Blatino Boy Toy #2

IwantBandit Diego is a top notch Bottom Mar 12, 2023
Takori Literally thee most boring clip on this website. Apr 1, 2022
Moses1999 Diego is so fucking sexy..... Can I communicate with him? Mar 27, 2017
Court77 For those into shoulders and shoulder blades, this video is for you; If you're into dicks or personalities, we got about 0 seconds; If you're into cute faces, we got nearly 0 seconds as the new guy wore a cap, hiding something. Not everyone is into complete nonstop ass-fucking and ass licking that envelops the entire movie. Feb 5, 2017
tjm133 Again Diego is my favorite. He takes cock well and tastes and cleans the sperm off both cocks well. I like Blake. I will wait to see how Stretch does next. Dec 24, 2016
princegwa Would love to see Stretch again. Sep 22, 2016
Justen Pair Blake with Stretch in a scene. Stretch is the bottom, and Blake is the top. Or a flipflop. Sep 10, 2016
Justen I want to see Stretch again, maybe this time as a bottom. Other than that, excellent scene once again. Aug 2, 2016
wassup09 what the fuck is up with racist ass music Jul 18, 2016
3606tsb72 Love the models. But why can't BBA film ALL dicks up close and personal, soft and hard, absent cock-blocking, for more than an eye-blink. Set the camera on those dicks...go bake biscuit...then come And do some shots with their clothes on, zippers down, dicks out, soft & hard --- and the same with their underwear on. Do something. BBA's getting tiresome. Those models deserve better, so do we viewers! Jul 9, 2016
biglarry Good to see 3sums ....but on this one....Blake and Stretch together would have been hotter....just my take...everyone likes what they like. Jul 5, 2016
dArt61 I love Blake Bishop... Jul 2, 2016
dat44boi Stretch has a nice ass....he looks like he wants to take the dick Jun 30, 2016
avan7742 this was just a repeat of the other Blatino Boy Toy... SMH Jun 28, 2016
pbobsk6 Had looked forward to another Diego movie with great expectations. It was fulfilled in Blatino Boy Toy #2. Accolades to Michael for recasting Diego, Lil Tyga for filming and direction, and Blake Bishop & Stretch for their performances. Again, to me, Diego is the star. Let's keep the star shining! Jun 27, 2016
cam3121 This was wack. Why was Diego doing all the damn work sucking dick and taking dick and Blake and Stretch not sucking dick? One gigantic YAWN. Jun 25, 2016
bizibabe Blake Bishop is DA THING !!! Another huge scene for him ! we want to see him more often, looking forward to a scene with blake & apollo or blake & stretch as they said! or looking forward to see him bottoming... who knows? maybe for the 4th of July ? Jun 24, 2016
suthanheat You have done better! Considering canceling membership! Jun 24, 2016
texasguy77 yeah @mrbates whats with the condom. I'm skipping this one. Jun 24, 2016
mac198726 @mrbates I know right, Bareback is so much better. Should have been bareback raw dripping action. Jun 24, 2016
Nonchalant24 That was a hot scene! Blake Bishop is a great top and he and Diego have good chemistry. Looking forward to seeing more of Stretch. Again....where is Beno?? Jun 24, 2016
blackboi08 Definitely my fav scene so far this year!! Jun 23, 2016
mrbates Another great scene, Michael but....what's with the condoms suddenly? Jun 23, 2016
princetahji Blake Bishop and Diego were hot together again. Tbh I felt like Stretch was a prop. His action in the scene was not where I was expecting. Nice cum shots though. I think Ross, Zadian, or Bandit would have contributed more action and they're gay for pay. Jun 23, 2016

When TWO models recently stood us up the same weekend, Blake Bishop was more than happy to step in for an unplanned "sequel" with Diego.

In an effort to help us salvage and spice up the scene, Lil Tyga brought over a cute gay teen that he's recently taken under his wing.

Just barely 18, "Stretch" has been patiently waiting until it was legal for him to follow in his older mentor's footsteps by giving gay porn a try. And Lil Tyga wanted to be the one to film and direct his young protege's first time in front of the camera!

Lil Tyga reunites with Blake Bishop almost exactly one year after directing the well-endowed top's very first action scene, and this time he guides Blake through the process of showing his nervous new recruit the ropes.

Never one to care much for talking or lengthy introductions, Lil Tyga has all three guys jump right into the action with lots of kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating as the barely-legal Blatino boy finds himself in the middle of two HUNG and horny black guys.

When it comes time to fuck, Stretch's nerves unfortunately get the better of him and he learns the hard way that performing in porn isn't as easy as he'd fantasized it would be. But he still finds other ways to have fun and make the scene hot, and Blake Bishop more than picks up the slack, reminding us once again why he's earned a reputation over the past year as one of BBA's most passionate and popular tops!

Those of you who enjoyed the deep and demanding "dick-down" that he gave Diego in their first scene together are in for another treat as the acrobatic ass-pounding gets even MORE intense and aggressive this second time around!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Lil Tyga, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Jun 23, 2016 32 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Diego
Photo of Stretch

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