Beno's Bitch For A Day

Phuryous Going by that rock hard erection he's sporting, I think Lil Dav might be a little more fluid than he originally thought. Apr 25, 2022
illtown22 Damn I completely slept on this scene. Shit was fire! Oct 25, 2020
JoshuaWilder09 Damn this scene was hot as fuck.... I love the way Lil Dav is taking Beno's dick like he is a pro at it. Aug 31, 2017
Lalafavors Kudos To Both Beno And Lil Dav It Was An Amazing Scene Although I Have Mad Luv For Beno That Lil Dav Is The Truth Trust And Believe Me He Is The Answer To The Question...Bring Him Back ....We Need His Hood Swagger Back In 2017..With Them Sexy Lips
#Oh But It's True!
Feb 5, 2017
tyanthony I am in love with Lil Dav. Would love to make love to him all night. To kiss those lips would be overwhelming. Get him back to Atlanta for me. Sep 13, 2016
chgohydepar1 Simply call Beno "the Pussy Destroyer." Fuck! Mar 26, 2016

Lil Dav's already come a long way in his experimentation with amateur gay porn - especially for a supposedly "straight" guy with a girlfriend and FIVE kids who initially said he was only open to doing scenes with females!

After witnessing Lil Dav's freaky and open-minded performance in his scenes with me, I decided it was time to take the masculine young rapper's gay porn "education" to the next level by pairing him with none other than BBA's most dominant and talented top! If nothing else, I was curious to see how a masculine (and inexperienced) guy like Lil Dav would react to Beno's aggressive style of fucking.

"I'm gonna do MORE than break him in," Beno promises with a cocky grin at the start of the scene. "I'm gonna make him my BITCH!"

See for yourself what happens when Beno and Lil Dav meet for the very first time and the apprehensive, inexperienced new model gets broken in by BBA's resident power-top!

The scene begins with Beno sharing a few words with his fans while he waits for Lil Dav to arrive. It's classic, unscripted Beno at his most hilarious and entertaining as he talks about his porn adventures so far.

I keep the camera running as Lil Dav arrives at my apartment and both guys meet for the very first time. Neither one has even seen a picture of the other before now!

After a brief introductory interview, Beno's eager to get a better look at the "new guy," so he tells Lil Dav to strip and show off his body. Lil Dav stretches across Beno's lap while the horny, ass-crazed top gropes and examines the cute, skinny butt that's all his to enjoy for the day! Beno spreads those hairy cheeks open wide while I move in for a hot close-up shot of Lil Dav's tight, tiny pucker.

Lil Dav seems skeptical about Beno at first, which in my opinion makes it even hotter when we get to see Beno's dick stuffed in his mouth just a few minutes later!

When Beno tries grabbing the back of his head, Lil Dav resists. "I don't need no help!" he snaps defensively. But in no time at all, Lil Dav is sucking and deep-throating and WORSHIPPING Beno's dick like the cocky young thug's...."bitch"?!?

Lil Dav has some of the thickest, juiciest lips I've seen in a very long time, and seeing them all shiny with spit and wrapped tightly around Beno's hard dick is a beautiful sight to behold! My favorite part comes when Beno grabs the back of Lil Dav's head (successfully this time!), groaning with pleasure as he fucks the newbie's juicy-wet mouth!

The hot oral action is just the beginning - anyone familiar with Beno already knows that what he REALLY wants is that tight, hairy ASS!

"I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you!" Beno warns Lil Dav as he penetrates the "straight" rapper's near-virgin ass with his fingers. Lil Dav's asshole is so tight that it takes Beno a few minutes to pry it open enough to shove his hard dick up inside it.

"That shit tight as a muthafucka!" Beno exclaims with an excited smile on his face. (He later tells us that Lil Dav has "one of the tightest asses on BBA"!).

Lil Dav is clearly apprehensive and reluctant about giving up his ass to a top as cocky and aggressive as Beno - which only makes what happens next even hotter, in my opinion!

Beno begins with slow, sensual strokes to stretch that ass open, digging deeper and deeper into Lil Dav's guts.

"He's tryin' to do me like I'm some kind of WHORE or somethin'!" Lil Dav complains when Beno flips him onto his back with his legs in the air. Clearly unaccustomed to taking a dick up his ass, Lil Dav winces and gasps and even tries to resist! But surrender's NEVER an option with Beno, who quickly takes charge and begins pounding that ass without mercy!

"That ass tight, ain't it?" Lil Dav grunts as Beno slams in and out of his butt.

Don't let the scene's title fool you - Beno might drill that ass like it's pussy, but Lil Dav still takes that dick LIKE A MAN! This scene offers a generous amount of hot anal action in a variety of positions - including some nice close-up shots of Lil Dav's stretched-open, freshly-fucked hole!

Beno eventually fucks a nice cum-shot out of Lil Dav, who then reluctantly agrees to let Beno bust a "nutt" all over his face. I wonder what Lil Dav's girlfriend would think to see another man's cum dripping off her "baby daddy's" disgusted face?!?

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their amusing reactions to the day's shoot - including a funny tangent about the odor of cum!

Categories: Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 3, 2010 58 min
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Lil Dav

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