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cam656914 Hopefully you can bring them back one day to do a flip flop, Michael. Sep 4, 2023
jaypablo Love to see them both, great scene, hot as hell Jul 30, 2023
juan24 Them boiz is just too, too hot together. Omfg. They physiques compliment each other so perfectly. And you can tell they straight because they dont kiss like gay dudes, lol. Not at all. So, watching 2 straight dudes git down makes my day (and night, lol). BBA now. BBA forever. Sep 5, 2021
cocopop Never seen before! Apollo's dick throbbing hard at the end, that dam Dominic must got some good dick. He hit that spot, no other model has ever. Apollo's dick takes a while getting hard, receiving head, but there he was dick hard as hell, throbbing for Dominic. Sep 12, 2020
Dualex Even the way he made love to Apollo is far from the strokes you see with others. Not sure if it's the director's decision. That was certainly not a revenge, that was love making. Revenge would be more his pairing with Manny. Oh well, I'm still baffled... I'm begging for a flip flop for closure.. Apr 27, 2020
Dualex Been binging on all of Dominic's works with BBA. Great addition. I am still baffled at how shy, nervous borderline intimidated he comes across when paired with his alter ego Apollo. He is very different with any other models, they're actually star struck from Saint to Justice via Manny. Not sure how 2 explain it. Apr 27, 2020
retrokid562 So this scene was about a 6.5 out of 10 for me. While they have great chemistry as like maybe friends, the sex scene was more Apollo enjoying the performance more than Dominic. I felt he look disconnected when he was fucking Apollo. Apollo was enjoying most of it so I felt Apollo carry the performance in this scene. I'm late to the BBA content since I haven't been checking for it in awhile as I was enjoying the OnlyFans stuff. Looking forward to see what has progress since then. Sep 28, 2019
Dualex One of the best scenes this year. Chemistry, tenderness, love making, scenery, settings, absolutely everything. I revisit this scene once or twice a week and still enjoy living it. No matter what people say still my top 3. Thank you very Much. Sep 5, 2019
Blackncute These two have great chemistry together. Please bring them back again together. Maybe a flip-flop scene--that would be hot. Aug 10, 2019
Dualex Apollo can eat Dom ass... Aug 6, 2019
kevin343 This was cute! I really enjoyed this scene. Jun 24, 2019
MrBrown1994 I love this scene! Dominic and Apollo must return for another video, for sure. Awesome job on video and editing too, BBA Team! Jun 20, 2019
supreme Another *** star production mediocre chemistry! May 6, 2019
Dualex I saw that. Confirming that D was hitting the g spot at many occasions. The slow and deep strokes we criticized must have felt really good in fact. Revenge tasted real sweet. Apr 21, 2019
cocopop At the ending, while in the bed, Dominic had Apollo's dick semi-hard while fucking him, dick even throbbing. That dick must have been good, never seen Apollo's dick in that manner. Apr 21, 2019
Dualex This scene has my top vote. Better than part one imo. It's not about being candy, gorgeous, muscular, toned, same height, aggressive sex drive, you name it... It's about the connection, the attraction, passion, and these two bring it. I also like their competitiveness in the game of pool, they're just like the same person. Not sure how long they've known each other but they've got a bond that shows on screen. Pleasure to watch. Apr 19, 2019
kevin343 This was Hottt!!!! Great chemistry. They make a cute couple. I loved it. Apr 19, 2019
cocopop Am I the only one to notice? Apollo #2 no longer get off on what Apollo #1 did, like riding a dick, which I loved to see. He once seem to relish to have a facial or cum in his mouth, he now seem to frown on facials. His reactions to both Justice and Dominic's nutting on his face was odd. He's still on my favorite list, but I miss Apollo #1. Apr 18, 2019
Blackncute I loved the chemistry between these two. One of the best pairings on BBA and two of the hottest guys on BBA. I absolutely loved this video. I want to see more of Dominic--sexy as hell! Apr 15, 2019
Dualex Their climaxes were powerful.. They surely enjoyed that! Apr 15, 2019
cocopop Dominic must really been hot for Apollo's ass, brothers dick was hard after leaving the game room entering the den, on sofa during kissing, he rolled back dick was hard. That's one piece of ass he couldn't wait to hit, these guys look so dam hot together, can't wait to see more of Dominic bottoming. Great scene Mike, Stax, and the boys. Apr 14, 2019
11luvme2u @Jayden27. Great analysis and well put. I’m with you. Apr 14, 2019
11luvme2u What about a scene with Apollo and Dominic with Justice and Blake altogether. That would be super hot because both pairs have a major connection. Like a Double Date night fantasy. What you fellow fans think?? 😀 Apr 14, 2019
Jayden27 Shax’s beautiful cinematography, along with the magnetic beauty that is Dominic, and the enticingly erotic “sex god” Apollo gives us a gift that we can only dream of—this crazy lit 🔥 scene! Damn! It was hot enough having Apollo and Dominic in one scene to themselves, and then you blessed us with a second one??!? You guy are spoiling us, and I am here for it all! Come all the way through!

Dominic- I become more impressed with this guy in each scene! He’s really growing as a performer. It wasn’t enough to have sex in the pool room on top of the pool table (btw that was hot!!), but you guys had sex all over this BEAUTIFUL house! BBA is coming through with the locations lately! Dominic’s acting is so much better. You can see it in his interactions with Apollo. For example, the subtle smile he gave Apollo when he was taking off his boxers, even in the way he held Apollo. Love it! Dominic’s oral skills are getting better too! I know that it must be difficult to get used to g4p work, but he’s doing great! I look forward to the porn moments in store from this beautiful dude!

Apollo- Apollo, brotha, why you gotta look so good?!?! Damn! 😂 The “sex-god” has graced us with his presence once again! I’m loving the fact that we have seen a lot of Apollo lately! We used to only see him during the holidays so this is a treat. Thank you! I envy every model that is paired with Apollo because you know they get the best head game and ass-eating ever! Apollo’s bottoming performance was 🔥. He stuck it out through the pain to give viewers his best, and he made it look hot as always. He made sure to give every ounce of pleasure to Dominic. With that said, it is only fair to say that Dominic was definitely served the “Apollo Experience”.

Lastly, this scene was crazy beautiful, and crazy amazing! The beauty of these two brothas puts me under a spell, and I don’t want a cure! 😂 To Mike, Montez, Shax, Dominic, and the “sex-god”, Apollo. Thank you! 👏🏾👏🏾💯💯

Stay Lit BBA🔥🔥, I can’t wait to see what’s next!🙌🏾🙌🏾
Apr 14, 2019
11luvme2u Or on a more practical level, maybe he was just tired of kissing or just tired in general. I heard sometimes the scenes take hours to make. 😀. Dominic, if you read this I think you’re doing great. Just give it all you got, perfect your craft, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable on camera. You’re doing great. Apr 14, 2019
11luvme2u @cocopop. I recognize what you’re noticing. I can imagine that this entire “gay for pay” experience must be a bit overwhelming at times for him. This type of experience might cause some inner struggles and questions about his true sexual orientation. He went from saying,”I’m completely straight“ to a wide range of sexual scenarios. Now, you never know that type of chemistry that these two have could unintentionally develop actual feelings. So, I try to be patient with Dominic. Apr 14, 2019
Dualex One more thing re kissing topic. One noticeable thing Dominic did not do this time is to wipe his lips after kissing. It does show that it is something he is still working on. Although I still think if you can use your tongue rimming so can it be used kissing.
Also I would love to see more underwear, the guys are too fast taking them off. Very curious to know what underwear Apollo was wearing lol, that looked sexy.
Apr 14, 2019
IsaiahFan This has to be one of my favourite scenes

Everything about Dominic getting his revenge was so sexy, watching from the 8 ball game to the pants coming off was sexy.

Dominic being all shy and nervous around Apollo was nice to look at but when Apollo had Dominic on that pool table eating his ass to when Dominic had Apollo bent over on that countertop in the kitchen eating his ass was just perfect.

When the fucking began and Dominic had Apollo in that froggy position and we saw Dominic’s hole just got me and my nut was PERFECT to the T, these two guys are just straight fireworks for BBA. The sexiness and chemistry btwn the two of them was outta this world even though they’re acting but still....

Oh lemme not forget that lil distraction thing Apollo did by grabbing onto Dominic’s dick when he was playing pool was hot.

In my closing, if you haven’t already I STRONGLY suggest that you get this scene you won’t regret it!!

I give this scene a RESOUNDING 10/10
Apr 13, 2019
Dualex I agree with the kissing, D tongue is nowhere to be seen except when he was licking Apollo nipple, I was like 'OMG he has got a tongue' lol... I forgive him though I do believe he still has not embraced his bi side... Mind you, I've seen gay scenes where people don't kiss at all... I quite enjoyed his strokes after re watching, they do look very romantic. Or he might have probably been told to hold it down. 11luvme2u sums it all up in his writings. Apr 13, 2019
cocopop As much as I love Dominic, he seem to be regressing since the xmas party, his kissing has become smacking lips, with no tongue all I saw was Apollo's tongue. He's been a more aggressive top in other scenes, here he was weak. You've had two of the best teachers, Saint and Apollo to take you to the next level, come on man you say you want that #1 spot, bring your fans what you learned in the xmas scene, I know you got it in you. Apr 13, 2019
blktop2002 @11luvme2u I see you noticed it too. At some point the acting and or gay for 💰 has seemed to have morphed in to something more substantive. Real or not I love the way it comes across on camera. I too am hoping for a scene I shared the details with MG something like what you’re asking for as well. 🤞🏽 Apr 13, 2019
11luvme2u I really like how they take their time with each other too. They aren't trying to hurt one another. It really makes the scene better to watch as opposed to someone in pain and clearly faking pleasure. Being dominant is hot but rape isn't. I definitely look forward to seeing more of these two models together in the future. Another great scene Mike, Shax, and all the crew. Can't wait for the 18th or 19th to see what BBA has in store. Apr 13, 2019
11luvme2u In the future I'd love a "honeymoon night" fantasy or a "new boyfriend" fantasy between them (or something very sensual and romantic). They are the perfect pair for that. Apollo eating Dominic's ass on the pool table was a major turn on. Any time Dominic's legs are in the air I get chills. I love when they kiss and touch each other. It's like watching the sex of new boyfriends. Apollo definitely kept his word and then some when he promised a scene with Dominic. Apr 13, 2019
11luvme2u Apollo and Dominic are the epitome of compatibility. They have a genuine bromance. Their perfect bodies together with the amazing background scenery makes this scene so tasteful. I'm sorry I don't think this is mere acting. I believe they are genuinely attracted to each other. You can see it in Apollo's eyes and how he touches Dominic. I think Apollo's bisexuality is more developed than Dominic's so his comfort level seems to be greater. Yet, Dominic is opening up beautifully. Apr 13, 2019
blktop2002 I love the chemistry these two have. Almost romantic or some serious friends with benefits. 🤩 I see some are asking for that abusive gang bang style videos. Not a fan at all. Great job Apollo and Dominic. Apr 13, 2019
Dualex Dominic on board is a great asset for BBA. I see great things in the future for these two and BBA with a production like this. If we ever get to see them together again may it be a hot flip flop or a 3some with Justice. Not now of course lol give the other models a chance.. Apr 13, 2019
dv6000 im at work... haven't even watched it...BUT I LOVE IT! See Dominic's hand over Apollo...aww a love story waiting to happen! Apr 12, 2019
sibs I have no words......absolutely amazing. Hopefully they can now do a flip flop Apr 12, 2019
ACTION7 what city are they in here? Apr 12, 2019
Docteur Great pairing. Now lets see Dominic get gang banged by Bandit, Isaiah, Stylez, Jay C and Manny Killa. Apr 12, 2019
Dualex Thank you Michael, Shax, Montez, Dominic, Apollo for this treat.. Apr 12, 2019
Dualex Domillo at it again... With a better production. So so sexy. Loving their banter n chemistry. Would have loved to see Apollo top a bit, he so wanted it. Also, is Dominic intimidated by Apollo? I missed his aggressiveness n control when paired with Justice, Ant or Manny. He seemed to be holding back a lot. Secondly, that 'revenge' word was a little overused, forget it, just bang lol. Never thought we'd get to see them so early after Apollo and Justice scene. Lovely scene. Apr 12, 2019
deshaun that kiss when they placed the bet was soooooooooooo cute Apr 12, 2019
blksexi I love that their scenes were produced in completely different ways. It really adds value to both and makes them equally and uniquely hot. Apr 12, 2019
cobo2031 Dominic is very nice to look at, but his stroke game is weak and he can't keep it brick. He needs to bottom more in scenes. To date, Apollo is still the man and is the most attractive male porn star in the business, IMO. Apr 12, 2019
dano18 Dominic has gotten lean. His abs look great. Time for him to eat some nut or take some in his ass Apr 12, 2019
wolfeisawesome Dominic is great as a verse! Apr 12, 2019

It's been several months since Dominic shocked his fans all over the world by letting Apollo be the first guy lucky enough to slide a raw dick deep inside his tight, straight-boy ass.

"Next time it's YOU!" Dominic playfully warned Apollo at the end of that scene, and he's nothing if not a man of his word.

Reunited for a special BBA trip down to Florida over Spring Break, Apollo and Dominic are playing a casual game of pool when Dominic realizes it's the perfect time to get his "revenge."

These two sexy fan favorites make a friendly wager on their next game, with the loser promising to give the winner some ASS.

See for yourself what happens when this high-stakes game of pool turns into an unforgettable afternoon of adventurous sex taking place everywhere from the top of the pool table to the kitchen counter!

Don't miss our most-requested "sequel" of 2019 so far, including tons of sensual kissing, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, hot and hungry ass-eating, and (*spoiler alert*) Dominic finally getting to sample that flawless muscle-butt he was only allowed to touch and TASTE the last time around....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Military Men, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 12, 2019 42 min
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