Straight Boy Sex Toy

Meatlover This should’ve remained unreleased. This was boring as fuck. I respect Michael for running the site but I’m glad he doesn’t do films anymore because he’s horrible. The lack of dick sucking makes him crappy as fuck. Isaiah deserved better than that. Dec 28, 2022
MichaelGalletta Seems a little arrogant to say a scene shouldn't be released just because it's not your cup of tea. But whatever. I honestly hate sucking dick and I'm terrible at it, so doing so would have gone against the entire fantasy we were going for here. Isaiah has enjoyed plenty of amazing head in his other scenes over the years, he didn't need it from me.
mariahsbe This is the hottest porn video ive ever seen. Please do more scenes with this fantasy. Well done, Perfectly acted!!! Nov 25, 2022
jackdani Oh my god this needs its own series with dominic or other models ;p May 6, 2021
mcfarlaneat1004 he looks uncomfortable Jan 11, 2019
pilsener I get some guys enjoy scenes with Michael, but I find the scenes between the models MUCH HOTTER! However, seeing ISAIAH tied up like that is enough to make me nut! Jan 1, 2019
juan2424 Aint nothing more disgustin than to see pale, old, balding, white flesh alongside a melanin-enriched body. Dec 31, 2017
emmyfan This is hot! I love watching scenes with rim jobs Jul 27, 2017
jokehb When dealing with those beautiful well rounded black asses SPANKING is an exciting scene. Personally I prefer to see well built young guys with bubble butts get spanked by a daddy. Here is hoping you will try this scene again but this time with baby faced, bubble butt DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 31, 2016

This week we're dipping into the BBA archives to bring you a unique and previously unreleased encounter between Isaiah and me that was filmed early last year. Unlike most of BBA's scenes, this scene experiments with a mix of reality and fantasy role-playing.

The behind-the-scenes REALITY was that we'd been stood up by another model and had to come up with this alternate scene at the very last minute.

The FANTASY is that Isaiah is a reluctant straight escort willing to do ALMOST anything to earn the quick cash he needs to help pay for his mother's surgery and avoid being evicted - even if that means letting a horny older white gay man enjoy every inch of his athletic young body! (This fantasy, by the way, very closely mirrored our real-life situation).

Knowing that Isaiah is ALL MINE for the night, I decide to experiment with some kinky new things and find out just how far the broke straight black boy will go. (Keep in mind this scene was filmed early-on in Isaiah's "gay for pay" journey, and long before he'd agreed to give up his ass).

Join me for this unusual late-night encounter full of freaky fetish fun that includes some light bondage, spanking, face-fucking, and ass-eating....

WARNING: This scene is NOT for viewers who are easily offended or only interested in watching mutual and passionate sex!

But if you find yourself turned on by the TABOO fantasy of watching a reluctant straight basketball player like Isaiah tensely submit to being pawed, groped, tied up, force-kissed, and face-fucked by a horny older white gay man for money - then this is a freaky fetish twist on my "dirty old man" scenes that you don't want to miss!

See for yourself why I always say: There's no better sex toy than a STRAIGHT BOY!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Bondage, Director: Michael Galletta, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Spanking, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Apr 26, 2015 39 min
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