All I Want For Christmas (Part One)

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bussdst What happened to Freaky J ????? Jun 18, 2024
LngstrkeMike88 This was hot, but where was Saint and Tyga? They could have stuck around lol Jan 4, 2023
Shirly223 so wait.... what happened to saint? Mar 6, 2019
pilsener ANYTHING with ISAIAH are always among my favorite scenes of the year!! Please keep giving him more work! This is easily one of the BEST SCENES of ALL TIME on BBA! I am generally more into one-on-one or threesome scenes where there is more intimacy and distractions with so many balls in the air (literally), but when done right (like in this this ORGY SCENE!!) they ARE HOT AS FUUUUCKKK!! Some of your best work Michael, and the perfect SHOWCASE why BBA is DA BOMB! Dec 31, 2018
alltrue For it to be winter which Christmas is all the models show up in summer attire. That was interesting. Aug 23, 2018
MichaelGalletta This was filmed in a hotel suite during the month of December 2016. The guys were coming from their hotel rooms, not directly in from outside lol.
emmyfan The cock sucking and the rimming were hot! May 6, 2017
Docteur Next time have Saint and Tyga participate and put Bandit in the mix. Go super big. Apr 4, 2017
bkjam81 Stylez n Blake need a scene Feb 2, 2017
jaydee4071 would love to see stylez and bishop go at it anybody else think that Jan 24, 2017
cocopop Now looking at Stylez ass, that looks to be a virgin hole. He needs someone to open that up, Mike are you up for the challenge? If not, bring in the "penetrator" Saint. I once thought Apollo, but I have a change of mind, there is only one that can break that in right. Jan 9, 2017
cocopop Blake, I sure was cheering for you to get that dick in Stylez tight ass he seem to want it, maybe we won't have to wait too long Mike. Jan 8, 2017
clymax10 I haven't finished watching the video but I'm trying to trust Mike's editing choices with the music during the Twister game and I'm annoyed as hell. Maybe the commentary and the game didn't flow smoothly but the music in the transition is killing me. Yes, I'm one of the weird ones that enjoys the show before the sex. My badd. I know you can't please everybody. Jan 4, 2017
godsgift916 Where was Saint??? He was missed Jan 2, 2017
debattx I'm glad Saint isn't in this scene. Michael uses him too much and I'm tired of seeing him. I'm glad to see other models in this. It would be nice to bring back Bandit, Cory and Kody and Lil Scrap. I definitely want to see him again. And More of Freaky J and Apollo!!! Jan 1, 2017
cocopop Saint is manning one of the cameras behind the scene, can't you hear him in the background? Dec 31, 2016
bajanboy Yea where is Saint in this scene? Dec 31, 2016
CL05ETFR3AK Well well! I'm impressed, but please say that Saint had an emergency for him not to be there. Stylez was good here, but he still needs to be dicked down by Lil Scrap (believe me he wants that). All in all loved every minute of this Christmas special part one, I hope part two is even better :) Dec 31, 2016
Damon7 ~ Please answer the question.... SAINT? Dec 30, 2016
kidon7000 I hope stylez is getting fucked in part one. I had hope when I saw him getting his ass ate. fingers crossed lol! Dec 30, 2016
jowilf 12/29/16 @7:35AM (SF Time) With 222 likes after 5 days.. is not bad at all. Where's SAINT?!? M.I.A.?😉 This scene is focused on BB.. who topped STYLEZ, ISAIAH and FREAKY J.. Wow. A bisexual model as a top this time? hmmm We'll see who among the models gonna get the nod in the next scene.. Is it APOLLO as a bottom.. AGAIN?😉
Great update Michael!
Keep it up.
Dec 29, 2016
atl2011 This was okay, but nothing to rant and rave about. It would have been nice to have gotten parts 1 & 2 at the same time since we'd waited so long for an update. Nevertheless, I'm still a big fan of the site. Dec 29, 2016
clo420 They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that good things come to those who wait. Truer words could not be spoken about the "pause" that BBA just took and the spectacular outcome as a result! I would say to Mike to take long breaks more often but I'm afraid I would end up too starved for the talent he puts out. Great comeback and looking forward to more. All the best for the New Year! Dec 28, 2016
kvngbryce Bruuuuuh!!! Wtf!?!?! This is some of the hottest shit i ever seen on BBA!! This gets two claps and a DAAAB from me!! lmao Dec 28, 2016
denton12 This looks like it is going to be a great comeback. Stylez looks 100% better with his hair cut. I find myself watching for him more than Apollo, who is my favorite out of the bunch. You could've left Freaky J out, his chemistry isn't that great with the others. Isaiah is coming out more which is awesome to see. Wish you could've gotten Bandit in this scene, then it would've been over the top!! Dec 28, 2016
cocopop Excellent, the best christmas/orgy scene ever, great work Mike. Dec 27, 2016
psj111 boring put up scene 2 Dec 27, 2016
princetahji This is by far one of the best BBA scenes produced on your site. Great comeback and thank you for keeping true to your word. I will definitely renew especially with scenes like this. Dec 26, 2016
atlfreakboy Way to come back Michael! You are the GOAT Dec 26, 2016
blksexi Where did Saint go? Awesome. Can't wait till pt. 2 Dec 26, 2016
crazyface11 WOW this has to be one of the best you've ever made! I was so so happy to see Isaiah return after a long absence. He's my favorite of the 5 =). But Blake Bishop isn't too far off. I was praying that Blake would FINALLY get fucked, can't wait! And Stylez looks so much better with a shaved head! I'm a little disappointed that Bandit wasn't included, considering how quickly he became a fan favorite, but can't complain! I love the unscripted dialogue that goes on - so authentic!! Dec 26, 2016
green971 WOW Michael! That is just A W E S O M E ! Dec 26, 2016
GetDatShit this was great michael to have all my favorites in one great scene ! Dec 25, 2016
Nonchalant24 This was kinda hot but I wonder why Saint didn't participate in the sex. Dec 25, 2016
jujan35 OK you outdid yourself Mike. Great Job it was worth the wait can't wait to see Part Two. Dec 25, 2016
chucke1 He's back!!!!! WOW! Dec 25, 2016
hines1983 This is so hot 🔥🔥🔥 Dec 25, 2016
jairQ Ok, Michael....this made up for the loooooong wait. A couple of observations 1) Where did Saint disappear to? 2) Blake Bishop gave Isaiah the "dick" !!! 3) Isaiah took that dick like a champ 4) Isaiah and Blake owned Part 1. Dec 25, 2016
kidon7000 damn this was so hot! It was worth the wait. Thanks for the Christmas present Mike! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Dec 25, 2016
bobminny Mike, that's what I been waiting for, and was not disappointed. What a great performance by the great models you have. I hope you will be able to retain them for the new year, they are great! Keep up the Good Work. Dec 25, 2016
lilmellowyellow Excellent! Thanks BBA and Happy Holidays to all. Dec 25, 2016

To celebrate the holiday season and welcome in the new year, I decided to splurge on something special for BBA's viewers and finally make one of my long-time porn fantasies come true by bringing together four of BBA's most popular models and one of our most promising newbies for an epic group scene unlike anything I've tried filming before!

For some of them, it's a long overdue and much-requested "reunion" between fan favorites who've previously performed in past classics together. For others, it's their very first time ever meeting or working together.

Join us for Part One of this unforgettable BBA Christmas Sex Party (hosted by Lil Tyga) as the guys show up to the party, strip out of their clothes, change into sexy Christmas underwear, joke around and catch up, and talk about their favorite scenes from the past year.

Things quickly heat up when a silly but sexy game of naked Twister eventually turns into BBA's very first ORGY!

This is one of those special scenes where my biggest editing challenge was choosing what NOT to include. The edited version of Part One alone is well over a FULL HOUR long!

Don't miss the multiple-"nutt"-draining holiday action that includes tons of dick-sucking, ass-licking, and RAW hardcore fucking as FIVE of your favorite BBA stars take things to a whole new level in order to give their fans a special Christmas present they'll never forget!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Dec 25, 2016 78 min
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Blake Bishop
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Freaky J
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