Bandit Bends Over

Donnyscott I laugh everytime white guy says he don't aim for the eyes. He definitely does NOT try to avoid putting it in or near their eyes. He likes it. Oct 16, 2023
Readyruk1 Both were lucky. I would've killed to be the third party in a hot threescore with these two!πŸ€ͺ Oct 8, 2023
emiliano69 Hot yet cringy. It was great to see Bandit step outside of his comfort zone...even though it was an act of desperation.


May 31, 2023
turner95 Bandit was so hot in this scene.. it seemed like he was a lil turned on by Mr. Michael Oct 23, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for noticing and acknowledging what so many viewers refuse to see.
emiliano69 Gawddammm! He was cute af staring at the camera while getting ate out Sep 12, 2022
MrBrown19942 Listen, I really enjoyed this scene! Great chemistry. Seeing Bandit's growth from then until now, is amazing! Wow. May 14, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you! I've always said that seeing these guys' journeys and progress over the years is one of the things that makes the BBA experience so exciting and unique.
JayBadAss I'm not believing this was his 1st time, a "virgin" ass dick doesn't go in that easy on virgin booty Apr 15, 2022
MichaelGalletta Speaking as the person who fucked him, I can assure you that was one of the tiniest, tightest, sweetest, most certifiably VIRGIN assholes I've ever had the privilege to deflower lol.
DizzyD I love this scene!!! Feb 5, 2022
kevonjamar Hott! Love this scene and love Bandit. His asshole is so pretty too. Jan 27, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks! OMG that hole is so beautiful, right?
triplips I don't like the way you talk to the straight guys who are in some kinda you own them. "How does your ass taste"?????? WTF?!?! Jul 5, 2021
terbernt Damn, this is probably my favorite BBA scene even after all these years. Aug 8, 2020
hjkdjulo mike out bba in please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good videos without u this is BBA not mike addictionz Mar 6, 2020
firedog820 How could you not suck that big ass dick! Jun 26, 2018
Slenderboy23 I hate seeing when this dude on camera a white dude Jun 3, 2017
Moses1999 Love to have a go at that handsome BANDIT Apr 7, 2017
cocopop He even hard while sucking Mike's dick, that's something you seldom see with a straight guy. Mike you got that boy so hot he cant control that second head, it's doing what it wants. Feb 27, 2017
251370 This is my 1st time getting off watching an old white man do a young man. Any chance of seeing Bandit fuck a young black girl his age. Not a professional girl either. Jan 24, 2017
tjm133 I love this movie and especially the bare back.. Bandit is great and I am a fan Dec 5, 2016
cocopop Only wish Mike would have filmed Bandit riding that dick from the front, so we could have seen Bandit's dick bouncing up and down. Sep 4, 2016
3606tsb72 to cocopop --- Zadian wasn't turned on by Bandit? Dicks don't lie --- and his was usually rock-hard though, at times, he seemed embarrassed by it. If Zadian and Bandit aren't homosexual or bi, I'm a goose with a PhD in astrophysics. Guys engaging in mutual masturbation and oral sex, for instance, are more than curious, or doing it 4 a paycheck. Sep 4, 2016
cocopop His dick even hard while sucking Mike's dick, could he have viagra or is he that turned on to daddy, shit Zadian didn't get him that hot. I did love how amazed he was when Zadian nutted while he was sucking his dick. I think he'll be doing scenes like this again in spite of claiming not to enjoy it. He made history being the first str8 guy to get this aroused doing his first bottoming scene. Aug 30, 2016
de1divap2 Thank you Bandit! I'm a fan! Aug 26, 2016
3606tsb72 Yes, I understand what BBAs all about. But it's not an amateur site anymore as you've mastered lighting, improved pacing, show dicks, to the extent you care to, in a more favorable light sometimes and, your absolute favorite, asses, r rendered with the love they deserve. I enjoyed many of your earlier interracial scenes, it's just that we age and should now let young folks carry the day (so to state). And I enjoy your interviews, but not when u talk when the guys r kicking boots. So there! Aug 26, 2016
thuglover Bandit is so cute and sexy, and of course well endowed!!!! I would love to see a flip flop scene between Bandit and Ross!!! Yaaaaaassssss please!!!! Aug 25, 2016
illtown22 Mike, I keep changing my favorite. This might be the one right here and low key he a freak. It always the quiet ones. If you pair him up with Ross in a flip flop or Saint as the top (Saint still cant take dick) I will renew my shit for a year. I cant stop watching this clip. I love watching how it went from the struggle to acceptance of the dick. Aug 25, 2016
room121 I love me some Bandit!!! Most definitely the most authentic delectable male specimen that I've seen on BBA in awhile. Bandit keeps me coming back for pass the lotion, please! Aug 25, 2016
timothy I truly enjoyed this scene. Bandit is one in a million. Would love to see him in a scene with Apollo and Ross where all three take each other. Or maybe just he and Ross together where he introduces Ross to his first encounter. Think I'm in love though Lil Dav is still my all time favorite with Skinny Kid. Aug 25, 2016
tayshawn3 Once again great job seeing Bandit period and to see him in this light was hot and you did a great job with him...u were so excited, I don't think i have seen you this excited before lol...p.s. you need a tan lol Aug 24, 2016
jowilf @MATT: That what's bothering you? Uh... Oh. Michael will not approve it if it's "annoying".. Be cool man... just enjoy BBA. Peace. Aug 24, 2016
matt796999 @jowilf 1) I guess you don't know what "attest" means 2) Stop the posts about how many "likes" a scene has. We can see that for ourselves, and your posts are annoying as fuck. 3) For almost every new video, you speak very favorably about it, as if you've actually watched it, then say, "I will watch this later." I'm thinking you're a little disabled. And I don't mean physically. Aug 23, 2016
lhlyrech OMG Michael at first I got afraid for you. I never thought he would go. This guy is one sexy brother to me. Thank you for this one as I go back to watch it again [P.S. if he wants to top more it ok with me, I'm not a size guy, but I enjoy watching this dick get hard for another guy]. Aug 23, 2016
jowilf P.S.: Pls. include.. A BANDIT-SHAZEER episode of "My New Stepbrother Part 2."
Thank you Michael.
More power!
Aug 23, 2016
jowilf As of 08.23.16
@11:57AM (PST)
"A New Star Is Born!"
With 150 likes not including other subscribers who viewed this scene.. "The Silent Operator" is a favorite! BANDIT is the man Michael.. No doubt about that..
Since summer is almost over.. Is this scene the penultimate surprise of BBA in Summer 2016? What's next? A BANDIT-JULIEN One-On-One? or a BANDIT-ARMANDO scene.. any model paired with BDB is a hit! BANDIT is BBA New Star.. very natural and a rare creation.
Aug 23, 2016
mrbates I am a black man and I NEVER see any of the work on this website as exploiting black men. These are adults who know fully what the website is about. It is about the worship of the "black man." I see it more as a celebration to be honest. And....I REALLY enjoy the scenes with Michael. He never belittles the "actors" or uses racial pejoratives as is seen in MANY interracial scenes with OTHER studios. Aug 23, 2016
jowilf BANDIT performed naturally and I can attest that he's for real.. 144 likes in 5 days.. It's amazing.. I prefer a BANDIT-JULIEN encounter soon.. Aug 22, 2016
mrbates Loved every minute of this one. Bandit was much more submissive than I expected him to be. A+++ Aug 22, 2016
cocopop @Coolrod, "$ doesn't make the dick hard" now that a good one, wish I have thought of that one. Been waiting to see Bandit take a dick, and it was well worth waiting, for those that think he didn't somewhat enjoy that might want to rethink that. Aug 22, 2016
pbobsk6 @cocopop Yess indeed!! Bandit enjoyed every single minute! Michael gave him the magic touch to get it up and keep it up!! Aug 22, 2016
3606tsb72 Black boy a dick tionz --- Sadly Bandit's dick's missing in plain sight. Not today nor ever will a "rice-dick" do. Ugh. For being elderly by comparison --- you look like a priest with a teenage altar-boy to me --- I would hope you ignore folk who encourage you to be in these videos, as I'm convinced with 100% surety they are the only ones hoping to see something so outrageous; they obviously need their eyes and minds examined, and that fetish is not what most of us bargained for. Aug 21, 2016
MichaelGalletta Did you actually explore the website or bother to read the "About BBA" page before joining? Because just about EVERYTHING you've been so harshly criticizing week after week have actually been major elements of the BBA brand from the very beginning.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not a stereotypical submissive white "bottom" obsessed with "big black cocks," and that is never going to be the primary focus of my work, at least not to your satisfaction. I've also never claimed to be a professional photographer or anything other than a regular guy filming mostly unscripted AMATEUR porn. And this "outrageous" older/younger interracial fetish you dismiss with such disdain and disgust has actually been a major theme of this site from the very beginning. Guess you overlooked the BBA logo featuring a white man with his arms wrapped around a young black male whose ASS (not dick) is popping up and out of his sagging jeans, LOL?
Not trying to be rude, and I'm glad you've found a few models and scenes here and there to enjoy. But I'd strongly recommend taking a few minutes to read our "About BBA" page (see menu bar at the top of this page) for a better explanation of BBA's major themes and what this site has been about from the very beginning.
lmp262 Michel you shoot some very good videos, but do you have to be in the videos too, I really like black on black., but all in all you seem to really care about your models. Aug 21, 2016
cocopop @pbobsk6, what does it say when a st8 guys knowing he's about to get fucked dick stays rock hard from the moment his pants come down, til mid way through the scene? Maybe it was the thought of him knowing he was about to get fucked that was arousing him. Zadian didn't arouse him that much, hell he had to work to get it up. He seemed envious of Zadian cause his dick stayed hard. Aug 21, 2016
Coolrod Glad to finally see Bandit taken down n bottoming. He is not straight but bisexual. $ doesn't make the dick hard. He needed to be broken in so that Isaiah or Apollo or Freaky J can slug him out. If u want to be a pornographic star you gotta be more versatile. Good job! Aug 21, 2016
crazyface11 You have fucked the 3 best looking guys ever to grace this site: Kenny, Isaiah, and now BANDIT. I probably would have liked to see you cum in Bandit, but hey, how can I complain when this is a video that I didn't think would come this soon! Great job Michael!!! And please don't let Bandit drift into the sunset!! I'd like him to stay for years to come :) :) Still waiting for my request of Bandit unleashing the "Big Dick Bandit" legacy on a female!!! hehehehe. Aug 21, 2016
pbobsk6 Hopefully there isn`t a repeat of Bandit`s infringement of the law. He didn`t enjoy submitting his "gap goody." Then again, maybe he did. I recall an erection when his shorts were lowered; I also recall an erection and precum during his vicissitude. One thing for sure, a hard head makes a soft bottom, and "Love and skill working together can produce a masterpiece"--Ruskin Thank you Michael for another work of art, truly a masterpiece! Aug 21, 2016
ronshapley Totally hot.......when will that boy come visit me in NYC ?? Aug 21, 2016
timothy I enjoyed watching this video. Thought it would have been Bandit taking it in. Would have preferred seeing him with Apollo or Ross in a flip flop. Lil Dav could have made a surprise appearance making a good pairing. I give it two thumbs up. Aug 21, 2016
Donald This video was unbelievable....meaning of the best. I've watched it 5xs already lol. Aug 21, 2016
hines1983 Loving it!!!! Keep making these smoking hot videos!!!! Aug 20, 2016
matt796999 Scratch that part about not getting to see Bandit's cock squirt (I just saw the very end of the video). Still--my god!!--no matter how much of an ass man you are, Michael, how is it possible that you didn't just suck the shit out of that other-worldly beautiful penis????!!!! Aug 20, 2016
matt796999 The good: 1) Bandit has the face of an angel. Those big brown eyes and those big juicy lips just kill me!! 2) It was hot seeing you taste that sweet booty hole, and the whole "having your way with him" thing works 3) His facial expression while getting eaten out was lovely 4) His "little ass ring...pulling out" (good description, Kodyfan!) was hot. I would LOVE to see him spit-roasted!! Aug 20, 2016
kelloahj @taytay Now I do agree with one thing you've said - we need to stop making every TOP a BOTTOM... It kills the whole vibe lmao I agree ... Aug 20, 2016
cocopop @pisces586, can't say whether bi or st8, but never have seen any in watching BBA for 1 1/2 yr. st8 guy rock hard before the draws come off. Is it the excitement of know n he's about to get his cherry busted that's got him so aroused from the start? He wasn't this aroused with Zadian, would have loved seeing him riding Mike with that dick sling from side to side. Love seeing more of him bottoming. Even being fucked, the dick was hard, usually that means one is enjoying it. Aug 20, 2016
matt796999 The bad: 1) Bandit was with an average-looking white guy with an average cock 2) like 95% of the guys on this site when they get cum on their faces, Bandit looked disgusted 3) that SIMPLY EXQUISITE cock of Bandit's wasn't sucked and we didn't get to see it squirt Aug 20, 2016
Taytay Bandit needs to stay a TOP, period!! He looked very uncomfortable to me. I know this was a fantasy for some but we can't make everybody and they brother a bottom. Bandit needs to fuck Juliens fat juicy plump ass!!!! Or have Bandit or Isaiah fuck Rory because that thick nigga right there can take some dick and can suck some too!! Bandit fucking Apollo, Blake or Diego would be nice too!!! Bottom line, keep Bandit a TOP!!!!! Also, stay out of the scenes please. Just direct! Aug 20, 2016
pisces586 Bandit isn't "straight" he's bi, just prefers to top. dick was hard as his draws was coming down. wanna see bandit with isaiah and apollo Aug 20, 2016
devotedbrotha1 Another African American Male Exploited! Aug 20, 2016
Perriason Two thumbs up Michael!!! Awesome scene this week. Bandit earned it especially when he stopped riding & started sucking. I clutched my invisible pearls with my free hand πŸ˜‚. Can't wait to see what's next for him @ BBA. Aug 20, 2016
98988ptw Mike this is a ten plus video you out did yourself you fuck the shit out of Bandit. Cant wait for Bandit to take big ass black dick like Blake. Knockout. Staxx or Migo. Now we need Julien to get fuck by big black dick. Aug 19, 2016
cocopop Out of all the str8 models to take dick for the first time except AB, Bandit took that dick pretty good, if I didn't know better I would have thought he had taken dick before, that boy is a natural at both sucking and taking dick. His moans seemed more like the moans of pleasure than pain. Maybe Mike you should let Julien or Zadian be the first black dicks he take. More so Zadian since he and Bandit have chemistry and work together before. Aug 19, 2016
max2509 wow fine young man with a nice dick. Aug 19, 2016
KodyFan Seriously, you’ve taken filmmaking to another level with this. Where do I start? The scared look in Bandit’s eyes? The interplay btwn you 2? The buildup to the inevitable?? There’s so many things but let there be no doubt, that was one SATISFYING, totally entertaining fuck scene!!! And when I thought I’d seen the best, wait, there’s a PT 2!!! Mutha Fuck!! Lol. Uh… Cleanup on aisle 4!! Lmao. This is one for the archives. Will be getting off on this one many many times.

I even liked the overhead shots of you fucking his ass & I usually hate those. But his little ass is so fucking hot, I almost lost it on that shot!! Especially when his little ass ring was pulling out when you withdrew. That shit makes me soooo hot!! I wouldn’t have made it!! Lol. Would’ve pumped him full!! Lol. I so hope he gets in debt again!
Aug 19, 2016
felix84 Michael I downloaded this movie. It's cool, but was missing 2 things. You had Bandit ride you near the end second half of the film. you gave us a close-up rear shot but no front shot. Also you have him laying on his back while being eaten out but not during the actual sex. Again, your movie was cool. I don't regret the download. I look forward to the next time Bandit bottoms for Ross or whomever. It would have been cool though if you would have included those 2 shots that I mentioned. Aug 19, 2016
timoteo144 very hot scene! I thought Michael was going to release this in two parts... I liked it a lot! Aug 19, 2016
jowilf It's hard to believe.. but BANDIT did in class.. very natural..
Michael, you did your homework but let BDB stay as a "total top." .. and pls. let "The Silent Operator" do the reverse with you. Will you? You more than deserve to get fuck..
BBA at its best!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Aug 19, 2016
simplet i was rite when you ask who was gonna b fucked i wrote bandit and i was rite and bandit has taking cock bfor look how his ass hole wrap around mike small dick he did well love it bandit Aug 19, 2016
kidon7000 damn!!!!! i was waiting for something like this but did not expect. bandit took that dick like a champ. mike this is the type of cutting edge scene that i cancelled my five year continuous cocodorm membership for. i like the direction you are going because i am still processing that bandit got fucked and took that dick like he has had dick before; regardless it is hot as hell. you have raised the bar now its time to get Shaun fucked and Shazeer. who agrees with me? thanks Mike. Aug 19, 2016
estwick You are great at what you do Michael....awesome ! Aug 19, 2016
illtown22 I cannot find the words. A star is born. Aug 19, 2016
dArt61 Loved watching you eat his ass, and his facial expressions...would have loved watching him sit on your face as well! Very nice. Aug 18, 2016
terbernt I'm voting this my favorite video for 2016 even though I haven't seen it yet. Most coveted video I've been looking forward to bar none. Aug 18, 2016
willin Damn, just felt uncomfortable the whole time. Hey, to each his own. Aug 18, 2016

Anyone who's been following BBA for awhile knows that I usually try to be patient and take things slow with the newer straight models, not wanting to ask too much and risk scaring them away too soon.

But after already lending him a significant amount of money, I knew I had a special window of opportunity when Bandit recently got arrested and needed bailed out of jail.

Unlike most gay porn producers who would no doubt be satisfied focusing solely on that famous baseball bat swinging between Bandit's skinny legs, I've been much more interested in exploring a DIFFERENT side of Bandit - literally!

"BBA's not a charity!" I bluntly informed Bandit when he begged for my help, explaining that in exchange for my generous financial assistance over the past several months, including bailing him out of jail, I expected him to return the favor by taking things to the NEXT LEVEL and doing some of the things he'd initially sworn that he would never in a million years ever do.

Don't miss our most shocking scene of the summer so far as Big Dick Bandit finally BENDS OVER to pay off his debt with the only payment method I'll accept!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Cherry-Popping, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Aug 18, 2016 52 min
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Michael Galletta

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