Bandit's Revenge

richieatitagain You let bandit block the view of the ass the entire time. Smh Apr 16, 2024
MichaelGalletta I've watched this scene many times and I know for a fact that's not true. There are many sections where Saint's ass and the anal penetration are in full view.
emiliano69 Sweet revenge.

Jun 10, 2023
PENO_XXX This is the first time that Saint really took the dick Aug 19, 2022
cam6594 Saint has truly been BBA'ed by Bandit! Just next time please show the after fuck azzhole. Aug 20, 2021
ACTION7 Let DOMINIC give SAINT some of that fat ass Oct 5, 2020
Shaftmanic34 CLASSIC SCENE EPIC!!! Apr 29, 2020
pilsener TWO of BBA's best models of all time....LOVE IT! Super hot scene! Dec 31, 2018
ACTION7 BANDIT, ISAIAH, and SAINT in an all the way THREESOME!!! Sep 30, 2018
ACTION7 Saint lovin that shit!!! Mar 8, 2018
mdcarmichael I’ve never been a big Saint fan, but WOW! Bandit is my guy so when he pulled his long dick out of his hole and Saint cleans it off, I about nutted! Jan 27, 2018
Moses1999 DAM I would pay to have BANDIT say to me, "Eat that Ass!" as at 17:05 and following........ Jun 14, 2017
cocopop @cam3121, I think he was disappointed at the end, as he didn't take his eyes off Saint's dick til he nutted. It was hot seeing Ole Saint finally get that ass fucked, and fucked hard, unlike that take mercy from previous models. You're the man Bandit. May 8, 2017
cam3121 I'm disappointed that Bandit didn't suck Saint's dick. That definitely should've happened and it stopped me from really enjoying this film. Not cool at all. πŸ‘Ž May 5, 2017
sosobig saint booty has got phat May 3, 2017
cocopop "Before They Were Stars", on Tumblr, saw Bandit's photos, out of all I loved his mugshot pic. What they show is that ugly cap is only a prop, hopefully he's gotten to the point he doesn't need it anymore. Love him without it with his sexy self. Apr 30, 2017
mlewisjr hott scene Mike...this gave me everything i needed this morning and got me feeling great before work LOL. I LOVE BBA!!!! i've been around off and on since the Eureka days on the futon and im sooo happy for you and what you have accomplished. Bandit and Saint!!!!!...imma need to watch this one again when i get off this evening Apr 26, 2017
rawcreamer Bandit is fine for no REASON! <3 Apr 24, 2017
wallydaddy I think Bandit really hurt Saint!!! lol... this was one hot fuk scene.... Bandit is a natural fuk master while Saint was a victim of ... well.. a tight ass!!! Loved it... wanna see sumbodi deep throat Bandit and hold that dik down some day. GREAT SCENE MAN!!!! Apr 24, 2017
Docteur Have Saint fucked by peeps like Isaiah, Apollo, Stylez, and Blake Bishop like they all did Apollo. Also have another big orgy with: Apollo, Saint, Blake, Stylez, Isaiah, Bandit, Ross and Rico, oh and bring Scotty for them to turn him out. Apr 23, 2017
illtown22 Also Miguel if he stop talking so much and put some dick in his mouth and the lil youngin Leon with the right top Apr 23, 2017
illtown22 Mike I know I've been super critical lately but you have to understand I've been around since you molested Cortez lol. I like when you have boys on here not the pretty or more fem types although Apollo did grow on me bcuz of his masc. I already know Rico part2 is coming so I'll take that week off, but after that here is my wishlist. Yearly subscription scenes: Lil Scrap-Bandit, Shazeer-Ross, Scotty-Blake, Scotty-Shaun flip flop. I think if Blake fuc Scotty its a wrap. Bandit-Scotty Apr 23, 2017
illtown22 And we're back! Mike you came home, I knew if I hung in there you would deliver. This is why I stay a member! Whentf did Saint learn to take dick, did he take classes? Bandit fine as a muthafuca with the fresh cut. Excellent job, this scene was pure flames! The only thing missing was the closeup shot of Saint hole after Bandit pulled out, not sure if he opened him up but i'm picking now. Good job! Apr 23, 2017
kevin343 Damn! Bandit know he got a big DICK !!!!!! Damn!!!! Apr 23, 2017
ACTION7 My Baby SAINT like that shit... Apr 23, 2017
princegwa Lol Bandit got revenge for every body Saint took down for the last three years loved it. Apr 23, 2017
Black37 Give me Bandit over all this Rico hype ANY DAY of the week. Dude is sexy as shit and fucked Saint like he needed to be fucked. By the way, I'm not surprised Saint let Bandit be the one to pipe him down. Apr 23, 2017
Moses1999 LOVE BOTH OF THESE GUYS AND THE chemistry was on point. Love when Saint cleans the dick after stops of being fucked. "Fucking my ass" "Big fucking dick" "You got your revenge"..... hottttttt.... Keep it coming.... Maybe another revenge of Saint on Bandit for this.... Apr 23, 2017
simplet I don't no y couldnt bandit stay hard it did not really move me u could not c dick entering ass hole like u did when bandit was fucking isaiah did not like it don't no something was not all that rite looking forward to seeing apollo and rico Apr 22, 2017
blksung Oh one last thing I wanted to say....Saint is officially my favorite now! LOL. He took that dick like a champ...... Great job Saint!! U have a number one fan now!! Apr 22, 2017
blksung THANKS!!! I was waiting to see if Saint would eventually get tied up. You delivered!! and Bandit is looking sexier each time he comes back. Apr 22, 2017
rawcreamer I was wondering why Bandit looked especially handsome in the video; he took his hat off! That dude is fine as fuck.... fine fine fine fine fine! :) Apr 22, 2017
crazyface11 hmmm...never was much a fan of Saint. But i do LOVE me some Bandit, and happy that he is here to stay! I'm kinda wishing it was Bandit and someone else - like Blake, a girl, or even a sequel with YOU Michael. I've always wondered why we've never seen epic SEQUELS of you and Bandit or you and Isaiah, LOVING his new haircut though! And it's amazing how comfortable he is now =) Apr 22, 2017
czl52b Wow! What an incredible scene! Can't believe Saint took all that! What a champ!!! Apr 22, 2017
chocolix2016 Great scene.....Saint is prob the best dick sukka on the site. Bandit is sexy and gave it to Saint. Great scene.....MORE SAINT!!! Apr 22, 2017
texasbugg BANDIT damm babyboy u come a long way damm u got a hair cut a new earring. looking good took the hat off to fuck i love the new bandit. Apr 22, 2017
terbernt Post-watching: one of the Best videos I've seen in 2017. The movements and visuals of Bandit's body are incredible. Apr 22, 2017
terbernt Anything with Bandit gets my thumbs up. Hell I haven't even started watching and I give this an A+. Apr 22, 2017
Seymour Saint was a real "trooper" as he took the ENORMOUS, MONSTROUS, HUMONGOUS, dick of Bandit who truly had his revenge on having been previously ravaged by his fuck partner who lay helplessly shackled as prey before this hungry for ass topping fiend. The payback was really a "bitch" as Saint served well as "the bitch." It was a real exciting scene and one that I believe everyone will enjoy. Apr 22, 2017
socialad4 Love the scene... Wish we got an end of fucking asshole shot though... we need to see the damage/some gape that Bandit did to Saints hole. I recommend an end of fuck asshole shot for all fucking scenes actually.. seeing a tight ass opened up is so fucking hot. Michael please take this on board for the future... Apr 22, 2017
romack767 Good scene Bandit's dick should have been harder to give Saint that much needed anything Bandit does Apr 22, 2017
oxigyne That was HOT Mike Bandit had Saint speaking in tongues BABY, I would love to see Lil Scrap and Bandit tag team someone. Apr 22, 2017
Damon7 Saint got a nice looking butt hole. Apr 21, 2017
cocopop Dam, Saint got fucked down. Bandit beat that ass down, only one to fuck Saint more than five minutes. Loved how Bandit was loving getting his ass eaten. Shit, that lil Bandit can fuck. Mike, would have loved to have seen the damage Bandit did to that hole. Great job guys. Apr 21, 2017
getdickhoe This nigga Mike finally fucking listened. Way to rotate the models you have. I don't compliment a lot but yo Bandit them faces and that shit talking when you fuckin Saint... Dawwwwwg I bust a stupid nut. You muhfuckas are like the perfect couple. That shit hot as fuck how you showed that nigga no mercy. Oh yeah and Saint I love hearing yo tough ass screaming like a lil bitch. Video A1. Apr 21, 2017
chucke1 OMG WOW WOW did I say WOW!!!!??? THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!! Apr 21, 2017

For nearly five years, Saint has been one of BBA's most popular and dominant tops, "taking down" and "breaking in" some of the hottest and tightest asses in BBA history.

But payback's a bitch, and we thought the time was long overdue for one of Saint's most merciless "take downs" to finally TURN THE TABLES and get his revenge....

See for yourself what happens when we serve up a helpless and vulnerable Saint in handcuffs to Bandit as a much-deserved "reward" for Bandit's more difficult and challenging shoots as of late.

It's the sexy straight top like his fans haven't seen him in a VERY long time, yelling and cursing and growling as his near-virgin ass (which I swear is only getting bigger and rounder and more enticing with age) gets plundered RAW by Bandit's vengeful BASEBALL BAT of a dick!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Bondage, Director: Michael Galletta, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Apr 21, 2017 37 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Saint

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