Manny's Money Moves

Photo of Manny's Money Moves
emiliano69 One of my fav scenes with two of my fav models.

Jun 10, 2023
terbernt Slowly after many years I think Manny has become my fave. Apr 2, 2023
prettyboi2 I'm back; Manny lives up to his name! A real porn ⭐ Jun 2, 2022
emiliano69 bandit, manny, redd, and jahan need a scene all going in on each other. also paired up for the ones that havent been paired up yet Feb 15, 2019
markus2424 Just read some of the comments. Both dudes were called "girly-men". Truth is, we come from our momma and daddy. So, we ALL got some fem in us. Whether we accept and SHOW it depends on the culture we live in. Besides, it can wear a nikka out always trying to be "hard" and talk "hard" and walk "hard" and whatever. Manny and Lil Red, them hotbois had a good show. Had they pretended to be "hard", would have fucked up the vid. Jun 3, 2018
texasbugg MANNY KILLA damm your dick is big i really want to see u fuck trapp cause trapp love them pretty boi young thugs like himself and there is nothing wrong with that he is handsome and he wants a sexy thug i myself love to see two sexy young thugs fucking manny killa is a pro in fucking i love the way his body moves when he is having sex he got some cold moves i hope he don't let the haters run him off he seems to be a strong minded young thug who tells the haters to(BITE HIM). Mar 29, 2018
SLyrics17 I had to join again just to see DJ Manny :) He so sexy Mar 7, 2018
kingtj67 Manny's sex appeal is on 100%! More of him please!!! Feb 27, 2018
SanFran12 This video clip is really boring. It was difficult to tell who was going to be getting fuck because both of these guys behave like girly-men. There was no dominant guy between these two. Both are shaved like porn-guys. Hope there is a nice looking young manly guy, who keeps their natural pubic and asshole hair, in future video clips. Horrible camera positions. The only good thing was these guys are nice looking and take care of their feet. Finally, nicely trimmed toes nails. Jan 27, 2018
atl2011 Great scene. Manny did an excellent job in his first scene. Jan 14, 2018
JoshuaWilder09 The chemistry between these two seem so natural absolutely love this scene Jan 6, 2018
brandonr This has to be the best video yet. Manny gets the top of the year award already. Jan 5, 2018
kevin343 WOW ! Wanted to see more. They look so cute together. There was clearly chemistry on this one ! Thank you BBA. Dec 30, 2017
gigante2 10+++++ great scene, great chemistry.....another instant classic!!!! Dec 29, 2017
Carryd2 Manny is beautiful. Gorgeous smooth body, sexy smile. Would love to fuck him, would love to see Mike seduce him too. Dec 21, 2017
mrwhitley1 Wtf, Idk why I waited so long to check this video out, I think it just might be the best video I’ve seen on this site. It was practically perfect!!!
Top Fucked the bottom CRAZY, and the bottom drowns the Top with his cumshot!!! Wtf!!! I bet everyone on this site Unanimously Loves Luh Redd, and Manny came to get the BILLS PAID!!!!!
Yo Mike, on some business shit, if you invested in all the models getting Invisalign, This site would HANDS DOWN have the most naturally attractive models. 5Star
Dec 16, 2017
texasbugg MIKE i just know u got something on the stove cooking with (MANNY KILLA) fucking (SHAUN) i went back and looked at shaun's pretty 18kt gold asshole that is an asshole i know a lot of members of bba want to see get fucked we don't have to worry about trapp getting fucked no more cause mike is working on that now we must push to get shaun to give up that 18kt gold asshole to manny killa damm that should be a xmas wish for all bba members shaun u r all thug babyboi realtalk sexy M.FUCKER Dec 13, 2017
room121 Mike – I can’t think of a more perfect union than Luh Redd and Manny Killa! The onscreen romance between the two was infectious and explosive. Manny has the body of a god and has been chiseled specifically for sex (Lol). His love for fucking and porn are a combination to be reckoned with. And Redd, no doubt, was enjoying every inch of getting his ass busted in by Manny’s cannon. Definitely bring Manny back!! BTW, excellent job putting this one together at the very last minute!! :) Dec 7, 2017
texasbugg MIKE man u r so smart u bring manny killa in to take down sir trapp i keep looking at how motherfucking sexy manny killa is this thug is super sexy as hell and i recall how trapp was sucking scotty big dick trapp was making scotty feel him damm i know mike know he is going to really blow up in 2018 if manny killa fuck trapp members r going to tell their friends to join bba cause bba has all the sexy young thugs and very handsome thugs manny killa/bandit r trapp/manny killa anyone is a boom boom. Dec 5, 2017
texasbugg SIR TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) if mike let u/manny killa do a scene together and manny killa eat your royal 18kt gold asshole sir trapp make sure u put your dick where the fans can look at your dick while he is tossing your salad cause manny killa is going to make u (pre cum) he is a pro at eating ass and deep down trapp u love a prettyboi and he looks like scotty and he is sexy as fuck trapp i hope u watch his scene with lil redd trapp it will make your thug ass bust a nut trapp u will stayathug. Dec 5, 2017
texasbugg MIKE please let manny killa fuck mar damm that would be coffee/cream damm manny killa is a pro in fucking and mar got that pretty 18kt gold asshole and manny killa damm how he would suck mar asshole manny killa i hope u see this and ask mike can u do a scene with mar manny go take a look at that pretty asshole that mar is carrying back there i know them at school after seeing mar asshole r going to want to get with him i really hope mar come back for another scene u r good. Dec 4, 2017
h1lda74 Wish they had spent a bit more time in missionary, but very nice video. Great chemistry. Loved the kissing during the fucking. Very sensual. Dec 3, 2017
WeatherMan Once again, I tip my hat to you with scoring Manny Killa to be a part of the BBA family. His scene with Luh Redd was a hot one and I think they really honestly like each other, it felt like I was watching a REAL couple have sex. Oddly enough, the scene felt like more of couples sex than some of the scenes on BBA that actually feature real couples, this speak volumes to the models and you, as a director. I hope Manny is included in the BBA Christmas scene because I feel like he is going to have a much needed spark to it and I think he is a natural also. Get Manny, Stylez, and Scotty together for a light skinned trio video and it will go down. Also, Trapp needs to bottom for Manny, that MUST happen. Nov 29, 2017
texasbugg mike if u let manny killa do a scene with trapp mike please let manny killa do a kissing scene with trapp last time trapp and lil redd didn't kiss manny killa be putting marks on the person he fuck i don't recall no one doing that mike this scene was hotter than (DRE/MOOKIIE) u know it mike manny killa should put his dick in a picture frame and he was blessed by the gods he got body, looks and dick very handsome and not stuck on himself is very funny manny the fans love u stay the same hotthugchi. Nov 29, 2017
texasbugg THIS young thug manny killa got me busting two times a day i never saw no one fuck like that he was fucking lil redd and i was feeling it and mike would be lieing if he said he did not (PRE CUM) in his pants damm trapp if u hook up with manny killa u r going to get some feelings cause manny killa is a pro at fucking he makes the other person enjoy the sex i love me some manny killa u r a badd thug for real now u must take down (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) who has a body that was blessedbythegodsirtrapp. Nov 29, 2017
kevin343 Congratulations are in order ! Thank you so very much for this mouth watering scene between Manny Killa and Luh Redd. The chemistry was chemistry. They make quite a couple. Looking forward to seeing more of Manny Killa. I have to agree with the rest of the comments, Trapp/Manny would be a nice pairing to say the least. I enjoyed watching this scene. Manny is butter and silk ! Keep up the good work Michael . Happy Holidays to you and your entire BBA staff . Nov 28, 2017
texasbugg Mike i must give u your card u really know how to put out that (RAW THUG SEX) manny killa was fucking lil redd like he been knowing lil redd for years that was lovers fucking that's how lovers fuck damm i know trapp would feel more at ease with manny killa climbin on his back if manny killa suck trapp dick like that and eat his ass like that trapp is going to melt like butter damm two stars meet (TRAPP/MANNY KILLA) manny k. can feel he make u enjoy his fucking damm trapp u/manny Nov 27, 2017
Black37 Manny looks like a young Freaky J or like he could be his little bro. Would love to see them paired together. Seems like he's going to be a nice new addition. The Christmas scene this year has all kinds of potential... as long as it involves Trapp being taken down! 😊 Nov 27, 2017
texasbugg Mike i must tell u i love the way u run bba u let your members say what's on their minds and i know u have saw a lot i have wrote. plus u listen to your members proof in every scene that trapp is in he always have that (ONELEGGUP) which trapp looks so fucking sexy with that one legg up mike if and when trapp let someone get into that 18kt gold thug asshole of his mike please have trapp lay on his side where he can put that one legg up while they r fucking him i melt like butter whentrapp1legup. Nov 27, 2017
texasbugg I hope trapp u r reading this when i was on lock on the (COFFIELD UNIT) Tenn Colony, Texas we had hardcore thugs and they was called (DADDY GIRLS) now a daddy girl is a hardcore thug who will only let a gay guy climb on his back to fuck him it's a mind thing with a hardcore thug he feels him letting a gay guy fuck him he is not letting another thug on his back that's why i know trapp will feel more at ease with manny climbing on his back plus manny is a prettyboi prettyboifromthecity,chitownmanny. Nov 27, 2017
mrbates excellent scene. excellent pairing. the passion was off the chain. the sex was off the chain. I would love to see Manny take down Trapp. Manny is passionate and Trapp is passionate. Bandit is at his BEST when he is passionate also. If he agrees to passion, then .....Manny and Bandit would be agreeable. Well done scene! Nov 27, 2017
KodyFan Just wanted to say that I loved the new vid with Manny Killa & Luh Redd!! The feet shots were off da chain & Manny's a real cutie. Look out Bandit, might have some competition!! The boys were passionate together. Might there be a relationship developing?? Can't wait to see Manny get that cute ass busted. Great video!! Nov 26, 2017
faulknerfan Well worth the wait! Quality always takes time, and you certainly found it with Manny. Everything is terrific about this guy! Very nice, open personality and smile. Nice voice also, which for some odd reason reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s speaking voice (dating myself here). Hopefully we’ll be seeing lots more of Manny. Very happy to see BBA scoring big time with a new model and, once again, well worth the wait! Nov 26, 2017
darkrider This scene was hot as hell. Manny Killa has a big dick and knows how to use it. Nov 26, 2017
retrokid562 This scene was everything...I love the passion and fire between these two. I want to see more of Manny Killa already, like ASAP! Would love a solo of himself too in the damn near future. Nov 26, 2017
texasbugg DAMM manny babyboi i was all for bandit being the thug that fuck trapp after seeing how u throw that dick damm i wish mike would let u be trapp's first u r sexxy as fuck i have already jack off to u/manny mike know he hit 18kt gold with u plus trapp being 18kt gold that = 36kts gold that is a lot of gold i can picture u laying on your side behind trapp putting that pretty dick of your in trapp gold thug asshole trapp laying on his side with that oneleggup that will makeumeltliketrappbutter. Nov 26, 2017
cam3121 This was one of, if not the best debut I've ever seen on this site. The moment Manny said he's a top that loves to suck dick, I was in love and a HUGE fan! The dick sucking from both of them was FIRE and the chemistry between Manny and Luh Redd was awesome. The fucking was just phenomenal. I busted a nut TWICE from this film. Easily in the top 5 best scenes of 2017. I can't wait to see more of Manny in 2018. Oh and I hope to see Luh Redd fuck a dude again soon. Incredible video. Nov 26, 2017
whyatt12 Luh Redd you one lucky dude. You been getting some good dick lately Nov 26, 2017
Bellyboyblues He's cute. I just can't get into these brand new models coming in ready to hook up with other guys as soon as they come through the BBA door. The classic BBA turnout is my thing. It may take weeks, months or even a year, but it's worth the wait seeing a str8 dude go gay. That's what I'm here for. Nov 25, 2017
lilbrodge something tells me they had some more fun after the cameras was gone. Nov 25, 2017
texasbugg Manny babyboi u should put that asshole of yours on lock damm u got a pretty puffy asshole a thug asshole when lil redd was sucking your asshole that puffy asshole was getting fatter my saying is when u got a pretty puffy asshole put it in a picture frame babyboi your likes blew up fast and that's telling mike the fans love u and mike is real smart he knows who to pair u with to make the likes grow faster i really hope it be with (TRAPP/BANDIT) (HOMESOMETHUG vs HARDCORETHUG) MANNY VS TRAPP, Nov 25, 2017
blktop2002 You know the entire BBA Nation is dying to know who missed this golden opportunity to shoot with this stunning young man. Luckily Luh Redd was right on time and the shoot was fun playful and intensely passionate. I see the potential for a BBA love story. Can’t wait to see the sequel and the tables turned. Hint Hint. Nov 25, 2017
simplett this kid needs to get fucked by trapp the same way he was throwing dick is the same way TRAPP needs to throw dick at him ha ha Nov 25, 2017
chgohydepar1 Luh Redd is every true top's dream. I love the Kat like he loves dick. I suspect that we will be seeing more of sexy Manny's versatile persona. Two words: I came. I shot when Luh Redd shot his load in Manny's face and Manny smiled and said, "that's what I'm talking about," before he took that dick back into his mouth. Yesssss. Great pairing and scene. Nov 25, 2017
mrbigstuff009 very very hot, really love those guys Nov 24, 2017
tayshawn3 Damm Chicago in the building...that was a hot ass scene....the ass licking and dick sucking were on me a light skin...and it was about time for a new model...he is definitely a keeper. Nov 24, 2017
Banditfan1 This is probably one of the or is, the most passionate scene on this site! Glad these two were paired together. It seemed like I was looking in on a relationship lol I loved it! Nov 24, 2017
Blackncute By far the hottest BBA video yet. Manny is my new favorite model. Please pair him up with Rico Pruitt. Nov 24, 2017
Bigguum Really like Manny, he is a freak..wish it wasn't with Luh Redd but understand circumstances..who was your first choice? Nov 24, 2017
texasbugg Mike where do u find all these sexy thugs at damm manny has it going on i just know mike is going to find a way to hook manny up with bandit damm manny is so sexy he came out on (THANKSGIVING DAY) i was so full i had to get up at 5 am friday morning to bust two nutts to this sexyyyyyy scene i really hope manny do a scene with trapp manny u r a rising star cause u r sexyy as fuck and i can see your ass is fatt as fuck. lil redd that's the fucking u needed that was a good fuck i give it a (10). Nov 24, 2017
tjm133 I love both these models. I hope to see both again. I loved Manny tasting the sperm on Luh Redd. I love when they cum in each other mouth or ass. Nov 24, 2017
Nonchalant24 Great scene!!! they were attracted to each other so the chemistry was hot. Nov 24, 2017
Docteur Manny gets an A+. Please pair him with Bandit, Apollo, Isaiah and Stylez. Hopefully you can get him in a flip-flop scene or the orgy Xmas scene.
Luh Redd is played out. I know you tried to get someone else, but Manny needs a more masculine model. I mean he fucked Luh Redd good, but he needs to be fucked too.
Nov 24, 2017
lablue Manny cute hope 2 see more of him. Nov 24, 2017
Terrenceworld that was amazing i can not wait to see more manny Nov 24, 2017
texasbugg This was super hottttt! i wish manny could be paired with trapp damm i could see manny fucking trapp cause he knows how to use his dick he really fucked lil redd manny is sexy handsome fine and got some thug in him manny welcome to bba u did a great job lil redd u know u did great and i hope u two will stay awhile mike damm please let manny do a scene with trapp i know he will melt like butter when he see trapp damm manny u got a pretty dick. a new hott thug from the city, (CHI TOWN).ursuperhottt Nov 24, 2017
kidon7000 wow great job on this mike! are we sure he is a top? he was giving me the impression he was vers. everything about this scene was a chart topper for me. i am sure Manny is going to get fucked soon i hope by luh redd; their chemistry was on point. Nov 24, 2017

We have a special surprise in store for our viewers this holiday weekend. Many of you will no doubt recognize our newest model as Manny Killa, the strikingly handsome 24-year-old DJ and music producer from Chicago whose social media accounts have earned him a large and passionate fan following over the past year.

A light-skinned bisexual "top" with a slim, sexy body and impressively THICK nine-inch dick, Manny Killa says that people are always telling him that he should try doing porn, so the timing turned out to be perfect when we finally approached him about working with us.

"You only get one life," he explains at the start of this scene. "Some people bucket list is to jump out of a plane, mines is to be a porn star!"

For his much-anticipated gay porn premiere, we've paired Manny Killa with the irresistibly cute and talented Luh Redd, who was thankfully willing to get on a plane with nothing but the clothes on his back and fly here at the VERY last minute when another model completely stood us up by missing his flight.

What came depressingly close to being a total disaster turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the instant chemistry between these two complete strangers resulted in one of the most surprising and sensual scenes we've filmed in awhile!

BBA is proud to bring you Manny Killa like you've only been able to IMAGINE him before now, making his official gay porn debut for "Black Boy Addictionz"!

It's nearly a FULL HOUR of hot hardcore action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and aggressive RAW fucking as Manny Killa lives up to his name and proves himself a force to be reckoned with in the world of adult entertainment!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex
Details: Nov 24, 2017 56 min
Photo of Luh Redd
Luh Redd
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa

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