A Tale of Two Straight Boys (Part Two)

emiliano69 I love how nonchalant Dragon is, but he puts in work. And he's going to get his nut no matter what. Apr 12, 2023
Danilo180 I thought this was disappointing. It seems a waste of two beautiful models. No asshole shots. Nov 22, 2019
albany08 When is Stephon coming back?? Jul 2, 2019
adam2268 Dragon is hot! Love his cum shots! Sep 29, 2017
RiveGauche2006 Love his sexy body (Stephon), not too skinny not too bulky, just right! Aug 4, 2016

This two-part "reality porn" exclusive is an unscripted, uncensored look at what happens when real-life straight guys try gay sex for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Part Two brings you straight Southern boy Stephon in his very first sexual encounter with another male.

Stephon seemed a bit overwhelmed by his solo "audition" (especially the part where I asked him to show off his ass), and based on his skeptical response, I wasn't sure just how much further I'd be able to get him to go before his weekend visit was over. But after some back-and-forth negotiations, I finally talked the reluctant straight boy into trying sex with a guy for the VERY FIRST TIME!

This scene also features the surprise return of fan favorite Dragon, who has finally come out of "retirement" after more than two years! The fresh-faced and innocent "schoolboy" from BBA's early days has matured over the past couple years into a handsome young MAN - but he still has the same goofy personality and AMAZING ASS that first made him famous!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as Dragon introduces BBA's newest straight recruit to the pleasures of guy-on-guy sex.

I capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time. Dragon slowly undresses the nervous straight boy and rubs lotion all over his flawlessly sculpted (and almost comically tense) body.

This is Stephon's very first time being touched by another man, and he doesn't seem to know quite how to respond.

Dragon slowly moves his hands down the athlete's rippled stomach until they're resting on the tempting bulge hiding beneath Stephon's boxer-briefs....

Dragon tentatively pulls it out and gives the sexy straight jock his very first blowjob from another male.

Watch with envy as Dragon enjoys being the first guy lucky enough to taste the big uncut dick between those muscular legs.

After enjoying Dragon's deep-throating skills, Stephon watches straight porn on his phone until he's ready to try fucking a guy in the ass for the very first time.

He sticks his big dick tentatively between Dragon's thick, juicy cakes until it slowly sinks into that tight, warm ass....

It's not every day you get to witness a straight black male's first experimentation with guy-on-guy sex - especially one with a body as SMOKIN' HOT as Stephon's!

Stephon seems stuck in a state of stunned disbelief at the fact that he's actually FUCKING A GUY, and he has to rely heavily on straight porn to keep the scene going. But after a little bit of practice, Stephon begins grabbing Dragon by the hips and POUNDING that round, juicy ass like it's his girlfriend's wet pussy!

If you're looking for energetic, non-stop fucking from eager and experienced gay "porn stars," then this ISN'T the scene for you! Unlike most other sites that CLAIM to feature straight guys, Stephon isn't gay or bisexual and simply pretending to be new to guy-on-guy sex.

This scene captures on camera all of the spontaneous, unpredictable, and sometimes even awkward and stressful moments of a straight black male's first sexual encounter with another guy, and not everything goes according to plan!

For example, there's a funny moment when Stephon's dick goes suddenly limp after Dragon's dick accidentally touches his leg, reminding him that he's actually fucking a GUY and not one of the hot chicks in the straight porn on his phone!

The scene concludes with some funny outtakes and bonus footage that shows some of the difficulties faced when filming a scene such as this, and reveals more of Stephon's unique sense of humor and personality than we've seen up until now.

Categories: Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Straight Boy
Details: May 31, 2013 68 min
Photo of Dragon
Photo of Stephon

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