Bandit's Beach House: Challenge Accepted

davids Bring Slim back in October for the Halloween gang bang. Please line up Stallion, JuJu, Bishop and Denzel to give Slim lots of chocolate treats. Jun 6, 2023
cammoji Hey you should pair Slim with JuJu that would be a scene I would love to watch 💦 Feb 28, 2023
rabidfan77 I LOVE Bandit he is literally the reason I became a member today and when he is DOMINANT like in this scene he just gets me moist. I wish I could submit to Bandit Jan 1, 2023
D-Money25 I just noticed this but the way slim devoured bandit’s dick is literally second to none. Bring him back!!!! Jul 16, 2022
22Michaelbliss_2 Slim is a very strong bottom, taking strokes from Bandit like it's nothing. And he was like; show me why you're number one, that was really nice seeing him take that longest dick in BBA without screaming. Would love to see Slim and Manny Killa together and also Slim and Stallion together. May 5, 2022
313sex This is probably the best stroke game I’ve seen from bandit, slim took it like a pro. They are both sexy. Would love to see slim and stallion together Feb 10, 2022
AMKNPSK Bring back Slim ... iono abt Sax and the rest of the newbies, but Slim is top tier! Jan 31, 2022
unitedguy18 Manny had me weak when they left to get busy "Thanks for coming" Jan 30, 2022
D-Money25 It is VERY apparent that Bandit is into the bottoms, I mean look at the cum, but Slim is also good at sucking dick. I’d love to see Slim and Dominic OR Slim and Manny or Slim, Bandit, and a verse guy.

All in all, this was a HOT scene. I’d like to see more of Bandit topping (he’s obvi not into bottoming) and more of Slim giving head.
Jan 30, 2022
zebrasex4567 When are you guys bringing Slim back? Jan 30, 2022
MichaelGalletta No word on a return date for Slim yet, sorry.
champ1503 please pair slim with scuba Sep 26, 2021
chocltluvr Great Scene! Love Love Love Bandit!! Sep 9, 2021
D-Money25 I’m in love with bandit and like to see him with the more feminine men. It’s VERY clear that he’s attracted to that type of man based on how he responds. Sep 7, 2021
mdcarmichael Please pair Slim with a guy who can suck his dick to the base. He should be serviced before he gives up that ass! Aug 31, 2021
emiliano69 Slim is a pro. He can take dick and got that throw back game. I want to see him top Stylez or Rocky...or flip flop with Scuba. Aug 29, 2021
KNG5TNFN In the begining with "MannyKilla" & "Slim" I get the feeling that "Slim" just really wants "Manny" to fuck him period (the way he was looking at him) and it just seemed 🤷🏾‍♂️forced between "Bandit" & him Aug 29, 2021
sinnah_k I’m loving the new equipment, fresh content, and Bandit’s fine ass. I feel that everyone is getting acquainted very well now as scenes progress. Aug 26, 2021
313sex This is probably the best I've ever seen bandit give it to someone, he must've had that good good. Nice Pairing. Aug 25, 2021
terbernt Is it just me or does Manny Killa's body get more and more toned? I can't wait to see his new scenes. Hopefully in the near future. I've been sleeping on Manny. I like tall and lean muscular. Aug 24, 2021
11luvme2u I personally enjoy seeing Bandit bottom as well as top. I just want him to have more eye contact with the top while he's being penetrated. I love Bandit. Good welcome back series. Aug 23, 2021
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing! 🙌🏿❤️🔥 Aug 23, 2021
rawwar21 Slim took Manny Killa's #1 dick sucking spot and he can take the dick. Missed yall cant wait for more xoxo Aug 23, 2021
mocombo Michael, never said I prefer gay for pay scenes - I dont have an interest in preferences, only the performance. What I meant by journey was, to me, so many of your scenes maintained a sense of suspense and as a viewer I was engaged in the unfolding of what would happen next in the scene. Perhaps it was the amateur nature of it all, but this engagement is why I have been a continuous subscriber for so long. As for your back catalogue, I can assure you I visit it regularly, especially over the past year. Aug 23, 2021
MichaelGalletta That's fair. I'll admit, Shax's scenes tend to be a bit more polished and predictable than my own. We're working together to figure out ways he can bring more of that spontaneous amateur vibe to his scenes. Thanks for the honest feedback.
ef8432 I love Bandit in general but I feel he’s best as a Top, this scene was great. I’d love to see Ross as a total top again. Aug 22, 2021
Docteur I would like to see Bandit get Stylez back, since Stylez has topped him twice. Additionally Scuba needs to feel Bandit inside him for payback. Michael G, any update on Scotty and Shaun and their stint in prison? I am still hoping for the ultimate threesome of Scotty, Shaun and Trapp all taking turns in each other, sucking each other, kissing, etc. Aug 21, 2021
faulknerfan I enjoyed this latest update. Bandit and Slim seemed to have some amount of chemistry, quantifiably so since Bandit produced three or four jizz drops, lol. That lad’s looks and dick may end up being more of a curse than blessing if all the sex he attracts ends up deadening his libido. But in this scene, anyway, he did very professional work. I like Slim, more for his dick than anything and at some point would like to see him top one of your more masculine models. I know he considers himself a pure bottom, but… Aug 21, 2021
MichaelGalletta @texasbugg: Thanks for another entertaining and encouraging review! Glad you enjoyed this one as much as you did. I damn near lost it at the same part you did lol. I'm still in shock that a boy as skinny as Slim could take that entire baseball bat like a champ. Like, where does it all go is what I want to know lol??? Deep in his guts, I suppose. Just how we like it. 😈💦

P.S.: I think Slim's dick was hard because he was loving Bandit's dick, not because he wanted to fuck Bandit. 😜
Aug 21, 2021
texasbugg i had a dream trapp/lil jake did a fucking lil jake was all in trapp gold hole. Aug 21, 2021
shoeman59 This is one not of my liking. I shatter to give my opinion, but will just leave it like I stated. At any rate, could we see some more masculine, than power bottoms? Just my opinion, though!! Aug 20, 2021
mocombo Yeah....not really. Mechanical. None of the intrigue of how BBA scenes used to be. Before there was a "journey" - what would each guy do, how would they go. Now its bang, bang, bang and little else, like all the other sites. BBA is losing its individuality, more and more with every new scene. Aug 20, 2021
MichaelGalletta Sorry to hear that you haven't been enjoying our recent batch of scenes, but take a look through the archives and you'll find that scenes like this one have been around for years. We've featured dozens of scenes with cute gay bottom boys, going all the way back to "The Schoolboy and the Thug." Scenes that don't necessarily include any kind of "intrigue" or "journey." Doesn't mean they're not just as much a part of our brand as the "gay for pay" scenes you prefer.
17mn56gh i would love to see lil Jake and Freaky J make a return. Both of them in a scene together in a flip flop scene fucking, sucking , licking , tongue kissing each other down yes bae sexy as shit. Aug 20, 2021
11luvme2u Slim can definitely take the monster! Bandit's dick looked extra big sliding into him. Overall decent scene. I REALLY LOVE how Bandit is engaged during the scenes. I hope to see Bandit with Trapp and Justice soon. The next batch of scenes should take us back to true BBA roots. Strong interviews, sensual connections you can feel (like Dominic and Apollo), fresh sexy masculine gay4pay models, and possibly occasional mainstream popular guest appearances (like when Rico Pruitt appeared). Now that onlyfans won't be doing adult entertainment starting October there should be many applications coming. Aug 20, 2021
Shirly223 The bottom was cute so I won’t leave a bad review. Perhaps this wasn’t the best pairing. Aug 20, 2021
bishyguy Bandit is just the best, glad you guys are making your comeback with some quality Bandit videos. Only thing that would have made this video hotter would be Bandit feeding Slim his cum at the end. Aug 20, 2021
maui1one 4th scene in a row, no interest. The first scene when you relaunched was decent. Then four scenes with zero interest. Waited patiently for a long time. I know it must be hard finding models during a pandemic but didn't expect this. Cancelling for now. Aug 20, 2021
MrBrown19942 This scene is amazing! 🙌🏿🔥 Aug 19, 2021
mrwhitley1 Bandit was looking at his dick like “hmm, he got a nice dick…this is a dick size I can take” 😅😂😂🤣😂🤣 Bandit be so obvious in his scenes. Which is kool. Bandit finally got to really fuck somebody.

It’s crazy how the minute you get into the flow of things…they wanna say hold up. He only did that once. In the End bandit was happy af.
Aug 19, 2021
Godfather07 I appreciate their efforts Bandit was good as always they were very mechanical very cold I'm just not feeling these new models I long for the good ole days prior to covid, please bring back some of the older models. Aug 19, 2021
Docteur I am not a fan of femme bottoms, but this Slim fella was a good pairing with Bandit. Bandit still needs to eat some eggs and pineapples for better sperm explosions, but this was better than the ones with Ross and Scuba. Now if we could get Bandit to top Stylez and Scuba for paybacks. Hopefully one day we will get the ultimate threesome of Trapp, Scotty and Shaun, with all taking and giving equally. I do hope there have been enough scenes filmed that we are not left hanging because of the COVID-19 Delta and Lambda variants - sighs. Everyone be safe, get that vaccine and mask up please. Aug 19, 2021
davids Slim is a very sexy guy. I enjoyed this scene. Bandit needs a raise. Slim made him work overtime. Aug 19, 2021
ken1jim Where are your masculine males fucking each other at? Aug 19, 2021
Readyruk1 Now that's what I call a "Power-bottom"! Aug 19, 2021
texasbugg bandit need to fuck the other new guy him r manny killa he can take dick when is manny killa going to fuck ross. Aug 19, 2021
mdcarmichael Damn...Slim is so cute and has a big, black dick. He took all of Bandit in his throat and ass and shot a huge load. LOVE him! Aug 19, 2021
terbernt BBA sure knows how to get an auto-purchase out of me. Bandit = Always. Aug 19, 2021
2allain I'll skip this one and wait patiently for the next update… Aug 19, 2021
texasbugg bandit u been eating them raw eggs that was more cum bandit that was a super hott fuck when u can fuck a asshole and make it wet the whole scene that's some good fucking slim took that big bandit dick like a pro slim got a big dick also bandit need to let slim fuck cause slim dick got hard i give this a 10 plus 3 nutts buster back to back to back damm bandit dick was hitting that spot that dick was all the way in slim told bandit put it all the way in i nutted after slim saying that that dick was talking to slim asshole good job every1. Aug 19, 2021

To celebrate our much-anticipated return after a long and difficult pandemic year, we're bringing back BBA's #1 model in his very own series starring more returning fan favorites and even a couple fresh faces.

We recently reunited with some of our favorite guys at a tropical getaway that we nicknamed "Bandit's Beach House." Our goal was to celebrate a return to "semi-normal" and enjoy some good, old-fashioned BBA fun.

Manny Killa has a new challenge in store for his cute BBA "baby bro." A BIGGER challenge, I guess you could say.

"How much bigger?" Slim asks Manny with an adorable mix of excitement and apprehension.

But even after hearing rumors about the infamous baseball bat swinging between Bandit's legs, and seeing it for himself on the site, Slim remains unfazed and up for the challenge.

"We both skinny," he shrugs confidently. "I feel like if you can take it, I can take it!"

Eager to see his young protégé take this ambitious next step in proving his true porn potential, Manny introduces Slim to the BBA Legend and lets Bandit take over from there.

"I hope you're ready, man!" Bandit teases the nervous new kid. "I'm gonna TEAR THAT ASS UP!"

You'll have to see for yourself if Bandit remained true to his word, and if Slim survived to tell the tale....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Older/Younger, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 19, 2021 36 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Slim

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