Ross: The Last Level (Bonus Footage & Outtakes)

manman1 Lmao the person that wrote that bio is shady! Lol how u get mad at that man for not being able to take all that dick lmao! U do it lol Jun 25, 2023
Dualex Foreplay was hot... Shame they kept on being disrupted Mar 23, 2023
Dualex I like the realness of this. Bring em back Mar 23, 2023
kennyg One thing I've noticed with Ross, even when the fucking doesn't work, the oral portion seems to be on point every time!!!!!!! They both did a hell of a job, Again, when is Stallion giving up that ass??????? Nov 10, 2022
androgyny757 Next time he need someone to get that booty open 1st... I want to see him give it another go... Jun 20, 2022
kloliver11 I thought the pairing was okay. it wasn't the best, but certainly worth the try. I felt the tension near the end. Taking dick when it is hard is easier, but Stallion does have a big dick. I understand why Stallion would be upset about Ross not trying to take it. But on the other hand, that is a big dick. i like them both, but not in this situation. May 24, 2022
Redbone76 For me, Stallion is to blame. Don't put soft dick into my ass. May 6, 2022
Whitneyy I just know Tension was Thicker than Stallions Dick after the cameras went down May 5, 2022
Shirly223 Lol checking in to see if we've forgiven ross yet 😂 🤣 Please who ever you pair him with let him cum while bottoming. May 5, 2022
BruthMaaan Nice to see the behind the scenes and bloopers reels. Good job peeps. Y'all betta take care of Ross tho. Coulda just been one of those days. Dude is a main Starr of this site. Treat 'em good, and treat all your models with much Respect and Dignity. May 1, 2022
BruthMaaan 😂 🤣 😂 😍 Bruh! That was sooo damn funny, at the beginning when they stopped kissing the first time and both looked dead into the camera, eyes wide AF. That was too funny. But in a Hella-Sexxy kinda way! Love me some BBA. These Bruh's so Sexxy and freaky. But it's the Masculinity, Uninhibited, and Level of Confidence for me. 😍 😍 😍 May 1, 2022
malcolm I reviewed the entire body of work Ross has put in. Overall, he is impressive. He is, especially when nude, easy on the eyes. In his first appearance, Ross seemed sincere when he said he wanted to please the viewers. His ready smile adds a great deal to his appeal when he is in a good mood; even more so when he has the hair on his head and face nicely groomed. When he disappeared for awhile to matriculate at the University of Hard Knocks, he gained more weight than he could carry well. That he took it off so quickly indicates he
was committed to maximize his potential on this site. I hope he's used this hiatus to work-out like Colin Kaepernick has been doing in his downtime, and gained just a few pounds of even more muscle in all the right places. I like to think of Ross kneeling, standing to receive homage or sprawled out to be pleasured for reasons altogether different from Kaepernick, which rhymes with "dick" and gets us back to yet another decidedly nice thing about Ross.......
Apr 25, 2022
Shirly223 Have we forgiven Ross yet? I need a scene redo. This was gonna be flamez. Please redo! Apr 12, 2022
MichaelGalletta Let's just say we're CONSIDERING it lol. However, I hate to disappoint you but this particular pairing will never be attempted again. Even if we wanted to, which we most certainly don't lol, Stallion already made clear after this shoot that Ross is a model he will never work with again, and I can't say I blame him.
mrwhitley1 Every time I revisit this video…it makes more sense.
I think they were really feeling each other ON SIGHT, Both guys were nervous, Ross was really letting his hair down.
I think he wanted Stallion to “do him dirty 😈” but still eat his 🍑 & suck his🍆.
•Him acting like his hole was tight was him expressing that although he does Porn, he’s not blown out…still take your time w him.
•Probably made him feel rejected. A new Model, kissing & bottoming.
Even tho it’s work…in Ross Mind that’s probably a relationship.
😂😂😂 then he just acted out.
•I really wish the scene wouldn’t have ended. I’ve seen porn vids where the actors banter at 1st then it ends 💦💦💦💦💦 Beautifully.
🤷🏾‍♂️ Sucks
Feb 18, 2022
Shirly223 I forgive ross. Can we bring him back now? Feb 17, 2022
Whitneyy Ross not coming back! FUCK! Ain’t no other model as sexy or take dick like that ignorant mf. Damn Ross you FUCKED UP Feb 12, 2022
grownandsexy You shouldn't have posted this... it seems like an attempt to make him look bad.... that's not cool. Feb 11, 2022
boibuzz Ross is one of my faves. I wish this video wouldn't have been posted. Kind of messed up the fantasy about him I have in my head lol. I guess I can give up on a reunion with Ross and Apollo. Feb 8, 2022
getdickhoe @Mike 😂😂 Don’t be scared Mike. Just take the last part off. But having Ross sit there and watch his lil bro get slow fucked by Stallion would be 🔥 Feb 7, 2022
getdickhoe @Mike You should do a scene called “Now I Gotta Fuck Yo Brother" and have Stallion fuck Rush, tie up Ross and make his ass watch his lil brother get dicked down in his place. If you wanna get really sick have somebody come in and suck Ross off towards the end so he has to nut while his lil bro is getting fucked. Feb 7, 2022
MichaelGalletta OMG that's a wickedly hot fantasy, I'll give you that much lol. But unfortunately also not very practical or realistic, I'm afraid. Sorry. 🤷‍♂️😩
ssmith06 Ross was having a bad day. He has done far more good scenes than bad ones. I’m still team Ross let’s bring him back! Let see what his brother can do too! Feb 7, 2022
cam6594 I hope Ross returns! Jan 31, 2022
Beyy88 Ross, I know ain’t coming back! I get why but fuck I’m going to miss him. Ross is iconic. A legend tbh. We have our day(s) but sum aren’t irreplaceable. I.e Trapp, Scotty, Ross, Saint, Apollo… u get my point. These new models aren’t it. One was cute but since Scuba it’s like…. Ok. But I’m here Mike. Rocking. Jan 23, 2022
cam6594 Michael I do understand what happened to the DL Chill Spot CEO. However I think if we can get models like Chippy or Murda or Smokey they could bring some heat to some of the scenes like Beno did back in the day. Also we need you very much alive and well! Jan 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks. We are always on the lookout for new talent and every new model brings his own unique personality and vibe to the site. Hopefully we'll discover some new talent this year that fit the more street vibe of those models you mentioned.
cam6594 Michael I've been looking at a lot of the DL Chill Spot videos on your site. We need more scenes like that. People wanna see people really getting into it. Can we get more models like Chippy or Murda or Smokey? Jan 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta I'm glad you're still able to enjoy those scenes, but we all know what happened to the DL Chill Spot CEO and I have no interest in following in his footsteps or working with any of his former models, who would all be almost a decade older by now anyways, and look nothing like they did in their BBA scenes. Sorry to disappoint you.
awj1214 I can't believe somebody said the quality of the models has fallen. It's the same models. How? Close the comments Mike this ain't twitter. Every opinion isn't important or useful. Anyway I have loved the comeback. Jan 3, 2022
chaotic92 Ok no offense i have been a long time fan of bba since the futon days to the trivia days on the blog and this has honestly gone on long enough in my opinion under this particular video so let’s address a few things:
1.) Bba has always offered behind the scenes footage whether it be good or bad which is what sets them apart from others and why yall keep coming back
2.) i love ross and have been a big fan of his but honestly speaking he needed this reality check because as they stated this isnt the first time he has acted this way toward them so he needed this posted so he can see how he comes across to ppl because some ppl don’t understand how they treat others until they are shown it and thats the only way he will learn and if not guess what its someone else willing to take his spot and thats on PERIOD
3.) For everyone telling mike how to run bba i would love to see how yall would take over and run it and deal with the multiple layers of personality these models bring to the table cuz i bet none of yall could pull off what mike and the rest of the team has been able to especially with the one-sided views that yall are displaying in these comments
And in closing mike and montez stop wasting yall time responding to these ignorant bored and lonely ppl that just want to get a reaction out of yall because it’s annoying having to read the comments where yall are defending yall views to ppl that just wanted some attention from yall the way i see it IF YOU DONT LIKE HOW BBA IS BEING RUN THERE IS A UNSUBSCRIBE BUTTON FOR A REASON USE IT AND TRUST U WONT BE MISSED LOL yall are funny and im done
Dec 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta 😂😂😂😂😂
ddfresh Ross is my absolute favorite model on BBA. Particularly when he bottoms. People have off days. It happens. Give him a break 🤷🏼‍♂️ Dec 28, 2021
Dualex Comment of the year: where are Shaun and Scotty? Not sure how many times I have read this lol Dec 26, 2021
cam6594 Mike can you just tell us what models won't be back? Dec 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta That's not an easy question to answer because I never like to give up hope and if I'd answered this honestly just a month or two ago, I would have been proven wrong lol.

As a general rule, however, models who haven't been seen on the site in several years are more than likely not coming back, for any number of reasons.
Dangerboy Just got back from 10 days in Mexico. Mexican people are SO patient and stoic. No complaints when the bus is late or your room isn’t quite ready. I think we could all learn from their chill culture. Life isn’t ever gonna be perfect. It’s all good. We all grown and gonna be alright. Handle your biz and we’ll keep y’all holding down. Happy Holidays from Atlanta! Come film here again soon! All love for BBA! Dec 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thank you so much for this note of support and encouragement. Hot new content is on the way soon! Editing as fast as I possibly can lol.
texasbugg mike i sat back don't say anything but i feel it's been 3-5 months u said u would give us a update on shaun u said he was getting out during the summer well dec 21 2021 today is the first day of winter mike please please give us some kind of update on shaun damm i still go back and bust a fatt nutt to his fatt sexy ass i've been locked up so i know shaun is a super freak eating ass getting fucked he doing all just anything u heard on shaun please.thank u Dec 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta Unfortunately, the release dates for both Scotty and Shaun got pushed back until March. They're trying to appeal, but looks like it's still going to be March at the earliest. They've gotten into too many fights and thrown into the hole too many times. So no BBA Christmas surprises from them, I'm afraid, but thankfully March isn't too far off!
deboer85 i love it when these guys swallow cum! Dec 21, 2021
cam6594 I say bring out knockout and staxx! Dec 19, 2021
mrwhitley1 How are you bothered by constructive criticism.
I’ve offered support multiple times…you had a whole blog with people offering (free) concepts.
We all are giving you real FEEDBACK from a site We intentionally SUPPORT for FREE.

Stop being a bad PIMP, THATS THE SOLUTION.

You gotta be the only Jewish person I’ve ever known to have NO CONNECTIONS 😑.

All said WITH LOVE. 😁
Dec 19, 2021
MichaelGalletta Maybe you've overlooked or ignored my other recent replies to you. Calling us incompetent morons for not including certain things in a scene and acting like you're the first person ever to consider these possibilities isn't "constructive criticism," it's hostile and arrogant and entirely unhelpful.

To sum up what I've said in countless other replies to you, when something isn't included in a scene, there's usually a very good reason for it and it's not for any lack of trying on our part. I can't just wave a magic wand and make these guys do everything we want to see them do.

Also, I'm not Jewish, so that was a really weird and unnecessary thing to say lol.
11luvme2u @MichaelGalletta I LOVE SURPRISES!! Definitely hot BBA ones. I can't wait! Thanks for the update. Dec 15, 2021
chucke1 Exactly as expected, I totally understand! NP! Dec 15, 2021
deboer85 thats ok, go for quality (new young handsome boys!) above quantity Dec 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta Good News & Bad News: Good News is that after A LOT of patient perseverance, we finally have some exciting holiday production plans in the works, including a couple hot surprises I think most of you guys will love. The Bad News is that in order to juggle and accommodate everyone's complicated December schedules, we had to push back our production plans to this week/weekend. That means we won't be able to update the site until on or around Thursday, December 23rd. Still hoping we'll be able to deliver three updates before the end of this month, but if that ends up not being possible, then we'll definitely make it up to our monthly members with extra time added to their memberships or an extra update posted in January. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we work hard behind the scenes to stuff your Christmas stockings with BBA goodies! Dec 14, 2021
bigdaddy1051 Any Idea at all when you expect to post an update? Dec 13, 2021
Docteur I just discovered that Blake Bishop and Ross kissed, though not a tongue kiss on the their first encounter when Blake started on his abdomen and worked his way up to his lips and they kissed. So this was not the first time that Ross was kissed on camera. In their second encounter there was a moment that Blake seemed like he was going to kiss him but realized that with Ross that was a no no. Dec 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta Yes, that peck in their first scene can hardly be considered "kissing" and he stubbornly refused every time after that, so I stand by what I said in the summary lol. I did, however, honestly forget that Ross ate ass, albeit with a ton of whipped cream, in his Christmas scene with Apollo. Although that also hardly counts since he was mainly just licking up a bunch of whipped cream lol.
skinnylegend122 can we bring beno back??? asking for a friend 😂 Dec 11, 2021
djv1234 I also like to see Dominic again, hopefully with Stallion. Dec 11, 2021
cookmanc 🙋🏿‍♂️ Where is Dominic at Dec 11, 2021
ACTION7 as they say, KISSES DON'T LIE, looks to me like both are sexually attracted to each other, initially liking this shit too much! Ross got a lot of guts passing up STALLION'S love... Dec 10, 2021
Coolrod This website used to be A1 but has really gone downhill! Quality of models and scenes are very poor. I miss the personal touch and that black futon! Too many porn stars - what happened to the regular guy from the streets?? Dec 10, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry you feel that way, but couldn't disagree more. If you truly think guys as smoking hot as Stallion, Rush, Saxgotem, Bandit, Zander, etc. are "very poor quality," then I'd recommend you see an optometrist ASAP. Many of these scenes we've posted since the Bandit's Beach House series rank among some of the hottest and best scenes I've ever filmed, including several "personal touch" interviews just like the good old Blue Futon days.

And too many porn stars? WTF? We haven't featured any "porn stars" since coming back from our COVID hiatus, so no idea what you're talking about there. Stallion, Slim, Elijah, Kavii, Rush, etc. are all "regular guys" never seen before. Saxgotem had an OnlyFans, but he'd never done studio porn before BBA and we're proud to be able to feature him doing things on camera he's never done before.
11luvme2u @MichaelGalletta. Mike you're too much!!!! LMAO!! People just don't understand all it takes and what goes behind making a scene memorable. Question, are we getting three updates in December as usual? Dec 9, 2021
MichaelGalletta That's our goal, but a lot will depend on how these December production plans go. If we're unable to post three updates before the end of this month, then we'll definitely try to make it up to our members with extra time added to their memberships or an extra update posted in January.
mrwhitley1 Truthfully BBA is the issue. ROSS didn’t Kiss Apollo, Saint, Trapp, Blake, or Bandit.
& ALL OF A SUDDEN y’all got him kissing a NEW MODEL 👀 whaaaatTF!

It’s crazy I let some time pass before viewing this…& Everyone implying Stallion isn’t hard…WHEN YOU CLEARLY SEE 💪🏾🍆 before Ross threw off the vibe stating He can’t shove it in his ass…
Y’all should’ve allowed Ross to Play the Veteran BBA model showing the rope to New BIG 🍆 BBA Model. 🤓
Stallion was Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A soft dick really cannot enter an 🍑🕳…& Stallion was INN.
I saw the pumping and was like oh shit he bout to break Ross…then the attitude came.
In Short. You can see Ross was & is ok being handled, just handled with care. I honestly think they were scared of each other. They both fine as fuck, & were visually in awe of one another.
Ross just wanted a little care while inserting until he was comfortable with Balls Deep, I think he was mad that he went INN so fast.
(Lowkey implying Ross is loose 👌🏾🤣)
Y’all know straight boys always tryna come off like they’re Virgin Status 😑💀
Y’all model’s stay verbalizing how they don’t get fucked & it’s been awhile.
Why didn’t Stallion 👅 Ross 🍑???

***Like mike you were THERE giving all that direction & didn’t think We’d wanna see Stallion 👅 Ross 🍑 before fuckin him.
It was all so simple!!!!!!
😩 Of course he’d be mad someone’s trying to go balls deep when he hasn’t “been fucked” 🙃 since Bandit.
I feel bad for Stallion because he’s brought the 🔥 in all his scenes thus far…I hope he’s unaffected with future scenes.

Mike, you HAVE TO MAKE NICE w Ross.
Ross has contributed too much to the site and the site’s legacy 💰 “TO DIS DAY” for you to be dismissive w him.
Ross is an Actor…of course He wants to be a diva every blue moon.
Dec 7, 2021
MichaelGalletta OMG, I am such a moron. How could I possibly forget to ask Stallion to eat Ross's ass in this scene? Or ask Ross to kiss before now? Damn, and I've only been doing this professionally for over a decade. Thanks for helping me realize what a stupid, clueless, incompetent director I am for failing to include this in the scene.

(That's dripping with sarcasm in case you still don't comprehend; see my previous replies to you to better understand why).
dlbangout Wait didn’t Ross eat Dominic ass in House of Whores lol ‬he was a cute lil Elf 🧝 Dec 6, 2021
MichaelGalletta Nope, only Trapp and Bandit ate Dominic's ass in that scene. Dominic did eat Ross's ass, though.
dlbangout Wow I love Ross and Stallion I personally spent today watching all of Ross films from beginning to end. Then when I got to the Stallion scene of course I was blue balls pissed lol. Ross clearly is going through something or that day wasn’t his day. We all go through it. Or maybe he’s going through something on the daily you just never know. This is one of them days he may have "brought his problems to work" they are both sexy, dope, talented young men. Stallion handled himself like a gentleman. Yes he has a lot of meat but I’ve seen him use it he knows what he’s doing. Ross I felt your pain when you said he kept pushing lol it looks like that but he wasn’t he was squeezing his own meat, which upon entry can shoot that sharp pain sometimes but it goes away lol. Ross is scared of that sharp pain point and I know the feeling but it gets greater later. Ross was probably upset about something already and it just threw him over the edge. I hope a reshoot is coming with these two and they actually hit it off. Dec 6, 2021
LAlbright18 It’s the fact that everyone keeps trying to stay “Stallion needs to do this and that, blah blah blah”…. From the comments and responses I read, you try to keep a hard on when someone already has a pissy attitude! It makes you not even want to take part! Hell in real life, let a bottom start bitching and complaining, it’s exit stage left for me bruh! Ross has been cool for the most part, but from the scenes I’ve seen him in, it seems like it takes a little extra work to get him to actually relax and chill. His face gives him away every time!!! I applaud Stallion for keeping his cool and not really popping off on shawty! He gets mad respect from me!
This isn’t the first time we have seen BTS footage and with BTS, you see the good and the bad, I get some didn’t like it, but hell it’s REALITY! I appreciate Mike and Montez for still trying to work under the pressure, but uhhh…. Yeah! Good luck! Next time follow your gut, if you feel as if you need to cancel or cut a scene before it even starts… DO IT!!!! Still a big BBA fan, and will always be, been with you guys since Xtube days, and even when you had to work with some difficult models back then! Keep doing your thing!!!!
Dec 5, 2021
Montez Thank you for your comments. This scene was highly requested, so we tried. We didn't give up so easily, but when it became clear that it just wasn't going to work, we called it off.
Arrozganny Omg 😳 this shocked me 🙁☹️I NEVER saw Ross act like this this threw me off guard this had potential I'm so bummed I really didn’t expect this to happen Dec 4, 2021
Montez You're not alone (as evident from the comments lol). We were very disappointed as well. Try to enjoy the hot moments though. There are definitely some good ones.
11luvme2u It's crazy for this scene to have only 69 likes at the time I'm writing this comment but it has 130 COMMENTS! lol It really shows that this scene did actually have good moments and had so much potential. Dec 2, 2021
MichaelGalletta Well, that's an optimistic way of looking at it lol.

I'd say a more cynical (and probably more accurate) interpretation is that gays LOVE any kind of drama or conflict or juicy gossip. 🤷‍♂️😂
Johnyy Michael Galletta No one is frozen in time. Beno looked good. What do you do at a certain age you're out. Beno gives passion. That's ageless. Dec 2, 2021
nastyscorp10 @MichaelGalletta Can you please get Beno back? He would be perfect for breaking Stallion in or Rush for that matter! Beno and Lil Jake would melt my screen, super passionate and nasty hot simultaneously🔥🔥😛🤤 Dec 1, 2021
MichaelGalletta I still keep in touch with Beno and I'm pretty sure he'd be willing to come back. Just please keep in mind he's almost a decade older than the last time you saw him. I think a lot of viewers think these guys stay frozen in time, which thankfully they do in their BBA scenes but not in real life.
islandboy44 maybe Stallion and Manny??? Dec 1, 2021
islandboy44 still love you ross but was a Little disappointed ....... rematch I hope to come Dec 1, 2021
ACTION7 It looked like great chemistry to me, too much chemistry that gets one into his deep feelings, Ross was in a war with himself, we all been there. This chemistry idea, we not talking about them getting married, or the thought may have indirectly crossed ROSS'S mind? straight, gay, bi, etc., let's do HUMAN more often; I'm a CANCER and we go introvert on u in a minute.... this scene was screaming potential...DOMINIC, ROSS, STALLION in a 3 way flip flop? Dec 1, 2021
Jayden27 SMH. Damn. Just Damn.

There were so many great moments in this scene. Ross and Stallion kissing was hot as hell. The fact that neither of them like to kiss made the moment even hotter! Orally, this scene was FIRE! Ross eating Stallion's cakes was definitely a highlight. The view of Ross' face in between Stallion's ass cheeks while he's giving the hole all of his tongue..*chef's kiss*. I still remember that he needed whip cream to lick Apollo down in 2015--no whip cream now huh? LOL! Ross receiving head from Stallion was the highlight of the scene. His facial expressions and moans were definitely indicative of the pleasurable sensation that Stallion was serving through his oral work. Good shit!

It all came crashing down when Ross decided to go on a tirade. I couldn't help but wonder what the source of Ross' behavior was to cause the breakdown. All I have to say is that the body never lies. Watch the scene closely before the breakdown. Who knows? Maybe he enjoyed Stallion more than he cared to admit, and that's the reason he was frontin'? Damn. Ain't no telling what this scene could have been. Who knows what the future will bring? Maybe, just maybe, time will allow for another opportunity for this scene to be done right. Let's hope so, and let's cross our fingers that the right Ross will show up for the occasion.

To Mike, Montez, Ross and Stallion, thanks! Even though it didn't come out as intended, there were many great moments. Thank you!
Nov 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the positive and supportive review! I love that we can always count on you to look on the bright side, LOL.

It's funny, I'd completely forgotten about Ross eating Apollo's ass in that Christmas scene. Guess that makes my scene summary somewhat misleading, but it was an honest mistake and this was the first time he truly tasted another man's ass (and what a first meal it was!). You know I've been doing this a long time when I start forgetting major moments like that lol.
11luvme2u I know I mentioned it before but man oh man if there was a Ross and Stallion "My Bad Bro" make up scene that shit would be fire! If they both played that good role play and "made up" with passion I bet it would be one of the best BBA scenes ever. I stand by my comment that Ross or any other model can be replaced and should come to work with a positive attitude but I have to admit I'd love to see a scene like I described. We shall see... Nov 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta Just wanted to draw your attention to this new feature where Montez and I can now reply under individual comments. Montez already replied to another one of your comments below. Sorry to dash your hopes, but I can safely say that Stallion and Ross will never work together again. Stallion is the second model since production resumed to pull me aside after a shoot with Ross and beg me to never pair them together again.
rog9989 Stallion will be even hotter when he moisturizes Nov 29, 2021
VSWboy18 Hopefully you can hire Jahan again. He's been doing a lot of ass play videos lately. Nov 29, 2021
griz85 First all of this was so HOT AND SO REALLLLL I UNDERSTAND Michael why you put it up so much love and respect for you and ross👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿,Also stallion attitude personality and reasoning was great too. I cannot wait until Ross comes back. Very hot and real!!!!!!! He worked hard for his place!!! Turn onnnnnnn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and perfect thank you!! Ross and trapp hook ups are my top 5 best hook ups. They have great straight action chemistry, I will pay to see them again!!!

This is the awesome and truthful about BBA no one plays no games Everyone is straight up!!
Kingston is hot in my books too for he is so real too

also their Scene was so on point and real..... yes I am saying real so many times for a lot of these sites act really fake and not realistic. BBA ON POINT!!!!!!!!

Those who are ganging up on Ross... must not have kids and have to worry about picking them up on time!!! No shade but let’s be realistic!! The scene was taking way too long for him.

Michael you were very professional too!!!

Michael respect for respecting Ross reality! Also caring about your peeps 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

I am a true Ross fan no matter what anyone says!! He works hard for his place and ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For him especially him putting his child before his 💰

Wait a minute... do I have a straight crush on Ross 👀.... I need to get a drink..I am leaving now. BBA ROCKS👏🏿👏🏿 Love you all ✌🏿
Nov 28, 2021
BBAFan clearly not the scene anyone had hoped for, I am disappointed in Ross.....but I guess these things happen in this line of work. I am hoping for something extra hot for the Christmas update. Nov 28, 2021
Dangerboy Hats off to BBA for rolling with the punches. I love Ross. We all get in our feelings. Ain’t nobody perfect. BBA is still my favorite site for all the right reasons. I Ain't got nothing but love for Ross, Stallion, Montez and Michael. Y’all keep ya heads up and keep doing your best. Nov 28, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. Your loyalty and support means more than you know!
colormeblk I just have a question??? Did Ross get paid his contracted salary for that stunt he pulled at the end? one more thing... if Ross has a track record of sometimes being difficult to work with... then why even bother to book him?? There are too many sexy ass models that dream of the opportunity of being a BBA employee! Now I heard Ross say he was sitting in the hallway butt naked for an hour...meaning you guys were not ready to shoot on time.. if so that wasn't cool, if Ross was ready to go....then the set should have been ready too .. if what he was saying is true... because that maybe where the attitude came from... Mike or Tez? please explain that part???? Nov 27, 2021
Montez We were indeed ready to shoot on time. The context of Ross sitting around waiting, is at the start of the shoot, he was being difficult and acting out. That caused Michael to cut and it threw Stallion off, as he did not know what to make of Ross' attitude. Conversations then had to take place and Stallion asked for some time to get back in the right head space. Which is why he was sitting in the hallway. What you see in the scene is actually the SECOND attempt to start the scene. The first of which was cut due to Ross' antics.
Johnyy Ross had a bad day. So what move on people. Nov 27, 2021
throatmonster86 Um you don’t have to shade Ross because it didn’t work out, assuming that he can take it cause he took others is a little unprofessional. It’s not like you bottom on camera and even if you do we don’t know what type of dicks you take or even if you do. Stallions dick is enormous on camera so it’s probably even bigger in person he shouldn’t be degraded just because he “couldn’t take dick” people have limitations and this man isn’t even gay. Idk the video being here is whatever but it’s your language in the caption I know you’re not happy the scene didn’t work out but no need to disrespect your models for any reason Nov 27, 2021
Montez You are ignoring the fact that Stallion's dick size and Ross being able to take or not take it, had NOTHING to do with what went down. We've stated this several times lol. No one is trying to be disrespectful, we are just explaining what happened and why. It's the truth.
shetl4 I told myself that I wasn't going to comment, as I rarely do when content is uploaded NOT to my liking. I have been a member of BBA for years, and have seen all ebbs and flows with new models, contributors, and updated sites. Where this latest update strikes a nerve is that the chemistry wasn't there between the models, and that should have been addressed by staff. Moreover, showing content for the sake of content isn't always best for the brand. I consider myself a valued member, and have no problem waiting for your best content to be uploaded when ready; this just isn't 'fine work', and difficult to watch. It wasn't a pleasure seeing Ross OR Stallion perform something new when we had to watch the rest unfold before our eyes; creating the [unnecessary] bias towards either model. Why not shorten the clip, and leave us with a teaser? I look forward to seeing better work in the future, and will continue to support. Nov 27, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for your continued interest and long-time support. I understand and respect your point of view. As a long-time member, you know that we have always shared "behind the scenes" footage and outtakes from time to time, including from shoots like this one that went completely off the rails. Some viewers enjoy these gritty glimpses into how the sausage gets made, while others do not.

FWIW, we clearly labeled this as BTS content, candidly explained our reasons for releasing it, and offered it at a discounted credits price so those viewers who don't want to see this kind of thing can easily avoid it.
emiliano69 Damn, how are you going to bash Ross that hard in the description.... They definitely had no chemistry. Nov 27, 2021
MrBrown19942 Listen, I LOVE this scene! They definitely have chemistry. The kissing is amazing! Ross ate the entire hell, out of Stallion's ass! Thank you, BBA! Nov 26, 2021
monkibone1134 Okay so I notice several issues with this scene. It did have lots of potential but certain things should have been addressed. 1. It should have been cut and edited down as to not show Ross in a bad light, I get that he had a bad reaction but he isn’t the first nor will he be the last. The camera should have cut and it should have been a private talk with Mike 2. There was more foreplay on Stallion than Ross, and for relaxing to take a big dick, he needed it (particularly) getting ate out. 3. Stallion needs to be able to get hard and stay hard if he is going to perform or give up his ass. This is the second scene I’ve seen where he really couldn’t perform 4. Even though Ross has bottomed for other endowed tops, they took their time and let him get use to them. They each stimulated him so that he was way more receptive. Getting a huge dick shoved in you from the beginning is not going to be pleasant for any guy bottoming unless he is loose with no walls. I can understand getting annoyed when you’re uncomfortable and being told “I’m holding it like this so it can be hard…”
I guarantee it would’ve went way smoother with Zander than with Stallion. The scene could have switched to Stallion eating Ross’s ass in versions positions like a thanksgiving ham and letting Ross sit on his dick a little (if he could stay hard). It would’ve definitely worked better. I say all this to say, Stallion has potential but needs work beyond being attractive with a big dick. Ross needs to better communicate his frustrations without losing his cool. BBA needs to work on alternate plans for when things aren’t working in their shoot like they use to. They could have jerked off, swapped oral, mike could’ve replaced Stallion etc. But try to not shed them in a bad light. I mean Beno, Kenny, Shaun, Scotty, Rico, Kingston and even Saint are just a few who have had bad moments in BBA history ( yes I’ve been with BBA that long—- X tube days.) outtakes with out a positive result just puts people on a hate train for a model who we know can come back with the right guys and give an outstanding performance.
Nov 26, 2021
MichaelGalletta Stallion had NOTHING to do with why this scene didn't work out. This was the first and only time he's ever had trouble getting hard, and that was a direct result of Ross's shitty and uncooperative attitude (which was present before the official shoot even began).

I'd also encourage you to read some of my other replies, especially the one making it clear that this had nothing to do with Ross being unable to take dick.

As far as "alternate plans" go, did you actually see the way this shoot ended LOL??? Ross literally QUIT the shoot. There was simply no saving this scene at that point.
dreadhead8 It appears to me that Ross has limp issues from this scene and the one with bandit it seems Ross may have been frustrated he mentioned something about waiting in a hallway naked for a hr but they both started off fully clothed 🤷🏾‍♂️ And he had responsibilities to handle seems stallion couldn’t get it up that’s not appealing to see a softy on the flick then again ross can’t do no wrong in my eyes Nov 26, 2021
caliroc Good for Ross, not allowing himself to be “PUNKed”. I’ve noticed that Stallion can become aggressively disrespectful in his scenes. Until he takes something larger than a tongue, he needs to chill on the “gangsta“ attitude in scenes. I’d love to see him bottom for Bandit or Blake, then flip flop with Ross. My two cents… Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta Stallion didn't do a damn thing wrong in this scene, and he sure as hell didn't "disrespect" or display any "gangsta" attitude toward his scene partner. Ross didn't do what he signed up to do, end of story.
princegwa Well I feel Ross was way out of line on this one. There was no thought for his fan base at all. But my thought is give him one pass but, at the same time if this is not the first time then he should be let go. we don't know everything that goes on behind the scenes. But you did state you don't know which Ross you are getting prior to his arriving before work that's not good business. On a regular job he would be fired. Nov 25, 2021
Ataylor90 Ross is actually my favorite model on this sight I instantly click on any scene with him in it, but wtf was this he just pulled? Why was this even posted? Mike should have cut this scene out Nov 25, 2021
smokey1984 PETTY PETTY PETTY. This should’ve stayed behind the scene. I think it’s unprofessional of Ross and highly unprofessional of BBA to show this. What goes on behind closed doors should’ve stayed there. Ross 👎🏿👎🏿 BBA 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta We're a REALITY PORN site that has always taken our viewers behind the scenes of shoots that don't work out from time to time. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to watch this.

Like Montez has already explained in another reply, if we hadn't included that ending, viewers like you would be on here complaining about the lack of fucking and wondering how we could possibly be so clueless and incompetent as to not film that. 🙄
swamp96 Ok Ross had a good run. See you never. Stallion deserves better, I didn’t want to say it but Ross hasn’t been fine since he came back in 2019… Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta Now that's a bit harsh lol. When Ross shows up in the right frame of mind, he does exceptional work and I think the number of fans coming to his defense in these comments is a reflection of that.
m1chae1525 I'm perfectly fine with this being the last time we see the Diva. Let him go back to his str8 life, the footage of him sucking and taking dick will always exist and will sustain us. And when his money get tight and he comes crawling back, make sure you say No! Nov 25, 2021
Dualex That was interesting... The first part was hot, seeing 2 alpha males trying to kiss, suck, discover each other's body. Something inside tells me Ross was acting. I refuse to believe he was being a diva. Tell us that was a prank and that the real deal is on its way lol. This pairing is all I had been waiting for. Stallion's body language reminds me of Dominic's. Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta Like I told you on Twitter, you have a hilariously high estimation of our models’ acting abilities if you truly think Ross and Stallion were acting. Like, this would be some next-level, Oscar-worthy shit to put Meryl Streep and Viola Davis to shame, if you were right. Sadly, this was all too real and these two will never work together again.
jardonm I don't think it was a bad scene. Two hot guys kissing and giving head works for me. I wouldn't call it a failure that they didn't end up fucking. I enjoyed the scene. Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the positivity lol. Glad you were still able to enjoy this unfinished scene.
juan24 I watched half the video then went to tv to see what NFL games are playing today, Thanksgiving. Came back to BBA and curiously started to read the COMMENTS. They was loaded asf. With gunfire! So, i went back to the vid and watched it till end. All i got to say is THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK LIFE IS PRETTY EVERYDAY, YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING. I was kool with what went down bc i know life can be MESSY SOME FUCKING TIME. So whats the big deal? Ross wasnt happy with what was going down. Shit...happens yall. Im glad Mike posted it. Lets us know that Think of the duck swimming across a pond. On the surface, the duck looks calm, kool, and collected. But look BELOW the surface and you will see his little feet violently paddling like the duck done lost his mind, lol. THATS life yo. I give this video 5 out of 5 stars (the FIRST to get 5 from me, and i been off and on BBA for years). Btw, i love both these brothers for sacrificing shit to entertain us with our greedy minds, lol. We wanna always see the str8 brothers go deep, so to speak, but im kool just seeing them go where they feel comfortable going, and those places are enough for me. They should be for yawl too. Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta FIVE STARS??? Really??? Well, you're certainly always full of surprises. 😜😂

Thanks for sharing your hilarious and almost poetic take on this whole fiasco. Glad you're able to appreciate the raw realness we try to share with our members.
Prime2021 Ross cappn like he can’t take dick!!!!! The attitude Ross had was a major turn off. Ass must not be good because dude couldn’t get hard Nov 25, 2021
reddude15 This was a scene that actually shows what happens with gay for pay models it doesn’t make me dislike Ross at all mike just showed us what he has to deal with sometimes. Stallion was a trooper never got mad held it together I know Ross will make it up to us thanks mike for the raw footage Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thank you. You make a great point about Stallion being a trooper. This could have gotten MUCH uglier with a different scene partner who was less patient and professional than Stallion was under these circumstances.
RobbySan29 BBA has disappointed me so much this year, no variety AT ALL with these new videos. Same shit, same routine, same models, every week. Not one new foot fetish scene, like damn switch it up sometimes!! Nov 25, 2021
MichaelGalletta While I've always welcomed constructive criticism from viewers, it's ignorant comments like this one that I find the most annoying and deserving of a rebuttal. If you're mad because we haven't featured any foot fetish content, just say so. But to say our scenes are all exactly the same is just ridiculously, demonstrably FALSE.

In the last couple months alone, we've featured gay models, straight models, dark-skinned, light-skinned, solo content, a taboo scene with two brothers, a threesome, and a Halloween GANG-BANG of a popular OnlyFans model. But sure, go off on the lack of variety.... 🙄🤦‍♂️
ACTION7 has Ross been this difficult with other models, if so, who? Ross should call everybody involved and apologize, and commit to a RE-DO... Nov 25, 2021
ACTION7 so far ROSS has an emotional strong attachment to Stallion but does not want to lose control so up goes the walls; everything about Stallion is irresistible, including the plump bedroom lips Nov 25, 2021
GottiMilk No cap I need Stallion to let it breathe for a minute fr. Like he's only been on the scene 5 minutes and I'm already tired of seeing him smh. I mean but if you going to show up, show up ready.. shake your nerves off bring some hard dick and get this money. As for ross, I'm familiar with dudes like him so his behavior doesn't surprise me at all it's just unfortunate. Nov 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta Stallion has NEVER had this issue with anyone else. In fact, he's never even needed his phone, which is extremely rare among our "gay for pay" guys. He did everything we asked him to do and was a pleasure to work with as always. You try staying hard with an uncooperative scene partner who displays an ugly attitude and resists taking your dick every step of the way. Stallion was extremely professional and patient, considering the circumstances.
Comewel I wish there was a dislike button! Apparently Ross don’t have his priorities in check if he is talking about his kids come first when he should have thought about all of that before agreeing to suck some dick Nov 24, 2021
lablue OK I read a lil of the comments on here. Stallion got a phat thick head on him Saxgotem had trouble 2. Y he couldn't just admit he could take it. I do agree with every1 else about firing him. He do good scene. If u have a person that have been doing this 4 a while and can't seem to b professional on set. This scene could have went another way 2 work out 2 save the scene. But guys take ur time if u need it. All of ur other scene were amazing. Ok do we get update on some 2 kno if they still coming back like Trapp, Saint or even Apollo. We would like 2 kno. Thank u 4 reading this. Ur ride or die fan LaBlue. Nov 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta I'll try to post a long overdue "Where Are They Now?" on the blog within the next couple months, since we keep getting so many requests for certain models who are in all likelihood gone for good, due to no fault or lack of trying on our part.
mocombo Sorry but another comment - I think it was fantastic that you released this and it doesn't diminish my views about the website or even Ross at all. I remember reading an interview with the legendary William Higgins in which he said that the most difficult models to work with nearly always turned out to be the biggest and most popular stars. He also suggested that these models were very territorial and tended to be jealous of up and coming new models stealing their thunder. I also look at it this way: if a model is hard to work with but the outcomes are (usually) good, it shows just how much skill the director really has. From a different angle, Diva behaviour doesn't cut the mustard anymore as everything has become so competitive. Maybe Ross just needs a holiday - a nice 6 month break ought to do it :) Nov 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for sharing this thoughtful and understanding reply! I especially appreciate you including that quote from the legendary William Higgins. I hadn't heard that before, but I've been saying the exact same thing to Montez and others for YEARS lol. I put up with far more than I probably should when I know a model is popular with our viewers.
phly76er I have to say i agree with Chris, for BBA to air this scene was unprofessional, what ever the situation with Ross attitude should have been dealt with prior to filming. Show a side of humanity for the ppl who expose themselves to help make you money. No one should’ve ever seen this side of any of your models especially someone like Ross. One of your top models if anyone should be upset it should be him if anyone chooses not to ever work with BBA again it should be him. Every scene that has aired with him in it has always been of him in a positive attitude, to show that side of him and then complain its been a problem for a while is wrong. You’ve dealt with it this long even after he was gone for three years dealing with personal issues you accepted him back not ever airing one word of him being a problem. Grow up and learn to respect your models when its them that put their body’s on display to make you money. You owe each and every last member an apology for airing this horrible scene. Take it down and apologize to that young man. You owe him that much. This was completely unprofessional on all levels. Nov 24, 2021
Cookie20 I am just not sure what going on with BBA, the schedule push backs and excuses are the same as before covid. It’s the lack of a contingency plan for me… BBA is not giving the same vibe it use to… please drop a where are they now vid or something… something that we can look forward to. Nov 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta I don't think you have a clear understanding of everything that goes into making these scenes. There are only so many "contingency plans" we can come up with when our models have to get tested in advance and then fly to us from various cities all over the country. It's not like we're filming in the BBA equivalent of the Playboy Mansion, surrounded by dozens of hot, naked guys who can jump in and take another model's place when something doesn't work out. There's not much we can do when the back-up plan to the back-up plan doesn't work out, which is often the case.

Despite these occasional setbacks, I'm extremely proud of the content we've shared with our viewers since production resumed, and the fact that we've still consistently updated at least 3 times a month as promised, and with the exception of Halloween and Thanksgiving weeks, always on the same day (Thursdays).
bigblackdick89 First off I can see for myself Stallion be trying to shove that dick in a mf but im sure im not the only one stallion NEEDS TO START TRYING TO TAKE DICK THEN GIVE IT. Nov 24, 2021
andalite241 The ending was hard to watch. Im not sure how this makes any party look good Nov 24, 2021
BluGod12 ‪So much to unpack lol

We, as the audience, didn’t need to see that ending honestly. We’re not privy to the full situation and showing a portion paints a narrative that the editors want to tell. You’ve edited past videos with models that you’ve always stated were difficult without showing them upset, but not this time. All of a sudden, Ross is stated to be difficult bts when he’s had two runs/eras with BBA and I don’t recall mentioning of it. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that some ppl are like hold up now lol

I did notice Ross said his kids come first, he had stuff to do, and things were different than the plan. What happened? Why was he sitting naked for an hour in the hallway? Was he scheduled to be there for a certain amount of time and suddenly had to go?

The scenes of late have been hit or miss for multiple reasons. Pairings with no chemistry, unnecessary extra models, and scenes that seem logistically off are just as much a cause as model behavior.

I’m not saying a backlog is required, but I think it’d help in situations where you’re having trouble with new content. Just a suggestion to realign and then come back with the power BBA had 2017-2019.
Nov 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta Some of this has already been addressed by Montez in other replies. Ross's comment about his kids was total BS. We weren't keeping him any later than scheduled. In fact, his whole meltdown and quitting the shoot took place less than 10 minutes into the fucking portion of the shoot, which on average lasts at least a couple hours. Please tell me any other job where an employee can give their employer an ultimatum and say "If I'm not finished with this work by such-and-such a time, I'm quitting!" and that be okay.

I'm sorry you've found our recent content to be "hit or miss" lately. I'm proud of all the scenes we've posted since the admittedly uneven Bandit's Beach House series, and would even rank many of them among the best scenes I've ever filmed, including those pre-COVID years you mentioned lol.

I'd love nothing more than to have a large "backlog" to rely on during difficult times. But that simply hasn't been possible since coming back from a year-plus long production hiatus due to a global pandemic. That would require us taking at least several months off to build up a sizable collection of successful shoots, and I don't think anyone really wants that (nor would it be financially feasible). So we continue rolling with the punches and doing the best we can to bring our viewers the hottest possible content considering the circumstances at the time.
mocombo Well I liked it! I always like behind the scenes and hearing directions, but a hissy fit is certainly new! Clearly Ross was having a bad day. Stallion was being a real gentleman there! Nov 24, 2021
LukeNasty0416 Okay, soooooo honestly I’m not seeing why this scene is getting the reviews that it is. It was hot until the end, and what people are failing to realize is that this shit is not as easy as it looks. This is fantasy. Most of these guys are not out here taking dick on a day to day basis. This was just not one of Ross’ good days. Still team Ross all the way. What I don’t like is how the scene ended. We definitely didn’t need to see that. Not making any excuses for him but you definitely have had some models whose attitude on camera disgusted me and nobody had much to say then. Still love BBA and Ross. Bad taste in letting the fans see him pop off like that though. Nov 24, 2021
solowzy Will rush be returning soon? Nov 24, 2021
FreakTeach After watching the scene I'm super confused by these comments. Ross still fine af and was willing but it seems like yall could have done more to make him comfortable. Also, if he says his kids come first then that's it. Saw nothing wrong imo. Nov 24, 2021
izaite i rarely comment. while i didn't really care for the scene i love me some Ross and Stallion is one of my new favs. people going hard on Ross in the comments. Geez. He human, the dick was hurting and he got annoyed. Just cuz they doing porn for us viewers doesn't mean they don't have bad days or get annoyed. i say they should just have a reshoot with more foreplay. hopefully the next update is worth the wait though. cuz this definitely wasn't it. Nov 24, 2021
B4UBuss2 "My kids come first" ...nuff said. I can see why Ross complained. Stallion has yet to look like he knows what he is doing, he fucks so awkward to me, I don't see the hype. He afraid to be submissive and just BOTTOM because clearly he would like that. Something just isn't right with them and how they fuck, it just comes off "forceful" like he's taking it or getting something he isn't used to getting and idk it doesn't put me in the mind of pleasure more danger danger let me help them escape. I guess I just don't understand this "appeal" behind "gay for pay" "straight" "actors" - there's a disconnect if your dick gets hard for $ - with the abundance of gay guys why not work with better talent - this facade that these guys are "straight" is comical lol - there's the "masc" gay the "dl" gay the "discreet" gay the "strict top" gay the "bi" gay the "trans" gay and now "I ain't gay but I get paid to enjoy sex with another male smh - just own your sexuality and stfu - psychologically you can expect these type of responses when you participate with this state of mind - dude its ok to like what you like but this whole I'm 'straight' but I'm giving D, taking D, etcetera for "munney" is a fallacy Nov 24, 2021
maxkev1 @chrisgoins33 You might be right. The end of this scene showing Ross’ disrespectful and unprofessional attitude probably shouldn’t have been shared with us. Then Ross’ reputation wouldn’t have taken a hit. But then I think, ‘This IS reality porn and this is the reality of the situation.’ Now we won’t have to guess why we probably won’t see Ross for a while. Nov 24, 2021
MichaelGalletta I'll try my best to reply to some of your individual comments soon, and please be on the lookout for a cool new feature where replies from Montez and myself will now appear indented UNDER your individual comments. But here are just a few general thoughts for now:

1) PLEASE READ THE SCENE SUMMARY! I tried my best to explain a larger context for this frustrating shoot. But it's pretty obvious from some of these comments that a lot of you didn't read before commenting lol.

2) Let me be very clear: This had NOTHING to do with Ross being unable to take Stallion's dick. Ross LOVES and CRAVES anal stimulation, he made that much clear going all the way back to some of his earlier scenes before he even started bottoming. You've witnessed with your own eyes him taking HUGE dicks from the likes of Blake Bishop, Trapp, and Bandit with ease. Hell, he's shoved an entire CUCUMBER up his ass with no problem. 🤦‍♂️🙄😂

Just watch his facial expressions and body language throughout the shoot. He showed up with a bad attitude determined to prove to the other guys he's not gay or a bottom. Having worked with Ross for many years, and having seen other shoots ruined for similar reasons, I even pulled Montez aside and came *this close* to calling it off before the shoot even started, because I could already see where this was headed. It's a shame too, because like many of you have been pointing out, ON PAPER this sounded like a DREAM SCENE.

3) Please keep in mind there's a lot that happened both before and after this shoot that wasn't captured on camera. This is NOT about us being petty and annoyed just because Ross couldn't take dick....that was never the real problem anyways lol.

4) Our intentions aren't to "ruin" Ross for anyone. Like I said in the summary, when he shows up with a positive attitude, Ross can be a pleasure to work with and deliver AMAZING scenes. It's just a shame that isn't always the case.

5) Let's all take a deep breath and focus on just how HOT it was seeing Ross finally kiss another guy and shove his face in another guy's ass. After literally YEARS of stubbornly refusing to do so. THAT'S the main reason we decided to share this in the first place. 😈💦
Nov 23, 2021
GoodPuzzyBihh Omg you need to let Ross go. I thought he pretty cool with the vid he did w/ lil bro. This vid prove how much of a big head he has now when it come to this and he's not the best one on here. Bro need to chill out Nov 23, 2021
chrisgoins33 I don’t respect BBA for this I think it’s unprofessional and take away from the respect from the models and Montez and Mike. Ross was in his feeling yes but we shouldn’t have seen footage like this because it don’t make sense to see a scene that wasn’t completely finished I think in my opinion it should of never have been posted at all just out of respect of the models but we have to understand these guys are gay for pay but they are straight men just doing a Job to please the fans. Have more respect for them BBA do better in securing that your models are okay and if Ross had an attitude from the beginning you should of addressed that before posting anything Nov 23, 2021
kelvin Is Ross always like this? Got to see an arrogant diva side of him. If I talk to my employer like that I would be terminated. I think I will stop watching this shit. Nov 23, 2021
hines1983 Give Ross the Boot!!🥾 Nov 23, 2021
getdickhoe @Mike you are better than me. Ross is one of my favs on here, but if he came on my set acting like a fucking female like he did in this scene, that would be his final shoot. He’d be doing scenes for free before I let his ass come back. And @Stallion you get even more respect from me for not popping off on his lil diva ass. 👏👏👏 Nov 23, 2021
samjones90 WOW!!!!! This makes me not like Ross anymore. Nov 23, 2021
MrBrown19942 Although this scene ended with Ross having an attitude, I still appreciate the footage before that moment. I believe Ross and Stallion have chemistry. For what it's worth, I enjoyed this video too! Thank you, BBA. I know you didn’t go into this shoot with the intention of this happening, but, thank you for posting it! I bust a nutt to it, too. 👏🏿🔥 🤷🏾‍♂️ Nov 23, 2021
11AYALPKLB I still stand by my baby Ross he had something on his mind this definitely was totally uncalled for but I'm sure Mike will suck his apology he's too fine to Let Go Nov 23, 2021
malkezie0 why blame the model.... shouldn't you make them feel comfortable instead of trying to force them to do things they don't want to do? Nov 23, 2021
Montez No one was forced to do anything. Ross repeatedly requested to be a part of the shoot and agreed to everything that was asked of him. None of this had anything to do with us making him uncomfortable.
11luvme2u Silly me. I commented before reading the scene description. I strongly believe BBA is a company that many hot guys would love to work for because of the professionalism and generosity shown to the models. ANYONE CAN BE REPLACED! Ross is no exception! Mike, Montez, or any model should not be disrespected. Things happen but if it's a situation of "I don't know which Ross will show up today" then get rid of him. Hell Stallion is a perfect example. He's new and look how popular he is. He should definitely apologize. It's sad because anybody can tell this scene should have been one of the best not of the year but EVER! Nov 23, 2021
11luvme2u I think for BBA to have released this scene there must be a purpose or a sexy make up scene coming. I wouldn't mind a scene where Ross genuinely apologizes to Stallion and they fuck each other's brains out. Nov 23, 2021
Montez Nah, we released it because it still had some very hot moments, that we hadn't seen from Ross before. If we would have just cut it there, the pitch forks would have been out lol. Everyone would have been cursing us out asking where's the rest and why didn't they fuck. lol
LukeNasty0416 Damn!! I usually like to read the comments before watching the video, but I’m not too sure this time. Hell, I’m actually nervous to watch it now. Lbs!! Hoping everyone is overreacting to Ross because I love that guy and the energy he brings in his scenes. Nov 23, 2021
lnorton Stallion is a different kind of bro; a whole different flavor from the typical BBA model...I noticed that from his very first scene. Change is good. You have to give Ross a pass on this can't just dive into a bro like Ross without plenty of sense is that had the timing, script, and logistics been better, Ross would have taken one for the team like Blake...Stallion is no joke. Nov 23, 2021
Beyy88 No I understood exactly where Ross was coming from. Your not hard so just start wit the head & ease your way in. Bul was just trying to ram it in. Stallion likes the money but can’t get hard is my problem with him. Sucks some ok dick tho! Nov 23, 2021
Montez Ross' attitude was evident from the start. Well before any clothes came off, so that was not the issue lol
tron79 i thought stallion was giving up some ass this time Nov 23, 2021
viper_izzy It’s clear that stallion has no idea what he’s doing. Ross should’ve been paired with a better model… And also why highlight him in a negative light. It’s sad that the models are treated this way. Nov 23, 2021
cocopop What the hell did I just watch? The tension, attitude was obvious from the start. Never seen this side of Ross before, Stallion, having worked with a half a dozen other models so far, he seem to get along with all well. Brother, you're not the only straight model with BBA. All are paid a good salary, all but you put their pride aside, kiss, and eat ass. Where I've always been a fan, maybe this ain't your line of work. Bandit, was strong on what he was willing to do, but soon came around. You're being paid what other straight models are, for doing less than they're willing to do. Disappointed in you. Nov 23, 2021
tywan93 WTH is going on with this website smh so disappointing Nov 23, 2021
texasbugg mike u need to take a look at (MR THIRDLEG) on onlyfans page he ready that young thug is a pure freak and he sexy ass fuck ass super fatt super size dick he got it all. Nov 23, 2021
ilovepuss96 I was not expecting that lmaooo. Wow people really are extremely different behind the scenes, then again we all are human so we can’t be mad if it just wasn’t his day. Nov 23, 2021
Jerity41 Ross is 🗑. Pair stallion with sax again or Apollo Nov 23, 2021
candyceg3 How are so many people having negative comments about Ross like geesh nobody knows what happened he showed us clips and then who know what the agreement to recording the session was about Nov 23, 2021
ef8432 What about giving Ross a scene with one of the new bottoms that way he can only be on top for a scene & the stress of being a bottom wouldn’t be on him. Nov 23, 2021
elleb789 Why Ross gotta take limp dick and have it shoved in? I could see if he was hard... Stallion needs to shove it in and get a stroke....but it's the bottom fault? Do better! Nov 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Stallion did nothing wrong. He's a straight/"gay for pay" model who is still relatively new to fucking guys in the ass. Ross is an experienced bottom whose ass has taken gigantic dildos and entire cucumbers with ease. What's worked best for Stallion in his three scenes filmed prior to this, is him entering the guy semi-soft, then getting a stroke going until he's fully hard and can properly and aggressively FUCK. This is what we were attempting in this scene, with zero cooperation from Ross. Like Stallion tells him near the end of this footage, if Ross can't even take his dick SOFT, no way in hell he's going to be able to get it in HARD. (But to be clear, that was just Ross fronting, which he's had a history of doing in the past).
Duchess I Agree with A lot of the comments I’ve Read.ROSS was coming Across as a mean DIVA Boi,and has been with us for Quite some time Now.Should know how to make A not so seasoned model feel comfortable,He had the nerve to Show out like this 😡 In Tyra Banks Voice 🗣HOW DARE YOU!! AND WE ALL WAS ROOTING FOR YOU!!! Being DISRESPECTFUL TO Sweet MONTEZ,MONEY MIKE,AND THE “A1 OH SO FINE MR STALLION” You Gonna learn from this.. PS You should be Benched or Canceled just like that Dreadlock Boi I forget his Name don’t even Wanna Mention him 😒 Nov 23, 2021
Shirly223 OMG I wanna cry lolol I clicked on this SO fast lol. Please try again lmao Ross aint gotta kiss or eat ass, he was great doin what he was doin before. This should've been one of the best videos on the site Nov 23, 2021
trance Wow I love Ross and Stallion but thanks for sharing this....not because they're being paid these guys will automatically perform....such a shame I love watching Ross take dick....make you wonder if these two had some encounter before hand that Ross had this attitude...still hot Michael Nov 23, 2021
maybelater This was weird! Started out good, however probably would have went better if Stallion would have ate Ross ass. One thing I notice is Ross loves his ass ate. I'm just saying, A good ass eating would make a straight guy consider being fuck! Nov 23, 2021
davids This outtake scene needs to be taken out. The negative vibe cast toward the end is not the correct tone for the company or the holiday season when everyone is usually happy. I love both of these guys, but Ross should not show up at work high on his ego. Stallion is a rising star in the adult entertainment industry. Moving forward, pair him with guys who are not intimidated by his presence or big dick. I hope to see Stallion and Dominic or Apollo together soon and bring a more festive feel to the holiday season. Nov 23, 2021
Dah0995 Ross— I’ve been a member since like 2015 & I have to personally say I’m so disappointed. I can’t believe the attitude. While your stance is important in the situation, I don’t think THIS was an overall good look for BBA. Mike you definitely should remove this. Wow— an amazing pairing that completely fell through. Nov 23, 2021
twannu50 Y'all just pushing out scenes, last two have been Complete Garbage. Nov 23, 2021
djv1234 Things have been going so well with great new scenes and great new performers since the new BBA site opened. But sorry to note that swings and moods of performers and prospective performers can cause such problems. Also a pity that having had such a long suspension of videos due to Covid, we now have another delay albeit shorter till the next scene in mid December. However hopefully there's a silver lining as it gives BBA over 3 weeks to work on a Stallion bottoming scene that would please so many members. Nov 23, 2021
damon8 Oh. Maybe Ross needs a new cucumber? 😀 Nov 23, 2021
damon8 And you say I’m a cranky bitch. SMDH 🤣 It’s a quality usually only seen in women who think they're all that. If they don't think you measure up they will belittle you, bully you, or spread rumors about you in order to hurt your reputation while making themselves seem cool. They're very self-centered and shallow individuals and expect others to treat them like a queen. That was ugly but I’m glad you posted it and keep shit real.
Lastly, these type of people can easily put those around them into a bad mood, cause problems between people, and drive space between their relationships.
The best way to keep your spirits up is to stay away from people with bitchitude. PS ~ I’m not a bitch. I’m a fucking dick. Please don’t get it twisted 🙄
Nov 23, 2021
chrisa94 I don't even comment on vids but Ross went from my top 5 to literally me wanting to cancel my subscription Nov 23, 2021
Docteur It had promise and then went South. I wanna see Stallion and Bandit in an all-out kiss, fuck, suck, toss each other, etc.
I also want to see Rush with Stylez in a flip-flop. Time for a great Xmas special with no holes unfucked and no dicks unsucked. Michael, any update on Shaun and Scotty?
Nov 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta Unfortunately, both of their release dates have been pushed back to March.
TennesseeBator If Ross is going to act like this, bring in Rush to take his spot. ROTATE! Nov 22, 2021
MichaelGalletta If only it were that easy! 😈😅
yobyxxx WTF was wrong wit Ross?? Nov 22, 2021
jisabell Not good bro. You should have never released this Nov 22, 2021
aw4567 Can you put Ross and Montez together. They have a chemistry that was unmistakable during the q&a… even if they don’t penetrate… or Montez and Dominic! Or Apollo. We just want Montez in front of the camera man! Nov 22, 2021
Montez lol I appreciate the love. Not sure I want to be in front of the camera though. lol
cam6594 Well I still like Ross. Stallion needs to get fucked with that phat ass of his. When Shaun gonna show us that prison christened bootyhole? Nov 22, 2021
partyboyest82 We can cancel Ross! He was a whole Bitch for that. Nov 22, 2021
dreadhead8 Aww man my dream pairing I love Ross hopefully y’all can work it out Nov 22, 2021
haughtona2 I love you Ross but really? Why the attitude? You had no problem when Bandit, Trapp and Blake topped you but it a problem with Stallion?! 🥴🤨 Nov 22, 2021
Sageking3 Personally i like what you were able to get. Ross that dude no matter what he always on my roster. Nov 22, 2021
Whitneyy Canceling subscription and Ross you a bitch for that. Makin Michael lose money & subscribers cuz u wanna be on bullshit! No. Let his ass go Nov 22, 2021
200water I saw Ross and Stallion and immediately clicked lol. The kissing was so hot. Thank you Ross and Stallion for pushing those boundaries. The little bit of sex that did happen was also hot! I think Stallion was a good sport. I hope Ross can regroup and do this scene over because this would have been the hottest scene of the year! I still busted a nut lol Nov 22, 2021
scrappydoo123 Not a good pairing at all. You can tell that Stallion wasn't into this scene when his dick wasn't even hard. ROSS not one of my favorites anyway so my expectations from him is very low. Nov 22, 2021
texasbugg i was hard as hell from the start got to the end went soft. mike while u all r on your break could u do some of the models who will not be back i'm waiting to see if trapp will be back just do half a list i wish trapp would have did this scene would have been a better pairing. Nov 22, 2021
texasbugg i loved the scene until the end i say u all should cut ross just let him go please there r 2 many young thugs out there that would love to make that money i hope the lil brother is not like that so again let ross ride into the sunset bye bye ross. Nov 22, 2021
kooper Stallion still is A1 .. I could watch at least 8 more scenes with him Nov 22, 2021

We don't usually do this, but this week we're taking viewers behind the scenes of a video-shoot that started off with a lot of potential, but turned out to be a disappointing disaster.

ON PAPER, this sounded like an explosive and spectacular pairing. Stallion is one of the sexiest new "gay for pay" tops we've filmed in awhile, and when Ross actually shows up with a positive attitude, he is easily one of our sexiest bottoms, eager and almost desperate to unleash his repressed inner freak.

The problem is that we never know exactly which Ross is going to show up. Montez and I have been joking about this for years. Ross is easily the most difficult and obstinate model I've ever worked with, including D-Rel. And for this particular shoot, he showed up with heavier than usual emotional baggage and an apparent determination to prove his "straightness" to Stallion and everyone else.

Of course it probably didn't help that we were asking him to do two major things he's stubbornly refused to try before now: Kiss another guy and finally eat another guy's ass.

On the bright side, this features some hot and exclusive footage of Ross doing both of these things, plus Stallion getting more dick-sucking practice (this was also technically his first time kissing, since it was filmed BEFORE the Halloween Afterparty).

Unfortunately, when it came time to take Stallion's dick, Ross decided to act like he's never taken dick before in his life. This, plus a growing mutual annoyance and lack of chemistry between the two guys, ended up bringing this shoot to a disastrous and premature end.

It still has its fair share of hot and memorable moments, however, and I know many viewers will enjoy witnessing for themselves what went down when we paired these two fan favorites together and asked Ross to take things to this "last level."

We apologize for the lackluster update heading into Thanksgiving weekend, but unfortunately recent production delays left us with no other choice.

Not only did THREE of the shoots we had planned for our Halloween production trip end up not working out (this scene included), but our production plans for this past weekend also fell completely apart when a promising new straight model got cold feet at the very last minute. We could have filmed some boring, predictable scenes featuring guys you've already seen a ton lately, but we made the difficult decision to postpone our plans and save our budget for better scenes (and hopefully more fresh faces) in the near future.

As a result of these regrettable production delays, there will be a slightly longer than usual wait between now and our next website update. Our plan is to regroup, reschedule, and hopefully return with our three promised updates for the month of December starting Thursday, December 16th.

[UPDATE 12/15: Good News & Bad News: Good News is that after A LOT of patient perseverance, we finally have some exciting holiday production plans in the works, including a couple hot surprises I think most of you guys will love. The Bad News is that in order to juggle and accommodate everyone's complicated December schedules, we had to push back our production plans to this week/weekend. That means we won't be able to update the site until on or around Thursday, December 23rd. Still hoping we'll be able to deliver three updates before the end of this month, but if that ends up not being possible, then we'll definitely make it up to our monthly members with extra time added to their memberships or an extra update posted in January. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we work hard behind the scenes to stuff your Christmas stockings with BBA goodies!]

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everybody! Hope everyone enjoys a fun and memorable holiday with family and/or friends. Please rest assured that as the weather continues to get colder, we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you more sizzling-hot scenes to keep you stroking and warm! Stay tuned!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Bonus Footage/Outtakes, First Times, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 22, 2021 24 min
Photo of Ross
Photo of Stallion

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