Whether He Wants It Or Not

kingcee92 I must say, I LOVE Legacy’s laugh. I’ll def have to get into more of his scenes & interviews cause (despite you having to fire him) he seemed cool lol Sep 14, 2023
Rico-dogman12366 Nasty this why he dont like whites I get it Dec 9, 2022
loydstar Where are the out takes to this scene? Some of us would watch it for sure!!! Oct 16, 2022
MichaelGalletta I'll have to dig out the hard drive or memory card with the raw footage one of these days. At the very least, I'm pretty sure there would be a few funny outtakes involving the cameraman Saint lol.
Phuryous I do not see why you felt the need to single me out and come for me when almost all of the comments were in a similar vein as mine. Somehow, you got more butthurt with the almost clinical terms of "triggering" and "problematic" when others used: uncomfortable, disturbing, degrading, nasty, creep(y), rape, disgusting, petty, childish, bordering on "race play", and hard to watch. So, I do not know why you felt compelled to personally address my comment and then proceed to offend me (calling a psychologist with four degrees "dumb" for making a single-sentence observation is extremely offensive--even when you say "lol" at the end). I really wonder about how many models you have likely run off by insisting on pawing at them if they want to continue shooting for BBA. Sex workers still deserve some sense of agency over their own bodies and a modicum of respect, they are not your property no matter how much you pay them.

I bet this will be one of the comments that will be "moderated".
Jun 10, 2022
MichaelGalletta I wasn't "butthurt" and I wasn't singling you out. Previous comments were from over a year ago, before I was replying to comments through our new site design. I was simply responding to you because it was a recent comment that showed up in my Admin panel.

Also, if you took the time to read the full story, you'd know that I wasn't running off a good model, but rather offering this as a desperate last chance condition for a previously fired (and frankly, undeserving) model to return. Big difference. There have been plenty of models who've turned down scenes with me and continued to work with BBA for many years. I guarantee you there's not another porn producer out there, white or black, who pays their models better or treats them with greater honesty or respect.

Maybe "dumb" was the wrong word. Masochistic? I personally find "scat" content to be degrading and disgusting, and you know what? I don't go around seeking it out or leaving petty comments complaining about content for which I'm clearly not the intended audience. That's the point I was trying to make. This content clearly isn't for you, and nobody is forcing you to consume it.
Phuryous This scene is not "politically incorrect", it is extremely problematic and triggering. Jun 1, 2022
MichaelGalletta What's "problematic" and "triggering" to you might be perfectly fine and exciting to other viewers. Nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you watch it. And anyone dumb enough to watch this scene AFTER reading the summary and seeing the preview pics, and STILL get offended, deserves to be triggered lol.
Trix101 This is very hard to watch .... How anybody got off on this is a mystery let’s just say Dr.Phil is waiting. I’m sure there’s plenty of white peoples that don’t want to have sex with black peoples as well and that’s ok but to listen at you and Saint making fun of the situation was petty and childish. And there’s a scene with a white guy who didn’t finish his scene but didn’t get treated like that smfh Feb 4, 2021
jrummi rape, disgusting scene Nov 5, 2019
downtofuck disturbing but loved it... you knew he didnt want it. thats that right below race play Nov 23, 2018
jayz76 you are a real creep, this scene is disturbing on so many levels! Jan 12, 2018
adr1229 The video is uncomfortable to watch. This video was disturbing on so many levels. I feel so sorry that this black guy felt he needed to degrade himself like this for money to even let this nasty white man touch him, let alone have sex. I would have given this beautiful black man triple what this nasty-ass white man paid him - to NOT do the video, at all. This video is not funny but very uncomfortable and disturbing to watch. Nasty. Just plain wrong. Jul 22, 2016
Peeples38 When you came on his sleeping face I exploded lmao Jan 31, 2016
Myke81 Finally watched this scene out of boredom. I avoided it when it was first released. I never liked Legacy, and this reinforces it. No reason to be an asshole when you signed up to do something. Oct 17, 2015

"Every man loves the thrill of the hunt." -- Saint

I've been wanting to get my horny hands on Legacy ever since he was just a cute black teen trying amateur porn for the very first time almost three years ago.

For nearly three years, Legacy has turned down my advances with nothing but contempt and disgust, swearing that a scene with me is something he would NEVER in a million years ever do! "Lhh that's never gonna happen," he replied in one of his texts. "I don't care how much money you payin' me!" One time he even called me a "cracker" and proudly declared that he was one BBA model I would NEVER get my old white hands on. Of course this only fueled my lust for Legacy even more!

Even after having to fire him for being one of the most difficult models I've ever worked with - including QUITTING at least two of his shoots - part of me has still always wanted to sample this cocky and seemingly unattainable black boy for myself.

So when Legacy recently swallowed his pride and contacted me out of the blue, telling me that he'd "reached hard times" and needed some work, my sadistic side couldn't help but try to find out JUST HOW FAR he'd be willing to go in order to repair the bridges he'd burned....

It wasn't until Legacy showed up for this shoot, shaking his head in disbelief after finally giving in and agreeing to do the one type of scene he'd always sworn he would never do, that I learned he's never actually had sex with a white guy before, and that he's not attracted to white guys whatsoever, regardless of age ("I just don't like white dudes!").

Well, I wasn't about to let a lack of mutual attraction stop me from finally getting my hands on this skinny black twink's huge dick and cute little butt - WHETHER HE WANTS IT OR NOT!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for "politically correct" viewers who are easily offended and⁄or only interested in watching mutual and passionate sex!

But if you find yourself turned on by the TABOO fantasy of watching a cute and cocky black boy reluctantly submit to being pawed, groped, fondled, tongue-kissed, licked, and eventually fucked in his pretty mouth and tight ass by an older white man for money - after smugly swearing for years that such a thing would NEVER happen - then this is one wicked "dirty old man" scene that you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Finger-Fucking, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Interracial, Older/Younger
Details: Jan 18, 2015 55 min
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Michael Galletta

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