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20kane Apollo is too good to be true. His personality is amazing. Dad did a great job raising him. Frfr Mar 23, 2023
brickey Apollo the very best....and that ass Oct 17, 2022
BruthMaaan Apollo and Dominic are the most Bruh! Love me, them two Kats! Apr 27, 2022
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bba1220 ,I am not only not convince he is not gay, but I am certain that he don't have to be gay to get fucked. He is a man who have sex with men (msm). people see gay as effeminate, which he is not. He engages in homosexual sex, and it really does not matter. I will kick it with him as a result. I like his style because he is collected and very much in control of his emotions on screen. Dec 26, 2017
bba1220 being gay is a state of mind. this man is so gorgeous that its assuming he is gay. But when he said he is not gay, I was hoping he was because be believe that a well groomed man fits the stereo type of what a gay man looks like. But now that I have seen all his videos, and I am convince he can take dick Dec 26, 2017
batman2015 He has a great personality Apr 11, 2017
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Apollo is a strikingly handsome and outgoing new model who enjoys lifting weights, playing football, and bowling. He signed up for the Army right out of high school and served tours of duty in Kuwait and Afghanistan before an IED explosion put him in a two-month coma and prematurely ended his military career.

Since miraculously recovering from his combat injuries, Apollo has pursued a very different kind of career, capitalizing on his sculpted physique and stunning good looks as a professional model in everything from fitness catalogs to runway shows.

Despite his "pretty boy" looks and open-minded attitude, Apollo insists that he's 100% straight and even has a girlfriend and young son waiting for him at home. Lucky for us, he's done some modeling work as "eye candy" in a couple gay clubs and doesn't mind teasing other men by letting us look as long as we don't touch!

Enjoy a front-row seat for Apollo's "audition" as this straight ex-Army guy and up-and-coming fitness model expands his modeling career into the realm of adult entertainment by showing off every inch of his flawless young body to a public audience for the VERY FIRST TIME....

The scene begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with our newest straight model shortly after meeting him for the very first time.

Born and raised in the rural South, Apollo has an irresistibly sexy "country boy accent" and what he describes as "Southern gentleman swag." In other words, he's the polite and handsome "boy next door" type who still opens doors and pulls out chairs for women, the kind of young man every father wants for his daughter (and in some cases, no doubt, for himself).

Apollo shares a funny story about losing his virginity at the surprisingly "old" age of 19 after saving himself for marriage throughout high school, and his subsequent discovery that he's a "beast in the sheets."

He also tells a hilariously hot story about a freaky, spontaneous FOURSOME with three female runway models, and explains his feelings about being hit on by guys.

After Apollo's entertaining interview, it's time for us to get to know this sexy straight stud even BETTER and finally see what he's hiding under his clothes!

Apollo turns out to be a natural tease, seductively talking to his audience in that sexy Southern accent as he slowly strips out of his clothes to reveal a breathtaking body you truly have to see to believe. He later takes this erotic tease to the shower, where he steps under the stream of hot water and gets soaking wet before his underwear ever comes off!

Enjoy the sensual show as Apollo takes things to an exciting new level beyond shirtless photo-shoots and underwear modeling, this time leaving NOTHING to the imagination and exposing EVERYTHING for the world to see!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Military Men, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Feb 1, 2015 59 min
Photo of Apollo

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