans period! if this is the direction you guys are headed guess I need to rethink bout rejoining. Feb 23, 2023
Rone_ZAw im cool with y'all exploring new lanes with your scenes, thats apart of growth, trial and error. but this woulda been so much more effective if bandit and juju had way more interaction with each other. not my cup of tea this way. salute to sky tho. Feb 23, 2023
Dualex Not watched and will not. Congratulations to Sky. I'll leave it there. Please may this be a 1 off. Feb 23, 2023
caliroc If this is where BBA is going, I'm out!!! Feb 23, 2023
jaemills10 This was fire. Love Sky Biggas new personality! Feb 23, 2023
jairQ The trans slurs are ridiculous! Feb 23, 2023
bigdaddy1051 I cannot wait to read the comments on this one! Feb 23, 2023
faulknerfan This was an edgy, arousing scene, very nicely presented, especially in the beginning by removing the interviewer's audio (often creepy and/or bored-sounding) and just going with what everyone's interested in: the model's story. While I wouldn't want BBA to make a habit of using female/feminine/trans models, every now and again it is spicy and, in this case, especially so since BBA's subscribers knew Sky in her previous incarnation as Shameeks. Bandit and JuJu seemed energized, and choosing two of BBA's most attractive models to work with her was inspired. Going forward, it would be cool to see more such scenes but with the added benefit of having the males also have sex with each other while the feminine one watches or helps out, AND, even better, if the feminine partner tops one or both of the males. Feb 23, 2023
denglish The scene was okay. It could have been great had there been more interaction between JuJu and Bandit. Shout out to Bandit because he did at least try to eat JuJu's ass while he was hitting Sky. Feb 23, 2023
kennyg No real action between Bandit and JuJu !!!11111 That is why I joined BBA, male on male action. Trans sex is not a rabbit hole I want to go down. How about a real woman with some action between the male performers. CHICKS WITH DICKS, now really!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is Star Beauty????? Feb 23, 2023
2Sexy4Words At first, I thought I wouldn't like this then I went back and watched Shameeks with Justice and that was a hot episode to me then I watched, and the way JuJu went in from the start with the kiss and he looked so excited then I knew him alone would make me enjoy this and oh did he. Not taking anything from Bandit he did his thing especially eating JuJu out when he was fucking Sky Bigga its JuJu was so hyped like a kid in a candy store and the way he fucked and busted at the end was SOOO hot. Thanks for opening my eyes to some new context! Indeed, she was able to coax JuJu out of his shell. Once again thank you, thank you for this. Feb 23, 2023
ACTION7 sexual interaction between the tops is needed BAD-LY! Feb 23, 2023
texasbugg bba u all did a great job in this i can't get over how good bandit/juju look in this scene it's a must them 2 got to fuck i know juju is going to make thug love to bandit thug hole i saw how he was watching bandit's ass i can't wait to see him fucking bandit while bandit is laying on his back plus him/bandit thug kissing. Feb 23, 2023
chaotic92 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯definitely was not expecting that but also was not shocked by the twist i felt like i saw this happening and im over the moon happy for sky glad she living in her truth and finally happy in her skin Feb 23, 2023
Stunner316 Do Sky Bigga have an twitter or IG account? Feb 23, 2023
smhard03 Dead ass... that was hot as fuck!!!!!!!!!! Sky Bigga is so muthafuckin sexy!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 23, 2023
Coolrod Wow! Im not sure how to react to this news and scene!! Feb 23, 2023
11luvme2u I REALLY enjoyed this scene. It was great to see Sky way more communicative and herself. She looks great and it provided a nice variety to the mix. I'd love to see a sexy black transman in the future. Great work. Sky is so beautiful. Feb 23, 2023
swamp96 Also, Juju is so damn fine, Bandit seems to actually have been into this one. The masculinity that radiated between these two was hot asf, Juju dapping Bandit up as they were getting head from Sky was sexy asf. Not everyone will be on board for this but if you wanna see the straight niggas fuck good and not just for the money, let them fuck the transgirls first, they be into it.....also Sky is beautiful Feb 23, 2023
thedialectic That was superb ! Excellent! 5 stars !!!! Juju nutted in her a little then pulled out! I honestly didn't think I would like it as much as I did! Perfect Feb 23, 2023
24markus Shameeks was one of my FAVORITES, with his sexy disposition and his kissing game. And he looks even BETTER and STILL is sexy asf as Sky Bigga! Keep doing you my sister bc we only get one chance at living. Anyway, i love Bandit but this shoulda been between JuJu and Sky. JuJu looking even MORE buffed (has he been lean bulking the past month?), and SKY has one of the best set of breast, nice, round, and perky, not huge like the mutant cantaloupes ive seen on other trans sisters, lol. She STILL got that fat ass too! She beautiful, and the Defensive Back physique-looking JuJu recognized this the first minutes after sitting on the couch (bruh is DEFINITELY secure about his masculinity!). This is my FAV bba vid of all time. Please let JuJu and Sky do one together, no guest. 1000 thumbs up on this vid! Feb 23, 2023
maxkev59 Didn’t see that coming! Not my taste in porn…. but damn JuJu!!!! Feb 23, 2023
Jerity41 Watch Sky bring in all the hood DL dudes. She is marketable. Feb 23, 2023
dlboy334 It’s good to see JuJu again Feb 23, 2023
Pop123 Naw…….. this ain’t it Feb 23, 2023
jay504 Am I tripping or is that SHAMEEKS Feb 23, 2023
MrBrown19942 Listen, I really enjoyed this scene!! Salute to Sky Bigga in her new life, and her journey. I love that human beings can evolve, in courage. Thank you for being inclusive, BBA. My respect for you has grown, by 200%! Feb 23, 2023
glsfz6 Sky Bigga is a Baddie! and those men took care of her! this scene is so hot! Feb 23, 2023
misterblack Now we know. When one of the sites most popular and desired models makes such a transition, you have to capture it on film. For that, I applaud BBA. For selfish reasons, I’m saddened I won’t see the Shameeks of Manny’s Movie Night & Justice For All again. I’m happy for Sky Bigga though. She’s found her true self and we should celebrate her fulfillment. Black girls rock! I adore JuJu & Manny and look forward to seeing them often in 2023. I’m also anxiously awaiting the return of Justice, Zeke, Maleek, & Deontrey. Feb 23, 2023
Sinclair Meh. Not a fan since it’s not my cup of tea. Feb 23, 2023
smokey1984 Mmmm! I don’t know how I feel. Feb 23, 2023
djsexingtonsteel Love it! Just one SMALL thing but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone fucking while getting fucked on BBA, so if Juju had slid into Bandit while Bandit was topping Sky Bigga, that would’ve elevated the scene from a 9.9 to a 10. No real complaints though, I’m just greedy 🥵 Feb 23, 2023
Dope88 There’s alot to unpack here i can honestly say im not mad at all.
1. S/O to sky she had them brick, thirsty and took them strokes like a champ
2.lets get into how both fellas were total gentlemen
3. I always understand why bandit has been #1 for more than half a decade, Like his personality been shining through lately,overall he’s just a vibe on camera.
4. that boy Juju is turned out, he’s either lowkey into trans, been practicing off camera, or very eager to make an impression because he’s goin Top 10 soon if those vets dont pop out asap.
Bye for now ✌🏽
Feb 23, 2023
aw4567 I guess what’s annoying about this update is that it feels like no one is listening to what the fans / subscribers want. No trans phobia here at all, but why ignore us and then try to force this new direction on us and expect us to still subscribe and buy. Feels like y’all are trying to keep up with other companies and trends and that’s not what makes BBA unique. Where’s Dominic, Justice, Montez, King Ant..the Dominic and JuJu collab? The Montez and Dominic part 2. The stuff I’ve repeatedly seen fans requesting ya know? Feb 23, 2023
chucke1 DEF NOT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 23, 2023
Realmazen Not a fan of this at all Feb 23, 2023
kevindarko5 Juju issa beast 💪....... Feb 23, 2023
magi227 Wow! First off, congrats to Sky Bigga for living her truth. Secondly, Juju! I want to see more of him like that, just wow! Love how aggressive and verbal he was! Feb 23, 2023
maybelater Omg! This left me so conflicted. I definitely did not see it coming. Shameeks as Sky wow, I had no idea, you never know what a person is dealing with. Well, if you wouldn't said anything I would have never thought that was Shameeks face wise. I must say very nice looking either way. Bandit and JuJu put a fucking on Sky Bigga. Great shoot. all I wish was a little interaction with Bandit and JuJu with each other. Good job team. Feb 23, 2023
queen718 Not bad definitely did that. I think they enjoyed it more wow never seen Juju or Bandit really into sex like they were with the trans. Great job BBA! Feb 23, 2023
djv1234 No disrespect to Sky Bigga who I wish every success and happiness. My comments relate purely to BBA. Feb 23, 2023
turner95 Not judging anyone… but that was a lil weird for me . Bandit and Juju definitely looked masculine and sexy as ever tho Feb 23, 2023
prettyboig 🔥🔥🔥 this scene was like the perfect mesh of rough versus sensual sex… Feb 23, 2023
smfh09 This shit 🔥🔥 asl. Y’all best work since the pandemic Feb 23, 2023
Banditfan1 No cap, this was fire. JuJu and Sky Bigga deff had a vibe. I honestly keep fast fwd to when it was just them. Feb 23, 2023
Bigboy69 Way to go BBA. That's a twist I don't think anyone saw coming. Feb 23, 2023
Cumalot No , big turn off, it took away from the site , just get a real female in that case Feb 23, 2023
scrappydoo123 WTF has blackboy additionz come to. Lmaoo 😂 😂 😂 Feb 23, 2023
freakbro_ Fire scene! They couldn't get enough of Sky esp JuJu! Best cumshot from Bandit recently he's #1 for a reason! Feb 23, 2023
nokiyo36 Hands down very hot bandit ju ju the best dick in bba that dam ju ju my dude that dick is golden y’all make sure y’all keep him and bandit sky Bigga yo you handle these two men both eat cake good af keep it up and keep it coming my mouth was wide open yes sir Feb 23, 2023
abyers Yea babe miss Sky definitely did her big one !!! And Juju was loving it with his fine ass 🥹 y’all ate this scene right on up ! Feb 23, 2023
Kaleb23 Whattttttt that was for sure a twist that’s Shameeks ! Wow !!! 😍😍 pop yo shit Feb 23, 2023
20kane It’s gonna be a “BIG NO” for me. Sky Bigga looked way more attractive as Shameeks IMO. She’s a “deceptacon” and not an “autobot” on top of everything. A trans woman in the beginning of her process is very unattractive and I’m not used to this type of content on this site as it is. Would have rather seen them f**k an actual woman like in the glory days of BBA which gave you more MORE AUTHENTIC “gay for pay” experience. The only bright spot for me was JuJu return. Bul is nice asf. Love seeing him get his ass ate. He’s my fav BBA model since Isaiah. I could tell he’s truly into women or working with someone more feminine because he was really into it and his pipe stayed rock hard. I feel as tho Bandit was a lil confused and a lil outta his comfort zone but Bandit is Bandit and u can’t never go wrong with Bandit. It’s like the “disappointing” scenes on BBA are now becoming a dime a dozen. JuJu saved the day, barely. Feb 23, 2023
reedjlee92 Definitely unexpected and I’m here for it!! Feb 23, 2023
Docteur At a loss for words in one regard. I just wish there had been action between Bandit and JuJu other than Bandit eating his ass. Feb 23, 2023
djv1234 Don't like it! Going full trans in a scene is not what I want from BBA. Why didn't Bandit fuck JuJu as that would have been by far the better surprise! Am Disappointed and hope that next scene, that probably in two weeks time, will more than make up for this flop. Can't wait for Michael to fully resume the initiative, for his instincts have proved right for BBA. Feb 23, 2023
nuttluva40 Ugh, is this "sky bigga" really Shameeks?! Feb 22, 2023
swamp96 YESS BBA. Let the straight boys fuck the Transgirls, they bring a better performance fucking them first because they start fucking other men. Feb 22, 2023
zebrasex4567 Whether or not this scene is hot to me isnt that important. Im just surprisingly happy for Sky and her amazing Journey and her willingness to share it with us. I love that BBA is open to doing these type of scenes and like it or not trans models are becoming more and more popular which is amazing. I hope this isnt the end of Sky's journey with BBA. Feb 22, 2023

This weekend's update is a perfect example of the expression "truth is stranger than fiction."

Specializing in the kind of amateur "reality porn" we do here at BBA, we've witnessed some interesting and unexpected true life stories over the years. But this was a twist that even we never saw coming.

Remember our "Quarantine Chronicles" competition back during the early months of the pandemic? Not surprisingly, Bandit ended up winning the Grand Prize, and in addition to the cash prize, he was allowed to hand-pick his next scene partner. When asked, he told me without a second's hesitation that he wanted a reunion with Shameeks.

The only problem was that by the time we resumed production in 2021, Shameeks had gone completely MIA and we had no idea why. And not a week has gone by since that we haven't heard from fans begging to see him again.

We learned last year that the reason for this long disappearance is that Shameeks actually began transitioning back in 2021, and is now a proud and beautiful Trans female going by the name of Sky Bigga. After giving it a lot of thought, and knowing it might be controversial and polarizing for some viewers, we decided to invite Sky Bigga back to share her unique story with our viewers and finally unleash her TRUE inner freak.

This scene begins with a candid interview in which Sky Bigga reintroduces herself to BBA's viewers and catches us up on the major changes in her life. "Life is short, you only live once," she tells us, beaming with a confidence and joy we've never seen from her before. "It's best to be who you want to be, and not who you DON'T want to be."

Funny enough, I think finding out this shocking news only made Bandit MORE eager to cash in on his long overdue prize. And he's agreed to let our new up-and-cumming superstar JuJu join in on the fun! We had a sneaking suspicion that a Trans female might be able to coax JuJu out of his shell in a way his previous male co-stars haven't been able to yet, but we'll let you find out for yourself if we were correct.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this "reality porn" exclusive unlike anything we've ever filmed before. We already know it won't be everybody's cup of tea, and it's certainly not something we plan to do every week. But it's also as honest and REAL as it gets, and we hope many will watch and enjoy it with an open mind....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Finger-Fucking, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex, Trans
Details: Feb 23, 2023 55 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of JuJu
Photo of Sky Bigga
Sky Bigga

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