His First Straight Boy: Bonus Footage & Director's Commentary

acura8215 It ought be a crime how fine, sexy and dark milk chocolate Isaiah is OMG I LOVE HIM!!! Apr 25, 2020
iamdiego isaiah swear he dont wana suk no dick or get fuckd but i can tell he love big thick dick Apr 22, 2020
nexustk First time commenting. But I really enjoyed this -- dare I say, more than the original! Apr 18, 2020
Namejames33 Which came 1st staxx fucking knockout or Isaiah. Either way knockout took the dick very well and for Isaiah after Mike, Saint, Tyga, Blake, and the rest of black boy addiction crew ran thru him I’m not surprised he took the dick so well Apr 15, 2020
Jayden27 I loved this update! This scene is one of my favorites, and it caused me to fall in love with Isaiah! He’s so fucking beautiful! It’s great to look back and see just how much he’s grown as a G4P performer! He and Knockout were awesome in this one! Highlights:

-VIP booth footage from Skyview Atlanta. (I don’t know about y’all, but I was not cool with the glass floor when I rode in the VIP booth! 😂)

-Commentary regarding how fast you all put this scene together. Wow! Greatness in so little time!

-The starter conversation, or lack thereof, while watching the BET Awards. This led to a re-do! 😂

-Michael’s commentary. Loved it! Great way to get insight into the models and the scenes that viewers wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s great to see you back on camera, Michael!

-“He can’t suck dick!” -Knockout ; I laughed so hard, as the look was written on his face when Isaiah had started the job; however, Isaiah did well. There’s only so much a straight guy can do.

-Direction. I loved hearing you guide the models. Just another awesome part of watching the scene come to life.

-“Isaiah slept in a different bed. That time.” Is there more detail?? 😂 Please, do share! 😂 😂 (BTW: I’m totally kidding, just being facetious)

-Knockout bottoming. Hot AF!

Special thanks to Mike, Isaiah and Knockout for this scene! I loved it! Thank you so much for this unique BTS look! Loved it, and I can’t wait for more.
Apr 14, 2020
11luvme2u I would LOVE to see a Behind the Scenes video of Trapp. He's so funny and I could imagine there would be some hilariously sexy footage. I hope one day he's paired with Justice because he's uninhibited which I think could be good with Trapp. Trapp is a true freak and needs that good pairing where he can truly let go. Apr 13, 2020
Dualex I don't mind a Dominic/Isaiah mash up. However if they do it just for the sake of pleasing the fans, with no passion, no chemistry whatsoever, then I'll pass. I can already picture the 'they can't kiss', 'they can't suck' comments...
Would love to see a Bandit/Ross or Scuba/Shameeks, I already expect fire works... And on a more loving/erotic type my All TIME FAVOURITE duo Apollo/Dominic versatile scene 😜... Where is Tarzan ?
Apr 13, 2020
cocopop In these re-do scenes, Isaiah's dick stays harder than I ever seen it, while sucking dick, while Knockout was fucking him. He even trying to J/O with legs in the air. Don't remember ever seeing him that hot, even with his bro-mance Apollo, did we see that. Apr 13, 2020
sally5555 Michael, This format works! I've always enjoyed the BTS aspects so I found this update very interesting and enjoyable. Apr 13, 2020
ACTION7 Is it just me or was this Isaiah's best bottoming scene? ISAIAH seemed to enjoy himself with Knockout more than I remember. Apr 13, 2020
Shirly223 can we see bts of the christmas special with isaiah and the guys. Itd be interesting to see how they interact in between takes Apr 13, 2020
cocopop ACTION7, I agree Mike, Isaiah and Dominic are long overdue a scene of their own, of course a Flip Flop. Now this is the scene that should've been labeled Star Struck, to me Knockout seemed at first totally star struck with Isaiah. Or maybe it was his excitement having sex with a straight guy for the first time. Also a Ross and Dominic F/F., Ross and Justice F/F., then allow Apollo his revenge on Ross. Stay safe all. Apr 12, 2020
Dualex At first he really looked like he did not want to be there but hats off to him though... How can some1 get stabbed by such a massive weapon without making noise or getting away from it? Him and Apollo will always impress me... Along with Ross and Shameeks. But Isaiah tops them all... He must have a very strong pain threshold.. Apr 12, 2020
Dualex Hi Michael!! I'm not based in the US but we're all in it together and will beat Miss Rona up. Please continue to keep the left overs for future contents. .. Loved the edited version but bts are much better imo. Apr 12, 2020
11luvme2u I really really appreciate Michael for the personal statement. That REALLY means a lot!! Apr 12, 2020
mocombo Excellent - interesting and sexy! Ideas.... Well any directors cuts/behind scenes footage of Scuba, Lil Jake or Bandit would be VERY welcome. Apr 12, 2020
ACTION7 Isaiah would like to do a 60 minute FLIP FLOP with Dominic. Apr 12, 2020
leech10x Isaiah is such a sexy man. Those lips. That chest. Those abs. That juicy ass. He can really take a big dick and take it long and deep... whew, that was good! Apr 12, 2020

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This weekend we're taking you behind the scenes of one of our most popular scenes of all time with this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN bloopers, outtakes, and action-packed bonus footage from porn star Knockout's now infamous encounter with BBA fan favorite Isaiah.

I hope you'll be as shocked and thrilled as I was to discover so much extra hardcore action footage from this hot scene. In fact, this previously unreleased collection clocks in at just OVER AN HOUR, even longer than the original scene!

I also decided to try something different this time by recording a few of my own recollections, observations, and reflections on this unforgettable shoot that ended up making porn history and over time has become a much beloved BBA classic.

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Details: Oct 26, 2015 62 min
Photo of Isaiah
Photo of Knockout

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