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The Schoolboy and the ThugShyne, Dragon
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The Schoolboy and the Thug
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Dragon is a gay ''college boy'' with a wholesome, boy-next-door appeal. Shyne is a sexy Blatino thug from the ''hood.'' What happens when they meet and fuck for the very first time? See for yourself if ''opposites attract'' as I coach these hot black boys through every spontaneous, memorable moment of their first porn-shoot together!

I have my camera in hand as Dragon walks through the front door, eager to capture on film every unpredictable, entertaining moment of their first meeting.

Both boys have hilariously contrasting personalities, and it's funny to watch how each one deals with his obvious nervousness in very different ways. Dragon is hyper and talkative, while Shyne is more quiet and laid-back. I discuss my expectations for the afternoon, and encourage them to just be themselves.

Just a few minutes after being introduced, each boy strips slowly out of his clothes while the other boy watches with a mix of curiosity and embarrassment. I send them to the shower but keep the camera running as they touch each other for the first time and begin soaping one another down. Dragon surprises me by taking the lead with the more nervous, reluctant Shyne, tugging on the young thug's dick and leaning in to initiate some hot and intimate tongue-kissing.

Fresh out of the shower and sitting on my futon, they pick up where they left off. They kiss and touch each other, hesitantly at first but with gradually increasing intensity.

Dragon dives between Shyne's legs to seduce him with some slow and sensual dick-sucking, ball-slurping, and deep-throating. Next, it's Shyne's turn to return the favor. Dragon's thick cock turns out to be one hell of a mouthful, and Shyne's clearly not as experienced or enthusiastic as his partner, but it's still pretty damn hot to see this sexy young thug with his face stuffed full of dick!

Each guy then takes a turn standing up and thrusting his dick more aggressively into the other guy's mouth. Shyne grabs Dragon's head with both hands and pumps his dick in and out of the boy's face. Dragon rises to the challenge and treats us to an erotic display of some truly impressive deep-throating.

Next, Dragon pushes Shyne onto his back, lifts the boy's legs in the air, and leans in for a taste of some sweet thug booty. You'd think it was our college-boy's first meal in weeks from the way he digs his tongue deep up inside Shyne's tight sweaty asshole! They later switch places, and Shyne eats Dragon's ass until it's soaked with his warm saliva.

''You ready to get more than your TONGUE up in that ass?'' I ask Shyne, eager to see a thug's hard dick split open some ripe ''schoolboy'' ass.

I keep the camera running as Dragon lies on his back and applies some lube while Shyne slips on a condom.

''PLEASE go slow!'' Dragon pleads, as Shyne crouches between his legs, rubbing his hard dick against the college-boy's tight hole....
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