Game Break #3: After Hours

taytay1234 Isaiah and Zander seem like they would make a good video. Apr 9, 2023
nate_abernathy21 Isaiah is boring, he can’t give head and he too tense or something like loosen up. Oct 7, 2022
kennyg Isaiah nutting while getting fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really didn't expect that. Since neither is my favorite, I'm just now seeing the end. Two thumbs up. Sep 19, 2022
bigfanwow Isaiah has become one of my favs! He’s always been super sexy and nasty. But he’s been getting more mad more vocal. Definitely needs to come back Sep 16, 2022
jaypablo Love sax, one of my favorites, he’s hot and sexy, I’ve always been a fan of Isaiah since he first came on, the straight boy everyone would want, great scene pairing them together. May 28, 2022
markusg24 Loved the storyline! Mar 22, 2022
AstroCock YEEEES!!!!!!! Bottoms cumming with the D in the butt... Thats what im looking for! Keep doing THAT and ill never leave! Mar 10, 2022
MichaelGalletta Lots of models can't do it. Either the top and/or bottom can't cum from fucking/getting fucked. Which makes it all the more glorious and exciting when it happens!
Wiccan107 Damn Isaiah is soooo sexy. I'd love to put this on him. FRFR Feb 22, 2022
mrwhitley1 Wow, good scene.
Why is everyone talking about Sax??? All his bottoms be HAPPY. Blake loved him, Isaiah loved Him, & Bandit did too. Let him do his thing as a top…it’s all in the stroke.
Everyone isn’t looking for that weird abusive rapey sex vibe.
But like I said his bottoms be happy.
So 🤐
Feb 18, 2022
LOSO Isaiah is my fav! Really looking forward to see more of him! Feb 15, 2022
LemanR1980 Isaiah's butt is my Utopia. If I could ever taste it, I would have reached Shangri-La! There would be nothing else in life that I would yearn for after that. Feb 11, 2022
MichaelGalletta I shared your comment with Isaiah and he thought it was both hilarious and flattering.
flipper265 Was waiting for the passion, a kiss or two. Watching Isaiah get his ass eaten was incredible! Overall, wish there was a little more chemistry and passion, but seeing Isaiah in action with another man is always a treat. 4.6/10! Feb 5, 2022
tonye904 I’m extremely happy to see Isaiah come back just please pair him with a dude that actually knows how to fuck him and gives that ass the dick he deserves fr Jan 30, 2022
wolfeisawesome Loved it! Nailed the sleep portion without being too short or too bland! Jan 26, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! Probably helped that this is a wicked fantasy of my own, rooted in that time many, many years ago when I was in middle school and I had a cute French foreign exchange student sharing my room for the summer and....well, you can probably guess the rest. 😈😅
atl2011 Sax and Isaiah are two sexy guys, but this was boring overall. Sax has a nice dick, but his stroke game needs some work. Jan 23, 2022
JezeroCrater Isaiah has a nice hairy hole. Shoot I wanted to smash lol. I wanted to eat sax hole myself. That facial expression sax gave while he was getting his ass ate. Jan 21, 2022
Akashic1 I need Sax, Stallion and a talented bottom in a threesome ....maybe one of the Bandit Beach House twinks, those gurls can take some diiick!!🤌🏾😛or Shameeks and Sax Jan 21, 2022
Shirly223 Teach him to open his legs while laying on his back. It looks awkward with two closed legs in the air Jan 20, 2022
JerseyFreak I just thought about it, what ever happened to Shameeks? I just got a feeling that him and Saxgotem would've been a perfect verse scene Jan 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta I will try to provide an update on guys like Shameeks, Dominic, Trapp, Saint, etc. in a blog post in the near future. Thanks!
Godfather07 I like Sax but he is a boy and you don't send a boy to fuck a MAN Sax is in need of course 101 in How to Fuck a Man, it was nice to look at Sax little fat ass and I liked this video because Isaiah is in it and he is still one of BBA finest model and sexy men, like Sax I love Isaiah big ass and his hole in all I liked the video out of 10 I give it a 8 Jan 19, 2022
MIDNIGHT85 I swear I would love to fuck Isaiah. I really feel like it would be a great viewing! But he would have to get in all my favorite positions. Sometimes I wish I did porn. Because I have a list for BBA, starting with Isaiah, Apollo, Ross, just to name a few… Jan 19, 2022
GoodPuzzyBihh I love Sax! Honestly he was the reason I initially subscribe even though I’ve been fan for years. I think him as a performer will grow and he hot all the way around. Would love to see him paired with Scuba or Saint (when is he coming back?! One of my faves) Jan 19, 2022
Dualex Sax Vs Deontrey. They both have a very freaky side. Jan 18, 2022
colormeblk Isaiah is just my FAVORITE MODEL I love every thing he has done here on BBA (well except the straight scene LOL) He has the most AMAZING ASS... hell I would pay him double of what you pay him Michael for just one hour alone.. no cap! LOL Thank you Michael for great content!! Jan 17, 2022
dreadhead8 Would love to see Isaiah or Apollo take back to back creampies in a gangbang then push it all out at the end them two and ross take the best dick out of all the straight dudes probably out of the whole bba Jan 17, 2022
greenhung11 It is an event each time Isaiah bottoms, and he does not disappoint. So hot to see him really enjoy it. Always happy with an Isaiah scene! Jan 16, 2022
bigboii37 Sax is so sexy. I’m surprised michael doesn’t have a scene with him. That would be great Jan 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta No shade to myself, but that's A LOT of ass for a modest-sized manhood like mine! 😬😅
Jayden27 The "Game Break" series continues. Glad to see it as all three features of this collection have been good! In this scene though, it seems like the game began during the actual break to be honest. LOL. I liked this one. Ass lovers should have been very happy with this update as both of these men have plenty of it to offer. Let's get into this "Game Break".

First off, where the hell y'all be filming these scenes? That house looked crazy nice! Glad to see Sax and Isaiah again! I have to admit though, this is a pairing I never saw coming, but it worked nicely. The scene had a "chill sexy" vibe--sexy, but laid back at the same time, very nice! Isaiah looked comfortable AF on that couch. I can't blame Sax as I wanted to join Isaiah on the couch myself--real shit! There were a lot of great "ASS moments" in this scene.

Moment #1: Isaiah's ass is an apparent magnet, and it draws Sax, causing him to explore further. The conversation between Sax and Isaiah when Sax was eating the cakes was golden!

"You know you got a phat ass right," Sax says flirtatiously.

"Oh yeah? You think so," Isaiah says smiling

"Shiiit, it's showing itself to me" Sax replies...

Make no mistake about it. Isaiah's ass is a BBA trademark that's been loved by fans for many years, and it doesn't take long to see why.

Moment 2: Sax gets on top of Isaiah's face to serve him some cake. Sax's ass is a luscious bubble of deliciousness waiting to be devoured. I was so jealous of Isaiah as he got to taste Sax's beautiful cakes. I love the part where he rubbed his ballsack across Isaiah's nose. Awesome---(I don't know if Isaiah loved it as much though! LOL) The view of Sax from the back is unmatched. I watched that frame over and over again because Sax was looking good AF. I might turn that one into a tweet--real talk.

Moment #3: The closeups of Isaiah's ass when he was giving Sax head. They were glorious! I wanted to jump through the screen to get to work on one of BBA's most treasured ASSets. lol. Michael, thank you!

Moment #4: Sax stands up over Isaiah to get head. Again- the view of Sax from the back is *chef's kiss*

Moment #5: Sax gets on all fours and Isaiah buries his face in Sax's cakes!

Moment #6: Camera goes under Sax and Isaiah to get an underside view of the action. HOT as always.

Isaiah's pre-cum was another hot moment. Am I the only one that gets turned on by Isaiah's groans and cursing while he's getting fucked? LOL I loved seeing Isaiah's legs lifted in the air when he was getting fucked. HOT! The ending was hot, though I didn't understand why Isaiah suddenly had his wife beater back on when it was off before. Sax drops off his kids on Isaiah's ass and sneaks off. At the end when Isaiah was trying to figure things out, I just wanted him to keep his ass out and leave the top of his pants down. The ending was cute though--Isaiah's like "Where'd he go?" and the camera pans to show Sax at the top of the stairs. Good shit!

Special thanks to Mike, Sax, and Isaiah! I definitely enjoyed this "game break", and I do hope we can have more--enjoyed that shit!
Jan 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the enthusiastic and encouraging review! Really enjoyed your thorough and entertaining breakdown of all the moments you found hottest in this scene. I laughed when I read your comment about the location because that was probably one of the shittiest locations we've ever filmed at lol. Never again. But I'm glad it came across as looking nice in the scene at least.

Not sure if you realized, but the whole idea is that the actual sex part might all just be a dream/fantasy in Sax's mind. The only "real" thing going on is Sax being a perv and feeling up Isaiah in his sleep and later cumming on his ass while he sleeps. Everything else was just fantasy....or was it lol? Anyway, that's the premise. The wife beater came off for the cumshot so Isaiah could bust on his stomach, but Sax's cumshot is back to the "reality" part where Isaiah is still sleeping with his wife-beater on. Hope that makes sense?

I'm so glad you and so many others seem to be enjoying this one, even more than I expected tbh. Maybe I was just exhausted after so much editing, but after posting this I told Montez it's one I probably wouldn't ever revisit. But guess what scene I ended up busting to last night before bed??? LOL.

Something about watching Isaiah's beautiful bubble-butt get pounded by a big raw dick still gets me every damn time!
Kaib Do a scene with Sax and Stylez. Jan 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the hot suggestion! This is definitely on my list of potential pairings for the near future.
Dualex Next bring on an Apollo/Stallion part 1... Jan 16, 2022
11luvme2u It's so amazing to read the comments and observe how different people can watch the same scene and interpret it TOTALLY differently. lol Watching the same scene and one says how they were feeling each other emotionally and someone else says, "no passion, no chemistry". No shade meant, just an observation. Jan 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta Right??? It's especially funny when that happens in back-to-back comments. Like there will literally be a comment saying "this is complete shit, you morons should have kept this in the archives" followed by a comment from someone else saying it's their new all-time favorite BBA scene lol. It can be both hilarious and maddening sometimes.
dadoom44 Great scene, good to see Isaiah back in the action with a 1-on-1 would have love to seen them with their socks off at least. Sax is showing potential. I think he needs to get bottomed 1-on-1 to bring out that I want to top energy Jan 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the feedback. We have viewers who like the see the guys leave their socks on, and this seemed like a good setting for that to happen, which is why I allowed the exception. I also agree that more bottoming experience will probably help Saxgotem become a better top.
mopapper I love Isaiah and I love that he's one of the only ones on the site who can really take a dick long and hard Jan 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta Right? Who would have thought that one of the straightest guys I've ever worked with would also turn out to be our best bottom? He honestly puts a lot of our gay and bisexual bottoms to shame lol.
faulknerfan An exceptional BBA update. Thought at first it might be ho-hum since the two performers have been seen a lot recently, but loved how you took plenty of time introducing the guys and the situation, letting expectation build. Then when the sex started it was again unhurried, natural, and ... sexy! Also loved having the short guy Saxgotem topping a much bigger guy. Jan 15, 2022
Docteur No passion, no chemistry. Isaiah is one of my Top 5, but this was not a good pairing IMHO. The supposed section where he was cumming while being penetrated seemed unreal because we couldn't see the penis actually inside of him, bringing back the same sort of memory between Blake Bishop and Bandit, where the latter cummed while being penetrated. We know Blake Bishop can cum that way, so can Freaky J, Shazeer, Rico Pruitt, Ross, Jay C, Manny Killa and Lil Tyga.
Still hoping for Deontrey and Apollo in a flip-flop and for Stylez to be gangbanged by all that he has topped like: Bandit, Apollo and Isaiah.
Jan 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta I don't usually like to shoot down fantasy requests from our fans, but I'm going to make an exception and tell you right now that your Revenge on Stylez Gang-Bang scene is NEVER going to happen lol. Sorry!
mac198726 We need a more aggressive top next time but ok scene. I feel the bottom wanted it more rough and hard. A creampie would have made it better ngl Jan 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta I actually agree with this. We're trying to coach Sax to be a little more aggressive and intense when he's fucking, and hopefully we'll see him get better and better with practice and time.
ACTION7 This is one of those moments where ISAIAH was getting into what it means to enjoy sex, they both were feeling each other emotionally. Isaiah coming while getting fucked is priceless, let's have more of that. Jan 14, 2022
damon8 Tell that “foot fetish” dude to quit begging.
Ain’t nobody wanna see that shit in every scene.
Jan 14, 2022
Duchess Yeah I agree this was Ight like ‘Em Both just don’t have Sax Sign a contract because all contract signing on Cam Models just seem to disappear 🤷🏾‍♂️ Jan 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta Huh? Not sure what you mean by that.
Jjdude86 Please please please Mike can you do a ‘boyfriend experience’ video with Apollo pleasuring Stallion. Jan 14, 2022
addict88 Appreciate seeing Isaiah in some new positions. Jan 14, 2022
SharodXXL I love how thick Sax is now! And I love seeing Isaiah bottom more often and getting his big bubble butt fucked! I would love to see Isaiah get gangbanged and slutted out by all the new guys! Jan 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta Bandit and Isaiah are two models I NEVER get tired of watching take dick. Glad I'm not alone lol!
Prime2021 Damn! Nice, Isaiah is giving it for the hairy booty lovers 🔥🔥🔥 He has a nice hairy hole Jan 13, 2022
DolaDragases Brilliant! Love Isaiah:
It would have been 10/10 if Sax cum inside Isaiah :)
Jan 13, 2022
awj1214 This was OK. Not the best scene especially the couch setting. It was OK tho. Jan 13, 2022
Dualex Sax is a good top, just like Stylez. Makes everyone comfortable. It's not about the size of the ship although his is not small, but he knows how to use it. 21 and such a great top. Who are the 'rest of the guys' who went to the cinema. Hope Apollo and Stallion are part of the bunch. That's all I have to say. Jan 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta This was still part of our December/Christmas production trip, so no, Stallion was not part of this crew, sorry.
11luvme2u Okay! Okay! Cool scene. It was good to see Isaiah again. You can tell Sax was turned on by Isaiah's strong chocolate masculine body. Sometimes steady non-aggressive strokes keep a top from cumming too fast when they're really sexually attracted to a bottom. I am very excited about seeing Sax continue to grow as a performer with BBA. Sax has such a beautiful dick and ass. With time and continued smart pairings I can see him become even more popular. When Sax bottomed in the Halloween scene he took Stylez's dick way easier than Stallion. Therefore I really want to see Sax bottom one-on-one with models who have "manageable" dicks like Justice, Dominic, Apollo, Saint, etc. SAX and TRAPP is a dream scene. I love how verbal Isaiah is compared to when he started but I am hoping that he will incorporate more eye contact with his scene partner during sex. Think about how much sexier it would be if he looked at Sax directly while speaking when he was topping him. Thanks for giving us 4 scenes in January. I can't wait to see what's next. Jan 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta All smart and helpful suggestions, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the scene.
glsfz6 This was an excellent scene I love how hairy his ass is Jan 13, 2022
btd415 Isaiah got a very nice ass! I love it and he sexy to me but he low key boring. He need to ride dick, throw it back or something. That’s the only thing I hate. Also his moaning and shit sounds fake smh. Jan 13, 2022
RobbySan29 Michael you said foot fetish parts of scenes are only a “special occasion” type of category. However, I have seen plenty of other websites that include that in EVERY scene, and that’s why they are able to attract a broader audience but in your case when you dealing with close minded and boring viewers and entertainment stars your work tends to look mediocre cause you're not bringing anything new to the table that we can’t watch for free somewhere else. That’s just my opinion but you do what works for you 🤷🏾‍♂️ Jan 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Just because we don't cater to your personal fetish as much as you'd like doesn't make the rest of our varied content "mediocre."

But I'm so happy to hear you've found "plenty of other websites" that include foot fetish content in every single update. Hopefully this means you can finally shut the fuck up about it here lol.
200water Finally! I thought this would have happened with Knockout. But glad to see Isaiah cum while getting fucked. All I need now is Kingston and I’m good 😊 Jan 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta We're still in touch with Kingston and hope to work with him again soon.
shikahijones230 Love it. It had so much potential. Just there’s no foreplay. Jan 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta I assume by "foreplay" you must mean kissing? Because there's definitely lots of oral and ass-eating. Kissing just didn't fit with the whole forbidden fantasy scenario we were going for here, sorry.
djv1234 Great to see Saxgotem returning so soon with Hot BBA regular Isaiah and hope this means that Sax will now be a BBA regular too. Look forward to seeing both of them in future BBA scenes and hope that Saxgotem maintains his new found versatility that is so Hot!! Jan 13, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! I think it's safe to say that Saxgotem is a BBA regular now. He deserved this break after what he endured in his epic Halloween scene, but we definitely hope to have him try bottoming again soon, next time one-on-one with someone more reasonably endowed like Stylez lol.

Ever wondered what happens at BBA "after hours" when the filming is finished? Well, this newest entry in our "Forbidden Fantasy" series imagines one wicked possibility.

Isaiah and Saxgotem return to the house after seeing "Spider-Man: No Way Home" with the rest of the guys. They talk excitedly about the movie and Saxgotem shows off his new Playstation 5. Isaiah eventually falls asleep while watching Sax play Grand Theft Auto. (Lots of product placements in this scene, I know lol).

Isaiah's infamous bubble-butt stretching against his sweatpants proves to be too strong a temptation for Sax, and he can't help but reach out and cop a quick feel. But when it comes to an ass as glorious as Isaiah's, there's no such thing as only one touch.

Next thing he knows, Sax is grabbing, squeezing, and groping that athletic ass, no doubt imagining just how AMAZING its forbidden insides must feel. He even buries his face deep in the sleeping straight boy's hairy butt to inhale its intoxicating scent.

But things REALLY start to get interesting when Isaiah wakes up....or does he?

Maybe it's just Sax's own fantasies taking over as he dreams about this straight former star basketball player being his to do with whatever he wants for the rest of the night....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Forbidden Fantasy Series, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jan 13, 2022 43 min
Photo of Isaiah
Photo of Saxgotem

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