Mr. J and the Boy Next Door

Sanchez850 Michael and Montez can you bring Mr. J back?? Mar 16, 2022
cam6594 Michael please bring back King! Nov 4, 2021
jerome9 What is King doing now? Please bring him back. Sep 7, 2021
MichaelGalletta Funny you should ask, because we just heard from King not too long ago. He's put on some weight since the last time we saw him, but it looks good on him and that ass is looking thicker and juicier than ever lol. We'll try to work with him again next time we return to Saint Louis.
Bullet As an older man, I need this in my life right now. Nov 24, 2020
cmebillyc That's a pretty black ass! Mar 6, 2019
ronmar01 this was hot af. i am an older male love looking at these young thugs. i have even had some of them asking to use my spare bedroom to bang their side chicks unbeknownst to them I have camera hiding and recording. Hot Hot Hot. Hopefully Mr J can do his next scene with King going all the way, or better yet, go to a second thug and then King. Dec 4, 2018
juan2424 That shit was hot! King a sexy muthufucka when he gettn fucked. Jan 12, 2018
brothablack Love young brothas getting daddy dick Jun 24, 2017
chocolix2016 Both hot dudes bring them back!!!! Apr 23, 2017
scoobydoingu Love older younger. Could build on concept of forbidden. I'd audition for DAD Apr 8, 2017
tjm133 I do love King. Great Bareback Dec 20, 2016
emmyfan That was hot - love older/younger and I love the rimming. Oct 21, 2016
jlover1169 This was perfect. I'm impressed with the whole concept with the role playing. It adds to the fantasy. Loved it. Feb 7, 2016
emorhc hot concept luv older N younger - both were hot would like to see more Jan 2, 2016
retrokid562 This was a hot scene, wish it was longer. Mr. J and King were a good pair. Maybe Part II or Mr. J with a fine piece of youngster he can do next?! Dec 4, 2015
myass4u Beautiful feet on "the boy next door." Nov 19, 2015
Cobra Not one of my favorites but I liked the concept. Nov 18, 2015
supreme love the new site Michael !!! Congratulations ......As far as this session, it was okay .....but I say stick to your tried and true formula that's why I am such a big fan! Oct 24, 2015
INDY Like Noah. All older men should look so good Oct 18, 2015
princegwa I truly enjoyed this scene. This being from another older man who likes younger men. This role playing scene was hot please do more. Oct 10, 2015
lovethomas1 the fourty year old guy did well would love to c him in another one they both came together nice Oct 6, 2015
Nonchalant24 Nice new layout on the site. I want to see Beno do some more scenes also I'd like to see Brandon return. Oct 3, 2015
jairQ Great job on the new site. Oct 3, 2015
JoWilfried Congratulations!
What more can I say. I truly agreed that this "NEW" features is one of the best sites in the industry.
More power and keep it up.
Oct 2, 2015
johnda69 OUTSTANDING redo of the site Michael! This is well worth the time and effort spent on the redo. BBA is the only site I pay for obvious reasons.
Thanks again from a Happy customer. 10.01.15
Oct 1, 2015

This week we've decided to try something a little bit different by experimenting with a hot little role-playing fantasy for those of you who enjoy watching cute black boys with much older men.

Mr. J is a hung, light-skinned 40-year-old who looks like Mr. Clean and sounds a little bit like Mike Tyson. He's relaxing after a long day at work and watching football on TV when he's interrupted by a knock at the door.

It's the cute neighbor-boy with the sad puppy-dog eyes, explaining that he locked himself out of his house and asking if he can come inside to watch the big game.

Shocked by just how much the boy next door has grown up, Mr. J can't help but steal quick, guilty glances at the cute black teenager sitting next to him on the couch - especially noticing that ripe bubble-butt popping up and out of his sagging jeans!

When his young surprise guest falls asleep next to him on the couch, Mr. J can't resist the temptation to reach over and cop a quick feel of the sleeping boy's ass....

This is when Mr. J's forbidden fantasies take over and suddenly the innocent, dark-skinned twink young enough to be his own son is his to do with whatever he pleases!

Anyone who shares my weakness for slim black boys with that "barely legal" look will no doubt envy Mr. J as he fulfills his (and our) taboo fantasy with the cute black boy next door - getting his big dick slobbed on while watching the game, tasting the teen's sweet dick and ass, and even fucking that tight, young ass RAW!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Forbidden Fantasy Series, Gay/Bisexual, Older/Younger, Raw/Bareback
Details: Sep 19, 2015 24 min
Photo of King
Photo of Mr. J
Mr. J

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