Natural Habitat: Armando

nowayjose she not even eatin it right 😂 Nov 7, 2021
Phuryous Damn, gotta love redheads! He is fine as hell, big dick, phat ass, and a nice hairy hole begging for a tongue. She has some very perky titties (perfect size), cute face, nice ass, and a phat juicy pussy. And, she's a freak! She ate dat ass like a pro! Jun 17, 2020
emiliano69 armando and bandit in a bi scene would have been hottttt Mar 27, 2019
pilsener While not a huge fan of his attitude (Swagger is sexy - downright arrogance is not) I gotta say ARMANDO is fucking HOT!! Hopefully some day you can bring him back to do a scene with another guy! Jan 1, 2019
alltrue This was hot they both are sexy. Sep 12, 2018
Memphis1325 I love the scene, both people was beautiful and I enjoy watching them both Sep 8, 2018
juan2424 That shit was hot! Armando is fine as fuk, too. He looked sexy fukn Lacy! Jan 15, 2018
daddylongstroke i would love to see armando come back Sep 13, 2017
daddylongstroke I would love to see more of Armando. No st8 scenes though... he is too sexy to be st8 Apr 8, 2017
ivenri75 superbe toison , belle bite et beau cul poilu !! Mar 30, 2017
blklvr i never bothered to watch this before, and just played to preview it, but i got hooked when i saw the rimming. Love it. I love how Lacy eat Armando's booty.....and her rubbing it, like she's gonna finger it. I hope you get them back Mike, maybe Armando will let Lacy finger him. Could have been hotter if it's bareback. Some here seem to hate Armando, but he's straight so he talks like that and says what he feels. He doesn't hate gays. I'm thankful he chose to appear on this site. Mar 30, 2017
Gpimpin37 Michael, it's not that it's a straight scene so much for me at least. But it's Armando's whole attitude toward a site like this and who may or may not be his viewers that was sort of a turn off. there were straight scenes with Stephon, AB, Saint and Isaiah which i didn't mind watching. He should realize that it is a site that caters mostly to gay men but welcomes all. He is still very young and has a lot to learn so i am hopeful :) Nov 25, 2016
perry1967 of all straight scenes and group straight scenes with girls she was the best more verbal and had the top who wouldn't do things in solo he said he wouldn't do she got him to do that the best part of the whole scene Nov 18, 2016
emmyfan I love the rimming! Oct 21, 2016
mastygee84 OMG I really love this scene. Its as hot as the models in there. The chic looks pretty with an inviting pussy. str8t from GHANA-AFRICA Oct 12, 2016
Lexxnh2016 Wow! Handsome guy and gal. I thought that I would be turned on watching Armando doing Lacy; but, I was not aroused. There was no sexual chemistry from Armando - the girl did her best! Oct 8, 2016
LukeNasty0416 Personally I thought the scene was hot!! And I loved Lacy in it!! She was a perfect match for Armando. However, I do understand the negative comments as well. I bet if you took out the talking there would be far less. Armando is an asshole, with a nice asshole. LOL!! He just comes across as exactly what he is. In actuality the only thing he said that I didn't like was at the end when he said if the viewers didn't like it, he didn't give a fuck. Other than that, I thought it was hot as fuck. Oct 7, 2016
markzc4 theres nothing hotter than seeing a guy getting forced to get his ass played with. its fantasy. hes submitting. Oct 6, 2016
Coolrod If he has that many issues with male-male sex then he needs to be on another site. You are jumping through too many hoops to have him film a scene. He is trying so hard to prove that he is straight. I don't like his personality either. She was not the most attractive female or this scene either. Oct 3, 2016
renee1960 Thank you so much for this scene Michael! This is one of my favorite girl/boy scenes ever. Straight porn with camera angles focused on the guy is uncommon. Armando is brash and over the top, but he's also gorgeous and he absolutely demolishes this girl's pussy.

Michael, don't listen to the close-minded gays who act offended by the mere sight of pussy. There are many of us gays who like an occasional boy/girl scene from a gay male's perspective, and it makes this site more unique.
Oct 1, 2016
cam3121 If you have to go through these channels just to get this dude to fuck a dude, then that says that he doesn't need to be on this site and that's ok. There are plenty of other guys who want to try being with a man without going through all of this stuff. It's silly. Sep 30, 2016
mother99 I love watching straight guys fucking bitches. Thanks for this scene and would like to see more of them. I've always wanted to lick a straight guy's ass while he was fucking some bitch. Much better than seeing the femme types that I can find on a million other sites. Sep 28, 2016
Justen Can we see Stretch take dick. Been waiting for almost a month. However excellent video mike. Sep 27, 2016
jowilf 73 likes is not bad..
MG, you can't please everyone.. But I like this one compared to the previous video. Re: Natural Habitat
Are we expecting the most awaited JULIEN scene on Thursday? As far as I know, he moved somewhere in the desert already.. VEGAS!
Sep 27, 2016
MichaelGalletta I had a feeling this was going to inspire a pretty intense and polarized response, LOL. I warned/acknowledged as much in the official scene summary that many of you don't appear to have bothered to read. Because in it I've already addressed most of your questions and complaints and explained as clearly as I possibly could why I chose to film and share a scene like this with BBA's viewers (for the first time in over two years, I might add). And how it's a rare change of pace that very much fits within the overall BBA brand.
For those sensitive gay viewers who simply can't stomach the presence of a female in their porn, I totally understand and respect that, and can assure you this will not become a regular thing. I'm glad there are still plenty of viewers who understand and appreciate the point of this type of scene, and enjoyed seeing Armando in action even if it wasn't quite the way you/we had hoped. I tried my best to keep the focus on Armando's beautiful body and get some hot footage for BBA's gay viewers, especially with the ass-eating and close-up shots of Armando's flawless muscle-butt and beautiful hole.
Sep 27, 2016
caliroc I find this guy to be homophobic in the extreme and disrespectful of the client base. If I want straight porn I know where i can find better. I am a member of the site for the likes of Apollo, Bandit, and others. I am satisfied to never see this arrogant ass again. Sep 24, 2016
Dwhitecfl5 This is of course bullshit is this a gay site. Cmon nobody wants to see pussy on here. Really Michael. Epic fail! Sep 24, 2016
hines1983 Would have been nice to see Armando penetrating a guy or him getting penetrated this is disappointing. Sep 24, 2016
avan7742 WTF is this come on. This is some BS. Ok if he is straight let his ass stay straight. not what the fuck I am paying to see or to expect on Fridays. Sep 24, 2016
simplet disappointed in u mike we need something to replace that asap are u mike obsessed with that kid cause he is trouble and he is gonna do stuff with a guy soon watch he will b another bandit Sep 24, 2016
cam3121 Why am I seeing a bitch on a gay porn site? This is not what I am spending my money on. If this is gonna become a regular thing on here then I'm getting the fuck outta here. This is some bullshit. Sep 24, 2016
princetahji Nice scene overall mike. I like the use of a girl as a setup/prop to show off armandos body and ass Sep 23, 2016
mistamista79 I definitely am not a fan of seeing straight porn...Yea his hole is nice but I wanna see it used by a dude I hope he accepts the challenge ill have my lube ready! Sep 23, 2016
matt796999 Armando is a HOT motherfucker and his ass is a work of art. His booty hole is GLORIOUS!!! But the presence of tits and pussy makes it impossible for me to get hard watching this video. I eagerly await his first video with a guy (and have absolutely no doubt that there will be one) and am SURE that he will enjoy getting sucked by a guy and LOVE fucking some male ass. Sep 23, 2016
BBWallace I thought this was a gay site the hell is this? Sep 23, 2016
bobminny This is not for BBA, you should give a show to replace this one! He is very disrespectful to the site. Sep 23, 2016
pdv2830 Ummm not paying for straight porn ughhhhhh Sep 23, 2016
colormeblk Where is the thumbs down button?? Hated It.... Sep 23, 2016
crazyface11 YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The return of "natural habitat"!!!!! I enjoy guy-on girl porn too Michael, it's a nice change of pace, and these scenes are always a lot more intense because they are naturally horny with girls. And I loved how you made it a 1-on-1 instead of a threesome - so much more intimate that way!!! I did read that you said "series" of scenes. I PRAY THAT BANDIT IS THE NEXT ONE TO BE FEATURED IN A NATURAL HABITAT SCENE!!!! my fantasy dream :) ;) :). I love BANDIT. AHHHHH!!!!!!! Sep 23, 2016
lilmellowyellow Very disappointed! The chemistry, between the two models, was not apparent, and their body language proved it. Armando keep saying he is straight; but, his open asshole tell the real story. I thought when I come to view a scene at BBA, there will be male on male action. I am sure there are male models that need the work and would enjoy sex with another male. I believe Armando is sexy and would enjoy Saint fucking him. Thanks for showing many closeup shots of Armando's hairy open asshole. Sep 23, 2016
KodyFan When I first saw a straight video I was disappointed. But I took a peek and damn, Armando's bod was so hot, I liked it!! OMG, I'm so jealous of Lacy! Lol. She was all IN that ass! Lol. And the fucking?? DAMN!! Little nigga's body TIGHT! Best part?? That ASS when he was fucking! Lol, fuck the girl, you was all on dat AZZZZ!! Lmao!! Sep 22, 2016
jowilf That's how a real "straight guy" fucks.. Sep 22, 2016
illtown22 It was worth it just to see his hole but Mike this will be your greatest turnout ever if he decides to crossover. Sep 22, 2016
blkarmani2 Sorry extremely disappointed in this one. Hopefully next week will be better. Sep 22, 2016
room121 Good ass shots...nice fucking...not bad! I like Armando way better this time than his first BBA video. And the girl was cute. :) Sep 22, 2016
solomon I want to see more of that dick. That little nigga is blessed... Sep 22, 2016
atlfreakboy really? ugh....what a waste Sep 22, 2016
mauione Just Gross! I hope that is not this week's update. I did not renew for this. Sep 22, 2016
terbernt I will say the condoms disappoint me. I guess, no condom = more risk, hence the more it feeds anticipation. Why do I wish this was Bandit though. I respect Armando's skills in this area but it was a bit boring (just being honest). Sep 22, 2016
jowilf This is what I've been waiting for..
Great job Michael!
Sep 22, 2016
kelloahj I instantly smiled to see Armando's return.... :-) Sep 22, 2016
terbernt I'll take it. I was really hoping to see Bandit do this but I'll take it if Armando does. Sep 22, 2016

This week we're resuming our series of scenes featuring your favorite straight models doing what they do best.

I have always enjoyed watching hung and horny straight black boys fuck the hell out of a girl, the high muscular slopes of their sweaty black asses rising and falling as they buck into her like wild young stallions. You can't help but admire their strength and skills in the bedroom, and sometimes even envy the lucky females beneath them.

Of course seeing these straight black males in their "natural habitat" only makes it all the more intense and exciting if and when we eventually see them venture out of their comfort zones by trying sex with a guy!

For the more skeptical straight guys like Armando, who's still stubbornly refusing even my most generous offers to try sex with a guy, I will sometimes film these guy-on-girl scenes as an added incentive and ideally a "stepping stone" to "gay for pay" work later on.

See for yourself what happens when Armando brings over Lacy, a small but spunky white girl from a rural small town who recently moved to our city looking for excitement and adventure, but just might have gotten more than she bargained for when she crossed paths with Armando and agreed to make some quick cash by doing her very first amateur porn shoot with him!

I realize this type of scene won't be every viewer's cup of tea, but think of it as an interesting (and infrequent) change of pace for those of you wanting to see your favorite BBA models in occasional straight and bisexual action.

There's even a special treat for my fellow ass addicts out there when Lacy shows us she's a true freak by burying her face in Armando's cute muscle-butt and becoming the first (but hopefully not the last) person lucky enough to taste Armando's sweet, virgin hole!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Interracial, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Straight/Bi Action
Details: Sep 22, 2016 32 min
Photo of Armando
Photo of Lacy

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