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davids How is Denzel doing? Please give an update? Feb 1, 2024
darkmanjah28 Denzel always be lookin sexy af when he tops, and Stylez was lookin sexy af in the last 8 min while he was layed out on his back lookin all vulnerable, takin D's pipe. Deontrey remind me of this song that goes I'll do anything for love but I wont do THAT, lol. Bro kool tho, he just need a lil more time i guess, lol. Jan 21, 2024
Darkseid Scene was hot as fuck.....I loved every second of it Jan 2, 2024
loydstar Some screaming they didn't like this scene but I enjoyed it....especially how they had sexy ass stylez stretched out😊😊 Dec 21, 2023
birdred30 You need more bondage fun Dec 13, 2023
MichaelGalletta People have been asking about our Holiday Schedule so here's what we know so far:

We'll be away visiting Santa's Workshop for the next couple weeks, but returning with our end-of-year holiday updates on or before Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve. STAY TUNED!
Dec 12, 2023
Sexxyme bring back Jboolee I think he can fit into a hot threesome. Dec 12, 2023
KNG5TNFN Mmmm I luuuv when "Stylez" get fucked!😍 but reeaally wanna see him take it all the way I mean legs up, knees alll the way back, hole fully exposed and quivering with a full dick all the way up in there, in every position 😋😋😋😋 with a cream pie to finish! "Deontrey" ....... still getting used to him..... he not all the way there yet, but we still have time. "Denzel" is a god! That military trained physique is glorious to watch! This was ok, could've been better but its "just one oh dem days" 😏😏. Mike I still wanna see " Stallion" and "Jboolee" do that same scene like "Juju" and "Legend" or even ( "Tyson" and " Stallion" )...... but seeing my boy "Stylez" again rewoke my desire for him and " Bandit" getting a scene mmm mmm 😍😋😋😋 too long, too long. Dec 11, 2023
kendol Attractive to me favorite one in a long time Dec 11, 2023
Jayden27 Deontrey has returned! Great to see him again, as he was sorely missed! I love all three of these models so I was excited to see what this scene was going to bring us. What I can say is that it wasn’t perfect, but there were hot moments. Let me dig in so I can discuss "Stylez Steps In".

The Foreplay

Naked Deontrey and Denzel in the same place is a win for me as both of these models have nice asses! Every slurp, every lick, every kiss, everything was hot. Deontrey’s oral skills have improved greatly, and I enjoyed watching Denzel eat out Deontrey. Hot!

The Threesome

The scene represented the situation—three models trying to make a scene work. I sensed that this scene was difficult for all three models at this point. Deontrey tried to bottom, but couldn’t. Once Stylez came into the room, the dynamic changed, and the scene lost energy at that point. The energy loss had nothing to do with Stylez—he’s great. In fact, as a fan, I’m appreciative that he stepped in to bottom because we all know he’s a top. It just became apparent that he was filling in as an attempt to save the feature. However, that’s what happens with porn at times—things don’t always pan out the way they were planned out. Kudos to Stylez for stepping in to bottom, to Deontrey for his attempt to bottom, and the hot foreplay action, and to Denzel for maintaining the vibe, and his body, ass, dick, being naked, being fine, etc…I think you can tell that I enjoy watching Denzel a little bit right? 😂

The Climax

Hot as always. I love the twist of Stylez and Deontrey switching places to swallow up Denzel’s and Stylez' cum. Deontrey had the privilege of Stylez and Denzel rubbing on him during his cum shot. Lucky!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Shax, Denzel, Stylez, and Deontrey. Thank you for working to bring us hot moments, even when things don’t pan out as planned. Good shit fellas! See ya next time!
Dec 10, 2023
mdcarmichael I have never thought much of Deontrey (small dick/can't take dick) until this scene. He is very cute and did the one thing that sends me over the top: Taking a dudes dick out of another guys ass and sucking it! ATM fantasy of mine! Nice job!! Dec 10, 2023
Temptation84 Denzel and Jahan are my favorite. They are the reason I have a subscription. Dec 9, 2023
ICeeIt21 I really enjoyed the effort these young men put forth to make this a really hot threesome. It was certainly obvious that Deontrey has been busy practicing, taking notes, or both. He was clearly more than a little attracted to Denzel. Stylez has cemented his place among BBA's finest no doubt. While Denzel continues to grace these scenes with unadulterated sexiness, I came away disappointed again that his ass (and hole) were not even shown let alone featured in any shot or angle. We deserve to see "ALL" of him. An easy compensation would be to include Denzel in the upcoming annual Christmas orgy where we would be sure to see his "glory" hole. Dec 9, 2023
shoeman59 In reading the comments...Mike,your last comment when you said you have your own idea why Deontrey wasn't successful in completing the scene,I think it is he's more afraid than anything else. Although,he did let Stylez break him in a bit. If he gets over the anxiety,I think he will be fine! Moreover,I,think Stylez should be the one to get him to bottom more than before,it appeared they had good chemistry! Just my opinion Dec 9, 2023
gaiahajs LOVE DEONTREY, I thought he was gone forever I hope he comes back for more!! Dec 9, 2023
Verdade Hi Mike, Tez and Shax, Man, I love All the BBA vibes. I work nights at a grocery distribution center. All the Black fellas be talking straight sex with their chicks etc. Cannot wait to get home and get naked and masturbate to All the BBA fellas. The new scenes, the library you provide us. Love all the fellas getting naked, watching them get hard for us...and the guys that remain soft are just as erotic. I just love sexy naked Black men. That they take time to do their best in front of camera action. And they enjoy their sex for all of us to share. Never been too critical. Sexy naked Black Men are just so erotic for me. Thanks to every Model that lets us enjoy their sex Man, I masturbate to All of you guys. You fill a need for us all everyone. Your sex and orgasms are always so very erotic and beautiful. Love All the Models and everyone at BBA....Love the posters viewpoints so much as well. Everything! A beautiful,erotic vibe and journey with everyone.. Thanks Dec 8, 2023
tooti22 Deontrey needs to get fuked more u shoulda made it take more! And make it a verse scene so every buddy get sucked and fucked more! N plz can we shave Dec 8, 2023
supreme Mike and the crew the shoot was saved .... this turned out pretty good , I think it was a lot hotter than I expected/. Clearly Deontrey is a freak in waiting ,totally attracted to Denzel . I loved how he pulled my Denzel dic out of Stylez ass and suck it and the way he ate both nuts was fire!! Dec 8, 2023
Akashic1 Nobody does a threesome like the three way KING Stylez, still praying to the porn gods for a scene with him Kavii and Juju ,( Saxgotem, Denzel or Kilo) with a lil would be epic and delicious .. Dec 8, 2023
misterblack While this scene is not what the writer of its short synopsis and others in production hoped for, you accidentally created one of the hottest videos of the year. Stylez is now at his very best, topping in great form last week and bottoming in a spectacular way this week. The three players are some of the handsomest BBA has to offer with physiques and personalities to match. It's great to see Deontrey back; what a cutie. He meets my expectations now; looking forward to his future work with BBA. My favorite takeaways: the heavenly sight of Stylez's hairy balls, inner thighs, and pits as Deontrey ate his ass; Denzel fucking him in the same position; Deontrey getting a mouthful of sweet jism at the end. It's the best of everything: a top veteran triumphantly returning, a newbie and work in progress coming back, and the bright star that is Denzel putting on another great performance. I'm looking forward to the gifts you have in store for Christmas and 2024. I'd love to see K9, Justice, Kingston, and Maleek soon. Dec 8, 2023
Phuryous All three performers are among my favorites. I am really glad to see Deontrey back finally and while I was fine with the thiccness he developed when he first appeared, I can see he toned up a little and that has to make him more confident. He is now eating ass and taking mouth shots of nut, so he's coming along--baby steps. He looked like he was prepped and stretched because he was open but he's still not ready to be a convincing bottom. Those posts that said Deontrey should be paired with Stallion or Jahan sound dumb as shit; if he can't take Stylez or Denzel's dick, how in the hell could he take on those two double-digit monsters?!? They make Bandit look like a middle-schooler. He should have been eased back into action since I'm sure he hasn't done anything else with dudes the year and a half he's been gone. I love Stylez, one of the hairiest BBA models (along with Justice); he has always been extremely sexy to me. I like that he's not manscaped until he looks like a barely legal twink. I see that he trimmed his bush, it really wasn't necessary, especially since his thighs and stomach is still hairy asf. it made his body hair look uneven, The point is, I'm cool with natural body hair and the dude who posted that Stylez needs to shave it off can go kick rocks, He's been on this site for 7 years, why would he shave now? He already has a solid fanbase who accept him as he is and he doesn't need grooming tips from some waxed and plucked twink newb who just discovered the site and hasn't seen his other scenes. He's a solid and dependable model and he fills in wherever he's needed.

However, with all that said, this scene lacked chemistry. I love all three guys and they all have delivered some really hot scenes, But this one just lacked energy and heat. You can't win them all.
Dec 8, 2023
MacheDich I find a lot of comments very unfair. The three boys each have a distinct personality and the video never bores. There are very good moments: the interruption of Stylez, the ass licking of Stylez (boy whom I have always found very exciting) by Deontrey, but above all the last gourmet scene where Deontrey feasts with the juice of his friends.
A little more grunting and shouting of pleasure in the actors and it will be perfect.
Dec 8, 2023
man12345 Still waiting for Stallion, JuJu or Legend to give up that booty on camera! When you gonna make it happen? Dec 8, 2023
MIDNIGHT85 The nut was epic!!! My favorite part! Dec 8, 2023
Dualex Well. Fans take note: AN ANUS IS NOT A VAGINA.
Bottoming requires mental and physical preparation. One cannot decide to BOTTOM overnight just to please fans or get cash. Especially coming from a straight or top background.
Have a little bit of compassion cause this can be a traumatic experience.
I am with Deontrey on that one. Stop criticising him...
And if we allow the models to be who they are and do what they want I'm sure some would still have been around.
Dec 8, 2023
mikemannz Deontrey and Denzel need a bukkake scene their faces would look so hot covered in cum Dec 7, 2023
cocopop @11uvme2u, You took the words out my mouth, I would've thought he would have bought a dildo since his last try. And he does have great potential, I love his attitude. Not gone lie, I was disappointed, just knew I was bout to see him actually get some dick. Now Denzels dick aint small, shout out to Stylez for taking that dick. Dec 7, 2023
ooouuuutbaby i’m not here for the deontrey hate. he’s so cute to me. 😭 Dec 7, 2023
MrBrown19942 This entire episode, is epic! Amazing chemistry as always. Thank you, BBA! Dec 7, 2023
11luvme2u Nice seeing Deontrey again! I'd love seeing more of him in the future becoming more comfortable with bottoming and growing as a performer in general. He has a lot of potential. I hope he buys a dildo and practices with it at home. Dec 7, 2023
dv6000 Glad Deontrey is back. Hope to see him more often. Great Stylez is on the bottom. Thats where he needs to be! Dec 7, 2023
jrummi this scene was a huge flop! no possibility of ever doubling back to watch it again, worst scene of the year! stylez probably had his best scene ever last week, and followed up with his worst this week! Dec 7, 2023
Lar58Fitz85 The description is short & simple. It seems like Deontrey's performance might have frustrated the producers. Denzel as always is looking good and he again showed up to work but Deontrey didn't bring the energy that he vibes off of like Diez and Zeke did. Stylez reaction to Deontrey saying "Stylez I need you!" with "You need me?" while looking over and taking his shirt off was sexy! He came in to save the day and you can see the difference in the kissing between Stylez and Denzel. Their kisses on the bed side by side was easy and seemed natural/enjoyable. Anyone notice their synchronized laying back on the bed together? HAHA Stylez with his one leg up taking it from Denzel looked good! The models are working on being vocal in scenes and not dead silent. Gotta watch not overdoing it with moaning every second too though like while just eating ass. Deontrey having to take both loads at the end was only right and at least did that without discomfort or complaint. To wrap I think a Denzel and Apollo scene would be dope! Apollo would let Denzel slow it down and not rush in but go hard and rough at the right moments too. Hope we get a preview in the off week of who's coming up next. Dec 7, 2023
drakegay4real Deontrey is cute but a bit awkward, still was nice to see him and hopefully he gives it up to Stylez for payback...the star of the show here is Denzel tho, hes the perfect verse performer who gives it just as he can take it, also is his ass getting phatter? (KEEP IT UP)😍🍑😍 Dec 7, 2023
mrbates it is time for Deontrey to give it up! keep your day job! Dec 7, 2023
kissing98 please have denzel do more scenes. He is the best model you have atm. More 1 on 1 passionate sex scenes with denzel please Dec 7, 2023
bigdaddy1051 So... you guys actually thought Deontrey could take Denzel's dick? What made you think that? Dec 7, 2023
MichaelGalletta Denzel actually has one of the smallest dicks on our roster next to Stylez, which we already attempted last year. And he's a gentle, sympathetic Top with his scene partners (too much so sometimes, in my opinion). On paper, it sounded like a good idea and one of the best options we had available at the time.
chauncey Get ready, set, GO!!!! -- what a fun vid to watch -- The Return of Deontrey is an event unto itself -- he has shed some of that baby fat he was sporting in past vids and is now leaner and meaner and has gotten a few tats here and there -- He is looking scrumptious as usual and is making moves that show how much he has learned to love being intimate with other men. He is now returning the favors. I hope he appears in more vids as time progresses because let's face it he is sexy af and he is an example of some true eye candy. To my taste and I'm sure to many other BBA'ers he is just one beautiful man. I damn sure would not kick him out of my bed / lol. Action ruled this vid and there are plenty of D's and A's everywhere. Also, I can't help but notice just how much Denzel has developed physically. He was already sexy af and now he has evolved into the whole package no doubt. He has definitely been hitting the gym overtime and the results of the work he has put in are now showing big time -- much respect -- I will be checking this vid out again from time to time just to look at my dudes in action. In closing, BBA keep the surprises coming - I will be tuning in by appointment -- looking forward to the next installment -- Until remembering - Love and Peace still rule -- it's BBA 4Ever Happy Holidays to all the BBA children !!!!!! from your boy Chauncey Dec 7, 2023
Beyy88 Weirdly……I enjoyed this! Dec 7, 2023
mrwhitley1 The fact that was a real concept that yall put together!!! 😒
Yall do Know We pay yall right???

Nobody asked for this fraudulent ass scene…Nobody!
Yall do know models are paid to execute acts…not just be “present” right?

It’s crazy the amateur porn business has this level of unprofessionalism with its staff.

I just know next week is an off week. Smh
Yall stay bullshittin with the shenanigans!!!!
Dec 7, 2023
MichaelGalletta Are you really as dumb and clueless as you sound, or do you just pretend to be this consistently clueless since it's sort of become your brand for the comments LOL?
LevLuvDikMore This video is so fucking dumb notice no one else commented. Making this a 3way with Deontrey is the definition of toomuchery. Anybody who's ever had a bad 3 sum this is what it looks like ....a top tryna put the dick on a nigga a monkey verse bottom don't know what to do while hes fucking so he just gets in the way all over the niggas like he's checking for bugs to eat pulling the dick out the bottom cause he gotta get a taste since he not getting fucked or can't wait his turn... Category is classic meth fish realness. You need to hire someone to do the casting and arranging the scenes for the hottest possible scenes possible. I believe in bba but turnup before only fans and newer porn production company cancel you. Hire a bitch I promise you u match the fight mafuckas n you'll see that coint multiplizzy.
Dec 7, 2023
MichaelGalletta You do realize this wasn't a scripted/planned scene, right? I'm always amazed at some of the things we have to spell out for some viewers smh.

And thanks but no thanks for your offer LOL.
joshma77 Ending was hot. Wish Deontrey got spitroasted and got that ass and mouth wrecked. Dec 7, 2023
Docteur I like this one. I was hoping that Deontrey fucked Stylez to pay him back, but oh well. Three of my faves in one scene is a plus for me. I still hope that Maleek and Rush come back. $$$ is that persuader, it worked for Deontrey. BTW Denzel did a good job here, he is starting to be the journeyman of BBA. Need a flip flop with him and JuJu. Dec 7, 2023
Sageking3 I think I love Denzel Dec 7, 2023
bkwilliam I liked the concept but I did not like this scene at all. This was boring and seemed to be the most unreal fake performance of any I can recall. I was initially thrilled to see Deontrey’s much anticipated return but why not give him a small dick to welcome him back. Stylez is sexy as fu@k but he couldn’t even get hard at all; this was probably his worst performance. Denzel did what he could to save the show but he had no help. That MF is simply gorgeous and his ass is the most delicious of them all. The only thing, I think, that could have saved this scene would to have had Deontrey come around and start fu@king Denzel’s sexy ass when he (Denzel) was standing up fu@king Stylez missionary. Now that would have been hot.
I appreciate the effort of the models and the BBA production team; you all are great. This in no way define the exceptional talent each of you possess. Everyone is entitled to off an off day and everyday is not going to always be “peachy” but we keep moving forward. Until the next scene, take care and stay safe. Happy Holidays!!!
Dec 7, 2023
MichaelGalletta I actually agree with most of this LOL. We did our best to get the best possible scene considering the setbacks and circumstances we were dealing with here, but some shoots just don't go according to plan. While other scenes turn out even better than we could have hoped or imagined. You win some, you lose some, as the saying goes.
200water Yes! Stylez best performance to date. I love how hairy he is Dec 7, 2023
itstimebruuu I’m sorry but Stylez has the grossest body hair lol couldn’t even get hard shave that shit bro 😂 Dec 7, 2023
dreadhead8 I still don’t understand how bba don’t understand the importance of lube it’s mind blowing. How? Dec 7, 2023
MichaelGalletta There is literally a big bottle of lube right there on the bed in at least one of the shots. Just because you don't see the lube preparation process in the edited version doesn't mean it didn't happen. If anything, the guys use TOO MUCH lube a lot of the time.
paphos7878 Damn, deontrey is one of my top favourites. Don't you guys prep these guys with various toys first in the bathroom to get them opened up? start small then go slightly bigger and bigger. When the big one slips in easily without too much discomfort then they're ready. You should set an hour for the stretching same as you would set time for douching. This site has too much experience especially you Michael to have failures like this. Dec 6, 2023
MichaelGalletta We've been doing this for almost 15 years now, so thank you for the instructional lecture but we know how to prep guys for bottoming LOL. Proper prepping doesn't always guarantee a guy will be able to successfully bottom. Trust me, nobody wanted to see Deontrey's juicy-thick ass get pounded more than me, and we did everything that we possibly could to set up this shoot for success.

I have my own theories about why Deontrey wasn't able to bottom, but I can assure you it wasn't due to any lack of time, preparation, or coaching on our part.
damon8 Fail. Time to retire Deontrey. Dec 6, 2023
MaxMuney Okay no shade I’ll give yall, y’all’s tens for this…this was hot or whatever Dec 6, 2023
TennesseeBator BBA is seriously bringing the heat this fall/winter. First, I am glad to see pretty boy Deontrey back, he has been missed and his thick body is always a blessing to see grace the website. Second, Denzel took charge of this scene and he continues to prove why he is one of the best in the BBA new class. Third, King Stylez representing for all the hairy black kings with tiger stripes, I always enjoy seeing him perform, everyone played their part and it worked so well, this was a dope ass scene. Dec 6, 2023
smokey1984 Mmmmmmm! I don’t know. I didn’t get it! D is one of my favorite and I am glad to see his sexy ass back, but the scene was a lil weird. I’d like to see D with Jahan. He’s sexy as fuck, but I just didn’t get it. Dec 6, 2023
WillF25 I'll say this once...THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE THREESOME AND ORGIES! BBA roster at this point and time of newcomers and vets is perfect for the next updates to be nothing but Trains. Dec 6, 2023
Kally91 Hey this was Hot but can you guys make more videos of the chocolate brown skin guy getting his ass licked bent over on his knees on the bed and in other positions. I would really love that. Dec 6, 2023

When Deontrey's much-anticipated return after more than a year and a half doesn't quite go as we'd hoped or planned, Stylez steps in to save the day by surrendering his own tight, hairy ass to Denzel instead.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Dec 7, 2023 39 min
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