The Competition (Five Years Later) - Part Two

battalioncsx The ones with the guys who were/are old friends are the most entertaining to me Aug 16, 2019
CLOSETFREAQU3 I hope this'll be Scotty & Shaun someday. Aug 9, 2018
Court77 I believe this to be one of your best productions on BBA. D-Rel is a fantastic model with a beautiful body. I think D-Rel's earlier antics turned off a lot of people and they (including me) never came back to see him and Suspense. Dec 8, 2017
terbernt I honestly can't think of a better model on this site but D-REL. I've signed up multiple times just for his stuff. I'd watch him fuck a girl, be fucked, fuck, just about anything. Nov 9, 2015

It's been over five years since we witnessed the hilarious, awkward, and erotically entertaining "competition" between "straight" college buddies D-Rel and Suspense that over time has become a BBA classic.

Ever since the release of that scene, viewers have scolded me for not pushing them to go further, and wondered what might have happened if I had.

I’m usually very patient and persistent when it comes to these things. But I can honestly say that after at least a dozen or more unsuccessful attempts at reuniting D-Rel with Suspense – either one of the guys would be willing but the other guy would be unavailable or unwilling, or D-Rel would reluctantly agree to do it and then back out at the very last minute – I’d pretty much given up hope of this much-requested “reunion” ever happening. Sadly, this just seemed like one of those scenes that wasn’t meant to be....

Aside from briefly seeing each other at the train station a few months ago, D-Rel and Suspense haven't stayed in touch or seen each other in over four years.

But when Suspense recently returned for his shockingly impressive encounter with Migo, and right around that same time D-Rel contacted me out of the blue asking for work, the timing finally seemed right and I figured what better way to celebrate BBA's 5th Anniversary than by reuniting these two long-lost friends for a much-anticipated "sequel"?

See for yourself what happens when these former college buddies are finally reunited for their first scene together in over five years. And this time they're ready to take their friendship to a whole new level....

For this long-anticipated reunion, D-Rel and Suspense are challenged to another "competition" that once again tests the boundaries of their friendship. Only this time, instead of me deciding the winner, it's up to BBA's viewers to determine the winner in two different categories: "Best Top" and "Best Bottom"!

After all of the exciting new things we saw them do with each other for the very first time in Part One, it's finally time to see these former college buddies take their friendship to the ULTIMATE level by fucking AND getting fucked by each other!

In their first scene together over five years ago, the "competition" took center stage as both boys eagerly and sometimes comically vied to outperform the other and take home the bonus cash prize.

This time, however, the "competition" is all but forgotten as D-Rel and Suspense get caught up in the excitement and intensity of exploring each others' bodies in ways they might have secretly wondered about five years ago, but never in a million years thought would ever actually happen!

Don't miss the hilarious but also surprisingly intimate wrap-up interview that includes some interesting and illuminating revelations from both guys.

After watching both parts of this action-packed 5th Anniversary reunion, be sure to cast your vote in the poll to help decide who will win the bonus cash reward in both categories!

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Details: Nov 15, 2014 64 min
Photo of D-Rel
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