Introducing: Zadian

texasbugg i need to see him fuck apollo.and apollo eat his ass. please mike bring them together. thank u Nov 25, 2016
Blacknavels Bring him back, way too hot! PLEASE!! Mar 5, 2016
dv6000 i can't wait to see him back and bottoming. what a passionate sexy model! Feb 18, 2016
yoooooo Mike good scene. You should have all models doing solo scenes to walk away like that. just having a full view of the ass in motion was hot! Feb 13, 2016
luvpozbrothas Good looking guy, but not porn material. I don't want to get off on him. Feb 11, 2016
cocopop Cute sexy little Ass hole, let Apollo stick that long tongue in there, that'll make him weak. Feb 8, 2016
lrigdab In all honesty this model is meh... not that attractive below average looks with an awkward personality and he's straight. Not worth pursuing any further in my opinion. Major letdown from the last two excellent updates. Keep working on Julien!!! Feb 5, 2016
nobru01 Je ne suis pas sur qu'il soit vraiment que hetero, mais je m'en contenterais bien pour plus d'une soirée. Un admirateur de Paris, Bruno. Feb 5, 2016
tori478 Hot Mike I think you should bring him back, he is very persuasive to mold into a star! Feb 5, 2016
dainnoc1 really enjoy him i like his attitude and definitely look for more from him in the future nice smile nice ass love the dreads as well!!!!!! Feb 5, 2016
cocopop I agree with all three above, personally I believe he's trying too hard to portray a hard-core/straight image, yet he got what it takes love those feet. Bring him back Mike. Feb 5, 2016
Stone64004 NICE....I enjoyed this cutie. Nice body, dick, feet and nice smile....what more can you ask for?!!!! Feb 4, 2016
illtown22 I realize its porn and these are not spokesmodels but this is one I would have enjoyed more if I had muted the video and just watched. Sometimes I am more attracted to the model when I hear them speak like Saint, Apollo, Suspense, Trae, etc.. But this one I could have done without audio. Nice to look at tho. Feb 4, 2016
zuniboy60 Nice piece of work.. And nice ASS and Yes bring him back to see what he really like to do.. Feb 4, 2016

Zadian (pronounced "Zuh-DIE-an") is an exotically handsome dreadhead with a slim, toned body and an enticing muscle-butt that stretches seductively up and out the backside of his pants.

An unconventional mix of skater-boy, stoner, and nerd, Zadian enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and of course "partying" with his friends every chance he gets.

Enjoy a front-row seat for another hot straight-boy "audition" as Zadian introduces himself to BBA's viewers and strips out of his clothes to show off EVERY INCH of his tempting young body for the VERY FIRST TIME....

Zadian turned out to be a bit more socially awkward than most of our model applicants, which is why his edited interview is shorter than usual.

He tells the story about losing his virginity when he was only 14 years old, and estimates that he's fucked between 40 and 50 women since then.

"Who keeps count?!?" he shrugs with a nervous laugh that I found to be kind of cute and endearing.

Even though he insists that he's straight and only likes women ("you can do you....just don't do me!"), Zadian seems both terrified and eager at the same time when it comes time for him to strip out of his clothes to reveal a slim, dark-skinned body covered in several tattoos.

He is even surprisingly cooperative and only hesitates briefly when I ask him to BEND OVER and spread open his muscular buttocks to show off the tight, tiny treasure hidden within. Of course he makes certain to let his horny gay viewers know they shouldn't get any ideas - we're allowed to LOOK but we can't TOUCH!

Despite his reservations, Zadian ends up getting so turned on by being naked in front of a camera with an audience watching that he ends up busting a pent-up "nutt" a lot sooner than expected. Which turns out to be a blessing in disguise since he surprises us with a nice BONUS cum-shot just a few minutes later!

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 4, 2016 25 min
Photo of Zadian

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