Zadian's First Time

cmebillyc zadian look like "the DL boy from next door" Mar 26, 2019
starks105 Zadian from moment i seen him i was a fan and now i love him sooooooo much Feb 20, 2018
LENWOOD3 Zadian was either a virgin or hasn't had much. He tries not to show it but was excited when his pants came off and couldn't hold back that cum fountain (NEW). Cute though. Jun 7, 2017
Moses1999 Look at them big pretty feet....... LOVE IT!!!! Apr 9, 2017
Moses1999 I agree with many here, Zadian is sexy and We will see more of him, and that phat ass Rory..... Love the Videos Michael.... keep it up!!! I keep falling in love.... :) Apr 9, 2017
tjm133 Both models are cute. Zadian needs more experience. I look forward to this. Dec 25, 2016
texasbugg i really think apollo is going to be the one who eats zadian ass. cause he will melt when he see apollo nude body. mark my word! handsome vs thug. Nov 25, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, that the most sensible thing you have said yet, and again you keep pretending you don't understand the theme of BBA. Be like curious3397, he a bottom, and he wants his tops to remain tops. May 23, 2016
cocopop @curious3397, what did you peep as soon as he took his pants off, could it be that for a straight guy he was already aroused before the pants came off, all others at least need a blow job to even get it up. Whether he's a total top for now or bi-curious trying much too hard not to show any emotions, even playing in Rory''s ass, nutting at the drop of a hat. Jury still out on this one. Apr 29, 2016
3606tsb72 Next time please show Rory's dick up close and personal. For we guys into them, me, for instance, it's VERY IMPORTANT to. And there's much too much rimming and ass action for my tastes. Satisfy ass-a-holics, you, for example, but remember dicks matter too, as this is gay erotica, yes, so inquiring minds want to know, "WHERE'S ALL THE BEEF?" Indeed "a dick's a terrible thing to waste." Use all your actor's "assets." And more JO & showers... Apr 18, 2016
3606tsb72 Love that bros voice; please encourage him to talk---then talk some more...what a turn on. I've never seen or heard a brother quite like him. He's a singular sensation and I charge you with bringing him out Apr 18, 2016
supreme A very good show for these new up and coming BBA amateurs .....Zadian will bottom soon enough and my, my what a fat ass Rory has ! ** two stars Mar 17, 2016
rodney07 I wouldn't mind giving Zadian some of me. I want to see way more of him. Mar 15, 2016
jowilf Copy to that CURIOUS3397. But ROSS will not stay always a "top" as you believe. I think the next project for ROSS is how good he gonna suck "dicks"... then, surrender his virgin "hole." That's the main theme of BBA as what MICHAEL have explained. BBA is the best site so far! Mar 13, 2016
MichaelGalletta @curious3397: As I've already explained to you not long ago, one of BBA’s major themes is testing the boundaries of straight guys and “tops,” with the ultimate prize being their tight, virgin asses. This is NOT a website for viewers who want these guys to stay “pure” tops. That is fundamentally the complete OPPOSITE of what this site is about!

Also wanted to point out that the comments section here on the website is intended more for "reviews" of the actual models and scenes. Your lengthier comments about who you don't want to see bottom and why, or who you think is really straight and who's not, etc. are better suited for the comments section on the BBA Blog. There you can leave much longer comments on pretty much any subject you'd like, AND it's a lot easier for me and others to reply and actually have a conversation about these various topics. In case you've never checked it out, you can visit and leave comments on the BBA blog at the link below:
Mar 13, 2016
curious3397 @jowilf: It means I'm down for Ross to be a str8 Top... Cause there are enough bottoms on here to go around, and even verse. I understand them "exploring" but when they are bottomed so quick in the game, they never come back. There are plenty of examples of that, like Freaky J ( you could see it in his face how mad he was that he had to bottom AGAIN) we haven't seen him here since. Mar 12, 2016
jowilf @CURIOUS3397 What #STAYSTRONGROSS stands for? ... just curious.🤔 Mar 11, 2016
curious3397 Zadian... babyboy, I'm not fooled at all, but you are a total top. I peep'd your game as soon as your pants came off. love the multiple cum shots, and yes that is a great asset to this site. He's a good top, if he wants to bottom, let him make that decision on his own without being manipulated, Like Apollo, I strongly believe he wanted to get fucked. Key word told to me was "explore" not exploit. #STAYSTRONGROSS Mar 10, 2016
Blacknavels THIS SCENE IS AWESOME AND THE BEST!!!! Love Zadian!!!! Bring him back with KODY? Mar 5, 2016
vuittonlyfe Rory is a keeper for sure! But that Zadian is a weirdo, all I kept thinking was he'd be the kid to shoot up a high school. He'll always have the spot for most cum shots in a scene but please Mike make this his last! Thanks. Mar 3, 2016
gigante2 cute scene...more of Rory, he's a keeper....nuff Mar 2, 2016
jowilf EAGERBEAVER, now it's 58 likes! 2 more to go... Mar 1, 2016
sheldon0914 Man Zadian surprised me would love to see more of him also Rory has a phat ass that needs some more dick just the ass alone made me cum!!! Feb 26, 2016
dainnoc1 Wow Zadian definitely is a keeper!!! He's cocky but a daredevil -- for any amount of money he definitely willin to top and try anything once -- right now since hes a newbie to game he should definitely experience more toppin and oral i definitely like that he can go more than once so thats what definitely made the scene that and Rory who I swear I want to call Cory lol has a thick ass thick lips and I think needs a true fuckdown with BENO or even BLAKE OR SAINT OR all 3!!! Feb 26, 2016
adrevius The bottom needs to stay and do more scenes, but Zadian can go, he is extremely boring and doesn't know how to fuck. Feb 26, 2016
eholsend Kudos to Rory for a great job. He can boast like, man, my ass so good I made a dude bust FOUR TIMES. LOL Feb 26, 2016
cocopop Either the boy has an out of this world sex drive or he's fuck a guy before. The dick was hard before the pants and shorts come off, and handled Rory's ass like a veteran pro top on BBA. Love the scene as well as Zadian, Rory is OK. Bring Zadian back Mike, his communication skills could use some work on. Feb 26, 2016
lilron2 I don't usually comment on here. Actually this is my first time. Damn I'm a fan of Zadian. His sex drive is unbelievable. I want to see him top all the models in the BBA repertoire. We can start off with Ross. Michael please don't offer this kid money to bottom or experiment for at least a year. Let him enjoy smashing ass. Feb 26, 2016
jowilf Just finished watching the scene... ZADIAN is really hot!👍👍👍 Feb 25, 2016
Mrmusic19 This was a little awkward to watch would love to see the bottom paired with someone who didn't lose their virginity 2 seconds ago Feb 25, 2016
write1in618 I thought this might have been a bad scene when Zadian came after about three minutes of head ... but then he came three more times! He's got some serious stamina. Feb 25, 2016
getdickhoe you need to have ross top zadian and have Saint top Ross Feb 25, 2016
tori478 Boring...that man gay do anybody else see the acrylic nails..i may be old school, but guys do not wear acrylic nails.. Feb 25, 2016
jowilf Another appropriate scene for a rookie...
I will watch the full video later. Who's RORY?
Good job Michael!
Feb 25, 2016

This week we're bringing you the return of Zadian in his very first "gay for pay" scene!

"To be honest, I already spent the money in my head!" Zadian bluntly explains when asked about his surprising decision to take this big step.

A man of hilariously few words, Zadian admits that he's also impatient and even a little excited to get on with the show and give this a try. "Let's do it!"

For Zadian's first time, we've brought over an experienced gay "bottom" that we were confident could show the sexy skater-boy a good time.

Watch as Rory gets to be the first guy lucky enough to touch Zadian's slim, dark-skinned body and wrap his lips around that fresh virgin dick, treating the visibly stiff but clearly horny straight boy to an epic blowjob he will never forget!

"Whoa!" Zadian mumbles under his breath as Rory's talented mouth swallows his entire dick WHOLE. "That feels GOOD!"

After experiencing Rory's impressive DEEP-THROATING skills, Zadian is ready to let the world watch as he fucks a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME. He slides his RAW dick up and down the warm crack of Rory's thick, juicy ass before eventually plunging it deep inside....

Usually in these types of scenes, our biggest challenge is helping the reluctant straight guy get and stay hard. With Zadian, however, we ended up having the complete OPPOSITE problem as he repeatedly (and hilariously) struggles to keep from getting TOO "excited," too soon!

Zadian's mind and facial expressions might be reluctant to admit that he's actually ENJOYING sex with a guy, but his rock-hard dick can't deny the pleasure of a warm mouth and tight ass!

Viewers looking for skilled and passionate fucking from more experienced models would probably be better off skipping this scene. But if you enjoy watching every tense, unpredictable, occasionally awkward, and sometimes even hilarious moment of a curious straight boy's experimentation with guy-on-guy sex, then this is a scene that should be more to your liking!

Categories: Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 25, 2016 31 min
Photo of Rory
Photo of Zadian

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