But My Brother's Watching!

gmitchellgbm I’d honestly like to see the two brothers mess with each other while in a three way. A few times it looked like it would happen. Jun 6, 2018
tjm133 Cute models. I loved the cumeating scene and Beno swallowing. D-Rel is cute and his brother needs to chill even though cute. Jan 10, 2017

D-Rel's back for his second "gay for pay" adventure since his surprising return after more than two years, and his first action scene with a black guy around his own age. After popping D-Rel's cherry just a few weeks earlier, I bring in Beno to finish what I started and thoroughly "break in" that near-virgin ass!

Now watching D-Rel get his ass drilled by Beno would have been hot enough on its own. But in a shocking and taboo twist, I've also talked D-Rel's straight "baby brother" into watching the entire thing!

When I first approached D-Solo with my controversial idea for this scene, he would only agree to do it if he could stay fully clothed and watch from the "safe distance" of a separate bed. And even though I couldn't convince him to do anything but watch, I was at least able to work out a compromise in which he'd get naked and watch in close proximity to the guy-on-guy action!

Adding another interesting twist to this scene is the fact that D-Solo didn't seem to know just how far D-Rel had gone in his previous scenes. All he knew was that he was being paid a lot of money to watch his brother do a scene with another guy. D-Rel actually asked me NOT to tell his younger brother just how much he'd agreed to do in this scene, preferring that D-Solo find out at the time of the shoot.

See for yourself what happens in this unique and unpredictable scene when these two real-life brothers get naked in the very same room, and D-Rel shows his cute "baby brother" just how far he will go for a huge amount of cash!

I briefly interview the brothers as they sit side by side on the couch, together in front of my camera for the very first time. There's lots of nervous, embarrassed laughter as both boys discuss what they've agreed to do later on in the scene.

D-Solo then waits in the other room while I introduce D-Rel to Beno. It's cute to see Beno so uncharacteristically nervous and shy as he finally meets D-Rel in person for the very first time. Other than myself, Beno is easily D-Rel's #1 fan. He has watched all of D-Rel's scenes countless times, and dreamed of doing a scene with him for over two years!

"I'm a REAL big fan!" Beno admits with a giddy smile. "I ain't never wanted nobody so bad in my life!"

D-Rel seems surprised and flattered by the compliments from Beno, but also somewhat apprehensive about doing his first "gay for pay" scene with someone other than me.

Both guys lean in for their very first kiss just minutes after meeting for the very first time. D-Rel's kissing is tense and awkward at first as he gets used to kissing another black guy for the very first time. But Beno's obvious lust and passion quickly puts him at ease, and it's not long before he's TONGUE-KISSING Beno without being asked!

This intimate moment is suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door. It's D-Rel's cute younger brother, "catching" his supposedly STRAIGHT big brother in the act of making out with A GUY!

D-Rel invites his stunned younger brother to stick around and enjoy the show.

D-Solo takes him up on the offer, at first only watching the action from the "safe distance" of a separate bed. As Beno takes out D-Rel's dick and begins giving him head, D-Solo instinctively starts pulling at his own dick through his jeans.

Noticing D-Solo's uneasy but obvious interest, D-Rel invites his cute younger brother to join them on the bed for a closer look....

D-Solo takes a seat next to D-Rel on the bed, watching as his brother's huge dick disappears down another guy's throat.

It's fascinating to watch D-Solo's facial expressions as he witnesses guy-on-guy sex for the very first time. There are even several spontaneous "too close for comfort" moments scattered throughout - for example, when D-Rel's hard dick hangs in the air just inches from his brother's face (and vice versa).

When D-Rel begins helping Beno out of his clothes and slowly kissing his way down Beno's chest, D-Solo looks away as if suddenly realizing exactly what it is that his brother's about to do....But he knows that he has no choice but to keep watching if he wants to get paid!

He looks on in stunned disbelief as his brother puts Beno's dick in his mouth and slowly begins sucking his first black dick.

"Damn, that shit wild!" D-Solo mutters under his breath, even reaching under his boxers and tugging on his dick as Beno begins FUCKING his brother's mouth and smacking his dick all over D-Rel's tightly-clenched face!

D-Solo eventually stands up and strips out of his clothes (with Beno lustfully eyeing his every move), and then rejoins his naked brother on the bed. He kneels next to Beno and looks down at the hot show below, stroking his own HARD DICK just inches from his brother's mouth!

As Beno grabs D-Rel's head in both hands and fucks his poor, helpless mouth, D-Rel gags and chokes but still somehow manages to swallow that dick as globs of saliva spill out of his mouth!

After lots of noisy, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, Beno suddenly raises D-Rel's legs in the air and dives in to feast on that fresh straight-boy ass!

"Now how do THAT feel?!?" D-Solo asks out loud in one of the scene's funnier moments as he watches Beno eat his brother's ASSHOLE just like it's pussy!

Beno devours D-Rel's cute ass in a variety of hot positions - including some nice close-up shots of the boy's tight, hairy hole!

Things REALLY begin to get interesting when Beno slides on a condom and prepares to fuck D-Rel....IN FRONT OF HIS BROTHER!

"You know how long I've been wanting this shit?" Beno asks D-Rel, looking down at that perfectly round butt he's been wanting to fuck for over two years. "Now I finally get it!"

Before claiming the day's ultimate prize, Beno turns his attention to the boy's younger brother.

"How do you feel about me beatin' your brother's ass up?" he asks with a devilish grin.

D-Solo can only laugh in embarrassment, most likely still in shock after realizing what he's about to witness!

D-Rel gasps and winces in pain as Beno slowly sinks his hard dick into that near-virgin ass.

"His shit hella tight!" Beno exclaims as he eagerly plunges his dick in and out of the tense body beneath him.

Beno is gentle and patient at first, nuzzling D-Rel's neck and muffling his cries with sweet, tender kisses. Of course this is only D-Rel's SECOND time trying to take dick, so his ass is still tight and untamed - and Beno can't resist the urge to break that thing in!

The room echoes with the hot sounds of hard dick slamming in and out of tight ass as Beno pins D-Rel to the bed and fucks him without mercy right in front of his brother!

"I've been wanting this shit for a LONG time!" Beno growls in D-Rel's ear as the embarrassed straight boy clutches the bed and submits to the pounding. Beno enjoys that tight young ass in a variety of hot positions, with D-Solo right next to them watching the entire time!

When he's unable to take any more dick, D-Rel agrees to a shocking compromise by letting another guy CUM IN HIS MOUTH for the very first time!

Then BOTH brothers take turns busting their "nutts" in Beno's mouth, and Beno gulps down every last drop!

(Out of the many scenes that Beno has done, this is the first and only time he has SWALLOWED CUM!).

The scene concludes with a hilarious and entertaining interview in which all three guys share their reactions to the scene overall.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Brothers, Condom, Cum-Swallowing, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Straight Boy, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Feb 25, 2012 75 min
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