How Gay Will He Go? (Part Three: The Challenge Round)

After several weeks of difficult and exhausting negotiations, I finally succeeded in convincing D-Rel - the very same 18-year-old straight boy who only wanted to do sex scenes with females and declared up-front that he "didn't want no gay niggas touchin' him sexually" - to come back for a "gay for pay" scene!

I decided to set the scene up as a "Fear Factor"-type game show called "How Gay Will He Go?"

The premise was simple: D-Rel could earn a VERY large sum of money by agreeing to participate in a series of gay-themed "challenges" (written out in advance on index cards). These challenges were divided into three rounds - "Mild," "Medium," and "Challenge" - based on their increasing levels of difficulty. For every challenge he completed, D-Rel could earn a cash prize and get himself one step closer to going home with the maximum pay for the day. How much or how little he ended up doing would be totally up to him! He could refuse to do any or all of the challenges, but each activity's cash value would then be subtracted from his total for the day. He'd be free to quit at ANY TIME during the shoot and STILL walk away with the money he'd earned from the previous challenges.

In Part 1, you watched as D-Rel allowed me to explore every inch of his naked young body, and even agreed to stroke my dick! In Part 2, you witnessed him kiss a guy for the very first time, AND get his dick sucked and ass eaten by a guy for the very first time! Now discover just "how gay" D-Rel ULTIMATELY goes by the end of this unforgettable day!

(This scene is NOT for the easily offended! If you're only interested in sweet and mutual love-making, then this ISN'T the scene for you! If, on the other hand, you're turned on by the idea of watching a straight black boy reluctantly compromise his "straightness" for cash, then this is a scene I guarantee you will never forget!)

The scene begins with a few excerpts from my lengthy negotiations with D-Rel over the activities to be included in this third and final round. After spontaneously blasting cum all over his stomach while my tongue probed his tight virgin hole (see Part 2), D-Rel is clearly embarrassed, exhausted, and reluctant to go any further. In fact, D-Rel comes VERY CLOSE to throwing his clothes back on and leaving my apartment without doing ANYTHING more "gay" than he's already done.

"I've gotta leave with some dignity!" he protests.

Although I'd desperately hoped to convince him to do MUCH more by the end of this scene, I quickly realize that D-Rel is dead serious about calling it quits, and I eventually offer him a compromise. After NEARLY AN HOUR of stressful back-and-forth negotiations, D-Rel finally agrees to suck a dick for the very first time, but nothing more.

"The things I do for money!" he mutters under his breath.

As I stand with my crotch just inches from his face, D-Rel's reluctance and anxiety about putting another man's dick in his mouth intensifies to a level that is both hilarious and arousing at the same time. He comes very close to backing out of our deal, but eventually takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and places my dick between his sweet virgin lips....

Words simply can't do justice to what happens next! You really have to witness this scene for yourself to understand why I say this is one of the most intense, confusing, and thrilling encounters I've ever had with a straight boy! I want you to experience every surprising, suspenseful second right along with me. I'm confident that you will be just as shocked, amazed, amused, and hopefully AROUSED as I was by D-Rel's unbelievably hot performance!

I'm not exaggerating when I say that D-Rel shocks the hell out of me by giving me what might very well be the BEST damn blowjob of my entire life! I don't care if they do belong to an inexperienced and (at least outwardly) disgusted straight boy - you need only take one look at this black boy's beautiful thick lips to know they were MADE to suck other men's dicks!

If you're turned on by noisy, slobbery, cheek-poking, face-smacking oral action, then this is one interracial blowjob you won't want to miss. Things get so nasty and sloppy and WET, in fact, that I have to throw down a towel to catch all the spit spilling out of D-Rel's mouth onto the floor!

When I first met D-Rel and saw how resistant he was to the idea of doing anything "gay," I truly didn't think I'd EVER be lucky enough to get my hard white dick between those juicy-thick lips! Well, there aren't many things "gayer" than sucking another man's dick, and this is one "conquest" I was determined to savor....

I grab the back of D-Rel's head and greedily fuck his cute face. I smack my drool-soaked dick against his chin, cheeks, and tongue as he scowls up at me in submissive endurance. Scowl as he may, D-Rel nevertheless keeps his promise to give me my money's worth in this final round! I even convince him to take off his du-rag and let me stroke his head as he bobs up and down on my dick (probably my favorite part of this round!).

Probably realizing he's pretty much been turned into the "gay for pay" equivalent of the women in the straight porn flick he'd been jacking to earlier, D-Rel hangs his head and mumbles to himself, "I gotta go back home and fuck a GIRL!"

I kneel over D-Rel's face and fuck it the way I'd hoped to be fucking his tight virgin ass! D-Rel closes his eyes and submits to my dick's thrusts as it plunders his warm, wet mouth.

Finally, I lie on my back and instruct D-Rel to lick my hairy pink balls. Then I unleash a huge, messy load all over my stomach and chest - an explosive climax which has no doubt been building since the moment this video-shoot began!

The scene concludes with a brief interview in which D-Rel shares his reactions to having another man's dick in his mouth for the very first time, as well as his reflections on the day's events overall.

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 7, 2009 49 min
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