Drilling Diez

Photo of Drilling Diez
darkmanjah28 Mic drop. That's all i got to say. Apr 29, 2024
demanding This is hot AF they need to do another one together- all of that nutt was Fiyaah Feb 5, 2024
BLKLuvMatters88 It’s not too often that you see this type of chemistry in porn. You have two very attractive studs here just sexually pleasuring each other!❤️ This scene is so intimate & natural you can’t help but to nut to it multiple times! I especially loved seeing Diez dripping in precum sucking off Denzel!💧 That’s a man that enjoys sexual gratification!😍 This was my first scene that I downloaded & I’m looking for MORE content to explore with my dick in hand! ✋🏾 🍆💦 Dec 16, 2023
ondlolo Two of the sexiest black men on the site or any other site! Diez has that sex appeal without even trying. Please more of both of these guys! Nov 24, 2023
Terrail amazing scene, natural & passionate, between 2 gorgeous Black Men. Now to pair Diez & Zeke in similar natural total action! Oct 22, 2023
glsfz6 I feel like they made love goddamn Oct 14, 2023
Arutisuse Men actually turned on by men not just for pay > Oct 8, 2023
griz85 Sold!!! I am here for all of this!!! I saw that precum drip off of his dick while sucking him off…. I am 4 rounds in. Oct 7, 2023
markus28 That. was. Hott. I bet they boiz now, especially the way they was kissn. Yeah, they boiz now. Oct 5, 2023
Dualex This is the best scene of 2023. Time to get Denzel and Diez to #1 and 2 spot. Bring part 2 please. Sep 29, 2023
turner95 Denzel is the new star of this website.. Bandit , Blake, Apollo y’all better watch out lol Sep 20, 2023
Dualex My go to movie if I feel h***y. Sep 11, 2023
supreme Absolutely exceptional!! A BBA Classic Scene!!!!! A star is born ...a five nut production ! Sep 10, 2023
bkwilliam Beno please! Can somebody please find and bring back Beno. Absolutely the best dick rider on the roster; can’t nobody touch him!!!! Beno please! Sep 9, 2023
lebkat The best scene ever, Diego is so 🔥 Sep 9, 2023
Beau Perfect very hot. I’ll take more of these 2 together. Sep 9, 2023
chucky88 The Best Scene I’ve Seen In Ages!!! Bravo! Encore! More Please! Sep 6, 2023
illtown22 I think Diez could benefit from the Apollo experience. Sep 6, 2023
jaypablo Omg, I let 4 out just watching this alone, I didn’t think I had that still in me at this age in my mid 40’s, i felt like i was 20 again lol, that was one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while, that’s classic BBA right there, I remember signing up for BBA years ago when it was only a few videos, this one was one of those from the description about it mentioning that virgin ass, to the kissing to the fingering then penetrating and nutting in the end, diez was such a good sport, went with everything and did it well for the first time, it’s great when you have 2 get together and have this great chemistry from the start, it just goes so smooth, loved the kissing, ass eating, fingering especially when he used 2, that was hot and to see diez’s reaction throughout the whole thing, it was so real and passionate, Denzel is such a great lover and hot too, it was so great seeing them together and see them enjoy each other, a flip flop would or really did me in, but this still was great, one of the best, hope to see them again soon. Sep 5, 2023
bkwilliam Three words BBA…A Maze Ing!!! Fucking bravo all around.
Now let’s get ready for the annual Halloween gang bang; I love to see Denzel and Diez as the innocent visitor couple on a Halloween retreat and both get fucked by the hotel staff. They can coach/support the other while taking dick….”baby you doing good…you like that dick baby…..how that dick feel baby…take that dick baby”……shut should be saying this while both being taken to pound town.
Oh and please, please can somebody just say “fuck me, fuck me!” Thank you!!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Sep 5, 2023
Ronnie04 Can we please get Denzel and Apollo or Justice!! Sep 5, 2023
Dualex Hard to find a scene that comes close, talking about the level of TLC... Only one I can think of is Apollo and Maleek. Don't get me wrong Apollo and Dominic was fantastic but there was a lot of hesitation and the *ick were not as hard as Dzl and Dz. The latter boys were just electrifying together. Sep 5, 2023
Dualex Baby DZ took Dzl like a champ. There was no running away from that good *ick.. Dzl served that *ick so so good, with tenderness, love, care and patience. Sticking both their tongues out with intense pleasure. Sep 5, 2023
Dualex Very sexy ebony couple with a high sexual energy... Back to emptying myself again lol Sep 5, 2023
Dualex I tell u what, if I were Dz and were to find a fine piece of man like Dzl to treat and guide me into things like that, I'd be mad in love and request that man to put a ring on it now!!! They made love. Sep 4, 2023
Dualex I want the tea. How did you make this explosive scene happen? Did they know each other? Did they check on each other and wanted to make it happen? How easy was it to film? Are we gonna get a BTS? These 2 really behaved like a couple in love and in lust. The after sex scene when Dl is all over Dz body licking every single inch incl his own semen, and Dz responding to his caresses was very tender and sexy. Their first kiss is extremely sexy. Dz powerful cum shot is so exciting u have to shoot with him. I cannot remember such a scene full of passion and chemistry. DL was ready to eat Dz again, you should have let that happen. The way they kissed, pressing the tip of their nose against each other. The Apollo and Dominic scene was hot but Dominic was not as comfortable as Dz. Well done well done well done... Sep 4, 2023
augleolion HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Sep 3, 2023
ef8432 Denzel is really showing out. He will eventually be top 5. Sep 3, 2023
rafex20 Rico Pruitt and stallion. Please !!! That would be 🔥. We need someone that could take every inch of stallion's dick and love it. No running or look of agony Sep 3, 2023
Dualex I might sound like a perv. I watched this scene over and over again. I nutted over and over. That last position shows DL skills as a top. Seems like he was hitting that G spot over and over till Dz exploded that fat protein. That climax was amazing. And they kept on going like couples in love do. Trying to process this. Unbelievably HOT. Bring them back as a pair please. I'd gladly buy the BTS though I don't believe it was scripted. Sep 3, 2023
CoolDaddy I never comment on this platform, but I do believe this is the first UNANIMOUS DECISION where everyone agreed, GREAT FUCKING JOB, BBA. This was an Excellent Scene. Sep 3, 2023
bbound Put Stallion on the other end and add a pair of handcuffs for an insuperable experience! Sep 3, 2023
dcstudnw OMG....Diez and Denzel are sexy as hell! Their chemistry is spot on. Fabulous together! Sep 2, 2023
texasbugg Damm I now have to fast forward the scene past when Diez tells Denzel u feel so good inside of me in that sexy voice. I bust every time. I can tell he was not told to say that and when he said u about to make me bust. so I know it was feeling real good to him. damm I love thugs like they don’t care what others say or think about what they do. he got a beautiful sexy thug ass I love the way that thug hole get so wet/creamy Sep 2, 2023
Bertless65 This scene was most definitely a tour de force!!! It should have been called Military Boys Fuck LOL. It's just something about the evolution of Mr. Sexy-Denzel (now in his 7th movie) that I don't get tired of. Denzel continuously comes off as so shy but horny and curious. Perfect match for him to break in Diez who I knew was getting their cheeks clapped soon. He fucked Diez with just enough passive-aggression and Diez was in taking dick heaven all while his now young-boy-bottom-dick stayed brick AF for the older man, Denzel, to fuck him deep. I loved the height difference as well and when Diez said something about whether he was doing good. That young boy Diez gonna be taking a lot of dick in the near future. My only feedback is I wish this was a flip-flop scene. And, these dudes need to go to the barber and get some lineups. Sep 2, 2023
Verdade just a quick thought. Diez has the most beautiful hard- on . So much like Rico Pruitt's hard-on. Rico has the most beautiful hard on in the biz when he is up. Thanks , guys . Can I comment later? Just want to show love to Diez and Rico for beautiful hard ons.. Denzel is the new Saint. His lovemaking is what we are all about. Just asking all the fans...Diez and Rico's hard ons. Man, I be going crazy over beautiful hard dicks like Diez and Rico . So much love to Denzel and his beautiful sex. Shout out to Rico and Diez for the hard-ons in their scenes. Do other fans find Rico Pruitt's hard on pretty? Man, it just captures me so very much. Hard ons just make a man more sexy, top or bottom or verse. Thanks BBA fans. Sep 1, 2023
loydstar Just needed a little foot action to be all the way 💯!!!! Great scene frfr!!! Sep 1, 2023
Roseburg2000 This was one of the hottest scenes of the year!!! Sep 1, 2023
tradell06 This was everything!! Like others wasn't expecting Diez to bottom so quickly, and wow! The chemistry.. they are both honestly just fine as fuck.. Thanks for bringing that to our screen BBA!! Sep 1, 2023
200water Ok I might have just renew my subscription if this is the quality we have to look forward to! Excellent job! Sep 1, 2023
texasbugg Now I salute both of these young men for going out to keep our freedom safe, then coming back and giving us a great sexy scene to bust some damm good nutts to. they r still all man with a lil thug in them in good way. now it’s time for juju to give up that 48 kt gold. let Diez go in he has a school boy size nice dick come on juju give it up please Sep 1, 2023
Charmed35 Yo this shit was perfect. Their chemistry was epic. two ex military niggas I fuck wit it. you can tell they were both into it because their dicks stayed hard the whole time and Das what I like too see. when I know they're into each other definitely hot video for Denzel and Diez. maybe next time Diez can Fuck Denzel sort of flip fuck video next time Sep 1, 2023
malkezie0 Get Zeke, Diez, Stallion and Blake all together now. Sep 1, 2023
lucian6666 Sexy update. These guys look great together and had genuine chemistry. Diez was clearly into bottoming which made the scene even hotter. Sep 1, 2023
NellyOak92 whew now this was hot Sep 1, 2023
dlfreakyone Matter of Fact, can we get these two again and throw Zeke into the mix!!!! That’s a muthaf*%n 3 way!!!! Sep 1, 2023
dlfreakyone This is one of my absolute favorites yet Sep 1, 2023
illtown22 This scene breathed life back into the site. Excellent from beginning to end! Sep 1, 2023
Devo1010 There was no way i could not leave a comment after watching this scene. 5 stars all around Both Denzel and Diez were on fire. Hot chemistry and natural performances. Brilliant and hot as fuck!!! Sep 1, 2023
texasbugg Now let me school some of u all who might have in their minds that Diez might have took dick before that’s really not a proven fact the why ( Diez,Denzel,Zeke) can take dick so good all three of these thugs work out and have strong muscles around their thug assholes and being in the army/ navy they get up at 4am in boot camp so Diez learned in boot camp to close his eyes and think of something nice to take the pain away boot camp is nothing weak. also football practice with Zeke Sep 1, 2023
dlking93 I loved the kiss where he hesitated before locking lips with Denzel and Denzel took control of it. The kiss was sexy, body language, I feel like they enjoyed each other. I love how Diez is hard most of the time, I love the kiss at the end...I wonder do they get busy a bit more in the shower alot lol Sep 1, 2023
cedaniel Diez and Denzel I can watch all day. Sep 1, 2023
conunjrum Wow!!! That was completely unanticipated!!! What an outstanding curveball I didn’t see coming!!! Bravo!!! Sep 1, 2023
maxkev59 Nice update! 8 out of 10 and only because of the missed opportunity for asking Diez those probing questions MG used to ask: “Explain to the viewers what you’ve agreed to do today.” And “How do you feel about bottoming for the first time?”. And what happened to models meeting scene partners for the first time?

More interesting than watching them pretend to workout!

Okay…. 9 out of 10 because of the nutt shot to the face…..yessssirrr!!!!
Sep 1, 2023
chauncey Hello BBA -- Where does one begin with this vid -- it had all the sexual energy and romance of a classic BBA vid --Persona/Sexual Liberation -- Two Wolves hooking up -- Everyone wants an answer to that burning question -- If 2 Wolves are in a relationship then who is on the top and who is on the bottom? -- This vid has all the making for such a moment and it is super hot and lots of fun to watch - 10/10 Nutts on the Nuttmometer -- Loved this vid will be revisiting it for years to come. Why? -- What I really like about this vid is the liberating aspect of seeing how much Diez reaps from being "out" and ready to own his need for the physical contact of a man and the affection that comes with it. Diez is currently at the top of my list of BBA performers. In this vid Denzel really embraced the role of the Top and it worked because it allowed Diez to experience what it is like to not be in control and just to go wherever his emotions were prepared to take him. I especially enjoyed the moments when they were kissing and how Diez really got into it -- at one point you could connect the dots between his experience with Ross and how he was kind of imitating some of the moves Ross brought to the table but all and all he was being his true self and finally walking in his truth. Denzel is an excellent role model for Diez -- Denzel is a masculine gay man who is very comfortable in his skin -- Sure this is gay for pay on the surface but that is just one of the rewards one is seeking when they arrive at BBA's front door.- BBA is now offering a safe place where Butch Queens especially can be their true self which is the lasting reward. For Diez it is an extra bonus to finally meet intelligent, sexy men who you know understand who you really are -- and how you want to express yourself sexually -- That final kiss at the end was so right because that kiss represented the kind of after play Diez was hoping would happen in his scene with Ross. Denzel knows he knocked it out of the box -- he turned it out -- he sexed Diez up and took him into the Twilight Zone/ and Diez was ready to go there /lol/ But it was the power of that very thoughtfully laid kiss at the end that made the vid real and deeply sincere to me -- and you could see on Diez's face that he was impressed by that move because it was perceived as a romantic gesture for Denzel to spontaneously kiss him. That kiss alone was the period at the end of the sentence. It was the perfect conclusion with an homage to the way Apollo ended many of his scenes -- just cuddling which was way too hot to see/ lol -- Now BBA I'm just saying -- I think we are entering virgin territory here -- I'm beginning to sense our first BBA marriage is just waiting around the bend -- It is no longer a matter of if -- it is just a matter of who and when !!! -- I wonder who will be the lucky couple? -- For my taste, this vid has the strongest chemistry between two models since Apollo first met Dominic at one of the holiday bashes -- Now that was love at first sight -- by the end of the vid Apollo was ready to put a ring on it and Dominic was ready to say "I do" / lol. BTW - BBA when that marriage does happen you definitely must tape the event and share it with all in the BBA Universe -- In closing three cheers for the production team and please keep gagging us with these surprises -- I do not think anyone checking out this vid for the first time will not be pleasantly gagged by the pure sexiness of it. This vid is a fav -- it is one for the record books -- Now everyone out there in BBA Land please stay safe and vigilant I will do the same -- This is your boy Chauncey -- It's BBA 4Ever !!!! Sep 1, 2023
Dualex Dz tries to play things down, pretending he does not kiss, but there is no mess about with Dl. The minute he tasted Dl's lips there was no coming back from this, all hell broke. It went up hill from there. I'm not disappointed it did not turn out a full verse scene cause I know Dz is gonna come back with a rage. Dl better be ready and give us a PERFORMANCE worthy of what he gave us as a top, or Dz as a bottom. Michael and team, I have to give u credit. Been a flipping B**** recently but u stole my soul with this and I humbly apologise for the multiple outbursts. You just kept in let (me) down. Anyway. Only minus is the end part, they could have chatted a lil more even though Dz was just talking nonsense lol. Just joking. Sep 1, 2023
Natsfan64 Diez can take some 🍆...🥵🔥😈 Sep 1, 2023
mocombo Porn doesn’t get better than this. Two Bulls fucking! Congratulations to everyone involved. Sep 1, 2023
smhard03 This is PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 1, 2023
d12334555567 Did y’all see Diez drip precum while sucking dick 😫 Sep 1, 2023
pachulo85 1 word. OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!!!!!! Aug 31, 2023
gerald1003 WoW.... 100% agreement from Everyone.. That is a probably a first.. I can't wait to watch it tomorrow night after I've finished moving into my new apartment. Aug 31, 2023
demereodemereo HOW ABOUT A HOT THREESOME BETWEEN DIEZ, ZEKE & JUJU!!! Aug 31, 2023
FreakTeach This was amazing af! Automatic fave! Aug 31, 2023
champ53 So Damn Hot! Denzel and Diez, hopefully, another scene between these two, maybe bring in a third person. Aug 31, 2023
misterblack This video is everything I was looking for: the often mentioned chemistry; passion; plus great foreplay and sex. The angles, lighting, and direction were also top notch. It's always wonderful when we see almost every inch of the models' bodies. My favorite sequence was Denzel going from one finger, two fingers, then replacing the digits he'd rotated in Diez's beautiful ass with his penis. Diez's reaction was priceless. I could tell from Discovering Diez he wanted to kiss a mans lips and wrap them around a man's dick. He got what he wanted and though he admitted to already being sore, he appeared to be in more ecstasy than pain. The body doesn't lie and his dick was rock hard most of the time; was also seriously turned on again by his free flowing pre-cum. Am I the only one who was also aroused by Denzel's sweating pits? I adore Diez. He has an incredible body and mucho sex appeal. I'm not a big tat fan, but Psalm 144:1 shows he's a man of substance. I'd love to do a lot of things with Diez, but would start with sipping a good bourbon and having a nice conversation. Ten out of ten for this one. No complaints. With Diez, Denzel and the rest of the young bulls on board, the site has a bright future to go with its dynamic past. Aug 31, 2023
swamp96 Scenes are so sexier when the bottom is into it and hard the entire time. Even sexier when they bust while being fucked. Great scene! Aug 31, 2023
Raiden54 I wish I could make love with Denzel sexy ass and this scene was FIRE!!!! Aug 31, 2023
MrBrown19942 This scene is incredible! Their chemistry is evident, for sure. Thank you as always, BBA. Aug 31, 2023
texasbugg I hope diez next scene is with zeke that thug will really make him out of freak ohmeohmy just thinking of that sexy scene makes rock hard Aug 31, 2023
kingb8r Fuck 🤤 just busted about 5x to this. This is definitely King B8R (@kingofb8_) approved 👌🏾 Aug 31, 2023
blacky1 Yessssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Aug 31, 2023
loydstar Hell Yea!!!! 🔥 ass scene!!! Aug 31, 2023
chgohydeparker No words. Well, maybe a few....this is the hottest fuck scene from beginning to end. It will now be my go-to for a (not so quick) nut. Denzel and Diez are the new BBA couple to chase. Lordy, Lordy. I'm sorry. I must go. I need to cum again. Aug 31, 2023
hcs1220 Let’s keep pairing them. Add Rico and some shots of tequila. We’re onto something here Aug 31, 2023
Nortis12345 I’m curious! Can y’all bring back the interface where you see a few of the stillshots? (Like it is on Twitter) it’s helpful in determining which ones I wanna stash before I watch, and I’m not on Twitter often. Thanks for any consideration Mike and Montez! 🙏🏿 Aug 31, 2023
rog9989 Diez is a star! charming, and Denzel is a gentleman Aug 31, 2023
Dualex You kept that scene quiet. DnD set a benchmark... The other models will have to work extremely hard... These two understood the assignment and.. My Lord, we got a 10 star show. Bring them back for a Diez on top and then a full verse. I need them back... The chemistry was so explosive and tangeable I thought they were about to devour each other. It's almost like one knew exactly how to turn the other on, the minute they went there was no stopping them. This has to be the best porn I've seen in a while, and I watch porn everyday. Aug 31, 2023
texasbugg Diez babyboi I can go to sleep sucking on your sexy red lips I love how u open your mouth while kissing I love u like to tongue kissing aka French kissing keep the tongue kissing in your scene Aug 31, 2023
texasbugg I love this scene so much I’ve been into thug on thug sexy for years I have fucked so many thugs what I love about thugs is they can get fucked getup then it’s right back to thuggish I live to watch scenes like this Diez baby Boi u walk with your head up u still got your thug card please don’t let the haters run u off with their negative comments bro I give u a10 plus I love the way that thug gold hole was fighting onlyfans that thug raw dick good job a back to back nut buster scene Aug 31, 2023
smokey1984 NOW KEEP BRINGING ME SHYYYT LIKE THIS and I’ll stay signed up! F’n percent. Two fine ass chocolate mandingos! Mike if you were near me, I’d high five you short ass 😅.

This is what I’m talking about. Miss me with that weak bullshit from the other week. This is why BBA the shyyyyt! I can’t wait to get home and drop these boxer briefs at the door and whack off! 😂 This is EXACTLY the QUALITY WE WANT! Great JOB BBA! Gotta go, I’m getting out my car as I type and unbuckling this belt! 😜😂😅
Aug 31, 2023
A123 That was truly an enjoyable scene. I enjoyed the chemistry and the passion between them both. It’s hard to believe that that was Diez’s first time because he took that like a champ. Aug 31, 2023
Meatlover I had said that there was something special about Diez and damnit if i wasn’t right or what?! I had a feeling Diez was genuinely interested in guys to some degree but i didn’t think it was blossom so quickly but boy am I glad that it did! He was paired with the right man for the job, good ole Denzel & his fine ass. Denzel has become my favorite guy on here. His energy is so magnetic & now that he’s fully evolved sexually, it’s such a joy to watch him with another guy & this was another example of that. Diez is gonna be a powerhouse on BBA you watch. When he starts doing flip flop scenes, it’s gonna be something dangerous and I’ll be here for it! I hope Diez & Denzel have another scene where Diez can fuck Denzel next. And if it’s a verse scene, it’ll be fireworks all over the place. It looks like we have competition for the Best Film of 2023 and this could be the one. And they both star Denzel. I’m so giddy with joy from this film i could bounce from wall to wall! Lol. Y’all got massive success with this one BBA!!! Aug 31, 2023
Candid1 These new boys are bringing the heat!!! Aug 31, 2023
macd1967 Fuck Diez really know how to take a dick. That was hot as f*#k. Aug 31, 2023
Dualex Lastly... I nutted HARD when Diez did.... Aug 31, 2023
Dualex I am actually SHACKING... I cannot believe what I just witnessed. Should not be 'THE END', it should read 'TO BE CONTINUED'. There MUST be a part 2. These 2 WOW! You might as well shut the entire production cause I'm unsure whose gonna top that. This was your best scene EVER! Uncle Denzel finally found his match in nephew Diez. These 2 hit each other's spot and UNLEASHED their inner freakiest BEAST! I'm sure there was no direction, you just let them. You lot must have been hard rock!!! And I'm also sure you told Diez to hold off whilst with Ross cause his body language did not lie... But I'm happy he waited for Denzel... I need a part 2 PLEEEAASE. Denzel needs that youngin stamina. Well done BBA. YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👌🏾👌🏾💪🏾💪🏾👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Aug 31, 2023
ICeeIt21 Yessss! BBA has got it right THIS time. This was next-level break in shit. All of the obvious ingredients of a proper dose of black gay sex were delivered with this one. As much as I enjoyed and was aroused by this pairing, I came away wondering still, will we ever see Denzel's ass hole? As an additional side note, we need to see Stallion top Denzel as sort of a "part two" to their threesome with Bandit. Perhaps then we can relish in the visual of Denzel's hole? At this point, we know Denzel can top...and very well. Bottoming for Stallion would go far to cement him as a power bottom with the uncanny skill to also top just as well. Overall, THIS pairing does well to establish Denzel as a very capable top and Diez as versatile. Quite frankly, either one would be great as a bottom for Stallion. Ooh, how about a threesome with these two ultimately bottoming for Stallion? THAT would be hot. Aug 31, 2023
TennesseeBator A BBA CLASSIC ALREADY, no notes to give, Diez proves he is THE one to watch and Denzel continues to prove why he was named after the GOAT! 11/10 scene. Aug 31, 2023
mcchaz Loved this scene. Two of my favourite guys. Aug 31, 2023
gimmedat13 10, 10, 10 !!!!!
No notes - This is why I pay my monthly subscription!!! Amazing work easily best scene of the year & in my opinion definitely top 5 scenes on the entire site!
Aug 31, 2023
Dualex PROTECT DENZEL AT ALL COSTS... Very difficult scene to watch I have to say... It's just HOT... Perfect pairing. Diez needed the right partner which turns out to be Denzel... That kiss... Everyone knows I'm an Apollo and Dominic die hard fan, but who needs them when we have Juju, Maleek, Kilo, Denzel, Diez, Legend and Stallion? Speaking of Kilo, I will not write him off cause I know he's got high potential... Wow... Back to watching lol Aug 31, 2023
mrwhitley1 This definitely took Me by surprise.

Y’all have models that cannot perform at Diez capacity.
I imagine this to have been a very easy scene.

Although I definitely saw this being the opposite Diez Topping someone…but if Diez liked it, I Love it.

Denzel executed his mission.

I liked the kiss exchange, the oral exchange & the fuck.

I don’t agree with moving so quickly into a new model bottoming…but He enjoyed the “Experience”!
I love that he compartmentalizes this work as his own sexual experiences. That’s HOT 🔥.

Ok, now back to Diez using that pipe on your scary models.
Stephon, Kingston, Bandit, Apollo, Shazeer.
Aug 31, 2023
nublakman I honestly almost feel bad for any newcomer who might come to BBA after Diez. That boy has raised the BAR!!! What's the old saying? "Like a duck to water..." Fine as hell, great body and amazing ass, no shame in his game sucking or taking dick, and this is only his SECOND clip? 1) It's gonna be hard for any other scene to top this one as best of the year 2) It might be a bit premature but I'm calling it now: we're looking at a future BBA legend. 3) Book him to do as many scenes as you can. Aug 31, 2023
Dualex WELL WELL WELL... 1. It seems like the BBA I knew is slowly getting back... 2. I don't believe any of us is surprised to see our sexy Diez bottom already... Wow... And what a pairing may I say?? Bring it on. Aug 31, 2023
SCGuy08 Great chemistry! great pairing! Great scene 🤤🤤🤤 Aug 31, 2023
lpc02c Wow. Masterpiece. A NEW STAR IS BORN in Diez. Major props to Denzel for providing the newbie a memorable first time experience. Five thumbs up Aug 31, 2023
Chente720 JUST GREAT ! Is all I can say !! 😮‍💨 Aug 31, 2023
allshapes Is destined to go down in BBA history as a landmark scene. Kudos to the directors, cameramen and models. To think Diez was a virgin in 2 areas and rose to the challenge. Denzel was the perfect choice to massage him into it using all his skills. Bravo! Aug 31, 2023
Yonerk86 Omg the best scene 👌❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥 Aug 31, 2023
j86love This is one of the hottest and most sensual scenes of the year Aug 31, 2023
Natsfan64 Diez is going to blow up in the porn industry... Aug 31, 2023
gerald1003 That Diez is so fucking sexy with that rock hard 19 yr old dick... I can't wait to watch this video this weekend. I am currently in the process of packing-up my apartment and moving.. Normally, Mike, I would be emailing you to ask about my missing favorites, Shaun, Scotty and Rush, but with all of these sexy guys that you and your staff have been putting out this year, you all have completely shut me up. I'm very satisfied with the outstanding work you all have been doing. Keep on doing your thing. Great Job Aug 31, 2023
Rayhwk5 I LOVED everything about this scene except that Denzel did not let Diez talk a lot during the after sex interview. I would have wanted to hear more about how Diez felt about the experience. Like if he enjoyed it, what he was thinking?, and/or would he do it again. Aug 31, 2023
apollo10 Great pairing. One of your best! Aug 31, 2023
kennyg Don't remember seeing a newbie transition so quickly before!!!! And he blew the doors off for sure....I don't know where you are finding these new guys, but please keep them coming. I SURE AM. Would like to see Blake get in on some of this new talent, I think he deserves it. I'm just saying... Also, is there any update on the return of Apollo? I feel like he earned a crack at Ross and his new skills, since he's the one that got his cherry. Keep'em cumming. Aug 31, 2023
chorton2020 OMG this was soooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥hot when I tell u Michael u have simply out done yourself....topping this video will be hard...thank you this my all time favorite.... Aug 31, 2023
darkmanjah28 Opps! I meant to write below: "...Denzel did with Z, not K." (The pool video, to get it extra right.) Aug 31, 2023
Docteur The only thing missing was Diez fucking Denzel, This was a superb pairing. Excellent!!!! I would love to see Diez with Bandit and Zeke in a threesome where all three go all out. Additionally a Maleek and Rush pairing would be hot like fiyahhh. Hoping you can get Scuba slutted out by Ross, JuJu and Zeke. Scuba needs to be worn out. Still waiting for @michael to give the long awaited report on who is in prison; who has been outted and will never come back - so they say; who is MIA; who has found religion; who is now married and done with "gay for pay" porn; and who is no longer with us on this Earth. P.S. ditch Kilo, beyond boring; and don't bring Stallion back until he is ready to get fucked (by Bandit, lol). Aug 31, 2023
darkmanjah28 R yawl kiddn me! Diez and Denzel? 2 aesthetically fit, muscular brothers together? Fk yeah!!!! I was JUST commenting on this wish an hour ago on another FIRE vid Denzel did with K! I got to DOWNLOAD this one too, lol! These kind of pairings are HOTTTT: 2 muscular dudes getn buzy. I love shit like that. I'm glad Diez decided to explore a little bit more, too! Anyway, BBA now, BBA forever. Aug 31, 2023
flylikebird1 Can we have a bba tryouts...to add to the team...Denzel is on repeat...some1 else should have been in this scene... Aug 31, 2023
djv1234 WOW Fantastic!! This is exactly what we want to see two Sensational Handsome Sexy ex Military dudes in Hot action together. BBA is delivering the goods, it's all onwards and upwards........now if Stallion could return and do similar that'll be a bonus. Aug 31, 2023
chucke1 I may very well drop dead after this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aug 31, 2023

A sweaty outdoor workout with two of our ex-military models, one Army and the other Navy, quickly evolves into a very DIFFERENT kind of physical training when Denzel takes advantage of Diez's eagerness to indulge his recent fantasies about exploring full-on sex with another muscular, masculine man like himself, mentoring him through an epic and unforgettable session that includes a number of shocking new "firsts" for the curious newbie.

Scenes like this only come along once every few years, when a new guy's nervousness and inexperience are authentic and palpable, yet the curiosity and chemistry results in the kind of explosive debut performance you truly have to see to believe.

Watch in stunned disbelief as Diez fast-tracks his BBA "boot camp" by giving another man COMPLETE access to his flawless young body, including his most prized and protected oral AND anal virginities!

His eyes clenched tightly shut in anxious anticipation, Diez gasps and curses and groans with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Denzel slowly sinks his fingers and later his lucky dick deep inside the dark-skinned 19-year-old's tight, VIRGIN ass....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Military Men, Older/Younger, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 31, 2023 53 min
Photo of Denzel
Photo of Diez

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