Staxx: Stretched To The Limit

davids Staxx is an amazing guy. He is so sexy and has great vibes. I'm in love with his booty. I wish he would return to BBA. Nov 2, 2022
ICeeIt21 Dayummm! Baby boy got it goin on. That hole is pretty af. I've been watching Staxx for a minute now, especially that ass. This solo ranks with some of the best and is definitely worth the download. Aug 1, 2021
pilsener I know some guys like this, but for me it only detracts from the guy's natural masculinity. Jan 1, 2019
blackkey Well, I don't like one thing: he never sticks the whole dildo into his ass! Jan 1, 2018
kboogie20 wish they could of gotten knockout to do one too Dec 5, 2017
zavius01 That was felt so good!!!! Jul 30, 2016
milkchol8te Yo this dude's ass, dick and lips are so sexy, and that BODY! I love the fact that he's so sensual and really gets into his scenes like he's really enjoying himself. I nutted just from watching him suck on the dildo! May 1, 2016
blklvr this is my most favorite of all Staxx's videos. Love the assplay at the start, with just the fingers. Oct 31, 2015

Staxx is one of my favorite "porn stars" working in the industry today. Standing at 6'6" and weighing a muscular 200 pounds, every inch of this handsome young athlete's slim, sculpted body is worth drooling over.

It's been fun watching Staxx develop as a performer over time. Until recently, he was just another strict "top" who rarely showed any kind of intimacy with his co-stars, refusing to suck dick or let them anywhere near his own ass. Over the past few months, however, he's kept his fans guessing by constantly showing us new sides of Staxx. But despite expanding his boundaries to include things like kissing and getting his ass licked, "bottoming" on camera is still a line he refuses to cross.

"The truth is I'm a top IN porn, and I'm a top OUTSIDE of porn," Staxx bluntly tells us at the start of this scene.

Well, it's a damn shame since this sexy, skilled "top" also happens to have one of the most tempting bubble-butts I've ever seen in gay porn! I've been trying to talk Staxx into changing his mind and giving it up on camera ever since we first met, but he simply won't budge regardless of how much money he's offered.

After some persistent negotiating, however, I finally talked Staxx into sharing the NEXT BEST THING with us here at BBA by at least trying ANAL PENETRATION with fingers and toys....

"Y'all about to finally see something go in this ass!" Staxx promises his fans as he turns around to show off his cute bubble-butt and prepares to take the first and smallest of my three dildos. "Might not be what y'all want, but I'm pretty sure y'all still finna like it!"

It's another thrilling BBA exclusive that you don't want to miss as this former college basketball player and stubborn strict "top" finally raises his athletic legs in the air and plunges fingers AND multiple dildos up his tight "top-only" ass.

There's over thirty action-packed minutes of HOT ANAL PLAY that includes Staxx tasting his own ass-juices and eventually taking my biggest dildo.

At first he seems almost ready to give up, swearing that no more than the head will ever be able to fit. But he ends up surprising himself AND us before this hot and freaky show's over....

Categories: Big Dick, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Solo/Auditions, Special Guest, Tops Taken Down, Toys/Dildos
Details: Feb 28, 2015 38 min
Photo of Staxx

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