Introducing: Rico

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Rico is a 22-year-old tattoo artist who likes to draw and listen to music. With his deep, sexy voice and laid-back personality, he's the kind of guy that's hard not to like! Rico could easily pass as being Latino, but says that as far as he knows he's 100% Black.

Rico is also STRAIGHT with a girlfriend and kid that he tries his best to support. He's never tried anything like this before, but figured that stroking his big, uncut dick on camera could be a fun and easy way to earn some quick money and help pay the bills!

Rico's "audition" begins with an in-depth interview filmed less than an hour after I met him for the very first time.

Rico tells a funny story about losing his virginity on his 12th birthday, and estimates that he's fucked between 25 to 30 women since then. He explains that he's always had a thing for older women, going all the way back to middle school when he liked to chase after the high-school girls. And when you see the kind of "equipment" Rico's working with, it's easy to understand how even at such a young age he was able to get the older girls' attention!

Rico has never done anything on camera before, and other than his high-school locker room, he's never even been naked in front of another guy! So he's understandably nervous about how his "audition" will go. And unlike most of the guys I film, Rico actually gets MORE nervous as the video-shoot progresses!

With a few goofy jokes and lots of cute, nervous laughter, Rico strips slowly out of his clothes for the very first time with an audience watching. He steps out of his boxers to reveal a somewhat stocky, light-skinned body and BIG uncut dick that hangs heavily between his legs.

There's a funny, awkward moment when I ask the hung straight boy to bend over, spread his cheeks, and show us the most private part of his body (without any warning in advance). The request seems to freak him out a little bit, but he still cooperates long enough to give us a brief, tempting glimpse of his tight, tiny hole!

Next, Rico lies back on the futon and strokes his big uncut dick while watching some amateur straight porn on TV. His breathing gets heavier and his dick grows even bigger and harder as Rico seems to lose himself in the pleasure of the moment - even forgetting about me and the camera!

Then, without any warning, Rico suddently busts a "nutt" on his stomach and chest!

I wrap things up by asking Rico a few questions about his reaction to the new experience.

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Details: Nov 7, 2010 38 min
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