Isaiah: The Next Chapter (Part One)

Trix101 Wow this was messed up and why did you cut out what Isaiah was really saying and when he said he couldn’t take or didn’t want no more of that dildo you still push it in any way smmfh you wrong for that and you can see he wasn’t really into sucking your Dick and heads up not everyone is into eating cum May 15, 2021
hungucttop WOW-what a majestic ass he has... Apr 17, 2017
yearup2016 His booty looks so good. I wanna eat it covered in strawberry syrup. Oct 18, 2016
cocopop @lilmellowyellow, fist fucking on BBA, I hope not, but I understand that you thang though. Apr 24, 2016
lilmellowyellow Excellent! Isaiah is a very attractive model with a big hairy ass. I enjoyed him finger fucking his asshole and him taking more fingers deep inside. The camera shots were great, especially the closeups. Michael's directing and dominating Isaiah were sensual. I was waiting on Michael to fist Isaiah. In the future, I would like to watch more models perform like Isaiah -- like Bishop, Enigma, Freaky J, Saint, Migo, Trae, to name a few. Maybe a few models would enjoy taking a fist too. Dec 11, 2015

It's hard to believe just how far Isaiah has come in his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex! When he first showed up for his solo "audition" almost exactly one year ago, this sexy straight basketball player only wanted to do scenes with women, and even insisted on wearing a blindfold before he'd agree to try fucking a guy.

Since that understandably stiff and reluctant beginning, Isaiah has been given plenty of practice and over time grown more confident and comfortable with the idea of fucking other guys. He's also let other guys suck his dick and taste his ass for the very first time. We've even watched his awkward first attempts at putting a dick in his mouth and most recently, licking another guy's ass!

Sadly, Isaiah's open-mindedness has still had its limits. Even though he has one of the most breathtaking asses in BBA history, and is well aware that many of BBA's viewers have been wanting to see him get fucked, taking ANYTHING up his tight virgin ass is a line that Isaiah has stubbornly refused to cross for over a year.

"No money in the world could ever make me do that!" Isaiah swore with defiant assurance when I first brought up the idea of him trying anal penetration, even if only with his own fingers. "That's just something I will NEVER do. I don't care if you was offering a BILLION dollars!"

Well, I never back down from a challenge, especially when the prize I'm pursuing is a stubborn straight black basketball player's tight bubble-ass - and I've continued bringing up the idea with Isaiah every couple months.

Lucky for us, my perseverance finally paid off when Isaiah recently found himself needing to earn a very large sum of money to help pay for his next semester's tuition. Realizing the ONE thing he swore he'd NEVER do was the only thing he could do to earn that much cash at one time, he finally gave in and agreed - for a very steep price - to GIVE UP HIS ASS!

Almost exactly a full year after Isaiah's "gay for pay" adventures began, we finally get to watch this sexy straight athlete try ANAL PENETRATION for the VERY FIRST TIME!

"My fans wanted to see it," Isaiah acknowledges at the start of this scene. "This is something that I want to try to do, to make my fans happy."

Things start off with a sensual striptease in which Isaiah generously shows off his spectacular ass, allowing his horny gay viewers to pay more attention than ever before to that most private and protected part of his body.

"You guys want to see this ass get penetrated?" he seductively asks as he smacks, grabs, and eventually exposes his beautiful ass....

Isaiah takes his time and starts off with his own fingers so he can adjust to the new sensations of having something stuffed in his butt for the very first time. Lying on his back and raising his muscular legs in the air, Isaiah lubes himself up and slowly pushes the tip of his finger past his tight, hairy hole.

Watch in disbelief and amazement as Isaiah plunges one, then later TWO, fingers in and out of his tight virgin ass, his eyes clenched tightly shut in stoic endurance as he slowly FINGER-FUCKS himself for the very first time!

Impatient to explore Isaiah's tempting butt for myself, I push the tip of my own finger past the straight boy's tight, winking hole and watch as it slowly sinks into his forbidden insides.

It's not long before this strikingly handsome ex-high school basketball star is submitting to a vigorous FINGER-FUCKING as I eagerly thrust one, then two, and eventually THREE greedy fingers in and out of that fresh VIRGIN ass....

There's nearly a full hour of HOT ANAL PLAY that even includes Isaiah bravely attempting to take a large dildo. At first he skeptically swears that the whole thing will NEVER go all the way in, but of course I'm determined to prove him wrong!

This scene captures on camera Isaiah's spontaneous and unscripted reactions to attempting anal penetration for the very first time, and it's a crucial first step that you don't want to miss. But rest assured that this is just the BEGINNING of Isaiah's exciting next chapter in "gay for pay" porn!

Stay tuned for the much-requested and shocking conclusion when one of BBA's most popular and stubborn straight models finally BENDS OVER and surrenders his ass to some DICK!

Categories: Big Dick, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Nov 23, 2014 54 min
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