Naughty Or Nice?

turner95 Where are these 2?! We miss saint and DEFINITELY Trapp Dec 17, 2022
JayMan2021 Sexy as hell. We need more scenes of these two 😏 Oct 8, 2021
pilsener SAINT is a PRO in every sense of the word! Despite not being as hot as some others, he always elevates every scene he's in and he clearly doesn't hold back and seems like a really cool guy to hang with! I'm glad he got to fuck TRAPP and hope to see more of both in the future Dec 31, 2018
cookman Buddy a1 what happen 2 him Dec 27, 2018
teerexx Trapp not only has a beautiful ass but also a nice dick I love seeing his shit brick and that goes for saint fine ass too. love his dick Jul 22, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP i have put out a (APB) on u with mike where r u it's cool i know u will return up i know u have went to see scotty tell him the fans miss him and keep his head up i know u got his back trapp there is nothing wrong with 2 thugs having love for each other u only live once live your life trapp fuck the haters that's a job for them u only got a few haters u got way too many that love your thugness and u don't need to carry your thug card leave it at home that nasty thug walk speaks for u trapp. May 21, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP that ass of yours is so fucking fat /sexy i bust on u a lot cause i smoke so much weed and when i see trapp ass i got to bust i never hate on u jail like in jail when u see a sexy thug ass u get a look on the cool and jack off on it trapp it's so fucking hott when u r stealing that nutt that's why i write a lot of comments cause if u read them u know where i'm coming from cause u been there it happens in every country jail thug on thug sex is the best sex there isTRAPP/SCOTTYSHOWTELL2 Apr 3, 2018
texasbugg @devotedbrotha1 on sir trapp/saint having a thang going on off screen there is no way trapp really got madd super love for scotty i bet u he be at that county jail talking to scotty if u go back and look at (SHOW/TELL) u will hear trapp say to scotty i don't want to do this then scotty say u doing it bitch that tells me scotty calls the shots don't get it wrong scotty don't look at trapp as a bitch that's the way they play trapp loves scotty and they would fuck before trapp/saint off screen. Mar 27, 2018
devotedbrotha1 The married one and the street thug dun "TURNT" each otha out. Despite that "thuggish" persona, from the beginning, it seemed Trapp had a slight interest in Saint and vice versa. (Review Training Trapp). I would not be surprised if they had an off screen "THANG" going on. Mar 23, 2018
Wiccan107 I waited a long time to see Saint fuck Trapp. It was so worth it too. Saint knows how to break some ass in properly. Trapp took that dick well for his first time. I really want to see Trapp get gang banged by Migo, Manny and Blake. That would be the ultimate! Mar 4, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP u know why i cut for u so much cause u got a football player body and u fine as fuck i know (ODELL BECKHAM JR) has been looking at that sexy ass he was busted doing it before so i know he loves your sexy ass i love your moans trapp please keep the same moans trapp that's why i love how a thug moan there is no faking with u trapp if u talk to scotty tell him to keep his head up and the fans miss him trapp u/scotty should be lovers u two look so fucking hott together realtalk 1000% trapp Feb 27, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) some fans say u took dick before that kind of statement is very hard to prove that's why i would say that about no one if someone say that it's their first time that's what i'm going to believe cause i'm not a fly on the wall r the light in the room that asshole u got looks like a (DIAMOND) and it close right back up trapp that's a pretty motherfucker have u ever look at your asshole take a picture and put it in a picture frame eat some raw eggs trapp cum is too thick. Feb 19, 2018
Damon7 ~ I think it’s just a little bit funny how a hotel will charge you $250 bucks for smoking in their room, but you can literally jiz all over everything free of charge. 🙄 Feb 15, 2018
tyrone1030 i would love to see Blake Bishop fuck trapp .. his dick bigger than saint lol Feb 7, 2018
tyrone1030 hell nah the way he was riding and groaning!!!! he took dick before Feb 7, 2018
texasbugg (TO ALL BBA FANS) the code is that first dick u ever suck was the first dick to fuck u trapp dick was the first dick shaun suck and trapp don't have peewee herman all that dick was in shaun's mouth all fans go back and watch shaun suck trapp dick watch into his eyes when he open them he wants to please trapp he is not gay just a freak and bba made him that freak and we saw it first hand and we all loved it we only live once enjoy so tell mike to work on shaun/trapp fucking he listen to us all. Jan 28, 2018
texasbugg I hope all bba fans would go back and look at (SHAUN THE NEXT LEVEL) pour a strong drink shaun/trapp was feeling each other shaun now know that trapp has been fucked shaun wants a redo with trapp on a thug card there r only 10 points shaun can't take losing a point which would leave him with 9 points on his thug card fans saying he did a bad scene thugs live on thugs codes want to be good at everything they do shaun will let trapp fuck him he wants that redo to prove fans wrong mike realtalk. Jan 28, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP babyboi i had a dream it was so real it was about u/shaun did another scene to make up for the other scene shaun was the bottom it was so fucking hott and how good u looked laying on top of shaun's back in time shaun will give up that ass he got a diamond back there he is just holding out for more paper he needs the paper them fees must be paid i know u will put the wood in his life i wish other fans would get on this mike listen to the fans (WE WANT SHAUN/TRAPP TO FUCK) damm i hope. Jan 26, 2018
texasbugg DAMM TRAPP babyboi i watch this every day babyboi u got a (DIAMOND) for a asshole i know u did that to also help scotty trapp man u know who u r like u said scotty is open minded u r too damm what the haters think they r just haters please give scotty some of that diamond asshole and scotty will do the same for u scotty coming out of jail he will need all the paper he can make and he know u he will feel at ease u can take scotty just nice/slow scotty will never ram it in your asshole u know that. Jan 24, 2018
cocopop Hell he took the dick better than I'd thought he would, toward the end while riding he even seemed to enjoy it. Great job Trapp, hope this wont be the last time we see a dick in that juicy looking ass. Jan 22, 2018
texasbugg DAMM u r so fine to be a fucking thug. Jan 15, 2018
tyrone1030 damn i would pay $2000 to fuck trapp damn Jan 15, 2018
texasbugg SIR TRAPP damm i put two/two together it will be awhile before we could see u/scotty fucking cause u both have never learn how to (TOSS SALAD) r aka eat ass and that's a must with mike trapp it's not bad it's like eating pussy and a asshole will always be super clean trapp in time u will eat ass i did it so many times it's not gross it makes the hole hot for the dick that's why i know scotty will give up that ass in due time mark my word (JAN 15 2018) when i said it t.u. sir thug trapp. Jan 15, 2018
texasbugg @atl2011 there's no way u can say trapp took dick before unless one u was a fly on the wall when it happen, two u was the one who fuck him, r three u was the light in the room, if we all go by something telling us on a feelin we would all be rich i told trapp if he give up that diamond asshole i would not let no one throw r push him under the bus and all the fans know (texasbugg) will defend trapp trapp diamond asshole is just juicy/tight/pretty as fuck i got your back sir trapp realtalk. Jan 15, 2018
atl2011 Something tells me this wasn't Trapp's first time taking dick.... Jan 14, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP i know in time the fans will start asking mike to pair u with scotty cause u two young sexy thugs r fucking hottt like coffee/cream damm u two look so sexyyyyyyyyyyy in that bed trapp u know u got madd bro love for scotty that's why i cut for u so much u r down for your bro when he is on lock i was homeless for six months after being on lock that's why i understand where u/scotty coming from let haters/hate u got a lot coming in 2018 keep your head up trapp hot thug in the city. Jan 11, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) babyboi i fucking can't stop busting on this scene i said u got an 18kt gold asshole that's just the rim of the hole inside that hole is a (PURE DIAMOND) trapp u got to bless scotty trapp fuc- what people think i love the thug in u just stop kissing so wet your lips r too sexy for u not knowing how to kiss your sex game is a plus i know mike will pair u up with scotty cause u two have love for each other trapp u can't have a baby lol damm u rock my worldrealtalksirtrapp Jan 10, 2018
tyrone1030 i want to see blake bishop fuck trapp i knew that trapp would take dick, from the beginning ... thug is just a word lol.. saint dick aint big enough ,, give that nigga to blake my favourite star lol Jan 6, 2018
GetDatShit great scene I hope michael that scotty can fuck trapp that be hot kinda where the last scene left off that be hot show Jan 2, 2018
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) damm i know mike r going to put u out there in 2018 that's why i just leave a card and let mike take my membership fee every month cause of thugs like u by u working out that hole will close right back up that's pure muscles in that ass and by tightening up when that dick is in there it's just like your asshole is working out with a (DUMB BAR) trapp keep doing u babyboi people will talk that's only part of life tattoo on your back (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) believe in yourself. Jan 2, 2018
texasbugg DAMM mike i keep going back to look at trapp/scotty scene in show/tell damm them two look so hott in that bed together mike i know in my heart u can pull it off they scotty/trapp r a year older now and trapp is so fucking real he is saying fuck the (HATERS) when he gave up that 18kt gold asshole i don't blame him (HATERS) will not put (CAVEMAN MONEY IN HIS POCKET) and that's two rocks mike i know u can see how that will take u where u want to go mike make it happen (PLEASE) thank u for listening. Jan 2, 2018
downtofuck Its time for scotty to bottom or for scotty to fuck trapp! Jan 2, 2018
simplett mike happy new year and can u get ross to come back so he can perform with TRAPP Jan 1, 2018
whyatt12 I liked this scene. I wish Saint didn't talk as much as he does but I digress. I loved seeing Trapp bottom. Been a Trapp fan since day 1 and I have been waiting to see that cute booty fucked right and this did not disappoint at all. Jan 1, 2018
kevin343 Mike, Whatever happened to Beno ? Dec 30, 2017
kevin343 Great job Saint ! That dick was looking right, on Santa! Your stroke game was on point. Dec 30, 2017
kevin343 DAMN !!!!! Trapp took that dick like a pro ! I knew he would have no problem whatsoever. Trapp you are the epitome of a true thug in every sense of the word. And that is what keeps me intrigued with BBA. And they are right. You with that leg up is sexy as fuck. I didn't really feel the chemistry with you and Saint. It was nice to see your progress. Looking forward to see more tongue kissing and ass licking. I don't think you are as comfortable as you would like to be. Dec 30, 2017
texasbugg @dtraincfl5 how do u want something to get better when u only use one word u r the only one to say something bad there will always be a (HATER) u should have put that (COMMENT) in your back pocket. Dec 29, 2017
mrbates Great scene. Worth the wait. Next Up: Bandit or Manny fucks Apollo. Apollo is always at his best BOTTOMING. Dec 28, 2017
mrincredible Awesome scene. Seeing Scotty bottom would be life 🙌🏾. Dec 28, 2017
texasbugg MIKE i must say this that it will be on your mind mike i watch u u r a person who is fair mike scotty was the one who put u up on game with trapp so by right when scotty top it should be with trapp mike when u look at (show/tell) trapp/scotty in that bed together fuck they look so fucking hott trapp has had a (THUG CRUSH) on scotty from when they on lock together mike i've been on lock there is nothing to do but wait to go to court and people stay around each other and feelings grow realtalk. Dec 28, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP i recall u saying u was waiting for your dude to get out (scotty) i know i smoke everyday i don't forget nothing u also said (scotty) was open minded so i know u two both been on lock u both know how to put the past behind u trapp i have messed around with a few of my thug homies a nutt is a nutt u don't have to fall in love with scotty if u two fuck the thug code is after sex it's back to thuggin trapp u know the games we play on lock humping on each others booty to pass time. Dec 28, 2017
trance solid scene...trapp was a real treat everything was natural and he didn't disappoint...saint is always the best for introducing new models to the some followups like blake bishop in a flip flop scene with trapp....I only came here for trapp Dec 28, 2017
dtraincfl5 Wack as hell nuf said Dec 28, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) babyboi u did everything right u r too sexy/hott that u don't know how to kiss r is it u don't like kissing someone who looks hard like a thug cause i went back and watch how u kissed scotty/shaun u tongue kissed shaun scotty kept his mouth close they both r pretty thugs trapp i'm not downing u i just want u to be the best at what u do cause i will always have your back as your #1 fan u do no wrong in my eyes sexy ass thug damm u hot/so sexy hotthuginthecity. Dec 28, 2017
ToriFan well I give it a 9 outta 10. Trapp definitely has potential. I guess I felt a lil of his pain. I remember when i first took some dick. The shit hurt like hell. But now, I'm not a regular bottom, at times I have a craving for the pleasure and pain... at least once a year.

Trapp............still sexy as fuck. I'm glad he don't shave his dick. I love a naturally hairy dick and ass. He took it like a champ. The thug was kinda tamed at the end. I guess what was going through his mind was...WTF I just got fucked. That was his expression on his face. He kinda reminds me of an Isaiah at the beginning. No passion and no TONGUE. He gotta give me some tongue. Thanks for the toe shots too.

Saint... is the task master. He has become a great spokesperson for BBA. He took his time breaking Trapp in.

Montez... now when we gonna see YO DICK and TOES? Don't wish me Merry Christmas unless you gonna show your present. Hell Mike has shown his nakedness... I wanna see yours.... u scurred?
Dec 27, 2017
cam3121 What an incredible way to celebrate the holidays and end 2017 with Trapp finally giving up the booty to none better than Saint! To say I'm thrilled & satisfied would be an understatement. It was hot and sexy just like i was hoping it would be and i loved every second of this film. I can't wait to see what you got in store for 2018. Dec 27, 2017
ebonyman They have a great connection on screen. You can tell by the way they kiss. Dec 27, 2017
bandit4true Job well done! As always Saint always does a great job of making the new models feel comfortable in their first bottom vid. I wouldn't be surprise if Shaun decide to let Saint be the first one to get his nice ass also. Shaun truly loved it when Saint ate his ass. I would love to see Trapp and Blake Bishop in a verse vid next time around. Blake is the type of guy that would make love to that nice phat ass in addition to beating it up. Dec 27, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP i will push hard for mike to let u/scotty pair up to do another scene trapp what happen with the haters hating on u/scotty is in the past trapp u r a (AQUARIUS) like myself born in (JANUARY) trapp when the haters go low u must go high u r a year older now babyboi damm what people think about r keep your head up and make that paper damm u hot babyboi i had your back from day one i can spot a real thug u still got your thug card and will always have if u get fucked 20times realtalktrapp. Dec 27, 2017
jardonm I can only imagine what Scotty is going to think when he hears about this Dec 27, 2017
zhiva1 Now, getting to Mr. Trapp. Sir, you are a NATURAL performer. From the moment I laid eyes on you in the first scene, I knew you were going places. I only hope that you will continue with the momentum you have started. I just adore your scenes and really love what you give us in your performances. Don’t let anyone tell you different - you have what it takes to make porn great! It can only get better and greater from here. Performers like you only come every blue moon. So proud of you Trapp!! Dec 27, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP (YOUR ROYAL BADNESS) damm thug moaning will break me i fucking love to hear a thug moan i fucking have to turn the sound down real low cause i bust (2mins) after i hear trapp moan mike please let trapp do some topping also cause a lot of fans love his moves when he is topping please don't burn him out trapp is a money maker he is 10000% pure real thug and thank u mike for helping him u r good people mike please (pair) manny killa with trapp in 2018 trapp open mouth when kissing. Dec 27, 2017
marios Trapp & Bandit or Trapp & Blake...Saint just way too verbal for me, loved seeing Trapp bottom though Dec 27, 2017
Docteur Also can we get #1 and #2 together in a flip flop: Apollo and Bandit. Dec 27, 2017
Docteur It was just alright for me. A flip flop would have been better. I hope one day we get the ultimate all out threesome where everyone sucks dick, eat ass and fucks and gets fucked by Scotty, Trapp and Shaun. Saint does too much talking. There was a point where Saint was fucking Trapp and Trapp turned his face to Saint for kissing. I have no idea whether that was scripted or not, but it was kind of hot. Also why does Saint keep his socks on now? Dec 27, 2017
niteheat69 Did Trapp cut his hair???? Dec 27, 2017
niteheat69 Yo trapp handles that dick, busted twice... Dec 27, 2017
jmj61083 Those moans! My wish is to see Trapp Apollo Saint and Blake Bishop in a scene. Those need to see that shit Michael you can post the audio and break the net. Trapp thank you bro, you made Christmas. Saint thank you for poundin him out, you did that for your fans! You been slangin dick this year. We NEED to see you and Blake. That chocolate ass booty we all noticed how fat it’s getting. Give it to Blake for the fans bro, that’s legend shit. Apollo gave Blake that ass and has BEEN #1 Dec 27, 2017
tccdogg I concur with @devotedbrotha1 ... freedom of speech to paying customers!>>>>anyhow, i missed something here, not my fav...just glad to have an update ... missing scotty TBH.... but still a BBA fan Dec 27, 2017
WeatherMan Thank you for this fine Christmas present that you have given the BBA community. I feel like this is going to go down as an ESSENTIAL viewing video for the BBA brand. Pairing Trapp again together with Saint was a brilliant move. Trapp was already comfortable with Saint and Saint really is the official "break the guys into bottoming" guy for BBA. The way Trapp's ass was bouncing on Saint's dick was everything and Trapp is just a man who is a natural performer, he did very well for his first time as a bottom. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this video is going to get tons of likes and overall positive feedback from the viewers. Dec 27, 2017
devotedbrotha1 i may have chosen the title to be, "Christmas Booty, Just What I Always Wanted" or "Look What I Found Under The Tree" or "Booty And Jingle Ballz". Dec 26, 2017
devotedbrotha1 if i pay my hard earned money to view this site , why would my comment await approval? Critique , good, bad or indifferent is freedom of speech. Dec 26, 2017
devotedbrotha1 This was anticipated after being "turnt out" oil wrestling. Dec 26, 2017
lablue Thank u 4 the amazing scene. I was shocked u Saint read my comment aloud. Thank u 4 that it meant a lot 2 me. Hope 2 see more of Trapp bottoming as as well as topping. Yes he was hard from beginning 2 end. Dec 26, 2017
kidon7000 Nice!!!! Now if we can get Scotty and Shaun to bottom the set will be complete. Dec 26, 2017
simplett great man c u soon to bottom with a cool guy like shazeer u did well next time let me c penetration Dec 26, 2017
texasbugg DAMM TRAPP BABYBOI i can't stop busting nutts u got 18kt gold asshole that close right back up u really made my xmas brite u r so real trapp i wish all young thugs would follow your lead that there are other ways to get paid i really hope mike let u do a scene with manny killa r bandit in 2018 trapp i wish there was a way u could do another scene with scotty that's a lot of dick to take by the way trapp u still got your (THUGCARD) trapp damm what the haters think u do u and haters will do haters Dec 26, 2017
Coolrod Great scene! Two of my favorite masculine models. Trapp took the dick like a true champ. Now its time for Trapp to get his revenge or fuck Manny! Dec 26, 2017
kelseycalob56 Best scene in BBA history Dec 26, 2017
LemanR1980 It was a erotic scene, with great camera work by the camera man. But these 2 models are masters of their craft. Saint right now is already an old pro, and Trapp is still rookie, relatively speaking. But the chemistry was epitome of what a sex scene is suppose to be. There wasn't anything I could even critique, I'm totally a satisfied fan & customer of this BBA clip in particular. Great work guys. Dec 26, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP babyboi u need to drink u a glass of (RED WINE) every day for a week to build up your semen u jack off a lot like me it's a habit we both picked up on lock and next time when u bust in someone face u got a lot damm trapp u really love your fans and your fans love u saint did good opening u up now u r ready for (MANNY KILLA R BANDIT) damm u got a super sexy body plus u got the looks to match and mike really wasn't going to let nobody hurt your pretty asshole thank u trapp my xmas gift. Dec 26, 2017
KingDrewski #TrappChallenge - I made it to 28.40(-28 Points) with 5 fast forwards (-50 points) = -78 points; subtracted from 100 points (100-78= 22 points) lol, I enjoyed this one a little too much… what did you all get? Dec 26, 2017
lovehemboy Ooooo HELL Yahhh....Damn this was HOT 😏😏😏 Dec 26, 2017
KingDrewski #TrappChallange - Last one to bust wins. Try making it to the end of the video before busting a nut, if you can! Score 100 points if get to the end, or subtract the amount of minutes you lasted when you finally blew your top. Did you fast forward? Subtract 10 points, for each skipped section. Comment your performance, and let’s see who enjoyed this scene the most! Dec 26, 2017
Godfather07 This is Hot Hot Hot loved it and sooo glad to see Saint back hope to see more of this! Dec 26, 2017
langston35 This was fantastic Been waiting to see Trapp get fucked he's a cool dude the tatts on his legs when he's getting fucked pushed me over the edge, next time lose the hat wanna see them dreads bouncing around! My new jack off vid!! It has been wonderful to see his progression from his first Vid with his homeboy to getting fucked plus he's still got his Thug Card!!!! You need a rematch with Scotty or Shaun or a 3 way!!! Dec 26, 2017
Bigguum Excellent!!.. Trapp is a champ..and this is just the beginning... Dec 26, 2017
prettyboig My my my... very nice! I loved Saint and Trapp’s chemistry.. over all great scene! Now that 1 of my dream matchup has happened, can we tweet a Scotty topping Trapp? Michael make it happen boss!.???!!! Dec 26, 2017
1luvme2u Nice job Mike. Apollo, Isaiah, Trapp, and Bandit. Dec 26, 2017
lilmellowyellow Happy Holidays to all! Thanks guys. Trapp and Saint performance were fantastic. Saint is always a good model to break in others. Michael, the closeups were excellent of his dick going in and out, especially the ones shot from underneath them. I liked seeing Trapp's asshole, before Saint's dick entered him and afterwards when he came. Thanks again!! Happy New Year to the BBA family and to the membership. Dec 26, 2017
estwick Trapped, just take my money ! How will you top this ?! Dec 26, 2017
ACTION7 Thanx TRAPP and SAINT! OUTSTANDING!! Now it's time for SAINT to bottom up. Dec 26, 2017
speakerphone I definitely believe Scotty, Shaun and Trapp have been practicing off camera maybe not with each other but Trapp took that way easier than I expected and he took control of the dick. That is not something you just do your first go. This gives me hopes though that Shaun is ready. I know he is after his scene with Trapp you can tell Shaun is ready for it. I preferably want to see Trapp or Scotty top Shaun but at this point anybody could top that boy and my prayers would be answered. Dec 26, 2017
texasbugg TRAPP YOUR ROYAL BADNESS i'm lost for words this was super hott babyboi u r 10000% pure thug i never in my life saw a thug ride a dick and make the nuts pop trapp put that asshole of your in a picture frame like i said before it will close right back up thank u for putting that one leg up damm u r so sexy when u have that one leg up trapp u r pure thug keep doing u u know who u r with that body that was blessed by the gods i must go to the store to get me some red wine to rebuild my cum. Dec 25, 2017
rbiguy YESSS!!!! This shit here nigga!.....Trapp has been one of my favorites since he hopped on the scene and watching him take dick...I nutted! Def need more of him bottoming! Dec 25, 2017
user1234 I wanna see Manny & Trapp flip!!! I know Manny can take dick... Dec 25, 2017
eallure great scene PLEASE tell me Scotty is next to get fucked!!! Dec 25, 2017
chgohydepar1 Saint will always be one of my favs, BUT this damn Trapp! Lordy, Lordy. Man you are sexy af. You are personable. And you can take THE DICK. (Down on one knee) "Please marry me." Dec 25, 2017
lionel555 great video....yes!!! trapp.. I enjoy it, you did well....once again saint you broke another one in... nice!!! thank you great gift. Dec 25, 2017
Damon7 - That looked fun. Thank you kindly. Dec 25, 2017

Saint the Santa is trying to find out who's been "naughty or nice" because he has a special surprise in store for BBA's viewers.

"You ready to FUCK MY ASS?" Trapp asks Saint in his deep, sexy voice after being reunited with him for the first time since last summer.

They're shocking words that I wasn't sure we'd EVER hear come out of the cocky straight thug's mouth. But what better time than the holiday season to make your BBA porn dreams come true?

After trying for MONTHS to make this much-requested scene happen, our patience and persistence finally paid off. A VERY generous "Christmas Bonus" didn't hurt either!

If you're one of the many viewers who have been patiently (and in some cases, NOT so patiently) waiting to see Trapp's infamous "phat ass" finally split open and plundered by a hard, RAW dick, then take a front-row seat as one of our most popular "gay for pay" models surprises his fans with a special Christmas present they'll never forget!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Holiday Theme, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Dec 25, 2017 51 min
Photo of Saint
Photo of Trapp

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