Southern Hospitality

Phuryous The scene felt like it lacked chemistry between the models with no kissing and no reciprocation by Jahan. Sometimes it's like that irl. Essentially, I'm sapiosexual and need some kind of connection for it to be good sex. Even though I love kissing, I've had a lot of hookups with guys and girls where we just stripped and got down to business because I just wasn't into them enough. Usually, I don't even bust but I make sure they do, sometimes even twice.

As for body shaming Lil Tyga, that's some bullshit. He still looks good, even with the extra weight and his oral skills are still top notch. Most of us can't maintain that six-pack past 25-30 (if you ever had one) without putting in some serious work. However, Lil Tyga needs to get his gynecomastia diagnosed and treated. He's had enlarged breast gland tissue since his debut years ago, even when he was trim. In rare occasions, gynecomastia can be malignant or lead to breast cancer in men. Since his chest appears to be fairly even on both sides, it's probably nothing serious but it's best to get it tested
Nov 19, 2023
emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jun 16, 2023
darianwells4 When is Jahan coming back? Sep 6, 2019
pds1984 Lil Tyga need to stay behind the camera.... Jan 31, 2019
papatiggger Jahan needs a good top in him. Please make this happen!!!! Dec 30, 2018
supreme It was a 3 out of 5 nut scene, which means not bad explained by "downtofuck and durrell807" . Nov 23, 2018
princetahji Kind of a let down to be honest. Was hoping Jahan's 3rd scene would top the 1st 2 scenes with pairing and action. He was more into Manny and Jay C than Tyga. Wish you could have gotten another model like Blake Luh Redd or even a massage scene by Kody. Nov 14, 2018
downtofuck one thing i can tell jahan like a juicy ass. he loved slapping and jiggling his ass. next time pair him with a active sexy bottom with a jiggly ass Oct 27, 2018
durrell807 This was the most engaging I’ve seen Jahan. Not the best scene but it gets the job done... I guess. If he comes back, I’d like to see him with Saint or Apollo. Oct 12, 2018
debattx77 Tyga needs to stay behind the camera. This was boring and he's past his prime. Not to mention he's getting fatter. Stop recycling these old models. At least bring back Freaky J , Tay and Apollo. Oct 6, 2018
Kingmi20 I like tyga even with the extra weight.. i just think what they did wrong was the positions...Tyga got all that ass and yall didnt have him on all 4s with back arched bouncin back on the dick?!!!! i think that would have been more appealing then him hunched over standing makes his body look worse than what it actually is...i do agree Jahan shouldve sucked that dick too but the cum shot was good as hell so it had its pluses and minuses... Sep 24, 2018
cam3121 I like Tyga and I like Jahan but I did NOT like them together. I hated not seeing Jahan suck Tyga's dick. That was extremely disappointing and the film as a whole was just boring. Not a good scene unfortunately. Sep 24, 2018
3606tsb72 About comments Tyga's gained 2 much weight, and the bros r str8: WTF? Tyga looks fine b/c he is phyne - so what he's added a few lbs. to his beautiful frame b/c he wears it well. Eat, To that commenter: Go Bake a Biscuit, friend. Everyone knows I'm str8 but I love dicks, dicks and more dicks. Ironic, huh? I also like Black male bodies, like my own, cause I know we're God's gift, praise Zeus. By the way, there were no str8 people in the above video. But I'm str8... Sep 23, 2018
3606tsb72 to cptcty18 - Mike, NO, keep the camera close to dicks while cumming, like you've been doing since forever and a day. Seeing cum up close is a huge turn on, and I couldn't care 2 c facial expressions b/c most times they're a bust. PLEASE KEEP THE CAMERA CLOSE 4 LONGER than you have, and have dudes smear the milk on their dicks, chests, etc, something some erotica companies are doing now. Sep 23, 2018
Myke81 Another dull scene. I like Tyga and I like Jahan... didn't like the pairing or the directing. Sep 20, 2018
blackforest These so called straight dudes are just way too mechanical and disengaged # theTruth Sep 19, 2018
cptcty18 I thought the overall scene was cool. However, for me the scenes are always ruined when you guys do a close up on the dick while the guys are busting their nuts instead of pulling the camera back and letting us see their facial expressions while their cumming. I get so annoyed with you porn studios constantly ASSUMING that none of the fans care about seeing the model's faces while their cumming. Sep 19, 2018
onelovemeetoyou Would have been better with Saint. Saint’s personality would have created a better chemistry. Sep 17, 2018
caliroc Don't need 20 characters to say-Boring.... Sep 17, 2018
simplett i agree with kevin343 boring was not the word little tiger got bigger and its not appealing mike u could have done a better pairing like trapp would b good I even forgot bout little tiger lets get some thing better going Sep 17, 2018
3606tsb72 Enjoy both dudes, but a 69 would make this video a 9 out of 10; I give it a 7 because Lil Tyga did all the work, even though Jahan is a super Plus Tyga has a beautiful dick, so I'm PISSED Mike didn't show it. This is two weeks in a row where the top didn't reciprocate -- and that has to stop. Immediately. Yesterday's too late. Fine Lil Tyga & Phyne Luh Redd together...that's what I'm talking about...Mike PLEASE get it done ASAP. Tomorrow's too late. Sep 16, 2018
Jayden27 I loved this scene for many reasons—one of the main ones was the return of Lil Tyga. I’m glad to see him again—he’s one of my favorites! I really liked the chemistry between these two; both of them have relaxed, laid back personalities, which I think had a hand in allowing them to be comfortable filming this scene. The vibe was nice.

My favorite part was watching Tyga feast on Jahan’s ass like it was the most delicious takeout meal he ever eaten..(and it may have been). Jahan’s reaction was priceless—you could tell he enjoyed it, and I enjoyed them! It reminded me of when he ate Apollo’s ass, and he also had a similar reaction. It’s such a turn on when you can tell the person receiving is loving the “gifts” that are being served LOL!! Great porn moments!

I loved the part where Tyga and Jahan were in front of the mirror. As Neyo sings in his song “Mirror”, “Watching me watching you lovin’ it”, the two of them watching each other’s reaction was hot! I loved seeing Tyga’s reaction while receiving. For me, that part was a turn on, I guess because I tend to like things that are “out of the box” lol.

BBA, you served up the goods again! Thanks for a good time! Lil Tyga, feel free to come back to the BBA Zone more often bro! Great seeing you!

PS: I think Tyga would love to play with Dominic! What do you think? Also, will we ever have the pleasure of seeing Montez in a scene?
Sep 16, 2018
kapukan2 not a Lil Tyga fan....can't even watch it. Dam. Sep 16, 2018
illtown22 Got damn Tyga always had cake but now it cookies, pie and the whole bakery back there, my goodness. Jahan, I just wanna rub warm cocoa butter on you from head to toe, I love you lol. Sep 16, 2018
chgohydepar1 no chemistry. lil tyga should get back behind the cam. Sep 15, 2018
Godfather07 Nice with Lil Tyga great with Jahan Ace but would have been great with Isaiah where is Isaiah, he is a very hot man I hope you will start bring back some of your old models Apollo, Isaiah, Trapp, Saint, Scotty, Jahan is very hot man put him with a very hot gay man. I do love your site but there are some changes that is going on that I do not understand. Where is Mikey very hot Sep 15, 2018
chucke1 Is there not a thumbs down? Sep 15, 2018
ACTION7 He and TRAPP would do well together; Trapp is a real kisser! Sep 15, 2018
kevin343 BORING AS FUCK !!!!!!!! Y'all need to get it together. Sep 15, 2018

After patiently pursuing him for almost TWO YEARS, we finally talked the sexy former professional basketball player turned amateur straight porn star Jahan Ace into making his official gay porn debut exclusively here at Black Boy Addictionz.

This weekend we're bringing you a hot surprise bonus scene from Jahan Ace's recent summer visit (his third and last BBA scene....for now!).

See for yourself what happened when BBA veteran and Saint Louis native Lil Tyga dropped by the hotel to show our special guest his own unique brand of "southern hospitality."

This starts with a generous amount of hot oral action as Lil Tyga skillfully worships Jahan Ace's huge uncut dick, coaxing it from completely soft to its impressive full hardness with some of the best dick-sucking I've seen from him so far.

While Lil Tyga bobs eagerly up and down in Jahan Ace's lap, the sexy straight porn star reaches around to grab and grope Lil Tyga's round, tempting ass - no doubt anticipating the taboo thrill of sinking his hard, horny dick in its tight, warm depths.

As an added wicked twist for all the Lil Tyga fans, this scene also marks Lil Tyga's VERY FIRST TIME giving up his famously thick, juicy ass to *RAW* dick from anyone other than his boyfriend Hakim!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 15, 2018 37 min
Photo of Jahan Ace
Jahan Ace
Photo of Lil Tyga
Lil Tyga

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