Cakes On Deck

texasbugg please mike let tay hit that hole. damm he got a pretty ass hole. tay will open that hole. Dec 3, 2016
matt796999 A solo, so it's boring, but his face is beautiful and that booty hole looks soooooo tasty!! Sep 10, 2016

Joshua is a confident, outgoing 21-year-old with a slim, athletic body and the kind of exotic good looks that could easily earn him a job as a runway model. He enjoys going to amusement parks, "spending money," and fucking both males and females. Joshua recently moved here from California, and admits that adjusting to the Midwest's slower pace hasn't been easy.

Like many black males, Joshua's been blessed with some damn good genes in the front AND back! Up front, he's packin' an impressive, low-hanging dick that looks like it could do some serious damage to any guy or girl lucky (or brave) enough to take on the challenge! In the back, he has one of those perfect, high-arching, gravity-defying asses that could make even a STRAIGHT GUY look twice! Joshua's ass is so impossible to ignore, in fact, that his friends have even nicknamed him "C.O.D." (which stands for "Cakes On Deck")!

With a face and body like his, it's no surprise that Joshua has been told by several friends that he should try doing porn. And lucky for us, he's finally decided to take their advice! Enjoy a front-row seat as this dark-skinned bisexual beauty strips out of his clothes and shows off his body - including one of the most breathtaking asses I've seen in awhile - for the very first time!

Joshua's "audition" starts off with an interview to get better acquainted with the potential new model.

Joshua shares a funny story about losing his virginity to his friend's sister when he was only 13 years old. He also tells us about his first sexual encounter with another guy, which took place in a gym locker-room several years later.

A self-described "ass fanatic," Joshua says that he's strictly a "top" who has never been fucked. But he's also the first to admit that the size and shape of his ass (which he generously puts on display by sagging his jeans) often gives people other ideas!

Of course it was the first thing I noticed when Joshua walked through the door, so it doesn't take long before I'm asking him to stand up, turn around, and show off that firm, round butt popping out of his jeans!

With a little bit of coaching from me, Joshua strips slowly out of his clothes and exposes his young, naked body for the very first time....

I pay special attention to Joshua's ass, which I get him to show off in several seductive poses. And even though he's uncooperative at first, he eventually bends over and spreads his cheeks to give us a generous, teasing glimpse of his tight, pretty hole!

Don't let my preoccupation with Joshua's ass give you the wrong idea - the black boy's DICK is a beauty as well!

Joshua lies back on the bed and proudly shows it off, stroking it until he shoots out a thick, creamy "nutt" that runs down his hand and his wrist!

The scene concludes with a couple brief closing comments from Joshua as he cleans up in the shower.

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Details: Jul 16, 2011 29 min
Photo of Joshua

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