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Nastynut Sorry about my rant, on another note, Kavii looks as good as everrr!! I swear that ass done got fatter too! I LOVEEEE him as a bottom, as I’m a bottom myself but he makes me wanna be a top just for the experience from him OMGGGG!! He kills ALL of his scenes and is always passionate at whatever he’s doing and looks and sounds so sexy doing it!!! The new model is cute and seems like he could be VERSE! I love how he was talking his ish while poppin his ish! Overall the video was 6/10 Kavii is a 10/10 tho. Jun 16, 2024
Nastynut I DO NOT LIKE THE CAMERA MAN , I DO NOT LIKE THE CAMERAMAN, I DO NOT LIKE THE CAMERAMAN!!!! He is HORRIBLE at his job!!! Just because he can hold a high quality camera and come up with these scene performances does NOT make him qualified to do his job. He is in the WRONG profession. He NEVERRRRR focuses on the dick & ass, DICK & ASS, DICK & ASS, again DICK & ASS!!! We don’t give a damn about these facial expressions that he repeatedly shows scene after scene after scene after scene after scene!!! HE SUCKS!!! I be so irritated EVERYTIME yall drop a new video because I already knowwww we getting ready to see more facial expressions then DICK & ASS!!! This is a PORN sight not a model sight! The modeling is extra & ima let u know, when we are trying to get a nut, WE WANT TO SEE DICKKKK & ASSSSS!!!! Damn! Mike please we have begged you for YEARS to comeback and save your company!!! Do u not see how SMALL YOUR LIKES KEEP REMAINING!!!! Yall used to get 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ like EASY on videos now yall lucky to get half of that!!! That enough should speak volumes 🙄 Jun 16, 2024
MichaelGalletta 1) Did somebody hack your account lol? You do realize this scene was filmed and directed by the same two people who filmed and directed all of your recent favorites, right? Battle of the Branches, Veterans Day, North Poled, all scenes you gave 10/10 rave reviews to, so not sure what this out of character temper tantrum is all about.

2) We have NEVER gotten 1,000 or more likes on new scenes. Any scene with that many likes has been up on the site for years and earned those numbers over a long stretch of time. "Likes" on our more popular new scenes are not down at all, and a few even seem to be on the fast track to earning Top Tier status sooner rather than later.

3) While I'm flattered by your plea for me to return, you should know that I value facial expressions more than even Shax or Montez do. If all you care about are generic dick and ass close-ups, you've come to the wrong place. My philosophy has always been that disembodied dicks and asses are meaningless without the facial expressions and personalities attached to them.
Tooflyshawty17 I loveeeeeee me some Sosa Jun 14, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Was looking forward to a new scene but you know what's best Mike. Some would be quick with the "this ain't it" comments if it was a bad look like you said. I just hope it wasn't related to a Rico return which I can't even see being the case since he always comes through. A BTS of the last Juju/Legend scene would be cool one day or maybe Bandit/Diez? Two great recent high ranked scenes. Bandit was real playful in that scene and that Juju/Legend scene went into OT and the kiss seemed cut short at the end. I may be way off though.🤷🏾‍♂️😆 Im sure a new long strong dominant top who is open to pleasing the fan base will come. Like Juju but a lil more open to being verse in scenes. Can we also get the models to engage by asking for likes a little more too in scenes? Apollo mentioned it in his return scenes with the new models. Bandit and Apollo are still on top where they should be. The new guys should take that ranking serious like the BBA vets do. Thanks for engaging and keeping us updated Mike. I know the next scene will be another big one!! Jun 14, 2024
jrummi i do agree its lame to shut off the twitter replies whenever you tweet something you know will elicit criticism. especially when criticism is warranted Jun 13, 2024
MichaelGalletta Like I said in my prior reply, that's what our Customer Support form, email addresses, and comments section are for. At least half the people who follow us on Twitter aren't even active customers, so there's no reason for us to turn basic announcement tweets into toxic dumping grounds for random anonymous people to air every grievance they've had with us going back a decade.
dreadhead8 Was anyone of the performers release that was supposed to be on this update that did not go well? I hope it wasn’t none of my favs🥺🤦🏾‍♂️ Jun 13, 2024
MichaelGalletta Nobody was fired, if that's what you're asking. We usually only cut ties with models under rare and extreme circumstances. Nobody's perfect and even the best of us have bad days/shoots/trips though. Not making excuses, just trying to be gracious. Sort of like an NBA player who falls into a severe but temporary scoring slump.
chucke1 Oh I just saw your trust me comment and I do. No problem here! Jun 13, 2024
smokey1984 Appreciate the new talent, but I’ll pass on this one. Jun 13, 2024
Jjdude86 Y’all are cowards for turning the Twitter replies off. Prime examples of you can dish it out but can’t take it. Mike needs a BBC to fuck that bad attitude out of him. Jun 13, 2024
MichaelGalletta LOL. We said what we had to say, it is what it is, and there's nothing you, me, or anyone else can say or do to change what happened. No point in allowing that tweet to become a dumping ground for every random troll who wants to air their petty grievances going back years. We have emails and a Customer Support form for that lol. You're not even an active monthly subscriber, so this week's canceled update doesn't directly impact you anyways.
king2019 It's interesting to me when only one person suck dick. It makes the scene incomplete to me. It add more flavor to the scene!!! This is just my opinion!!! Sosa was awesome!!! kavii need to cum sometime!! Too cute not to!! Great work BBA!!! Jun 13, 2024
shrodej92 Michael, who were the performers in the shoot that didn't work out? You could always upload it as a bonus update. On an unrelated note, still hoping to see Stallion and JuJu bottom! That and a nice 5-6 person orgy. Jun 13, 2024
MichaelGalletta I'd rather not say, sorry. And we briefly considered releasing it as a BTS/Bonus Footage type update, but ultimately decided it wasn't even worthy of that. It would only make certain people look bad, and I'm not trying to ruin anybody's reputation or alienate their fans.
wannasuk we should get refunds any time you guys cant make the promised and already below standard 3 updates a month. Jun 12, 2024
MichaelGalletta Trust me, nobody is more frustrated, disappointed, and pissed off by these regrettable circumstances than I am. But in our defense, we had planned to release Sosa's solo separately and decided at the last minute to combine that with his first action scene into one update (a decision I'm now regretting lol). And the scene featuring Trapp's return was an epic *76-MINUTE LONG* flip-flop, easily the length of two or more scenes on most other sites and one we also could have easily split into two separate updates, technically serving up 4 updates this month instead of just two.

I'm only saying all this to help keep things in perspective because it's not exactly like we're out here just ripping people off. I'm also always reminding folks that the monthly subscription isn't just about new updates, but enjoying unlimited streaming access to our entire archive of over 550 hot and lengthy BBA scenes. If you're only interested in new updates, the credits system is probably the better fit for your budget.
MichaelGalletta We had hoped to have another hot update for you this weekend, but unfortunately after reviewing the rough draft, we've realized that it fails to meet our usual standards & therefore should not be released.

On paper, it should have been epic.... But the downside to "reality porn" is that sometimes "reality" has other ideas & no matter how much we try to make things work, some shoots turn out to be complete disasters.

Sadly, this messes up our planned schedule for June. But we'll be back with a new scene on 6/27.
Jun 12, 2024
barnes Sosa is hot. I like dicks close up. Love twinks sucking two other twinks at once Jun 12, 2024
Docteur This is a no for me. I know some people like femme bottoms that never cum, but I prefer masculine men that use their penises. Sosa can come back with Maleek for starters and work his way to Bandit. Kavii, never. After three good weeks, this was a downer. Jun 12, 2024
jaypablo Nice new model, I would like to see Sosa in other scenes and see him give it up too Jun 12, 2024
Negro101 Kavii needs a group scene with Bandit, Zander, Stallion and Blake Bishop Jun 12, 2024
LeeAnfernee_92 Sosa is a 10! So is Kavii! Jun 12, 2024
hines1983 Sosa is 🔥🔥🔥 Love to see him bottom. To bring the freak out of him. Jun 11, 2024
blksung Overall, I love the material you put out. If there is an update that's not my cup of tea, i simply wait for the next update. I'm glad that I'm not arrogant enough to think its only about what I PERSONALLY like. To be honest, its not the updates that makes me want to cancel my membership sometimes, its the entitled members with their negative, whiny energy in the comments. That being said, this has been one of my favorite updates in a while. Left up to me, there would be nothing but foot fetish and bondage updates!!! But fortunately, I'm a grown-up, and understand that there are other members who like other things. Do you see how that works, fellas?!! LOL! Lets keep this site fun and positive for EVERYBODY!!! Its one of the few decent black men sites we have left. Jun 11, 2024
demereoboi I don't care what nobody says about this scene. It was hot to me. It's nothing like seeing prettybois get down with each other, especially the new models. Their chemistry be the best. The only thing in my opinion that would've made this scene even hotter would've been some passionate love-making and fourplay. Some hot tongue kissing would've made this scene perfect. Jun 10, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 More new talent to match Sosa's style/age would be good. I like our vets & other new models but not many seem to match him. Are others like him coming soon? Jun 10, 2024
ramelbttm That boi Sosa is fire. I’ve been watching and beating Jun 10, 2024
A123 This scene was ok. The best part to me was Kavii. He is a handsome, sexy bottom. From his plump lips to his juicy, phat ass and add on top of that he can take dick. He is a top’s dream. Jun 10, 2024
blackforest Of all the fluff that i have seen lately, this has to be the worst ever !!. No chemistry, same position and just boring all the way. I did not even get hard is how bad this scene was. Then Sosa is on his own grind, wasn't even really there. Poor Kavii, I think he is good, but just not partnered with right people. I am a loyal BBA fan of many years - This was just horrible, sorry !!. Waste of my money and time !!!!!. Jun 9, 2024
Anthony2789 Sosa is definitely a vibe and this was a great scene Jun 9, 2024
shoeman59 I must say,he's the best oral giver! He's taken down a few tops,eating ass! Juju,Legend,and Stallion,with that tongue action! He just doesn't do it for me at all! I think Sosa,said this was his first time getting his ass ate! He did a good job,welcoming him to BBA! I think he's ready to move on to the next step,after that amazing feeling he got! In anycase,if Stylez is available,let him further the welcoming! In it's truth,I'm just not into the only bottom guys!! Jun 9, 2024
Avery235 Sosa is so sexy he has a great vibe and he freaky asl i can tell he got so much potential he gone be up next Jun 9, 2024
garnett Scene was kinda hot but i really miss stallion and juju please try getting them back for a few scenes Jun 9, 2024
smithderrick408 I need more of Sosa. This was super 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jun 9, 2024
shikahijones230 It’s a no for me. Borrrriinnggg Jun 9, 2024
chuckiip his moans was everything… Can’t wait till he on the bottom 🤤🤤🤤 Jun 8, 2024
supreme Okay what a very good debut scene. Clearly Sosa has star quality and Kavii always comes through. Having said that please tell me Montez and Shax why didn't you encourage Kavii to at least finger around Sosa hole as he was practically begging for it ? Can't wait to see his journey in bottoming for BBA. Jun 8, 2024
MarkDC Ya'll can't be serious right now. LOL Jun 8, 2024
blkfinemale The feet. The feet...nice feet Sosa Jun 8, 2024
Bertless65 What I appreciate about this video is seeing Kavii with a 'fresh' haircut (which I have been saying about Bandit forever who always looks unkept, and a bit 'hood dusty; plus, his skin is rarely moisturized since he was younger). Groomed Black men on film is urgent AF. Sosa was in ecstasy when he was getting that twink ass eaten up. He's def getting that ass fucked one day. I prefer to see him and Diez or Denzel in a vers scene because they would take their time getting inside him. But Sosa needs to suck some dick, too... Jun 8, 2024
LngstrkeMike88 Awesome debut worth the nut 🔥! It's very refreshing to see a fellow Virgo in the BBA family like my bruthas Justice and Murda! I wish I can see one of them come back for another scene. You're sexy as hell Sosa, welcome to the team 💯! Jun 8, 2024
dlfreakyone Can’t wait for Sosa’s verse & bottom scenes! I can tell yall gon get him converted lol!

Definitely want to see him in a 3 some situation getting turnt out
Jun 8, 2024
ayeayebae2017 would it be possible to get some more scenes with creampies? I love the content but that would take it to the next level for me Jun 7, 2024
terbernt He had to be tall, skinny and with abs and nice definition. You making me add more value to my account. I see you. Jun 7, 2024
MacheDich Thank you for the participation of Sosa, a cute thin boy who loves what he does. I share with Kavii the same adoration of the balls, often neglected by the video's director. The shot of Sosa's asshole and balls is a marvel, even though it would be better with some hair... Jun 7, 2024
darkmanjah28 Fk yeah that was hot. Lean, aesthetic physique-having Sosa piping the thick, shapely, FAT booty Kavii made my afternoon, especially in the last 6 min when Sosa topped Kavii and piped him from the side kind of, then the eye contact and Sosa grabbing Kavii neck and looking menacing and shit. I liked that. Then dude bust a couple of soup ladle's full of cum to top it all off. That's wassup. Jun 7, 2024
demanding He’s sexy and I love all of that nutt. Allow him to do a scene with a veteran that can bring out the freak in him. He’s a keeper Jun 7, 2024
bibigbill Sosa is so hot. Love the look. Great cock ass and body. Jun 7, 2024
RobbySan29 Kavii always delivers for the foot fans! He does not miss at all! Jun 7, 2024
Darkseid I like Sosa Already. This selection was perfect. Him getting paired with Kavii was great. I liked the Scene it was Perfect 👌 Jun 7, 2024
champ1503 Bring Sosa back!! love the new model! He is fire fosho pair him with bandit Jun 7, 2024
drakegay4real Oh yea with those moans and that ass Sosa will make power bottom of the year, I can see it now.... also he looks like Swae Lee and Soulja Boy had a son lol🤣 Jun 7, 2024
kevindarko Kavii is the best ass eater , A1 damn 🔥.. tops take note ! Jun 7, 2024
davids Kavii will always get my vote for being one of the sexiest guys on this site. Hands down this brotha has sex appeal. I'm in love with his phat booty. The new guy seems cool. He would do better in a verse scene. However I did enjoy this scene a lot. Great job you guys. Jun 7, 2024
Shirly223 Its a no for me dawg Jun 7, 2024
birdred30 Well it nice to see a new face , he doesn't have much of a ass tho , but fair, the other one is just a plain full time bottom , not really interested in him , at least there young , not old thanks . P s . Let's see some tuff love Jun 7, 2024
Readyruk1 Sosa is so so hot! A welcome addition to the BBA family. He's definitely a contender. Jun 7, 2024
3606tsb72 Handsome guys. Boring ASF scene. Sosa's underwhelming thin dick screams bottom so maybe he could be cast as one and do some 69 scenes. Furthermore, I didn't like the artsy-fartsy slo-mo shower because he wasn't nude from the beginning. All wasn't a total loss as the camera was upclose on his ding-a-ling a few times. Fine Kavii doesn't use his nice instrument, but BBA should have him use it if it works. And I don't get fem vibes from him like some others. Going forward I would prefer Mike direct as his work doesn't seem flat and one-dimensional to me. I love seeing dicks upclose and he has mastered that art. Shax and Montez (S + M) prioritize the environment-setting with too many long- and wide-shots to the detriment of models' dicks, for instance. And going forward when models' first show their manhood please film it upclose/POV, slowly paced, sans cock-blocking - and the same for the money-shots/stay upclose by a factor of four because so many folks like to see that dick-milk. Grade: 80 (for effort) Jun 7, 2024
DizzyD Sosa is sexy!!! And funny I was just thinking that I miss the skinny boys on bba! Most of the new guys like Denzel and Diez and Juju are muscular guys and this isn’t a criticism because they are all hot as fuck!!! But I def miss the boyish looking skinny guys!! Hope he sticks around!!! Jun 6, 2024
chuckiip his moans was everything… Can’t wait till he on the bottom 🤤🤤🤤 Jun 6, 2024
Akashic1 10s across the BOARD...WHAT A WAY TO KICK OFF PRIDE MONTH, Kavii was made to take Big Dick and Sosa was more than willing , he got the same 🌟 power that Juju has BBA has done it AGAIN.. Jun 6, 2024
demereoboi OMMGGG MICHAEL THIS THE ONE!!! Jun 6, 2024
swamp96 Was he high during the interview? Just Jun 6, 2024
MrBrown19942 Listen, Sosa is incredible! I love his chemistry with Kavii. Also, I'm excited to see him paired up with some folks in this BBA space. Great addition to the BBA crew, for sure! Jun 6, 2024
11luvme2u Great new sexy addition. He has a lot of potential. I hope to see him bottom in the future. Kavii remains sexy as ever. His head game was on point. Nice work. Jun 6, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 Salute to Sosa the BBA newcummer! 💦💦💦💦😉 He got them taller skinnier Swae Lee vibes. Liking the tats, locs, tiger stripes on his lil 🍑, and skinny athletic body. He loves sex and seems open to new things so hopefully he's back with a lot more soon.

Good first pairing to break him in.👌🏽
Kavii knows how to ride it and use his knees like Rico! He got them GAWK GAWK 360 head game skills like Rico too! 😆 Wondering what Sosa paired with Rico, Diez or Donte would be like? 🤔

I had a feeling some new talent was coming soon and Sosa has good potential. Good look Mike, Montez, & Shax. 👍🏽
Jun 6, 2024
Smyrna37 More Sosa please!!!! He definitely is a great addition!!! Jun 6, 2024
misterblack This one started off so well. Sosa is a beautiful young man: chiseled features; pretty eyes, pouty lips, and ample hair sprouting from his pits. He has a nice sinewy physique; formed abs. Then it all went wrong. He pulled enough of his shorts down to reveal what appeared to be razor bumps. Then they came down all the way. A mane I'm sure was once luscious had been shaved bald. I skipped around after that; a few seconds of action here; a peek there; nice cum scene. Kavii actually looked pretty good; had more down there than the newbie. Can't put this otherwise fine brother among my liked models though. Thanks for your efforts gentlemen. You can't grow it for them. Jun 6, 2024
chucke1 Pass, not for me but I am sure some will like! Jun 6, 2024
jrummi i fuckin love him already!!! that dick and balls is perfection, and his personality is everything! i just needed for them to seal it with a kiss, but this might be my favorite scene so far this year Jun 6, 2024
gerald10033 5'11 and only 115lbs?? and paired with Kavii?? No thanks Jun 6, 2024
Zester1 Big no from me..... very disappointing Jun 6, 2024
bigdaddy1051 I am not going to judge Sosa until I see him with someone else. Kavii just doesn't do it for me. I have never in all of my years of porn watching ever seen a gay man who can't even get hard from sucking dick. I understand lots of guys can't get hard or cum while getting fucked but we haven't even seen Kavii dick hard at all. I honestly don't know why he is still being used. Jun 6, 2024

If you share my weakness for tall, skinny country boys with goofy personalities, low-hanging dicks, and thick Southern accents, I think you're going to love our new model Sosa.

With his large, expressive eyes, high cheekbones, and irresistibly sexy voice, Sosa has the kind of exotic good looks and silly personality that will make you immediately salivate to see what he's hiding under those sagging basketball shorts.

Sosa identifies as Bisexual, but we got the sense that he's still pretty new when it comes to exploring "this" side of his sexuality, and we welcomed the chance to help him explore and expand his sexuality further, with the help of everybody's favorite bubble-booty bottom Kavii.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Sosa's exclusive amateur gay porn debut, including a steamy and seductive shower session followed by an adventurous and passionate encounter with Kavii. We think you'll agree that Sosa shows a lot of potential and is a promising new BBA talent worth keeping our eyes on!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath
Details: Jun 6, 2024 51 min
Photo of Kavii
Photo of Sosa

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