Julien's Happy Ending

pilsener Love JULIEN!! Pls bring him back!! Jan 1, 2019
cocopop Julien checking out Kody's dick like he saying damm his dick bigger than mine on soft Aug 16, 2016
cocopop That damn Julien's dick still hard even after the nut, don't see that much from neither gay or straight guys on here, must have a potent sexual drive, or just his first time experience, shit stayed hard throughout the interview. Apr 19, 2016
jowilf The NEW BBA models are "straight" guys... we'll see who gonna first give oral, get fucked (finger, dildo, dick) in the next weeks or months. "STAY TUNED!" Mar 13, 2016
cocopop @tori478, OK, maybe he has sucked a dick or had a man suck him before, but that ass to me looked like a virgin ass. So who knows other than Apollo for sure whether he's bi or not, all I know is that I can't wait to see him bottom again. I don't think much of this was acting, he was into Saint, even more than with Ross. Loved it. Mar 13, 2016
curious3397 @tori478 and jowilf you guys are the bomb.org spot on!!!! I had a strange feeling after the "Don't ask Don't tell" scene with Apollo. Being in the army, he's at the very least been sucked off, or sucked off someone, cause he took to Saints dick like he's done it before. In his last top scene, his dick wasn't as stiff like in his first two.... There really isn't that much acting period, either you are aroused or not.. Look at Mello, prime example. Mar 10, 2016
jowilf For me, size doesn't matter as long as you know how to use your tool. When will JULIEN be ready to do a "gay for pay" role? That's to be seen in 2016. Feb 28, 2016
tori478 cocopop I agree somewhat with you because something that is new to you is exciting but from all the other films it is no longer new..the dick up his ass but not the sucking eating ass kissing another man etc. please read jowif comment above like i said I LOVE MYSELF SOME APOLLO but straight HELL NO. I even think he has maybe done this even before BBA bc he is all about the money!!!!I do not think any straight man can act that good read jowif comment about Juliens reaction to gay for pay scene. Feb 27, 2016
stldiscreet1 Julien enjoyed THE HELL out of that head AND that ass...he just isn't comfortable enough to express it...and i think he's Quite surprised that he did...and hey THATS cool...no criticism here Feb 26, 2016
cocopop That little pretty dick still hard long after the nut!! Da..m Julien. Me think he's ready for prime time with a more masculine bottom, maybe Apollo, or a good starter dick for Ross Mike. Feb 23, 2016
retrokid562 I think Julien enjoyed that fucking and his dick stay hard after the fact...I even think he like getting that head when Kody ask him who does it better, men or women...more and more he'll say men lol, ya know the more he come back to get sucked by em on BBA. Feb 22, 2016
cocopop Any man losing his virginity the first time, will come to enjoy the feel of a dick in his ass whether straight or gay. Why should Apollo pretend not to enjoy it, granted he does have the ability to act in his performances. Let that man enjoy that dick without you finding criticism tori478. Feb 19, 2016
tori478 jowilf. I agree with you 100+%. Apollo fine as hell and is the total package..but gay for pay..HELL NO!!!!I am gay and I be damn if I can go straight for pay and enjoy it that much! Feb 17, 2016
jowilf One good thing of JULIEN... promoting "safe sex" which is fit to be a model. That's my NEW man! Feb 15, 2016
sheldon0914 damn that was hot julien has a phat ass mike u need to get ur hands on that i know u can get him to do more r Saint he looks like if he gets with the right person he'll go far ....ready to see more of Julien tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 15, 2016
Kingmi20 it was cool but the real asset is that phat ass of his..that's his best feature damn...hope him getting that phat ass of his pounded is in the future...i can wait!!! lolol Feb 14, 2016
jowilf It only reveals that JULIEN is real... "I ONLY LOVE WOMEN." It shows in the scene. JULIEN did not even touch KODY'S dick and never attempted to kiss. THAT turns me on. JULIEN just remain as like that. LET THEM DO TO YOU BUT DON'T RECIPROCATE. Be peculiar. Don't follow other models like APOLLO who's just pretending as a 100% STRAIGHT?!? I don't think so.😉 Feb 13, 2016
yoooooo mike cory was needed for this scene. Feb 13, 2016
Funnyboy23 Let's get him with someone who will completely turn his ass out. I think he's turning (slowly), but we need someone that will totally turn him OUT!!!

Loved this scene, Michael! One of my favs so far as a 5 almost 6 year fan!
Feb 13, 2016
Funnyboy23 I enjoyed him and Kody together. Kody sucked that dick good. I would love to see him with a more aggressive bottom though. Someone with a phat ass and knows how to take control. Tyga is the first person to come to mind. I wouldn't mind seeing him with Cory as well. Cordell could fit the description as well. Feb 13, 2016
Funnyboy23 FIRE!!!! PERIOD!!

I usually don't comment on the scenes, but I've been waiting to see more of Julien. He goes on my list of "can't wait to see" models. Such as: Isaiah, Apollo, and Ross. I could NOT wait to see more of them and I am glad to see that Julien came back and took the leap.
Feb 13, 2016
write1in618 Oh, Julien was VERY up to the task of topping some boy ass. He was really into it around the 34 min mark ... he was, as they say, beating it up with that aggressive verbal "shut the fuck up" type fucking lol. And, not to knock other models, but he fucked until he came and he came immediately after coming out the ass ... and was STILL hard afterward. He was very ready for this. More, more, more! Feb 12, 2016
jowilf pssssst... APOLLO loves big tool! Maybe, for an oral only scene is fine... Feb 12, 2016
soskeptical I loved this scene and as much as i really do NOT care for Kody I think he did OK. Next time pair him up with Cordell or Saint (Saint being the bottom) Feb 12, 2016
kapukan2 Hot! More Julien! He had a hard time admitting that he did enjoy it. Feb 12, 2016
BigDick7031 I want to see Julien's sexy ass in some raw booty. I want to see some kissing, some ass eating, some sloppy dick sucking... hell you need me to come in and do a guest member scene with him. he is perfect. love his smile. He's hooked now... he just doesn't want to admit it. Feb 12, 2016
vuittonlyfe I can see Julienne Moore becoming a regular she like the sex and head and it seemed like the phone wasn't needed and was just his excuse. I would like to see him be pushed further with someone more aggressive like lil Tyga or Blake. Feb 12, 2016
jowilf 54 likes in just less than 24hrs.! "It's excellent."👍👍👍 Feb 12, 2016
tori478 Started out slow but got very Hot towards the end, Julien was very attractive this time I did not see it in his solo, Kody is cute as well. not a good match tho. both a good asset to BBA but just not together. Feb 12, 2016
onyxx09ra Hot! I have a feeling Julien is curious about more, he just doesn't want to admit it. Maybe a pair up with apollo, cordell, or cory could get him to the next level. Feb 12, 2016
cocopop While I was excited to see Julien back, the brother is sexy as hell, gorgeous face and smile, however he seems much more a reluctant model than Rico as a straight guy. He did perform well when he did get excited. Kody, not really into him but maybe he is less threatening than any of the models on hand. Overall enjoyed it, love to see him with Apollo or Blake, bring him back. Feb 12, 2016
jowilf Michael, you just made my day! This is the scene I'm waiting for....JULIEN's next project. Thanks! Feb 11, 2016
luvpozbrothas Yawn,Yawn,Yawn. Not a very interesting matchup. Feb 11, 2016
jlover1169 That was definitely hot as fuck. Especially the interview afterwards. I loved it. Julien was awesome. Feb 11, 2016
VikingKing Hands down best scene ever. Pay Julien whatever he wants so we can see more and more and more.... and more of him. Feb 11, 2016
zuniboy60 Kody is a keeper he is a cute puppy and JULIEN leave the phone home next time and be a keeper.... Feb 11, 2016

When Julien told me during his solo "audition" that he enjoys getting massages - especially when they come with a surprise "happy ending" - it gave me an idea for how I might be able to get our newest straight recruit to try sex with a guy for the VERY FIRST TIME.

It wasn't easy (or cheap), but despite my own doubts as well as those expressed by some viewers, I was luckily able to convince this sexy straight athlete and amateur MMA fighter to come back for his very first massage from another male.

"Money makes the world go 'round," Julien casually shrugs when I ask him what changed his mind. "I can handle it!"

See for yourself what happens when cute gay boy Kody returns to give the light-skinned "college boy" an erotic massage he will NEVER forget....

With Julien lying flat on his stomach in nothing but his tight underwear, Kody tentatively reaches out to touch the nervous straight boy for the very first time.

This is Julien's VERY FIRST TIME being touched by another man, and he doesn't seem to know quite how to respond! He goes back and forth between clenching his eyes tightly shut or watching straight porn on his phone as the slim, baby-faced "masseur" begins to rub lotion all over his beefy young body.

There are a few awkward and amusing "too close for comfort" moments as Julien's first massage from a guy quickly escalates to the NEXT LEVEL....

Watch with envy as Kody enjoys being the first guy lucky enough to touch and eventually TASTE the pretty dick between Julien's thick legs.

Kody ultimately gives up his cute bubble-butt to that fresh straight-boy dick, showing the skeptical straight jock just how good another guy's tight ass can feel!

Witness firsthand Julien's fascinating roller-coaster ride of reactions ranging from stunned disbelief to guilty pleasure, eventually surrendering to the forbidden thrill of the moment, grabbing the slim gay boy by the hips, and aggressively POUNDING that tight young ass like sweet, virgin pussy!

Categories: Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 11, 2016 44 min
Photo of Julien
Photo of Kody

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