Taking Travis

mdcarmichael Don’t listen to the critics...They should just unsubscribe and see if they find better content elsewhere. As for this scene...Travis is totally into Justice! And who would not be? Although I like longer dicks than 7”, Justice’s is so thick that I would feel him stretching me open. Then his cum shoots so much I would love to swallow every bit of it down my throat! Jul 17, 2020
islandboy44 Justice should be the go to guy to break in new bottoms.......just saying Nov 28, 2019
gdr1gdr1 Loved This Video...Travis Is Absolutely Gorgeous...I Have Been Waiting For Another Vid Featuring This Rare Beauty...Hope To See Him Soon! Sep 7, 2019
jings404 Travis is one sexy dude. I would fuck him every day lol. He is very submissive and that's Hot! Would love to see more of him... Feb 22, 2019
pilsener Never really cared for the dyed hair look. This scene is not for me. Dec 31, 2018
tjm133 I love Travis and Justice fucks him well. I would love to see Travis again. Oct 4, 2018
Memphis1325 travis is super handsome and I busted just watching him get fucked with that smooth ass Aug 6, 2018
blksung I disagree with some of the comments about bringing back interviews...I always skipped over the interviews, and rarely watched. Chances are, I will never meet these models and their personal lives are no concern of mine. LOL! But anyway, as for this clip, I like the fact that Justice is starting to become a toemosexual. LOL! First, he gets at Stylez feet, and now Travis!! Keep featuring Justice as long as he keeps doing that. Great job as usual Michael! May 27, 2018
Shakille Michael please please please bring back justice let him break in all the newbies when I watch his scenes I have that fantasy of Le Bron James fucking a young boy May 26, 2018
emmyfan The rimming is hot and Justice is a king to me. May 24, 2018
dnaltiusman This pairing was PERFECT. More stuff like this and I will be more likely to purchase memberships May 14, 2018
markus2424 What makes Justice sexy as fuk is he live by his fetishes, yo. He aint scared to suck on a dudes feet, if that's what get him off, you dig. Justice got a nice body, face, and them HANDS and FEET. Dudes need to take note: after shower, push your cuticles back on hands and feet, to show them sexy half moons, just like Justice's. File nails just below finger tips, toes, too. 1st thing I chk out on a dude is his HANDS, then FEET. If they fucked, I pass u by. May 13, 2018
princegwa I liked this video but I do have to agree they are much more interesting with the interviews. Knowing more about the models is what set BBA apart from the other sites. May 13, 2018
man12345 This was a little boring. Justice isn't really all that exciting to watch to tell the truth, but he is really good to look at. The scene is typical, what you would expect to happen the super masculine guy is topping to the more fem guy. Travis has a really big dick, so it would be nice to see him use it soon. Can't wait to see Justice take some real good (big) dick! May 4, 2018
h1lda74 Justice is very handsome. And I would like to see more pairings with him. The kissing between Justice and Travis was quite nice. I guess my one criticism is that I was hoping for more variety in the sex positions. Apr 28, 2018
oneluvme2u I think BBA should go back to the interviews more as well and maybe actually try a scene with a long detailed story line. A scene with a plot and acting that leads into sex. Apr 26, 2018
SanFran12 This video clip is alright. I wish the rimming was better, but it was just too sloppy and all that spitting was so unnecessary -- really sloppy and nasty rimming almost messed up the whole video clip. I have never seen black guys rim like that. Really sloppy and nasty. Could have done without all the super gay sex noise too. Wish these dudes would just fuck and stop trying to act because they just look silly trying to be porn stars or something. Apr 21, 2018
devotedbrotha1 I am patiently waiting for Justice to take it to the next level. Apr 21, 2018
Court77 I sure do miss the interviews. I believe the models are twice as hot when we know more about them. Please don't give that up. Travis is one hot model that I hope to see much more of. Justice is way too butch to be sexy for me - I think he was too butch for Travis also but I still enjoyed the video. Apr 20, 2018
dunmoes22 justice looks like lebron james nigga is hella sexy Apr 16, 2018
StonedMountain I love Travis's willingness to serve. Holding the balls, tender service to head, inviting Justice to fuck his throat…. Wow. Oh to be with Travis just one lovely night. Of course I wouldn’t last more than 2 minutes. 🙄

Interesting that the members seem to prefer Justice. Please consider Blake Bishop to make love to Travis. Justice treated him like an object. Blake would open him up and give him the experience of a lifetime. And we would be witnesses.
Apr 16, 2018
thabang13 Cant wait to see Justice fucked Apr 16, 2018
drakegay4real Justice makes the scene...Travis is ok think maybe Blake or Bandit could bring Travis all way out...and Justice liked the tongue in ass too much to not be next to give it up...glad to see bba still updating tho Apr 16, 2018
ToriFan OMG I am lusting after Justice just like my others. Don't let him shave one hair on his body. His hairiness and his sensual eyes make me leak. You can tell him that! Apr 16, 2018
hines1983 This put me to sleep😴 Apr 16, 2018
Docteur The filming is fine, but some of the new models are the problem. Waiting for Apollo and Bandit flip flop; and the holy grail of Scotty, Shaun and Trapp in an all out no holds barred 3some (hope they all are free from jail, sighs). Apr 16, 2018
tas600 Love Travis he's a beautiful boy but the camera angles on this weren't the best. I love Justice as well. I would love to see this new chocolate twink getting a good fucking from either Bandit, Manny or Blake. Would love to see Justice's tight fuzzy ass get smashed by one of those boys as well. In his last video he seemed to enjoy getting his ass eaten. Would love to see him give it up. Apr 15, 2018
BigDick7031 i like. i want to feel the bottoms dick. love a twink with a pretty dick. Apr 15, 2018
texasbugg MIKE damm u know how to pair these young thugs i hope in your mind u r thinking to pair (TRAVIS/MAR) i can see in my head travis fucking mar real good if they do fuck they may become lovers mike i know some have become lovers on the outside cause a person sometimes can't stop their feelings i just love bba/usa the (NUMBER1 PORN) in the (U.S.A.) it's only sunday chill day and i'm loving this scene more mike where is (EASY) will he ever do a scene for bba again? he is still super sexy as fuck. Apr 15, 2018
oneluvme2u I loooooove how passionate Justice is.... If he could be paired with someone as intimate that would be an amazing scene. Like a honeymoon night role play. Apr 15, 2018
wander just wanna thank you for bringing Justice back again. Apr 15, 2018
kapukan2 Hot!!..More Justice! I would love to see a threesome of Justice, Trapp, and Apollo.......or a duo of Trapp and Justice. .......Would love Scotty to come back and paired up with any of these guys. Apr 15, 2018
bbsndc Great scene! Justice is one beautiful man! Love Travis too. Keep the foot play coming loving it!! Apr 15, 2018
StonedMountain I loved Travis’s head game and Justice’s probing Travis’s hole with finger and tongue. And later with deep, slow fucking. I was disappointed that Justice never gave head to Travis. Wanted to see more of the twink’s big dick, and more kissing. Apr 15, 2018
nstbrt I'd just like to say I think Justice is the sexiest man on this site and I hope that there's a lot more from him. ..... his cumshots Apr 15, 2018
devotedbrotha1 Shax is doing a WONDERFUL JOB at BBA and in a short time, he has enhanced the quality of the foundation which was laid before him. Shax continues to bring a sense of realism and depth with his photography, something we all should appreciate. An old professor once told me that if you continue to keep doing something the same ole' way, don't expect change. Continue to build and re-build from Constructive Criticism and you will see those who refuse change/complain, fade as though the wind. Apr 15, 2018
buckim Nice video. The best moment is Travis eating and licking Justice's balls : a piece of anthology. Me too, I'm fascinated by young men's balls. Apr 15, 2018
MichaelGalletta I learned a long time ago that no matter what we do, somebody will be unhappy and complain about it. If we stick to the same familiar formula week after week, some of you will complain that we're becoming stale and predictable. But when we actually try new approaches to keep things fresh and interesting, like experimenting with different scene intros, or teaming up with new directors, people will complain about that too.

Shax and I are two very different people and his filming style is NEVER going to be exactly like mine, nor would I ever expect or want it to be. Some of you will prefer his approach over mine, and vice versa. Others won't give a damn as long as the models and action can deliver a good nutt, LOL.

Just look at a scene as recent as "Taming Trapp" and you’ll see that we're still using the classic amateur BBA format in plenty of our scenes. But we also like to mix things up and experiment with different approaches sometimes. It’s fun and challenging and helps us keep things fresh and interesting – for the viewers and us!
Apr 15, 2018
StonedMountain LOVED IT, will enjoy this over and over. Purrfect partners. Apr 14, 2018
WeatherMan I love the new model he is very hot great body and love his skin color so yummy I just wish that was Michael's dick going in and out his pretty little ass Apr 14, 2018
write1in618 Justice is something else ... throat fucked this kid til tears were streaming down his face, fucked him like a bitch in multiple positions, then used his face as a canvas for some serious face painting! Apr 14, 2018
Bigguum Another wasted week in my opinion ijs,,,, Apr 14, 2018
Damon7 😴💤 👎🏾 I hope it’s something better next week Apr 14, 2018
royce905 the models are great but, unfortunately, im not a fan of the new filming style. what happened to the amateur style with conversations and such? Justice is heaven. Apr 14, 2018
texasbugg WELL i ask last week who would be the one who get to fuck travis, well i found out tonight and loved every min of this scene now i will wait to see who travis put that big dick in i wish mike would use travis to take down scotty r shaun if they r ready to give up them diamonds travis is younger than both of them being 18 years old both of them being 19 plus travis being sexy/handsome sometimes a young thug is sexy he wants another young sexy thug to climb on his back and that's real talk. Apr 14, 2018
acura8215 sooooooooo freaking hotttttttttttt give us more of Travis Apr 14, 2018
BBAFan I love Justice, he is a great addition to the BBA line up, but would rather see him paired with Saint or Apollo. I'm sorry, no disrespect but Travis is not my cup of tea. Looking forward to seeing more of Justice. Maybe Mike could break him in, that would be hot as well. Apr 14, 2018
texasbugg THIS sexy thug is lucky 18 years old that diamond hole got be good that hole was tightening up on that dick i love the look in travis eyes i wish the person who was speaking last week on wanting hardcore sex every week would just sit down and let mike and shax do their thing r stop paying for a monthly membership stop making it bad for the rest of us damm travis is sexy as fuck dallas texas has some sexy young thugs i wish more thugs would come out of texas travis with the diamond hole damm i love it Apr 14, 2018
Beyy88 The site doesn’t seem the same anymore. Wasn’t feeling the scene but that Justice is EVERYTHING. Once Mike do what he does Justice may become number 1. Apr 14, 2018
texasbugg THIS was that (A PLUS) fucking damm he was hitting that spot i saw it in travis face damm i wish (SHAUN/SCOTTY) would watch after travis took that dick he was a young thug again travis u was great i really busted 2 good nuts justice that was real cool of u that hole was tight u didn't try and bust his hole open u made real love to that diamond asshole travis will remember that thug fucking damm i just love bba usa i hope the haters stay in their hole on this one a haters free week one week. Apr 13, 2018
Godfather07 Where is Trapp, Scotty, Shaun, these new boys do not float my boat get back to your roots Apr 13, 2018
user1234 Justice cum shots are BOMB!!!!! Apr 13, 2018

Last weekend we introduced you to Travis, a shy black teen with a smooth, dark-skinned body, nice big dick, and juicy-round bubble-butt who recently applied to do some underwear modeling for our new photographer Shax.

But we had something very different in mind for this cute 18-year-old's first summer job right out of high school.

See for yourself what happens when Travis meets the older "straight" athlete Justice and takes things to the NEXT LEVEL!

Travis was understandably quiet and shy for his hardcore action debut, but Justice seemed more than happy to take control of the nervous black teen and put his true porn potential to the test.

Enjoy a full forty minutes of hot amateur action that includes kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, toe-sucking, and of course Justice "breaking in" his younger co-star's tight teenage ass!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Finger-Fucking, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Older/Younger, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 13, 2018 40 min
Photo of Justice
Photo of Travis

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