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Tooflyshawty17 Loved Bandit in this and LOVE me some Legend Jun 14, 2024
tuffluv06 All these neg comments were not warranted. Leave these guys alone, they progress at their pace. Jun 14, 2024
jaypablo Hot scene, loved seeing Legend take all that dik deep in him, I can’t wait to see him and Juju again Jun 12, 2024
Bertless65 I have been watching Bandit since 2016 when he was in his early 20s. I repeatedly say to myself he is the type that I would fuck late night at 2AM with low lighting. I am not sure if he has some form of eczema, severe body acne, or hyperpigmentation but his skin is always dry and been spotty for years, his nails chewed up and his grooming just has never been on point. He needs to invest in a skincare product called Tones by Cocoa. He also needs a master barber to help him perfect a nice low-cut fade look. He also needs to lay off the weed and dark liquor because as he ages his face is developing that burnt-out "I smoke weed and drink" look. But again, Bandit could ride my dick late at night. What I liked about this scene is how into the dick inside him Legend was. I love it when Bandit gives some verbal. Bandit big dick fucked him with a lot of patience. I want to see Legend ride some dick next. I rate this scene a 6 out of 10 because I'm over Legend not sucking dick with this being his 6th scene. Jun 8, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 @blugod12 I feel the Legend-Diez and Bandit-Trapp scenes coming too. Same city so it might've been easy and convenient to get those done. I also hope Legend takes the next big step of giving head to his scene partner. If not he'll lose some of the popularity he has earned.🤞🏽 Jun 4, 2024
Readyruk1 Hot pairing. Legend is performing top game here too. Jun 2, 2024
BluGod12 This was amazing! Legend was a trooper taking on Bandit. I also appreciated the additional kissing through the scene. I see this weeks episode and got my fingers crossed for the possible next 2 scenes if it involves these same four.

Also, there’s people out there that don’t suck dick 🤷🏾‍♂️. Maybe he’ll come around to it, but the guy is doing phenomenal and has sex appeal. The other models and most fans are feeling him.
Jun 2, 2024
blackforest meatlover has hit the nail on the head. Saw this the first time and was immediately turned off. May 31, 2024
Meatlover I wasn’t gonna say anything but so many have said what i felt so fuck it? I want to support this but I can’t. Legend is supremely overrated. I don’t understand being able to take a dick in your ass but you can’t suck that same dick. Make that shit make sense because it doesn’t. He’s been doing this for a year and it’s like his growth has stunted. I hope he gets it together & stops being scared of the dick because it’s not a good look, no matter how good looking he may be.

Bandit has grown leaps and bounds & this film is proof of it. I wasn’t a fan of his but now I’m finally a fan because he stopped being scared of the dick. I hope & pray Legend gets to this point so i can root for him because i want to be on the Legend train but i won’t until he steps his game up.
May 31, 2024
MichaelGalletta I share your frustration with Legend's limitations, but like I've said before, I also learned a long time ago not to expect any of it to make sense. Every model is a unique human being with their own specific turn-ons, limitations, hang-ups, do's and dont's, etc. Sexuality is varied and complex, especially among young Black men who've been raised in families and communities where homophobia and toxic masculinity run rampant. Sometimes we're successful at helping to break down these boundaries, other times not so much. Especially when money isn't the primary motivation. At the end of the day, we can't force anyone to do something they don't want to do.
tariqreid Bandit is definitely gay idk why he still trying to act like hes straight May 31, 2024
tariqreid What the fuck is up with Bandit? He looks drugged out May 31, 2024
androgyny757 Hot video I would luv'd see more of that dick going in and out that hole May 30, 2024
urbanskin1980 It was a nice scene but in general will like to see some more positions. Like imagine if we saw Legend riding. That would have been so hot!! May 30, 2024
Dualex Even though I get blocked on twitter (it's been 2 years I believe) I am still an OG customer and subscriber, not afraid to speak my mind. I am not holding grudges 😊. May 30, 2024
MichaelGalletta Keep insulting the models and making outrageously ignorant comments about models who bottom being turned into "females," "lesbians," "bitches," etc. and you will continue getting blocked. And not just on Twitter next time.
ken1jim It. Was worth the wait, THIS SHIT IS HOT

Worth the wait. THIS SHIT IS HOT,,,,,Part 2 ????
May 29, 2024
Beyy88 Ard this was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 bandit been doing his big one (ON MY SOUL). He’s carrying this! Legend this his thing as well. If he keep at it, he’ll become a Legend at BBA. More practice but did really good. STILL WAITING ZEKE & BANDIT!!!!! May 29, 2024
illtown22 Mike where in the world is K9? May 29, 2024
LngstrkeMike88 Props to Legend for being a taker 🔥! Bandit fucked that ass fat 😏! Even though it's only a possibility, now if only we can see Kilo getting pinned down grunting and moaning 😈! May 29, 2024
davids I love this scene because I love both models. However, I wish it was a flip scene. May 29, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 I see Bandit has a yellow hat at the intro of this scene and there's a guy in the twitter photo to the right who you can barely see that's also wearing a yellow hat. Is that outdoor photo a well hidden preview of Bandit with Trapp?👀👀👀👀 May 29, 2024
Empire2021 Absolutely loved this scene. Everything about it was damn near perfect and Bandit FUCKED Legend into another planet. He gave Legend’s phat plump ass and tight hole exactly what it needed. Now for those wondering if Legend takes dick off camera; I personally don’t think so but he did mention in the first scene with Juju that he fucks himself often with dildos for his fans on only fans. So to me that explains why he probably can take dick well for only his second time getting fucked . Remember he was coaching juju on how to take the dildo. May 29, 2024
Verdade Love this. Love ya Bandit and Legend. Also special thanks to Michael, Montez and Shax for the productions. BBA has the most sexy naked Black Men online along with Noir Male. Love your library so much. I still go back to Freaky J, Lil Tyga, Saint of course, and so many sex scenes. I keep everyone in rotation to masturbate with. Michael,Montez, and Shax...You guys do excellent work. Cannot say enough to each and every model that lets us enjoy them naked and all the great sex that they share with us. The entire BBA family is so beautiful . Shout out to DeAngelo Jackson as well. Even tho no BBA affiliation....I just want to send love to DeAngelo for his great twitter love for everyone. Michael, I know you appreciate DeAngelo Jackson for his sex appeal. and everything. Thanks so much to the Entire BBA Family. Love All of the posters as well. Thanks Mike,Montez and Shax...Love you guys. May 28, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 I appreciate every Bandit scene we get! Legend and his sexy super hero physique were missed from his last scene with Juju which hasn't been topped yet from the 👍🏽's & ❤'s. Bandit would've been the perfect first dick to suck for Legend and I wish he was ready for that. I'm wondering if not getting his knob slobbed the way he deserves in every scene was what was holding Bandit back and had him roll out of the scene without a recap with Legend. I gotta be real and say Legend was going light on the ass eating too it seems. When Bandit has a partner that gives it all the way up he brings it even more in scenes like with Apollo, Rico, Manny, Scuba, and Diez.

Bandit deserves two good bottoms serving him up any and every way he wants in a scene. Rico & Donte would do him right and let him get it however he wants.💯💯💯

Quick note on the hotel scene location. I always love the big houses with many rooms and indoor/outdoor options. I also like how the hotel setting reminds me of the Atlantic City, and New York scenes from years ago. Even the wood and metal headboard were almost exactly like a scene in New York with either Saint or Justice if my memory is right?

Thanks for putting these two together and letting us see how great at taking dick Legend is getting! Now we are all going wild from the new scene teases with Trapp wondering who he will be with! Keep it up BBA! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
May 28, 2024
smhard03 wooooow!!! Legend was looooving that dick at the end... I loved this! May 27, 2024
mrbates Legend is becoming a great "power bottom!" May 27, 2024
Detrell14 The video is hot 🔥Mike you did that! @MichaelGalletta I’m not trying to be greedy but I would love to see Stallion bottom. Like you say nobody is safe when it comes to BBA! I would love to see Stallion pair with JuJu. Also bring back Ross May 27, 2024
MichaelGalletta Thanks, but all the credit for this stellar scene goes to co-directors Shax Carter and Montez, as well as the models! I approved the pairing and paid the bills, but they are the ones who made this magic happen. I'm lucky to have one of the most talented and reliable creative teams in the business!
200water Love both models and like the pairing but couldn’t nutt to this. Bandit didn’t get completely hard, and Legend didn’t get hard at all while bottoming. All the moaning made it seem like I was watching a different person. The cumshot was not good. Prefer to see a bottom cum while getting fucked, or top cum from fucking ass or cum from BJ. Hopefully Blake can get a hold of Legend next! May 26, 2024
mn123nm I’ve noticed that Legend doesn’t suck dick which is my only complaint when I seen the teaser I was hoping for what was missing in the Christmas video , but I do think he is a good candidate for House Of Whores this year May 26, 2024
supreme This production pairing, passion, and production was 10's'.10s'10s', across the board!!!! ....It is the 4th BBA Classic of this year alone and just think it is only the 5th month of 2024!
Mike, Montez and the rest of the BBA team as one of the original members and supporters congratulations this was well worth the wait .
May 26, 2024
king2019 I was glad to see Legend again!!! Great connection and amazing sex!! May 25, 2024
nbrown1210 As my 3 month subscription comes to an end, I just want to say to Michael Galletta and company that you are hands down the most diligent protector of your content than any other porn site out there. You must spend hours tracking some of the freebies and piracy sites to take down any videos that manage to slip through. Hats off to you --even though it costs me! LOL May 25, 2024
MichaelGalletta We invest A LOT of time and money into our content, both in order to bring you exciting, high-quality scenes like this one, but also to pay our models significantly more than the industry average. When people choose to illegally steal and/or watch stolen versions of our content instead of paying for credits or a subscription, they are making that harder for us to do, and ultimately stealing from the models as well as other BBA fans.
Dope88 Definitely wont be my only comment.
This scene actually exceeded my expectations.
Bandit went from shy/anxiousness energy in the beginning to whispering sweet nothings in Legend’s ear.
Legend took that beating like a champ and his moans are so perfect.
Im still unpacking this scene 10/10.

As we move forward Legend and Diez need a go asap.

I also need Bandit to fold Donte up like a pretzel because that lil guy definitely can handle it.
May 25, 2024
man12345 Would love to see JuJu finally bottom. I hope that Stallion will soon as well. May 25, 2024
ef8432 I’m team Bandit regardless 😍 he was on his A game this scene. His super power of grinding from the back while kissing & licking & whispering in the ear… Amazing. There was a part where you can clearly see you cut out I wonder was Bandit bout to cum? 🤔

Legend did great bottoming. My only issue a lot of times with this site is the cumshots. Didn’t make sense for Legend to be jacking off by his self as if it was a solo. & sometimes show Bandits face when he cums
May 25, 2024
Terrenceworld legend can take dick a threesome with him bottoming would go crazy May 25, 2024
Charmed35 I love it the scene was good the chemistry was good def one best I like legend bottoming it's amazing his moans turnt me on and Bandit is by far my favorite BBA model I just love watching him get his ass ate or taking dick but he good topping too great scene guys next time do a reverse wit these two they look hot and sexy together bruh ♥️ May 25, 2024
demereoboi Mike, you're doing a great job! Keep the models and hot scenes coming. Remember you can't please everyone, but the masses are happy. May 25, 2024
maybelater Damn Bandit!! You fucked that boy... May 25, 2024
sanmiittai Legend! Bandit must've been pounding you for like an hour! You are definitely a Legend because I was over here cussin with you and I was just watching. 😭

You made that ending very sexy ❤️‍🔥, but I do wish Bandit could have stayed to help you out there. 😅

I think that's a party foul and y'all need to switch places next time so you can show him how it's done. Respectfully. 😇😜
May 24, 2024
DjbiATL They both like to be handled and submissive, so the chemistry is a little off. The fucking seems chaotic instead of erotic. The angles, not that great. And yall defintely should have told Legend to shut tf up with all that loud ass whining. Makes it seem unrealistic one, and two its hard to watch on the low because hes so loud screaming the whole time. Bandit can show him how to take the dick. lol Two of the sexiest BBA models, just not a great chemistry match. They are too much of the same energy. Even the kissing was off. And Legend for sure know how to kiss. Bandit does too, he just has to be led. Let Mike come back and direct them together. He knows how to build a slow burn that explodes. But thank yall for trying. May 24, 2024
Jobb93 Really enjoyed the scene with two of my favorite people May 24, 2024
MrBrown19942 As always, BBA always gives me what I need. This scene is so good! Their chemistry is evident too. Thank you as always, BBA. May 24, 2024
apollo10 i have to agree with Dualex and Disgruntled. This scene was mediocre, especially after the two week run-up waiting for “something special”. Bandit acts tired as if hes drugged or something. You can give him some time off and get Diez , Apollo, Staxx , JuJu (if he’ll agree to suck dick), Saint and others. I was expecting Legend to slide Bandits long pole down his throat,finally. But, that was disappointingly not the case. Ass cum shots and JO finishes are ok, but some greedy cum eating trumps anything else for the finale and never gets old. Better luck next time. May 24, 2024
MichaelGalletta Respectfully DISAGREE that this scene isn't "special." It features our #1 model paired with one of our most popular new models returning to the site for the first time since Christmas, and bottoming for only the second time. Probably the most-requested scene pairing we've been getting from our fans and customers for many months now.

I'm sorry this didn't hit that sweet spot for you, but thankfully many others are already calling it one of our best scenes of the year, and I'd have to agree.
Dualex Dl or str8 men don't give head but they do eat female 🍑... That's sumn they're familiar with. The ones who suck 🥒 are more on the bisexual side. Then again we're all different. May 24, 2024
Docteur I agree with one of the posters on here in regards to the BBA models that will eat ass, but won't suck dick, or they will kiss (even tongue kiss), and get fucked, but won't suck dick - strange. I would think a so-called heterosexual man would rather suck a dick than get fucked or would rather suck a dick than to eat ass. JuJu who eats ass, jacks dick till they cum on his hand, will kiss a male and get fucked by a toy says there is no amount of money that will get him to suck a dick or get fucked by one. I guess a dildo in the ass is different than a dick in there. Oh well. May 24, 2024
MichaelGalletta I learned a long time ago not to expect any of it to make sense lol.

Every model is a unique human being with their own specific turn-ons, limitations, hang-ups, do's and dont's, etc. Sexuality is varied and complex, especially among young Black men who've been raised in families and communities where homophobia and toxic masculinity run rampant.

Sometimes we're successful at helping to break down these boundaries, other times not so much. Especially when money isn't a primary motivation. At the end of the day, we can't force anyone to do something they don't want to do.
jam1967 i was wondering why the 2 week break? Love both these guys. I only have a month membership and would love to continue it, but break put me on hold. I found this site by accident, so I hope it will be standard to watch weekly or whatever you have going on for vids. Thanks May 24, 2024
MichaelGalletta Welcome to BBA! Glad you recently discovered us. We promise at least three new updates per month, but occasionally we fall short and the breaks between updates end up being longer depending on our production schedule. But we'll be posting hot new updates for at least the next three weeks in a row, and making up for our missing third May update at some point this summer.
Longblack809 Well Legend went to gay heaven. Time to move on. I felt like I was watching a female getting fucked. Oh well… May 24, 2024
001reg Would love to see Bandit in a yellow durag like the BBA logo May 24, 2024
Docteur Team Bandit 4ver for me. This was one of his best topping sessions and lovemaking sessions ever. He kissed Legend like they were romantic partners for real. Bandit performance A+, though I am not a fan of Legend, he took that monster dick quite well. Wonder why he didn't give Bandit some fiyahh head. Ideal scenes for me would be: Stylez slutted out by Bandit, Apollo and Denzel; Apollo and Scuba; Deontrey and Maleek; Zeke and Bandit; K9 being topped by Bandit for a get back session; and an all out orgy with: Bandit, Scuba, Apollo, Maleek, Stylez and JuJu. I know I am a dreamer, LOL May 24, 2024
Aamir3D Bandit caressed that hole 😮‍💨. Legend was in paradise May 24, 2024
nastyscorp10 Good scene. Bandit is 1 of the best! Legend is dope as well. Just curious though, is Legend allergic to giving head or something? Still haven't seen it. Hope that changes. May 24, 2024
Leonides Bravo 👏🏾 now it’s time for JuJu and Kingston , Maleek and Blake Bishop , or Stallion and Zeke don’t let me down . Keep this momentum , I believe in you guys ✨ May 24, 2024
Timpen Congratulations are in order for Legends year anniversary. His ability to take the two biggest dicks in my opinion on the site and sound sexy as hell doing it with those octave moans. And to Bandit who is on point as usual in this good scene May 24, 2024
sboyd34 This cameraman sucks he doesn't take any good shots May 24, 2024
kennyg Don't have words !!!!!!! Never thought Legend could get into bottoming like this, but glad he did May 24, 2024
maxkev59 No judgement here, but I’m wondering if Brotha Legend has been practicing off camera because he took all of the BIG dick; exceptionally well for his second time. Bandit beat the breaks off Legend’s phine ass! Two sexy ass masculine brothas getting it in. This is refreshingly reminiscent of BBA’s epic beatdowns from the past. 10 out of 10 for me.

Oh yeah…. Legend’s beat up hole….YESSIRR!!!
May 24, 2024
darkmanjah28 Ngl, i was JUST ab to go to USA tv a watch a couple of Premier League soccer games on Demand, but thought i should chk out BBA first. I swear, only BBA could drop a new vid and distract a nga from his usual Friday morn binge, lol. Bandit and Legend? Heaven on a Friday yawl heaven on a Friday. BBA now. BBA forever. May 24, 2024
yomama1928 I haven’t even watched this yet , but I’m so excited at the same time lol. I’ll comment again afterwards May 24, 2024
chucke1 What is that Bandit is wearing on his head? May 24, 2024
palmers Wow…just wow this scene was exceptional. May 24, 2024
Zester1 Even with the bad editing, scene was good May 24, 2024
kmoneystax Is legend against sucking dick? I’ve noticed that him and Juju will eat ass but won’t suck dick then you have Stallion who will suck dick but don’t eat ass. lol. Just a random observation May 24, 2024
Darkseid In My Opinion, Blake Bishop would've Fucked Legend well....... This was a great Match But Bandit wasnt HARD properly like Usual, Its almost like he had Just fucked someone a day before, He must Have struggled getting his dick hard throughout the whole shooting and I felt these struggles too while watching the Scene. Which is why It became boring for me to watch at some point, I ended up Forwarding most of the parts.
But all in all Thanks for the production, Thanks to the models, The effort of the production Team and the quality of the Picture is really great!: At least that never disappoints us
May 24, 2024
A123 That scene was fire! Legend was perfect from the beginning to the end. Not only is he passionate and sexy as hell, but he took dick like a champ. There was not a lot a running and/or constant stopping. His moans alone can make this viewer come close to nutting. Legend is certainly one of my favorites of the newer models BBA has. Bandit was good in this scene too. He offered a decent balance of aggression and care for Legend. Long time BBA fans already know that Bandit is sexy and his long, hard dick is so pretty to me. For the record, BBA is the porn membership I value the most because this site continuously brings high quality scenes with some of the sexiest dudes that I can imagine. The breaks can be annoying, but when you come back with exciting content like this, it makes it worth the wait. May 24, 2024
disgruntled No offense but we waited two weeks for this? Please lets not do this again May 24, 2024
chrisa94 One of the best scenes of 2024 Hands Down!
Legend makes the best faces while being Dicked Down, and I love his moaning. I think everyone else might hate it but its so HOT
Not a huge fan of bandit, However I do appreciate him more now! Will be looking for more from Bandit as a TOP
May 23, 2024
FreakTeach I know this is fire and I haven't even watched yet May 23, 2024
Akashic1 This was 👌🏿Perfect. About to be another scorching BBA Summer... May 23, 2024
LeeAnfernee_92 Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 23, 2024
acg0924 Yes yes yes!!! This was great May 23, 2024
Dualex Sick and tired of bandit, retire him, now!!! Not watching this now that you're turning Legend into a bottom. Waiting on people to start complaining there's no tops. Mark my words. I said what I said. May 23, 2024
dreadhead8 This is probably one of the best vids hands down even without legend sucking sheesh he was taking that mf I wish bandit would’ve nutted deep in him May 23, 2024
bigmale Ok this is the bomb! May 23, 2024
DLtrucker2021 Legend needs a bigger dick than that! May 23, 2024
Rawego88 Whew!!! 🤯🔥 now if we could get legend juju and Dominic that would break the bba internet but awesome scene May 23, 2024
birdred30 After 2 week wait, that was better keep the flow up , happy memorial day too 🇺🇸🇺🇸 May 23, 2024
daquarius96 Finally I been waiting on this 😩 May 23, 2024
TennesseeBator Now, this is how you cum back from a break and do things in a BIG way, no notes, perfect scene, Legend has come a long way and seeing him take Bandit's dick was so worth it. May 23, 2024
SCGuy08 The whimpers of Legend will have you spitting far before you are ready! Bandit and Legend great pairing! Great scene May 23, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 I knew Legend was coming back!!!! And with the King Bandit!!! Let's go!!! Watching now!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 May 23, 2024

Legend's finally back to celebrate his ONE-YEAR anniversary here at BBA with this pairing we've known we had to try to make happen ever since Legend took the big plunge and bottomed for the first time on camera as last year's epic Christmas Surprise.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for this much-requested and action-packed encounter as Legend returns to take on THE Legend, proving once again that he's a rising young versatile star in the making.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: May 23, 2024 44 min
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