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man12345 I am willing to bet he fucked a guy before. Nov 3, 2023
moonluna12 NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!! May 2, 2023
peneroj kavii is too fine to be sexing these randoms. put him with bandit. itll be the hottest scene Apr 24, 2023
arnez69 Wanna see more of kilo. He’s amazing. Apr 22, 2023
Finnick People whining under every video... y'all are so annoying Apr 20, 2023
mocombo I’ve already commented - very favourably - on this wonderful scene. Just reading some other comments and it seems there are people who expect every scene you do to meet their sometimes very specific tastes in terms of model pairing, acts, appearance…everything. That’s never going to happen - just move on and watch another scene perhaps? Apr 13, 2023
west84 Hot! Now how about a scene with Stallion and Kavii? Or Stallion and Spice? Or even better, Kavii and Spice with Stallion? I love to see fem bottoms get manhandled by dominant tops like Stallion! Apr 13, 2023
Dangerboy This was hot!!! Thanks for going the extra mile. Great chemistry!! Apr 8, 2023
Charmed35 I definitely like the chemistry they had I'm glad he enjoyed it def would love to see him in another video excellent yo❤️🫶🏾 Apr 8, 2023
davids Mike, please keep Kavii on the payroll. He has his fem ways, but the guy is handsome. Kavii has a beautiful body. I am in love with his ass. He is still new at being in front of the camera, but I see growth and progress. Apr 5, 2023
fullerbones 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 I can’t take it no more Apr 5, 2023
hcs1220 Liked the bottom. Looks like he gives u good freaked out sex. Top wasn’t it to me Apr 4, 2023
chucke1 Kavil is a turn off and not worthy of BBA! NO MORE KAVII! Apr 4, 2023
buck67 SMH - Kavii is a stunning beautiful specimen of a man- a perfect pairing - we have experienced guy who had sex with men in the past and new HOTT inexperienced masculine man who’s exploring on camera for bba .
I want more of both !!!
Apr 3, 2023
DolaDragases We beg for internals, please 🤧 Apr 3, 2023
Realz90 @Michael when are you bringing back Rocky, Scotty, Shaun, Lil Jake, want to see them Bottom Apr 2, 2023
brookbroad Kilo is great but have to give it a thumbs down because of casting. Apr 2, 2023
dreadhead8 And for my list of actual creampie scenes I said saint and Isaiah but it was Blake Bishop, Isaiah, Stylez Apr 2, 2023
dreadhead8 He was asked how did he find out about bba and answered a question about the process of applying 🤦🏾‍♂️ Then says he’s straight and nonbinary(genderless or am I wrong) that’s impossible maybe he’s pan-sexually or maybe his girlfriend is non-binary too? what happened to the missionary position ? And idk about the two bba mascots lately k9, styles and kavii can we get someone that is more masc and some that appeals to the majority of bba fans like saint with a little bit of muscle mask twinks are good too but sometimes we want to see two masc dudes go at it like the old bba I remember when bba couldn’t go wrong every vid was bliss and reality and seemed so effortless just hopefully we get that again just need a gay masc vers dude with a lil bit of muscle or fat in the right places then we’re set please and actually creampies that’s made in the hole had two missed opportunities with juju and kavii and bandit and justice the whole time that I’ve been a part of bba I probably remember two actual and that was stallion and Elijah💦 and Saint and bandit and saint and Isaiah I believe jacking and inserting when you cum or cumming on it and putting it in both doesn’t do it for me for a creampie Apr 2, 2023
PointCruse Please don’t listen to some of these people about Kavii. He’s amazing and elevates every scene he’s in. People don’t understand that pairing two g4p guys together makes for difficult and awkward scenes. Kilo was amazing, and gave some of the best dick this year. And that’s totally because he was with an experienced partner. Kilo could not have done that with most of the BBA models. I’m subscribed to this site to watch good sex, and scenes like this make me stick around. I’m tired of the femphobia, and I hope BBA continues to support and stand up for Kavii. And btw, I hope you can keep ahold of Kilo. He’s a natural. Apr 2, 2023
cmas17 I mean did his breath stink lol Apr 1, 2023
gerald1003 I couldn't enjoy the new guy. Kilo because i couldn't stand looking at Kavii... he is too much of a lady... not my type at all. Apr 1, 2023
shoeman59 Going forward,and suddenly made a bad turn. Kilo,is good for the new guy,but pairing him with a known boy/ girl,just didn't rock with me. Please go back and do a uturn and get back to good pairing once again. Can you say what's going on with Trapp,Maleek?,Deontrey,and Dominic? Please answer this for me Mar 31, 2023
Dualex I am not a fan of Kavii at all. Feminine boys are a turn off for me... Mar 31, 2023
MrBrown19942 I definitely enjoyed this video! Amazing as always, BBA. Mar 31, 2023
malachi6 Kavii is a very beautiful Young man. I would rank him as one of the Best models that you have featured. I like Kilo. He has a nice Big dick and a nice hairy ass. The chemistry was Good with this one and I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel or another round with Kavii being fucked while on his back. Mar 31, 2023
Natsfan64 Mike this video is similar to JUJU's... Mar 31, 2023
thehoodeclectic Damn! I want to see Kavii get fucked in his briefs😍 Mar 30, 2023
loydstar Brown skin 😍 and Kavii🔥 Mar 30, 2023
24markus Damn. That was fire. Kilo slapping Kavii's beautiful fat ass made the sex even MORE fire, lol. I mean fuuuuk, Kavii got a FAT AZZ AND kilo couldnt get enuf, lol. 5 stars on this one too. BBA been bringing the heat the last 12 months! Mar 30, 2023
texasbugg the very best part of this scene was at the end when kilo said catch me next time i really hope he means it he was backed up for weeks r he has been eating a lot of raw eggs that was a lot of cum. i hope he comes back real soon i can take a back to back with kilo he is very opened minded i live for young thugs like kilo he will talk more in his next scene he got his feet wet now the hard part is over he can't run from the boi booty now only run to it. Mar 30, 2023
chosenone206 More kavii I cant get enough of seeing him bottom Mar 30, 2023
LemanR1980 Kavii is so cute & gives off such a sexy aura it's probably easier for him to turn out a straight dude. Mar 30, 2023
BigBoy44 Best video in a long time Mar 30, 2023
texasbugg damm i hope the haters don't run this sexy young man off everytime we get a real thug some1 going to find something wrong with them all the money bba puts out to get them they r the 1s going off like they r paying them come on haters let this 1 have his time yes we know he is geting paid $20 dollars is not what he got paid so it's not your money when u buy a lottery ticket u lose u don't get no money back so haters lets look at this as a lottery ticket please Mar 30, 2023
spondre Excellent!!!...this is what makes this site unique...he was tearing it up...rock hard Mar 30, 2023
mekhifie Straight and non binary is wild Mar 30, 2023
jerome9 Kilo is a keeper. Great job. Mar 30, 2023
Timpen It's been months since you guys did a one on one masculine flip flop scene. What's going on Mar 30, 2023
texasbugg i hope u all let him fuck k9 and bandit thug fucking a thug wowwowowowow i can see his dick in bandit geting stuck with bandit like 2 pitbulls fucking and geting stuck damm make it happen i can hear bandit telling kilo damm your dick feels good inside my tight thug 48kt gold hole. Mar 30, 2023
texasbugg first off i would like to say (THANK U TO HIS GIRLFRIEND WHOEVER SHE IS) i hope the haters stay under the rock for this scene i want to see more of kilo babyboi please come back and do another scene i give him a 10plus for his first scene he can better bro u r the reason i love thugs bro u still got your thug card fuck what people say r think do u life is just a party and partys r ment to last(WELCOME TO BBA WORLDWIDE/HOTT THUG IN THE CITY KILO)U R HOTT AS FUCK KILO COME BACK KILO) Mar 30, 2023
joshma77 Want to see Kilo suck dick and take a dick! Sexy! Mar 30, 2023
swamp96 Kilo is cute, lets start off with that. I could also tell he was straight bc that hole was tight as a balloon knot. He gives me cultured nigga vibe but I was scared it was gonna be a flop at first. I could tell Kilo wasnt used to having a nigga slob him up bc it showed on his face at the beginning. But once he got into it....that boy got into it. He fucked him real good and he bust like crazy. Kavii is what yall need for these guys that havent dealt with men before, hes feminine enough to the point that straight men wont be put off by masculinity. What was the sexiest part was how Kavii kept demanding him around and Kilo followed every order. Overall, this scene was a 7/10, well done, Montez. Mar 30, 2023
emiliano69 He has some promise. That's one big fat pretty ass dick. Good stroke game, and those ass smacks. Mar 30, 2023
emiliano69 Y'all need to make sure models are fully moisturized b4 pulling off socks. I've seen a few dry ass feet in the newer scenes. The whole body need to be moisturized. Mar 30, 2023
kennyg nice start!! would like to see more of what his body looks like though. Mar 30, 2023
Docteur Kilo is a keeper. I would love to see him paired with a masculine male like: Bandit, JuJu, Denzel, Ross, or some of the more recent newbies like: Maleek, Rush or Deontrey. Sorry this was a no for me. Mar 30, 2023
hcs1220 Meh. Bottom needs another shot with the right nigga tho Mar 30, 2023
sexyinroc2011 Very hot scene. Amazing uncut dick. Wow. You need him in more scenes. Hope he returns. That cum shot was nice and thick. Just lovely. Mar 30, 2023
bigdaddy1051 Ok. Kilo has great potential here. Nice body, great dick and great cum shot. Need to work on his kiss though. He looked like he had never kissed anyone before let alone a man. Mar 30, 2023
smfh09 Lol if majority of people didn’t like Kavii before why is he back.. anyways I’ll pass. Mar 30, 2023
mocombo Well, well Kilo is rather special isn’t he. Love his ‘calmly dominant’ personality and confidence, not to mention his physical attributes and clearly he is sexually experienced. Great video and I hope to see him again, often. Mar 30, 2023
nokiyo36 These men these men thanks bba this was hot Mar 30, 2023
Akashic1 This was 🔥🔥🔥🔥its the skinny boys that be packing dick dick Mar 29, 2023
shikahijones230 Lmboooo now where they find this man from 😂😂😂😂 y’all just be doin anything on this site now . As long as they got a big dick it don’t matter what they look like Mar 29, 2023
TennesseeBator Now, this is how you do an introduction scene, Kilo fits the BBA brand more so than any of the newer models have in quite some time. Kilo clearly knows how to perform and came ready to WORK and tear some ass up, I think this scene may be my favorite scene with Kavii in it. I cannot wait to see Kilo suck some dick and eat some ass and I think he should be paired up with Rush if Rush ever comes back! Mar 29, 2023

Kilo is a confident and adventurous 21-year-old straight boy from the West Coast who enjoys reading, hiking, and hunting in his free time.

With his medium-length dreads, tight, toned body, seductively deep, sexy voice, and large, hypnotic eyes that can be a little intimidating until he breaks into a beautiful smile, Kilo is the type of guy you might see walking down the street with his girlfriend, or going to the movies with friends, and wonder whether he'd ever get freaky with a guy if the money was right. Here at BBA, we're all about making these kinds of horny daydreams come true!

Like most of the straight guys we recruit, Kilo initially told us that he was only open to doing solo scenes and/or scenes with women. It took us a few weeks of patient pursuit, including a couple scary moments when we feared we'd lost him for good, but eventually Kilo informed us that he had a girlfriend and kid to support, told us exactly how much money he needed to make in the fastest way possible, and reluctantly agreed to try our better-compensated "gay for pay" option if that was the only way to earn it. Believe it or not, his girlfriend even gave her approval!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as rising young star and cute gay "boy next door" Kavii gets to be the lucky one to guide this nervous newbie through his tentative first "baby steps" into the uncertain new world of "gay for pay" porn.

Kavii eagerly wraps his thick, pretty lips around Kilo's surprisingly big uncut dick, treating the understandably nervous but clearly horny straight boy to a sloppy-wet blowjob he won't soon forget. Kavii will also no doubt be the envy of many when Kilo flips over and lets him greedily feast on that fresh, virgin straight-boy ass - another exciting "first" for the adventurous Kilo!

Kavii eventually gives up his own juicy bubble-ass to the nervous beginner, showing him firsthand just how good tight young boy-ass can feel.

One of my favorite things about this scene is watching Kilo's authentic, unscripted reactions to his very first time with a guy, slowly coming out of his shell and transforming from a stiff and stoic deer caught in the headlights, into an increasingly confident and sexy performer surrendering to the taboo thrill of the moment....

Let's just hope his freaky girlfriend enjoys the hot show as much as we did!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 30, 2023 54 min
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Photo of Kilo

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