Behind the Scenes With Suspense

Phuryous Suspense is a real cutie and the phat ass and big dick does not hurt either. Sep 14, 2022

Suspense's transformation over time from a shy, curious college-boy experimenting with gay sex for the very first time into an experienced BBA model who not only let us watch as he lost his virginity on camera but later let two horny black "tops" take turns pounding his tight young ass....well, it's easily one of the most exciting and unforgettable things I've witnessed since I began making amateur porn!

Sadly, Suspense has since decided to quit making porn and resume his "normal" life as a heterosexual college student. And last I heard, he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby!

For those of you who miss Suspense as much as I do, here's a collection of never-before-seen footage from a few of Suspense's scenes. Enjoy this entertaining, behind-the-scenes peek at the conversations, bloopers, and even some hardcore action that didn't get included in the edited versions.

First up are several outtakes from "The Straight Boy Who Gave Up His Ass (Part Two)."

There's some bonus interview footage in which Suspense admits to being somewhat self-conscious about his looks and discusses a new awareness of his ASS as a sexual object.

Other highlights include Suspense cleaning up in the shower, showing off his cute bare feet, and me teaching the sheltered straight boy about "fluffers."

Next up is a collection of hilarious bloopers from "The New Kid Meets A Porn Star."

You might be surprised to find out just how much joking around takes place before, after, and sometimes even DURING the actual fucking! There was definitely a playful, almost slap-happy chemistry between Dragon and Suspense that day that I don't think came through in the edited version.

Other highlights include: Dragon and Suspense standing side by side to show off two of the most perfect, fuckable black-boy asses I've ever seen; Suspense and I examining Dragon's pretty asshole; Suspense sharing his surprising reaction to fucking Dragon; and Dragon giving the inexperienced straight boy some helpful advice about how to fuck!

Last but not least is some bonus footage from"Smashin' Suspense."

Enjoy some hot, never-before-seen clips of Beno fucking Suspense on his side and later on the floor. Don't miss Suspense's hilariously honest response when Beno asks him, "Is this too much dick for you?"

Other highlights include Beno showing off Suspense's amazing ass, and Beno telling Suspense about jacking off to the scene he did with his college-buddy D-Rel.

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Details: Dec 13, 2010 42 min
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