What His Girl Can't Do

man12345 I want to see Stallion give up that ass. When will that happen? Sep 8, 2023
darkmanjah28 Damnnnn. I dont even remember the last 12 min of this vid the last time i subscribed, and now that i think about it, I had prematurely busted during the first 13 min, lol! That's how hot this was, lol. Aug 17, 2023
oxigyne I would love to see Bandit, K9, Stallion, Rico Pruitt & Kavii... Aug 3, 2023
luv2cporn I was happy to finally see Stallion's feet. Damn he is so sexy. I guess Kavii dont like his dick getting hard at all. Stallion knows how to use that big dick!!! Jul 12, 2023
Verdade Hi Mike, love the new models and their sex appeal. Of all the models that do not appear much anymore...I think you are kinda losing us with no Manny, Blake, Justice, Isaiah, Ross, Stylez n the scenes. Please keep us in mind...as to the sexy guys that we all love to see. I know we all bicker about this ...too much of certain models. But man, I signed on to BBA for Manny, Blake, Justice, Ross, Isaiah, Stylez...Man, you need to at least have one of them in a scene with the new guys each feature A little too much of Bandit for me. Let him move aside for the other great guys that have been with you awhile...That have made BBA so great. Not complaining....just love all the guys that have been around a while. that don't appear much anymore...More difficult than it seems. Just to know...that if you get the chance....please feature the sexy guys that have been with you awhile...Please do not overlook them for a timid guy,that may be unsure in a new scene. Man, please keep the sexy guys that have been with you awhile coming back..They are kinda why we signed on. Thanks so much. Jul 11, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Forgive me but this is not a comment about this video and you don't have to post this comment. I just want you to know Michael I appreciate your efforts. I know the hard work you guys put in. To that end I think you should not waste time with more behind thr scenes clips in lieu of an actual update. How about finally posting a video about the many models that we don't see any more. Then maybe people will stop going through the litany of models they would like to see if they know the ones who are not ever returning. Just my thought. I would appreciate that alot more than those behind the scenes clips. Jul 10, 2023
MichaelGalletta Appreciate your honest input but as a general rule, I feel like something is usually better than NOTHING. Plus many viewers actually enjoy our BTS compilations as fun & intimate looks at our models' personalities & everything that goes on behind the scenes. Something to keep everyone entertained while they wait. But don't worry, I still hope to start a "where are they now" series over on Twitter soon!
malkezie0 Fuck im tired of paying every month for "no updates" like wtf. Jul 9, 2023
MichaelGalletta We actually update the site 3 times a month & have been consistently doing so for several years now. You're welcome to check the date stamps on the scenes to verify if you'd like.
001reg Kavii took that pipe with a smile on his face. Sexy af Jul 8, 2023
MichaelGalletta We apologize for not posting a more timely announcement about this being an off week. Things have been a little crazy around here between Montez moving to the ATL & me being out of town for the holiday this past week. You definitely deserved more of a heads-up!

Due to these & several other factors, our July schedule is going to look similar to May's with BTS updates on the 13th & 20th, & two action updates coming at the back-end of the month on 7/27 & 8/3. As always, we'll do our best to make sure they're well worth the wait!

Please limit your comments to actual scene feedback, and I'll try to catch up on replying to some of your other questions and feedback soon. Thank you for your patience!
Jul 8, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Can we please get a schedule for July updates? Jul 8, 2023
MacheDich Kavii licking and eating Stallion's balls is the best moment of that scene. I Iove it so much ; Thank you BBA Jul 7, 2023
Dope88 @dualex everybody in the last 5 updates have been in 2 scenes why are you pointing out bandit and kavii.
Bandit is #1 and does about 4 scenes a year go take a look at the date stamps. #1 should be overworked and he just popped out his 1st scenes of the yr and its July already.
kavii is the only one willing to get smashed by stallion, like most of these men aren't pros at taking peen regardless of how you view them.

@Michael axe the comments,its turning into twitter,its like you’ve explained over and over,getting the guys on the same accord is hard because they have lives outside of this,including children.
i used to enjoy looking at comments to see if i may have overlooked an emotion,now every comment is negative.
i recall ppl saying next time they see stallion he better be giving some strokes to someone and boom u release a video of him doin just that and ppl are still unhappy.
Jul 5, 2023
marios Kavii can take dick, we get it 😑 next model plz Jul 5, 2023
kevindarko5 Kavii moaning is soo annoying, very irritating. i cant stand it .. sounds fake Jul 4, 2023
Seekingbootee Judging from the comments, it appears the majority of this site's fans prefer a certain dynamic, with a preference for more traditionally masculine presenting individuals, regardless of whether they're top or bottom.

Over-saturation of feminine bottom scenes could potentially harken back to a 1990s era of gay porn, where the excessive portrayal of West Hollywood bottoms with stylized hair yet lacking versatility was prevalent. It was a less-than-ideal time in adult entertainment, marked by unpleasant experiences such as malodorous viewing booths and unwanted solicitation.
Jul 4, 2023
Docteur Once again a no thank you for me. I realize there are some that like the femme males, but it is a total no for me. Stallion needs to bottom, period! He and Bandit and K9 need to have an all out threesome where anything goes. Also awaiting a slutting out of Scuba where he is gangbanged. Hopefully Maleek and Rush will come back. I doubt Deontrey will being he is a father of several kids and is getting married. Still waiting on Michael to answer who is incarcerated, who has found Jesus, who has been outted by their family and homies and will never come back, and who is deceased (R.I.P.) :-( Jul 4, 2023
nokiyo36 This was a 🔥🔥 match up I like the chemistry they had. y’all gave stallion just what he needed, a bottom who could handle that dick. this scene goes in thanks bba keep them rolling. what’s going on with getting rush back with that good dick? can we have him back please and maleek and lil Jake would love to see them back Jul 3, 2023
manman1 Dear god please please please change the intro music !!! Its so loud ! If u have the volume up Jul 3, 2023
spondre Stallion is over rated...a top who dick can't stay hard and does not cum without his hand...he started off on BBA good...but now he is a limp dick Jul 2, 2023
Detrell14 @KNG5TNFN I agree with you, but I do believe it’s time for Stallion to bottom! Remember nobody is safe in BBA. Jul 2, 2023
swamp96 Its so funny to me. Im almost certain half of the men talking about how fem Kavii is, are nearly as fem as him. Jul 2, 2023
Horny202 Kavii's moaning kills every scene he's in. It's too much. 🤦🏾 Jul 1, 2023
smfh09 Lmao… tragic. I hope we get different models at some point. Kavii, Bandit, Stallion, the lightskin ‘top’ and Jahan can stay away for at least a year. Jul 1, 2023
brookbroad I couldn't get past the casting..... couldn't even watch it. Only into masculine. Jul 1, 2023
shitletshavefun Not many can take Stallion! Yassss Kavii! I enjoyed this. Jul 1, 2023
rj982272 The best thing BBA done put out in a long time‼️‼️ Jul 1, 2023
malkezie0 Yes such a hot scene. It would be hot to watch kavii get gangbanged Jul 1, 2023
KNG5TNFN I've noticed since "Kavii" came back, and doing well in his scenes, he's giving all these guys rim jobs but none of them are reciprocating..........🤷🏾‍♂️???? @Detrell14 nooo, them two guys are still too masculine to work together its gonna be dry acting... you need someone more sensual with these new guys.. "Justice" is the perfect candidate for them. Like his scene's with "Travis" ( btw where the hell is he?? Need him back asap) and the former " Shameeks" ( now "Sky Bigga") even if its a flip flop "Justice" is perfect for " Kilo", "Legend", "Stallion" & "JujJu".... "Maleek" is perfect for "Scuba"! I mean after that fire burning scene with that kid in atlantic city I think them two boys will have a lot of fun with each other ( "Maleek" & "Scuba"). Thats my choice pairings right now..... but ohhh I'd really love to see " Mar" and "Stallion" together though🔥🔥🔥🔥 film crew whats up? Jun 30, 2023
Dualex You guys take every other week off, then if your first scene does not involve Bandit, it will involve Kavii. Are you having a laugh? Why are the subscriptions not cheaper then? I am no fool. Jun 30, 2023
blackforest @smokey1984 - Youve summed it up in a nutshell. I am so so over Stallion and his non-reciprocal thinking he is all that ass. Jun 30, 2023
misterblack From a pure eye candy perspective, this update is exceptional. Stallion is a handsome man with a magnificent physique: pecs, abs, balls, and a dick and ass to die for. You could almost cum watching Kavii eat his ass and fellate him with his legs spread apart. Kavii's body is very nice as well. BBA has spoiled me though. You often produce the aforementioned, plus models who make love and give each other pleasure. I believe I read in one of Mike's responses that all bottoms don't like to have their dicks sucked and asses eaten. Maybe that's the case with Kavii. If so, he's hit a wall. I would find viewing a partner suck his dick and stick a tongue up his "fat" ass enticing. Maybe that is in the future, maybe not. But I would like to see models this summer who excite each other and enjoy being together; crave each other's bodies, and are eager to please the fans. I've seen that with Apollo, Justice, Zeke, Maleek, Deontrey and a number of others. I mentioned the ones I did because of their lengthy hiatuses. Please don't view my statement as hating on Stallion & Kavii. I'm not. I just really miss some of the others. What you do and what your models do is incredibly hard. Know that I truly appreciate the entire BBA operation. Jun 30, 2023
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing! Great chemistry, and another awesome moment as always, BBA. Thank you! Jun 30, 2023
loverboy02 This is fireeeeeeeeeee!!!! Stallion need to bottom ASAP!!!!!! Jun 30, 2023
wolfkno People are weird. The amount of internalized hatred. Kavii is sexy af and can take the dick like a true pro. The scene was scorching hot. Jun 30, 2023
queen718 I am ready to see Stallion do verse action!
Please grant my wish for the 4th of July lol
Jun 30, 2023
man12345 Why do we have to do the fake my girl won't put out stuff. Jun 30, 2023
shoeman59 Another one bites the dust! The only good part about this pairing was,that person may have gotten Stallion ready to bottom! He felt so good in Doggystyle that he put his legs up for more action from that tongue! That's the only part that I watched,and only did because that person pants were still on. As others who have the same feelings as I do, about this person continue to ruin good scenes! Please give us a break with this person and get back to the BBA we've become familiar with! Kingston,Stylez,Apollo,please come and rescue us!! Jun 29, 2023
Detrell14 Michael this scene was hot 🔥🔥🔥 the chemistry was there! I believe it’s time for Stallion to give it up and bottom! Pair Stallion with JuJu I know that would be hot 🥵 What you say? Nobody is safe in BBA!!! Jun 29, 2023
demereodemereo I am REALLY enjoying seeing Kavii in the forefront. He is my fav right now. Thank you BBA! Jun 29, 2023
kennyg missing the Mike G touch!!!!!!! Jun 29, 2023
VSWboy18 Stallion def loves the fem dudes more. Great scene Jun 29, 2023
Dualex Kavii and Bandit seem to be coming every other week. Tired with them. Jun 29, 2023
azzfedish YAWN! Your pairing needs improvement! Jun 29, 2023
getdickhoe What is the point of enabling comments for customers if you’re not going to use the customer’s feedback to drive your decision-making?

You all should have an interface that lists all of the models and let viewers pick the upcoming pairings and you all go by the highest number of votes.

Also, I would like to see or hear the model’s preference on the site. If they could choose from the same list who would Maleek, Stallion, Juju, Kilo, or any other model want to fuck next?

It seems like these pairings are more of what the production team wants to see, instead of the majority of the viewers.
Jun 29, 2023
A1headhunter Not we hear y’all calling his phone lol Jun 29, 2023
sexydemon101 Can y’all stop giving us exactly what we say we don’t want???? No one asked for this scene 😩💀 Jun 29, 2023
dlking93 Great time for me as well kavii gotta phat ass my lord lol....the riding and kissing made me cum...I loved seeing stallion dick while he was fucking him doggy...idk but I wanna see who can make kavii hard before the action starts or during...but loved the scene Jun 29, 2023
Nigerian Power bottoms are a turn off, even for a Top, such as myself... Scene didn't do anything for ME! Jun 29, 2023
Nick30 Now that my friends was a good scene😧 Jun 28, 2023
wannasuk stallion cant really keep it hard these days. what happened to that one very eager guy stallion was with. he stayed hard for him Jun 28, 2023
chgohydeparker Kavii is so damn pretty and fuckable. Jun 28, 2023
kelofla09 Kavii is over-the-top with the moaning the scene was boring! Luh Redd , Mar or Shameeks B4 transition better bottom. Would love to see him take Stephon, Lil Jake or Trapp down Jun 28, 2023
zebrasex4567 FINALLY! I remember when Stallion first showed up I suggested this pairing. Im happy you guys were finally able to put it together. Now if only we can get Lil Jake back and I will be eternally happy. Jun 28, 2023
mrwhitley1 Y’all need y’all asses whooped!!!!
Boombastic side eye
Jun 28, 2023
smokey1984 Sick of Stallion non reciprocating ass! This shit ain’t for fun, he’s on payroll. I just don’t get it.. Miss me with the excuses of why this Brutha is unable or won’t reciprocate! He’s incredibly sexy, but has become predictable and boring. I don’t get it! Please don’t tell me how straight he is!!!!!!! He ain’t that straight!!!!! Jun 28, 2023
maybelater This was ok and predictable. For Stallion it's time for the next level. He needs multiple nuts in his mouth and that booty hole needs some dick. The way he arches that back he ready. Jun 28, 2023
Meatlover Kavii’s in it so it’s a very hard PASS. Thumbs all the way down. Jun 28, 2023
socalbtm Welcome back Stallion. 👑 Jun 28, 2023
BigBoy44 Pretty good scene actually was wary about the matchup but it went better than expected. Nice mike Jun 28, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Can someone please explain to me why in now six scenes we haven't seen Kavii cum yet? Seems very odd. Unless I have missed something not only hasn't he cum on film but his dick hasn't even been hard. Jun 28, 2023
Akashic1 I have been waiting for this pairing,Kavii is becoming the big dick tamer of BBA & just like my other favorite , Godiva dark choclate.delight Juju , Stallion always serves up an A1.fuckdown..BBA you've done it AGAIN.. Jun 28, 2023
200water I thought I wasn’t going to like this but Kavii rimmed that ass right. I wonder if Stallion could buss that way? Wow, Stallion hole looks so tight Jun 28, 2023

Stallion's back in action again, only this time in the leading role and doing what he does best!

Stallion gets horny and frustrated when the female he's talking to won't give him any pussy due to the size of his dick.

Luckily, Kavii is hanging out in the next room, ready and eager to show the sexually frustrated straight guy a good time by taking on the challenge that Stallion's girl won't even attempt.

​Enjoy this intimate, voyeuristic sneak peek at the type of "DL" encounter taking place behind closed doors every day. Kavii bravely takes all 9 1/2 inches of Stallion's thick, heavy dick down his throat and deep inside his thick and juicy bubble-butt - impressing Stallion by proving he's more than capable of doing WHAT HIS GIRL CAN'T DO!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jun 29, 2023 40 min
Photo of Kavii
Photo of Stallion

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