Discovering Donte

geniusnerdz Juju need to fuck some ass Feb 4, 2024
MichaelGalletta Did you mean Donte?
coolavatar23 I want to see donte top someone Jan 9, 2024
darkmanjah28 BBA yawl been bringing in some FIRE dudes the past year! I mean...damn! Its nice to also see Stylez pop in for a sec, with his slim, sexy physique and that killer Lincoln beard only HE can wear and look damn good in it. But I'll say this about Donte. That bro can make a turtle leave his shell just to be with him, lol. Plus, dude said his first time was when he was gonna let the dude poke him bt the prep wasnt right. WTF? Most dudes will NEVER admit to want to take a lil dick here and there, and definitely during their first time with a dude. I respect this brother Donte fr. I mean, my first time was with my 8th grade friend, who pushed up against me on the mattress we had in the livingroom for my overnight stay. He pressed up against my ass at 3 in the morning, but i was scared asf to acknowledge what he was doing an just layed there quiet, but with a hard-on i aint NEVER had that hard and stiff, lol. His dick stayed pressed up gainst my briefs and we fell asleep spoon-huddled. Trying to play all hard when the sun rose that morning, i got up and told him i was gonna go ahead and bounce instead of stay over till Sunday. Anyway, this vid was low-key HOTTT with the sex. Stylez was like a rod everytime he pulled out and that made the scene even more erotic. Donte, we hope you cum again bro. Welcome to The BBA. Dec 30, 2023
MacheDich I love Donte ! Perfect man, perfect lover. Magnifique duo avec Stylez. Dec 21, 2023
KNG5TNFN @docteur, yeahhhh I don't think we're gonna see those 3 boyz again ( Shaun,Scotty & Trapp). Its been a while since any other updates than them being locked up surfaced. It almost seems like they regretted doing these scenes, and keep finding ways to go back into the system so we'll all forget about them...... 🤷🏾‍♂️ Dec 14, 2023
poppycock And the Over Acting Award goes to......DONTEEEE Dec 13, 2023
Phuryous I love Stylez and glad that he's back with his sexy ass. Donte is really hot and a natural on camera, I hope he stays around for a long time. I'm curious to see what he can do with that thick ass dick. This was a very hot scene. Dec 13, 2023
OKinMUC While watching this video, I was thinking "a natural bottom is getting his wings" - and it proved once more that a video is even hotter when there is actual chemistry between the guys. VERY sexy and thoroughly enjoyable performance. I hope to see more of both, Donte and Stylez. Dec 11, 2023
atltop Stylez ass is fat. He needs to start getting more dick Dec 6, 2023
chauncey Hello Verdade -- This is your boy Chauncey reaching out with an update to your request for comment regarding Stylez's current look -- I think Stylez's current SiFi look makes him look more like a version of the Canadian-born pop artist "The Weekend or Wkend" whose signature looks over the years have played a major role in establishing him as an international sex symbol in the Heterosphere. If you check out his vid "Blinded By The Light" you will see him sporting that hairstyle. Now I must concede I have not seen any of Trey Songz's most recent pics but on your recommendation will do so. BTW thank you for your support of my comments regarding the vids. As you know we submit reactions to the vids as part of the real fun of being a viewer and a BBAer. It is a privilege provided and encouraged by Mike dating back to the beginning of the website and I hope that privilege never goes away. On a personal note, my comments are informed strictly by my senses and emotions both past and present of being an all-the-way-out fully gay OG born, raised, and still living in the hood. I'm from the I like what I like school of thought and I keep things simple / lol. In closing Verdade the warmth and kindness of your spirit are echoed in your comments -- I hope you will continue to gain enjoyment from the website. --- Let there be Love, Peace, and BBA 4Ever from your boy Chauncey. Dec 5, 2023
Verdade Love Chauncey's take on things. Agree or not he is a great critic. Chauncey, can you see a little bit of Trey Songz in Stylez new look? Love Donte in his debut. He is awesome. Montez? Is Justice and Kingston still on the roster? Love those guys. Chauncey, can you see a little bit of Trey Songz in Stylez new look....or am I kinda caught up as Usher says? Love the Models and everyones' reviews. Thanks to everyone. Dec 5, 2023
misterblack What TennesseeBator said. Dec 5, 2023
goFish2 What a little cutie! Oh yeah, I could watch him develop into the next BBA star! Bring it on. I like the change...good look for Mr. S. Dec 5, 2023
ef8432 Been here a while … think it’s time for me to take a step back yall ✌🏽 Dec 4, 2023
DjbiATL We are here for Donte 💯 Dec 4, 2023
smokey1984 It was cool, not great. Glad to see new faces. New guy was Ok. Dec 4, 2023
mrcwilliams19401 Donte said he had 2 attempted penetrations that didn't work out, but Stylez got it in and rode that ass 4 a while. Donte seem to enjoy getting dick down and verbalize the enjoyment, 😆. Hope you all don't scare him away with aggressive banging or big dick guys. But who knows enough money makes you jump out of your comfort zone, 😆. Love to see Stylez break in the newbies and Donte was broken in, 😆. Hope to see more of Donte who looks good sucking dick, loves getting rimmed and by the looks, likes getting penetrated, 😆. This was a good scene. Welcome to BBA. Dec 3, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA -- Chauncey again -- Some comic relief -- After viewing this vid 10+ times I find Donte absolutely adorable -- Really turned on by his personality and overall demeanor and that lean slender body is a gift that just keeps on giving -- He wants to be genuinely loved. I definitely want to see Donte again in action -- Oh BTW Montez please email me Donte's digits / lol - I want to call him to ask him out on a date - lol -- just kidding !!! --- but I must say I do find him adorable and sexy af -- In closing Love and Peace still rule the world -- Happy Holidays -- from your boy Chauncey Dec 3, 2023
DLtrucker2021 The moaning is giving fake. Too much Dec 3, 2023
loydstar Another good 1 guys!!! I'd like to see Blake break the new guy in though!! would definitely be a hot scene...Donte sexy af Dec 3, 2023
Docteur Glad to see Stylez back as he is one of my Top Ten on here. Hope to see him slutted out one day, ditto for Scuba. I am not ever going to like any pairing with uncircumcised penises. I know some people like those uncut phalluses, but not me. I also hate to see a male with shaved pubic hairs and effeminate males. All three things are matters of preferences and the 'to each his own', but just like everyone else on this site, these are my opinions. I am hoping we will get Maleek, Rush, Deontrey and Zeke in a freak-a-thon one day (wishful thinking), Any update on the dream threesome happening with Scotty, Shaun and Trapp? Happy Holiday Season everyone for whatever you celebrate. Dec 3, 2023
eidetix2 Alright, so the hottest part is at the end where Donte puts the head of his dick inside Stylez for a slight second. That reminds me of when Mar put his dick in Apollo for a second after bottoming too. Great scene. Dec 3, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA World -- Just finished checking out this vid for the 10th time in a row -- From my experience as a child of BBA this vid has a different mood from any BBA vid I have had an opportunity to view -- It almost has a SiFi tip -- The gray background, the dimly lit space, Stylez resembles an animated character from a video game with that hair thing going on -- and the low key demeanor and cooperativeness of Donte makes for an interesting combination of effects -- This vid is real cinema with all the DNA of a short film you would expect to see at an independent film festival - from the interview to the action -- As a spectator and fan I give this vid a AAA -rating for its mood, creativity, authenticity and the sexy af uninhibited performances by the two actors. Just a personal observation !!!!. This film is in a special category of favs - Just a thought from your boy Chauncey - Peace Dec 3, 2023
drakegay4real Not into Stylez as a top but he did his thing here...definitely would've preferred a flip flop scene however this new model is 🔥🔥🔥, kinda wanna see him in between Juju and Legend....also random af but where is Stallion? Dec 2, 2023
dv6000 New model looks great and promising. Stylez as a top is not for me.. but to each his own. thanks for the update. hopefully see another pairing of Donte and someone else. Dec 2, 2023
jaypablo Great scene Donte was great, loved seeing him go over the edge and try new things including getting it, I would love to see him top next, stylez or any of the other models with his big piece. Dec 2, 2023
rafex20 When are we gonna get to see someone take Stallions big beautiful penis?!? And take it with enthusiasm, hunger and passion. Please BBA let's get this to happen 🍆!!! Dec 2, 2023
chucke1 I must say what an excellent comment Chauncey, what a gift of words you have. I normally do not read lengthy reviews but hung on every word of yours and totally agree! Dec 2, 2023
Nonchalant24 I love to see guys actually enjoy themselves in porn. Donte clearly likes getting fucked and his moans weren't fake. Stylez looks really cute in his afro and he fucked Donte pretty good. Dec 2, 2023
MrBrown19942 This scene is really good!! Damn, I enjoyed this. Dec 2, 2023
ScorpioJay97 Absolutely loved this both men are sexy and hot!! Beautiful scene - I want more from them!!! Dec 2, 2023
WillF25 A classic! Please bring Donte BACK!!!! Dec 1, 2023
arch_back This reminded me of my life as a bi man. I always say, it takes the right person to bring you out. I wanted Donte so bad watching this. Idc what others say about the was HOT!!! They both had stamina Dec 1, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA World -- This your boy Chauncey -- I found myself attracted to the content of this vid because it has a certain mystique going on -- Stylez who I often refer to as the "Surgeon" worked his magic and quietly turned Donte out -- his goal was to show Donte not only what he has been missing but also showing him that sexual satisfaction derives from an encounter with the right person and Stylez was the right person for Donte. In this vid Stylez was sexy af - This vid left me feeling like it was highlighting the sexual encounter of two men who just randomly met on a regular day and decided to just have sex with no pretenses and no anticipations of what would happen - Let's just see where it all goes -- Stylez gave Donte a good time !!!! He showed Donte no mercy -- Yeah Stylez went hard -- Donte appeared to be a little dazed by the time Stylez finished giving him the "Stylez Treatment" / lol -- This is what made the vid genuine and authentic at least to me -- want to see more of Donte -- he is sexy with that slender body and that let's go with- the- flow attitude and he is a full grown man like Stylez -- that makes Donte a keeper in my book -- Regarding Stylez glad to see my man Stylez is still in the mix. BTW - I love his current look -- he has the hair thing going on projecting a more forward, modern look -- Y'all Stylez is going Hollywood on us / lol -- He appears to be a man on a new mission -- Onward -- I loved the you do me and I'll do you kind flow in this vid -- I especially liked the open angles with those juicy shots -- golden !! - and the editing of the vid gave us nothing but good sexy stuff to munch on -- The vid is also sprinkled with bits of sensitive moments when Stylez is showing affection and tenderness. I think this resonated with Donte making him feel comfortable with Stylez. behind the wheel. This vid is officially on my list of favs. Just keep the surprises coming - want to see more of the Surgeon (Stylez). Hope he will be featured in more upcoming scenes. He is unapologetically gay and I find that both sexy and appealing. BBA just keeps the surprises coming -- To all the Children in BBA Land stay vigilant and be safe -- It's BBA 4Ever -- This your boy Chancey -- Peace !!!! Dec 1, 2023
IslandboiAtl he is hot please bring him back Nov 30, 2023
lips0916 Hated it ! It was boring to watch and didn’t give any wow action Nov 30, 2023
mdcarmichael Stylez...Always surprisingly sexy af. I'm diggin' Donte as well. Looks like he has a nice, uncut dick. Would like to see it hard for a bit more in his next scene! Nov 30, 2023
TennesseeBator Also, THANK YOU Mike and Montez for finding black men with FULL bushes and body hair! Please tell the guys to remain natural and hairy! Nov 30, 2023
Verdade Love Stylez new look. Stylez be looking like Trey Songz in this. Will comment more later. Just now watching. Anyone think Stylez has that Trey Songz look in this? Man Stylez looking sexy! Nov 30, 2023
11luvme2u O wow! What a stunningly sexy addition to BBA! I look forward to seeing more of Donte in the future. His big chocolate dick makes me think he will deliver great versatile scenes. I bet he will be a coveted scene partner. Nice work! Nov 30, 2023
Sageking3 Damn stylez sexy as fxk glad to see another vid with him Nov 30, 2023
Dualex Thought I was seeing Juju and Legend at some point lol...
Thank God for Donte and Diez, that is all I gotta say. Donte is a cutie and I love his grown man moans. Bring him back.
Nov 30, 2023
champse550 i guesssssssssssss........... Nov 30, 2023
Banditlove Fan. Tastic. His moaning is music to my ears. Nov 30, 2023
A123 This one didn’t do it for me. Both gentlemen are handsome, and I appreciate the effort. However I will pass on this one. Nov 30, 2023
nutordye Def my favorite Stylez scene Nov 30, 2023
RobbySan29 The guys that’s been up here lately are getting very boring. Stick a toe in your mouth or something, always have them eating ass 🙄 when half the time they suck at doing that. Where are the freaky models at? Like Justice and Mar, they didn’t care to get down and dirty! Nov 30, 2023
DjbiATL 🔥🔥 Stylez is always the right man for the job to break in a sexy masculine newbie Nov 30, 2023
jrummi This scene will definitely be in my top 5 for the year! Perfect blend of chemistry, passion and foreplay! Stylez is the rare model that has actually gotten Sexier as he's gotten older! And Donte is my kind of model, reminds me of a less thicker King! I'm definitely gonna get some mileage out of this scene! Nov 30, 2023
mrincredible Definitely a hot combo. Donte is very handsome and their chemistry is wild 🙌🏾. Nice work BBA. Nov 30, 2023
partyboyest82 This was hot AF! This new dude is sexy! Nov 30, 2023
mrwhitley1 At 1st it was very lame & boring…however once stylez got him on his back…he sent dude straight to Heaven!
His moans were 10/10!!!

BBA has a good amount of videos of Models Shaking while getting fucked.
Saint/ Trapp/ Rico/ Jahan Ace/ Saxgotem/ Staxx.
Him enjoying it & then just relishing in it towards the end…11/10!

Shoutout to Stylez he a Bad ass Bitch shaped like a Barbie!!! For always making these scenes freaky and staying Up ⬆️ to get in these dude’s 🍑!
Nov 30, 2023
kennyg Now that was a first, having a new model begin with so much willingness. Always ready for a new man to take the plunge into BBA. He's a handsome addition to the stable of performers. Newfound respect for Stylez and his performance. Must admit he's never been a favorite of mine. Really enjoyed him in this scene, he gave a first class performance. Never would've thunk it!!!!!!! Can't wait to see more of Donte. Hope he gets more comfortable performing for the camera real soon. Nov 30, 2023
2Sexy4Words Donte came in and stole The Show!!!!! Nov 30, 2023
TennesseeBator This was a dope scene, Stylez has always been one of my favorites and I can tell that Donte is going to be a passionate performer, he gave a LOT in this scene, which is pretty rare for a guy's first scene, I cannot wait to see his BBA journey. Nov 30, 2023
200water Dam…Stylez look good as fuck! Would love to see him bottoming again Nov 30, 2023
KNG5TNFN Oh wow! First time I saw his face I had a flash back 😃 I thought " Dee Weezy" returned and looking sexier than ever yo! This was good! 😉👍🏾 you all are batting 3 for 3 on these beautiful sexy dark chocolate boys, for newbies! 💪🏽💪🏽🔥🔥" JuJu, Diez, now Donte" I'm excited😍😘..... welcome to the fold dude! You started off great, you got right down to it, jumped right in with both feet, kinda wanted a little more life story and then an eventual steady breaking in, but you got the right partner 👍🏾 . "STYLEZ" as always good job bro, and I'm still waiting on a team up with you and "Bandit" man 😉😊 I know you can take it 😎😎 again good job guys! Nov 30, 2023
chgohydeparker Another STAR is born...'nuff said. Nov 30, 2023
swamp96 Donte is soo handsome! Darkskin pretty men are my faves. He reminds me of a young Isaiah Washington, Keep using his fine ass! Nov 30, 2023
shooturshot21 Damn Stylez looking sexier den I’ve ever seen before Nov 30, 2023
dlking93 The kissing was everything this scene! His dick is pretty big and has a nice body. I think he will be a great addition to the team! Stylez did a good job I wish he let him slide it in even for a bit at the end but good scene Nov 29, 2023
sbrown1717 Is it only me that thinks stylez should only be bottoming. 🥴🥴 Nov 29, 2023
smhard03 10/10. Welcome Donte Nov 29, 2023
misterblack It's wonderful to have Stylez back. I'd missed his handsome face, mischievous smile, luscious lips, the unique pattern of hair on his stomach, and that pretty penis. He was a perfect match for the sexy newbie Donte. I love everything about your fresh discovery: his hairy sinewy body, beautiful uncut dick, great ass, and attractive face. The two had great chemistry; loved the tenderness Stylez displayed, stroking him gently, kissing him on the back; loved the way Donte lay on him at the end. Great closeups of their coupling; nice interview. I was really turned on by the sounds that came out of Donte and I don't think I've ever seen someone digit fuck his partner with crossed fingers. Please bring Donte back soon. I'd like to see him paired with the spectacular and uncircumcised Stephon, as they could do so many things with those bulbous members. Hopefully we'll see Justice soon. I'd like to see him with Legend and Diez. Tens across the board. Thank you gentlemen for this latest BBA winner. Nov 29, 2023
illtown22 This might be Stylez best scene ever. Nov 29, 2023
zebrasex4567 Really nice scene. And I love the more "normal" look of Donte. So many guys are obviously gorgeous but Donte seems like a guy you would see at the corner store. Sidenote: Why does this scene seem like it was recorded in a bleak futuristic setting? Everything's so grey which is a shame because Stylez has such a nice skin tone. Nov 29, 2023
debattx77 Stylez never disappoints!!! One of my favorite BBA Models. If I ever get a chance to meet him, it’s on and poppin!!!! Nov 29, 2023
Natsfan64 young hairy brothers are my absolute weakness...🔥🥵🔥 Nov 29, 2023

Here at BBA, we're always on the prowl for fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent.

Our latest discovery, thanks to a friend and long-time BBA fan who encouraged him to give the porn thing a try, is a strikingly handsome, dark-skinned 24-year-old named Donte who we met up with on our latest trip to the Southwest. Donte played football in high school and has enjoyed watching and playing a variety of sports ever since, including basketball and even lacrosse.

While he'd prefer not to put a label on his sexuality, the most fitting category would probably be Bisexual. He has a young daughter waiting for him at home, but he's also been attracted to guys ever since an openly gay neighbor showed him his dick when Donte was in middle school. 

We got the sense that Donte is still a little shy and inexperienced when it comes to exploring this attraction, however, and welcomed the chance to give him some additional practice and let our viewers join us in watching it happen. When you see this sexy, soft-spoken young athlete's full, sensuous lips and slim, toned body on the basketball court, his cute little butt and big uncut dick bouncing beneath his sweatpants, we're pretty sure you'll feel the same way!

"I'm always open to new things," Donte confidently tells us in his introductory interview, after explaining that his prior attempts at bottoming have been both brief and unsuccessful. "That's part of the adventure of life!"

To show Donte the ropes and help him explore his bisexuality further, we've brought back beloved BBA veteran Stylez for his first (but not last) scene in over a year. Turned out to be a match made in porn heaven, as we'd suspected based on how obviously they were both checking each other out over a drunken game of UNO the night before. 

Enjoy a front-row seat for Donte's exclusive amateur gay porn debut, as he enjoys a passionate, boundary-expanding encounter with Stylez, and proves himself to be a promising new BBA talent worth keeping our eyes on!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Outdoors, Raw/Bareback
Details: Nov 30, 2023 56 min
Photo of Donte
Photo of Stylez

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